22 Best Christmas Gifts on Amazon This Year

Why bother searching around an endless amount of stores this year when there are so many Christmas gifts on Amazon to choose from! No more having to go to specialty stores to find what you need, Amazon is your one-stop-shop. From gifts for your spouse, kids, in-laws, or even your neighbor, you’ll find all of your Christmas gifts on Amazon this year.

Amazon makes holiday shopping easy by putting together an entire holiday section. But with all that scrolling, you may end up rolling right past a few of the top Christmas gifts from Amazon. Here are our top picks for everyone on your list when it comes to Christmas gifts on Amazon this season!


22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

Joolz is your one-stop-shop for a luxury stroller for the city and traveling mom in your life. Introducing their newest addition, the Joolz Hub+, it’s the sleekest-looking new stroller that will make mom look anything but frumpy. Mom will appreciate this ultra-comfortable, stylish, and lightweight stroller that snuggles her babe just right with the 5-point buckle while running errands, exploring the big city, or simply taking a stroll to the park for some fresh air.

What we can’t get enough of is how the Joolz Hub+ easily cruises along through a throng of bustling city life as if it was cornering on air rails; weightless and zero friction to slow you down. Mom and baby can conveniently store all their necessary belongings in the large (yet never bulky-looking) shopping basket. Since it’s designed for every stage of parenting, you can choose to also gift the snuggly, cocoon bassinet for mom’s newborn babe. It’s a thoughtful gift when you are looking for Christmas gifts on Amazon to take advantage of Prime shipping!

Don’t you dare rush mom either! Because at the end of the day, both her and baby are protected by the added safety feature of the front and rear LED lights. That’s right, never feel like you have to compromise mom’s wardrobe with a safety belt when you have these safety lights built directly into the made-for-busy-moms-on-the-go-no-matter-the-time luxury stroller, the Joolz Hub+.

No matter where you plan exploring, your babe will always be protected. The built-in LED front and rear lights and the UPF50+ sun hood has your babe covered and then some. If strong winds happen to come up unexpectantly, no worries, they’re protected from the elements; goodbye surprises from Mother Nature rain or shine or wind!

Whether the mom in your life is new to the parenting game, or a veteran at raising babies, give her a gift that will last for years to come with the Joolz Hub+. You’re definitely giving a fantastic Christmas gift that is available on Amazon this holiday season when you shop with Joolz.

Joolz Hub+
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If you are looking for the absolute ultimate Christmas gifts on Amazon for kids this year Razor is your one-stop shop! With everything from kick scooters to pocket mods, adults sized scooters to Dirt Quads for your teens, Razor will get everyone outside, on the move, and having fun. Forget the board games and tablets, as parents we all know what you really want is for your children to play outside in the beautiful sunshine, soaking up that vitamin D and simply living life. Razor gives kids and families the opportunity to get outside and be excited about doing so with all of their awesome ride-ons, electric toys, and fun, innovative products.

This year we love the Razor Dirt Quad 500 for our big kids! This electric off-road four-wheeled vehicle gives kids the adventure they crave. Whether you live on acres where they can ride, or have nearby dirt tracks for them to check out, this off-road ride can tackle tough terrain and take your teens on an exciting ride. Designed with a larger frame and a high-torque motor, the Dirt Quad features a 500W motor with a high-torque internal/integral gear set and a self-adjusting chain for four-wheel power. The powder-coated durable frame can tackle any terrain and provides all-weather durability for year-round use. Perfect for kids 14+ and up to 220 pounds with 60 minutes of run time and 3 12 volt rechargeable batteries, your off-road rider will be on the go in no time on an action-packed adventure!

Razor Dirt Quad 500
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22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

Are you ready to watch your shows when you want to? Whether it’s live streaming or saving your favorites for after the kids (finally!) go to bed, you need to check out TiVo and its preferred live streaming TV partner, SLING TV.

With more than 5,000 apps, including SLING TV, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and HBO Max, finding what you want to watch can be tough to do without having to switch between all of them. The TiVo Stream 4K takes the hassle out of this. Movies and shows from your favorite apps are conveniently pooled all in one place.

