Amazing Doors of Tucson


In Arizona’s Sonoran desert, you will find a gem of a city that is a little off the beaten path, Tucson. With mountains surrounding the city and sunshine year round, outdoor adventures await you. You can explore the natural beauty and unique ecosystem of the desert by visiting the various gardens and parks. This city in the southwestern U.S. will delight you with a hip, booming arts and culture scene. There are tons of museums, theaters and galleries to check out. Ride a streetcar through the heart of the city and take a walk around the University of Arizona (Go Wildcats!). The list of things to see and do in Tucson goes on and on. This city is anything but boring!

The historical architecture in Tucson is all around. We love the adobe style row houses and restored mansions. Tucson is a great destination for those who like studying and enjoying different styles of architecture. One detail we kept noticing in Tucson was all the beautiful doorways!

Take a look for yourself at all the amazing doors in Tucson!

There you have it, a glimpse at all the color and design you can see in Tucson, Arizona. Pack your camera and take a trip out to this desert town to see what treasures you can find. Tucson is so much more than sand and cactus. It is a city full of beauty and excitement, awaiting your arrival. Just like you never know what will be behind a door, you never know what you will find in Tucson. 

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Photo Credit: everyavenuegirl

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