16 Unique Health and Wellness Gifts for the Holidays

Do you have an athlete, vegan, or fitness-conscious friend on your list this year? As we head into a new year, there are goals, resolutions, and plans being made all around us. Help your friends and family who have big goals for 2020 with these creative health and wellness ideas.

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16 Unique Health and Wellness Gifts

Cariloha Athletic Long Sleeve Tee

Lauren Hgg 2019 Unique Health And Wellness Gifts For The Holidays

Colder months doesn’t mean you can’t stay active. With this long-sleeve athletic tee from Cariloha your most avid fitness buff friend or family member can still workout in the cold without getting too cold or too hot. The bamboo viscose blend is thermo-regulating, odor-resistant, and moisture-wicking so they will stay cool, warm, and dry all at once (it’s like magic!). The mesh line on the back adds a little more breathability, too. It’s a perfect gift for the lady who just can’t get enough activewear in her life.


15 Unique Health And Wellness Gifts For The Holidays

Gym equipment seems to be a controversial topic for this holiday season. But for those who genuinely love working out and love adding to their home gym equipment collection, the BootySprout is a great gift. The BootySprout takes your glute-activating workouts and brings them to the next level. Hip thrusters are a great booty boosting workout but it is hard to add the proper amount of weight to create effective results. The BootySprout allows you to add resistances of 45lbs, 90lbs, and 135lbs. You can add additional resistance up to 450lbs if desired. The high weight allows you to grow and tone your glutes in about 15 minutes a day without having to step foot in a gym or try to unsafely use a barbell to get the desired resistance. It also is easy to move- it folds up to fit in small spaces and is only 22lbs.

DZR Shoes

Lauren Hgg 2019

For those on your holiday list that are stylish and active, DZR Shoes might be at the top of their list. These stylish clipless bike shoes easily go from casual wear or biking around town. The urban street-style makes it so they can easily jump off their bike and into their favorite coffee shop without giving it a second thought. They are uniquely designed so that they don’t give up the efficacy of standard cycling shoes, but they also have an everyday look that can be worn when they aren’ on the bike. They are a great gift option for those who use their bikes more than their cars.

Kanessa Leggings

Lauren Hgg 2019

Activewear lovers are always on the search for the best new leggings. These Grey Panther leggings by Kanessa are made for women of all shapes and sizes- because they know that being active isn’t just a one-size-fits-all type of deal. They have several different colors and designs to meet your loved one’s personal style and they range from sizes medium to 7XL. If you are looking to update your loved one’s activewear with items that look great and feel good all while promoting body positivity, then Kanessa leggings are totally worth it.

Circadian Optics Light

Lauren Hgg 2019

Between PCSing to different duty stations (and different time zones), deployment reintegration, and training missions, a military family’s circadian rhythm is often all out of whack. This Circadian Optics Light provides light therapy that can help get your family’s rhythm back on track. Sunlight is crucial to our health and our development, but sometimes it can be hard to get the amount of sunlight we need when we are constantly being thrown into different time zones and schedules. With this light therapy from Circadian Optics, you will get the appropriate amount of light you need to start your day off right and feel energized throughout the day. It offers natural light without the harmful UV rays, all from the comfort of your home. It is a great option for those who are dealing with time changes or during those cold, winter months when you aren’t getting all the natural light you need for your body.

MacroLife Naturals

The average American diet is sadly lacking in many important nutrients. Yikes! Fill in the gaps with the delicious supplements and meal-replacements from MacroLife Naturals. Their superfoods are designed to give you energy, support your immune system, improve your digestion, and even help with weight loss. How do these powders manage to do all this? They simply feed your body on a cellular level, meeting nutritional requirements that are otherwise quite challenging to hit.

MacroLife Greens is a powder made from organic barley grass and 37 other powerful ingredients. Its unique blend of antioxidants, co-nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids work synergistically to improve your overall health. When mixed with water or non-citrus juice, it’s pretty delicious too! Miracle Reds is another very healthful mix of extremely nutritious ingredients. Antioxidant-rich berries and other ingredients high in polyphenol and carotenes work to remove unstable free-radicals from the body. All Macrolife products are NON-GMO, Gluten-Free, and support a Keto diet. Recipies on the website suggest many different yummy ways to enjoy the supplements as you use them to work toward a sustained, healthier lifestyle.

OOFOS Recovery Shoes

Oofos Recover Shoes

Does the athlete in your life struggle with foot or back pain? Or wonder what to wear outside of the gym? These OOFOS recover shoes are the perfect gift. The 00mg shoes feature the OOfoam™ technology that absorbs impact and reduces the stress on your feet, knees, and back. The shoes are breathable, stretchable, machine washable, and lightweight. They’re available in several colors as well as both men’s and women’s whole sizes.