Using the included Voice Remote, just tell TiVo Stream 4K what you want to watch. With 4K streaming, Dolby Vision HDR, and Dolby Atmos, you can make the most out of your TV watching experience. All of this, with no monthly equipment rental fees!

22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

Tired of overpaying the cable company for a bunch of channels you don’t want? With a complimentary seven-day trial of SLING TV preloaded on your TiVo, you can experience the channel combination of your dreams. Customers can easily search for all favorite shows in one place, on the TiVo Stream 4K.

If you’d like to keep your local channels also, SLING TV has an answer for that. With the new AirTv Anywhere, you can attach your local over the air channels to your SLING TV account, allowing you to watch local anywhere you’re connected, all through the convenient TiVo interface. When it comes to finding Christmas gifts on Amazon this one is a no-brainer. This winter, give a loved one the gift of an upgraded television viewing experience, with TiVo and SLING TV.

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22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

Imagine a gift that keeps on giving, year after year. The gift of an amazing night’s sleep is that perfect, indulgent gift, and it’s one anyone can appreciate. And if it’s a product from Tempur-Pedic, they’ll fall in love with it because they’ll be falling asleep like never before.

The TEMPUR-Adapt + Cooling Topper is one of the ultimate gifts on Amazon because works with anyone’s existing bedroom or décor. There’s no color or fabric matching needed. The three inches of revolutionary TEMPUR ES-Material is surrounded by a cool-to-touch cover that is placed under the sheets, providing a one-two punch of unmatched relaxation and support with a cooling feel for the ultimate night’s sleep.

Lay down and feel the extra soft, lavish three inches of TEMPUR Material as it precisely adapts to each individual’s shape, weight, and temperature. It not only provides luxurious comfort, but it supports in all the right areas and relieves tension and pain where it’s needed.

The high-performance cooling cover is made from a soft, premium knit, which is super breathable and blocks body heat entrapment. It’s also removable, washable, and dust-mite, and allergen-resistant, so it’s perfect for those with sensitivities. No more kicking covers off, and tossing and turning from an uncomfortably warm bed. It will feel like sleeping on a cool cloud drifting across the night sky.

Loved ones will love this mattress topper from Tempur-Pedic so much, you’ll want to buy one for everyone. Just remember to buy one for yourself too so you can rest easily this holiday season.

22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

TEMPUR-Adapt + Cooling Topper
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22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year
22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

The most trusted home security doorbell just got even better! With enhanced wifi and smarter motion detection, you’ll feel safer knowing what comes to your door. Installation takes only minutes and you’ll be able to set up and see everything from your phone through their app. No matter where you are, home, school, work, or play, Ring Video Doorbell 3 will keep you covered.

Ring Video Doorbell 3
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KICK Foosball Tables

22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

When looking for Christmas Gifts on Amazon, it never hurts if the larger gifts are aesthetically pleasing when on display in your home. Even though this may be a gift for your children, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it just as much. KICK Foosball Tables are durable, high quality, and hours of fun for the whole family. All are beautifully crafted and with over 40 foosball tables to choose from, you can find the perfect one for your household.

The KICK Ambassador 55″ Foosball Table is one of the larger tables offered. Its plush mahogany finish and no-slip wooden handles will be the highlight of any basement or game room. The table allows you to adjust for 1-man and 3-man goalie configuration making it suitable for both experts and beginners. Along with every other table offered by KICK Foosball Tables, this one has a Lifetime Warranty AND the pricing includes free shipping! Let KICK Foosball Tables make the whole family happy this Christmas by picking the perfect one for you.

KICK Ambassador 55″ Foosball Table l KICK Ambassador 55′ Foosball Table
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22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

Need an extra caffeine kick to get you through the winter this year? Lucky for you, that’s illy’s specialty! With the Y3.2 iperEspresso Espresso & Coffee Machine, you can prepare a perfect cup of espresso and coffee, all at the touch of a button. You’ll be brewing up barista-style beverages at home for the holidays before you know it.

Functional, compact, and oh-so-stylish, the Y3.2 iperEspresso’s small footprint means that it tucks away neatly on the countertop when not in use. It’s available in your choice of three great colors—Black, Red or Cape Town Blue—so you can match your other appliances or kitchen decor.

