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This year’s JPMA Baby Show 2018 was a huge success! Each year Daily Mom editors head to the show to find the newest and best baby, toddler, and kid products out there. These are products we love for our own families and that we think our readers would love, too! We strive to bring you the best of the best, so we are highlighting a few of our show favorites in our JPMA Baby Show 2018 series.

Around the Crib

Around the Crib

Our editors were able to stop by the booth for Around the Crib at the JPMA Baby Show and became completely enamored by the cute, quirky designs of their products. Around the Crib features several different brands of products that all have one thing in mind- making the earliest stages of life a little brighter, a little more fun, and a bit easier for parents. Brands like Gummee, Benbat, Kamp Around the Crib, Squishy Light, and Varanassi are all a part of the Around the Crib team, giving parents toys, tools, and clothing for babies and toddlers.

Take a look at all the different items Around the Crib has to offer from the JPMA Baby Show 2018:


Around the Crib


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Check out our other favorite JPMA Baby Show 2018 products from this year’s show!

JPMA Baby Show Template


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