Food: What the Heck Should I Cook? Book

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One of the hardest parts about keeping up with a healthy lifestyle, especially through the holiday season, is trying to come up with healthy alternatives to meals that we love and finding new things to eat so we aren’t eating the same, ol’ boring meals. Food: What the Heck Should I Cook? has more than 100 recipes for every diet: vegan, Paleo, Pegan, grain-free, dairy-free. All the recipes are super delicious and they will not only help you lose weight but also maintain a healthy lifestyle even after the weight is gone. There are family-friendly recipes for everyone and its a great gift for those who love to eat and cook healthy foods.

The Plant Paradox Family Cookbook

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Dietitians and nutritionists have always touted that “plants are healthy” and that fruits and veggies should be a large part of our daily intake. But is that always true? Research has found that a diet low in lectins is better for many people, helping to improve one’s gut health. But for many families, it can be hard to figure out what to eat when you eliminate most lectins like grain-based foods, beans, and some fruits and vegetables especially when it comes to our kids. The Plant Paradox Family Cookbook has over 80 family-friendly recipes that are kid-approved and will help everyone in the family to heal their gut.


Health And Wellness Gift

In the world of supplemental powders, there always seems to be a mess. MyMix2Go was designed to solve that problem. This easy to carry product allows for the easy transfer of protein powder into shaker bottles or pre-workout into disposable water bottles. (It also works great for baby formula!) Grab your favorite athlete a three-pack and give them room for protein powder, snacks, and other supplements.

Life Straw Go

Unique Health And Wellness Gifts For The Holidays

Poor water quality around our military installations is something we are all a little concerned about. While we may not get to decide where we live, we can decide what we drink. Life Straw’s innovative system has such an effective filter that you can drink from pretty much any water source without concern. You’ve probably seen the makers drink from a scummy pond to prove the point! With the Life Straw Go water bottle, you can take that filtration power with you wherever you go. They even have a smaller version for the kiddos. Safe water is essential to life. So whether you’re camping, on vacation in a new place, or just at your current home, this water bottle will help keep you healthy and put your mind at ease.

Solve Strips Revive Energy

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Being active often means that you are on the go. And sometimes that means you don’t want to (or can’t) carry a bunch of things to replenish your energy while you’re working out or when you’ve hit that dragging lull in your day. These energy strips from Solve Strips are made with 80mg of caffeine and essential vitamins that will help give you a boost of energy and focus when you need it the most. It is a great gift for anyone who is active, travels, or wants an extra boost of energy without coffee or energy drinks.

KT Tape Products

If you’ve been working out, or have watched anyone workout recently, you’ve seen KT Tape everywhere. It comes in fun colors and can be used on almost every body part. But KT Tape now has even more things for your favorite athlete. Starting with the KT PERFORMANCE+ CHAFE SAFE™ Gel Stick which provides up to 24-hour protection grom chafing and blisters.

The athlete in your life will also want the new KT RECOVERY+ Timed-Release Pain Relief Gel which provides them with long-lasting, muscle penetrating pain relief in both warm and cold sensations. The time-release menthol helps it last longer and the Arnica montana targets those inflamed areas providing quick pain relief. Grab some KT Tape while you’re shopping, they’ll thank you for that too.

Pain Cakes

Pain Cakes

Pain relief just got easier. Pain Cakes can be chilled for 30 minutes in the freezer and they are ready to apply to any area that may need a little cold therapy. They are stickable up to 100 times, are assembled in the US, and allow you to move about with both hands. They come in three sizes, the larges are for targeting areas such as knees, elbows, and shoulders while the smalls are perfect for kids, as well as fingers and toes. If you’re looking for coverage of a larger area, try the wraps. The best part may just be they are latex and silicone-free, don’t leave a residue, and won’t pull out any hair.



Getting kids to eat healthy foods can be a challenge. But HueTrition makes it fun and colorful for everyone. This family wellness program promotes a balanced and active lifestyle while also discussing sustainability and sensible choices for the planet. Kids will love the HuePets app, which allows them to scan their food and feed their virtual pet, to see what food does to it. You can use it to reward healthy eating. The HuePets bundle comes with a coloring book, Huey plushie, and a travel bag for bringing fun, healthy food with you.

Flow 2 Freedom Exhale Short

Finding workout clothes that fit well is a challenge. When you add in other monthly issues or postpartum struggles, you may want to give up completely. But the Flow 2 Freedom line of leggings and shorts are here to save the day. Designed to keep you dry and well-protected, these high-waisted shorts help lift your bum, have a pocket, and hold up to two tampons worth of fluid. No more worrying about leaking while jumping rope or starting your period in the middle of a workout. Flow 2 Freedom has you covered. Just toss them in the wash and hang dry to make sure they’re ready for the next workout.

This list of health and wellness gifts is perfect for the beginner athlete to the professional. For the person looking to take the first step in changing their diet to the hardcore vegan cook. There’s something for everyone, and maybe even something to slip into your own stocking.

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13 Unique Health And Wellness Gifts For The Holidays



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