Now, let’s talk about the important stuff—that delightful caffeinated liquid! An illy capsule delivers an authentic Italian espresso or aromatic cup of drip coffee, all from one machine. Their patented two-stage process creates aromatic, full-bodied espresso with rich, long-lasting crema. Choose from Classico, Intenso, Brasile and other iperEspresso Capsules, or try them all!

Just like at your favorite coffeehouse, with illy, you can now achieve that perfect caffeine fix right at home.

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22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

Over the river and through the woods, do the kids complain about being bored wherever they go? Not anymore, thanks to CINEMOOD!

Taking the kids on a road trip to visit family this holiday season? Keep them entertained with the CINEMOOD 360, a tiny, rechargeable portable projector. At a size smaller than a softball, you can toss it into your purse or one of their bags and have it ready to go at a moment’s notice.

The CINEMOOD 360 allows you and your kids to enjoy awesome on-the-go entertainment in several different ways. Choose from 120 hours of kid-friendly, pre-loaded content, including videos and interactive games. For instance, there’s a fun shadow puppet training mode and virtual reality ghost hunt game, where they can move the camera to project around the room as they search for ghosts that have taken over their space. Download your favorite apps, such as Disney+ or Prime Video, too. You can even use Wifi, Bluetooth, or screen mirroring from your device. However you prefer to keep the kids occupied, the CINEMOOD 360 is for you.

The CINEMOOD 360 is versatile enough to let your little one watch on a small screen on the back of a car or plane seat. It can also give the whole family some downtime with large screen projection. With the five-hour rechargeable battery and built-in speaker, you can enjoy several hours of screentime without worry. When it comes to buying Christmas gifts on Amazon, get the whole family in the right mood with CINEMOOD.

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22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

What are great Christmas gifts on Amazon for men? TOOLS. And hey, if that means they are going to get projects done then let’s get all the tools! For your one-stop-shop for the most reliable, highest quality tools on the market, Worx is your go-to. Now, while some may look at pressure-washing as a chore, many would actually enjoy this task if they had the right equipment.

The Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner is a battery-operated pressure washer that utilizes water from your desired location rather than needing a hose or fixed water source. For instance, if you want to clean your pool deck, simply stick the line into your pool, and voila! You have all the water you need.

22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

With 7 times more pressure than a garden hose and nozzle, the Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner makes tough cleaning jobs almost effortless. The two 20 volt batteries that are included provide a fuel gauge to notify you when you are running low on power and all WORX batteries are universal and can be interchanged with other WORX tools. The two-speed setting allows you to choose your power level as well as conserve both water and battery life for lighter jobs.

Accessory kits that include attachments such as a squeegee, a soap dispenser, a pivoting quick-connect adapter, and an adjustable outdoor power scrubber brush are also available. Finding Christmas gifts on Amazon for the men in our lives has never been easier!

Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner
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22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

Grizzly knows what it takes to keep up with any type of adventure that comes your way. When it comes to Christmas gifts on Amazon that every family needs for parties, outdoor activities, or traveling is a cooler that fits all your needs. The Grizzly 60 is a spacious, hard-sided cooler that will keep your contents cold and fresh for days. Sixty quarts large, this cooler is big enough to hold enough food, drink, and ice for up to a week. Made in the USA, this cooler uses environmentally-friendly insulation in a Roto-Tough construction that makes this easily one of the most reliable and quality coolers on the market. 

22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

The two lock holes and the exclusive Bearclaw latches will keep it your cooler safe from pesky animal visitors that you may encounter in the wilderness. Additionally, the grip feet and tie-down slots will prevent unwanted movements when transporting in your truck, boat, or UTV. Draining the Grizzly 60 is quick and easy with the 2-inch drain holes and full-length drain channels. Grizzly thought of everything when making this cooler. For fishing and hunting fans, the Grizzly 60 has an embossed ruler on the lid for measuring and cutting your catch. This cooler is available in a variety of colors and sizes ranging from 15 quarts to 400 quarts.

22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

Other notable features include:

  • Molded-in heavy-duty handles
  • Two inches of polyurethane foam
  • Molded-in hinge with stainless steel pin
  • Rubber gasket to make a perfect seal
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Dry goods tray
  • Dry ice compatible
  • Integrated hinge
  • IGBC certified

Stop your endless search for the best Christmas gifts on Amazon, because the Grizzly 60 is all you’ll ever need!

Grizzly 60
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22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

No one will ever know that the sleek watch you are wearing to dinner also accompanied you on your outdoor rugged retreat. The Ripley Watch by Nixon gives you the best of both worlds. Wear the Ripley Watch to formal dinners, drinks with friends, or date night by hiding the digital readings. There is no need to protect the Ripley Watch by leaving it at home for your adventures. The Ripley Watch was made for the adventurist life. Activate the digital features such as time, temperature, day/date, altitude, light, and alarm, and be on your way.

22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

Nixon wants you to have a watch that perfectly meets your wants and needs. The Ripley Watch has everything you need plus 5 more features you didn’t know you desired. The lightweight, comfortable, and durable design of the Ripley Watch sets the bar when it comes to Christmas presents on Amazon. Nixon designed a man’s man watch with the durability of the Ripley Watch, but also a piece that can be admired by a woman for the aesthetics and soft feel of the band.

22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

The Ripley Watch is complete with the intelligent and thoughtful design of the band which includes locking looper to ensure that the band doesn’t get caught on anything while you are busy living your life. Additionally, the Ripley Watch comes in multiple colors such as Black, Black/Red, Gunmetal, Silver/Black, and Surplus/Black so that you exude the vibe you were looking for. If you are in the market for a new watch or a “wow” gift for a man in your life this holiday season: This is it!

But what about Christmas gifts on Amazon for women? Meet the Siren Stainless Steel Watch by Nixon: A gorgeous watch that can handle what the day throws at you. This watch can withstand a wipeout in the ocean or a 12-hour shift of handwashing due to the waterproof protection of up to 100 meters. Today’s woman can, and does, do it all: Careers, diapers, dishes, gym, and the list goes on. Nixon’s Siren Stainless Steel Watch keeps up with the fast-paced lifestyle with the digital time and date readings, countdown timer, tide updates, and light to name a few. You do it all so you need a watch that does too!

22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

Let’s be honest, not everything beautiful has to be painful. The SS has a buttery soft silicone band that hugs your wrist and stays perfectly in place due to the many size adjustment slots and locking looper. Wear the Siren Stainless Steel Watch alone or in combination with some of your favorite bangles and bracelets. This functional watch by Nixon turns fashionable in about 2 seconds flat. The Siren Stainless Steel Watch in Silver/Gray Marble will have other people swooning and begging to know where they can find one. Stay on the nice list this year by gifting each other his and her watches from Nixon.

Ripley | Siren Stainless Steel
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Spyder Active Sports

22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

Stay toasty and warm this holiday season with some new and cozy gear from Spyder Active Sports. Spyder makes award-winning apparel for those in the mountains, on the trail, or racing to the finish in outdoor winter weather sports. From heavyweight coats to lightweight tops like the Little Girls Speed Fleece Zip T-Neck they’ve got something for everyone.

This Little Girls Speed Fleece Zip T-Neck is a closet staple any little girl will love. The super soft and warm fleece pullover is thick enough for the chilliest kids, but moves with all the outdoor activities they can manage. The bright, bold colors make it a fun, great piece for any girl’s cold gear collection this year.

Every cool kid needs an equally cool looking, incredibly warm, and durable coat for hitting the slopes or the playground in the wintertime, so make sure they’re prepared. For little ladies, the Little Girls Lola Jacket will get them excited for buttoning up and forgetting just how low the temps are with an inner neck gaiter, faux fur trim hood, and powder skirt. The highest-rated waterproofing and Primaloft Black Eco Insulation, taped seams, and elasticized cuffs make sure no wet or powdery stuff is getting inside. On the outside, there’s a great selection of colors and prints to choose from to fit each individual child’s personality.

For the little guys, the Little Boys Leader Jacket is as awesome as it gets in outdoor winter weather gear. It’s a bestseller from Spyder and it’s obvious why with its warm layer of 133G Primaloft Black Eco Insulation, extra durable materials, critically taped seams, and fixed powder skirt with snaps and elastic. It has plenty of slope-ready features like a helmet-compatible hood, glove attachment features, and zippered hand pockets for those essentials.

Parents will love both coats because they’re built with guesseted “Room to Grow” cuffs that extend up to 1.5″ as children quickly grow and need more room. Fall in love with wintertime outerwear that does the job well, from Spyder.

Little Girls Speed Fleece Zip T-Neck | Little Girls Lola Jacket | Little Boys Leader Jacket
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22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

This year has been an incredibly challenging year when it comes to staying physically in touch with family members. But we’re also fortunate to have these limitations happen during a time when we have digital capabilities at our fingertips. A picture is worth a thousand words, so what’s an easier way to be together while apart than sharing photos?

When it comes to Christmas gifts on Amazon, finding something to connect with the whole family is a huge bonus. The beautiful and stylish WiFi Photo Frame from Meural gives family and friends access to your favorite photos the moment you take them seamlessly and effortlessly. Create personalized playlists, link existing albums, and combine photos with other family members for a beautiful and unique living display.

Even when miles apart, grandparents can feel immediately connected to their loved ones when they glance at the large 15.6″ diagonal display. It’s handsome on a tabletop or hanging on the wall, and it’s simplicity fits in with any interior decor. With automatic brightness adjustment and touchless gesture controls, the display is always clean and optimized for viewing photos at their best.

In addition to personal photos, the The WiFi Photo Frame also gives you the option to curate personalized art collections from a selection of galleries with over 30,000 images are artworks, as well as relaxation and wellness videos to help reduce stress. It’s a beautiful gift for any loved one on your holiday list.

The WiFi Photo Frame
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22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

Since everyone is virtually on Amazon anyway, you might as well pick up the SideTrack Portable Monitor for Laptop. Choosing Christmas gifts on Amazon is simple, fast, and easy which is pretty much what adding a second screen will do for teleworkers. By increasing productivity by 20-30% AND saving 8+ hours each each on those tasks, it’s certainly a work from home gift anyone would appreciate.

No more tabbing through a row of tabs and getting lost in the chaos of which tab or browser you need to reference. You can have your notes on one screen and your video conferencing call on the other. Talk about a double win! Christmas gifts on Amazon are easy to find, but make sure you are getting the gifts that find the right person!

We all want and need to be more productive with less distraction weighing us down. So whether you decide to gift your boss, a co-worker, your spouse, or yourself, the portable and durable monitor will allow you to work efficiently anywhere, anytime! You’ll also appreciate the lightness of your second screen without compromising your current computer bag. So, gift, attach, and work from anywhere innovator!

SideTrack Portable Monitor for Laptop
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Jenga Giant

22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

Jenga is a game that is loved by every age. When shopping for Christmas gifts on Amazon, whether the kids are young or old, Jenga Giant is fun for the whole family. Go big or go home with the largest authentic hardwood Jenga game available. Reaching up to 5 feet in height during an intense game, the Jenga Giant JS7 is ideal for older kids. Although the game is large, it comes with its own heavy-duty carrying bag for maximum portability.

If you are looking for Christmas gifts on Amazon that are a little less extreme, the Jenga Giant can stack up to 4 feet tall in the most competitive of game matches. As with all Jenga sets, this one is crafted of genuine hardwood and the pieces are over 8 times the size of the classic Jenga game. The total set is still just 16 pounds and fits perfectly back into its box for storage. For Christmas gifts on Amazon, you can’t go wrong with Jenga Giant!

Jenga Giant JS7 | Jenga Giant
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Swissdigital Design

When you’re traveling with family or traveling alone, it’s important to keep your smart devices fully charged and in one place. Swissdigital Design blends creativity and craftsmanship with leading-edge innovation. A line of smart backpacks by Swissdigital Design is great for everyday uses including work, school, travel, and outdoor activities. This super functional and durable line of backpacks is equipped with USB charging, a laptop, and a tablet compartment. These backpacks are equipped with maximum storage and organization for the busy individual and they come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and weights.

The unisex Vector Backpack is ideal for travelers and trail enthusiasts. This large backpack features an airflow design that keeps your back fresh with a 3D ventilation system. This lightweight backpack is crafted from Gucci nylon, polyester, and 210D nylon which makes it extra durable. Other features include an RFID protection pocket, add-a-bag system, USB charging port and it only weighs 2lbs!

The durable and functional Circuit Men’s Backpack has a large capacity and is able to house 15” laptops along with everything else you may be traveling with. This magnificent and sturdy backpack features an EVA foam padded laptop sleeve, EVA molded pockets for electronics, and keeps your back feeling cool with the 3D mesh ventilation system. This bag also features a USB charging port and an RFID protection pocket which keeps your identification safe from unwanted identity theft. With 90 degrees and 180 degrees TSA molded storage, this bag ensures a hassle-free laptop-in-bag TSA scan.

The Micro gray is a TSA-friendly backpack that has multipurpose functionality. This affordable roomy backpack has a built-in charging port and a convenient add-a-bag system that allows you to strap the backpack to your luggage. This ingenious bag has a 90 and 180-degree lay-flat design which enables you to go through the TSA without removing your electronics. This large backpack has 15 separate pockets for large storage and small items, making it ideal for business use and students.

The water-resistant Java Backpack is large enough to carry a 17” laptop. This flight-approved backpack is not only durable and practical but it also features an anti-theft zipper hook and RFID protection, USB charging port, add-a-bag system, and this backpack only weighs 2.64 lbs! The main body of this outstanding backpack is 1680D polyester fabric making it super durable and sturdy.

22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

The TSA-friendly Pixel Backpack is designed for everyday use and it’s perfect for men, women, and teens. Made from durable polyester fabric and a nylon lining to prevent cuts. The bag includes a padded laptop compartment ideal for “13 to 15.6” laptops. The large bag also features a USB charging port, RFID protection pocket, and a robust pocket zipper that can freely open 90-180 degrees making it easier for airport travel.

Swissdigital Design has designed innovative and trend-setting products that offer the convenience of storage and mobility while traveling. Their bags are perfect not only for traveling but also for everyday life. Additional backpack styles also include a new Massage Backpack with built-in shoulder and lumbar back massagers and backpacks with built-in Bluetooth speakers. Owning a backpack has never been this much fun!

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22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

The holiday season always inspires us to be at our best in the new year and giving your loved ones the tools they need for success is a gift that they will use and treasure for much longer than one day. Christmas gifts on Amazon are sleek and smart this year with the Fitbit Versa 3.

Fitbit Versa 3 is a motivational health & fitness smartwatch with built-in GPS, Active Zone Minutes, and music experiences to keep you moving this season and beyond. This watch does more than telling time or tracking distance. It will also track calories burned and can help optimize your workouts with the new and improved PurePulse® 2.0 technology, which allows you to see your resting heart rate and cardio trends in the app.

The battery life is extended to last over 6 days, and those days will be filled with tracking everything you need to know to be at your best, including sleep trends, SpO2 (oxygen) levels, guided breathing sessions, and even menstrual health tracking. Not only does it enhance your physical health, but it cares for your mental health with a built-in Alexa assistant. Simply using your voice, you can check the weather, set reminders, or even control your smart home appliances on your wrist.

Fitbit Versa 3 is your all-in-one health and lifestyle partner. This holiday season, give the gift of optimal health with Fitbit.

Fitbit Versa 3
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22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

Will Santa be delivering a new movie projector this year? Don’t forget to accessorize accordingly, with mounting solutions from Mount-It! Set up family movie night inside where it’s warm and cozy, or outside under the stars, with the Portable Projector 100″ Screen for Indoor and Outdoor Projection.

Enjoy crisp, clear, and vivid colors across a wide 160 degrees of viewing. There’s simply no need to sit directly in front of the screen because the best seat in the house is literally every seat! The triple-layer, matte white, wrinkle-free PVC material makes it super simple to just grab it and go, and the screen is easy to clean, too, which is always a huge plus for families.

A successful movie night also requires a quality projector stand. Our pick is Mount-It’s Tripod Projector Stand. Heavy-duty, yet portable, your projector will be in good hands with this sturdy steel stand. The adjustable height (over five feet tall!) and 45-degree tilt feature allow you to customize the perfect viewing experience.

Finally, for your holiday movie marathon and beyond, pick up a Wall Mounted Dry Erase Board. Keep a running list of favorite Christmas movies and their airing times with this classy, magnetic whiteboard. The glass surface makes writing and erasing easy, and the minimalist, frameless design will blend in with any decor.

When searching for Christmas Gifts on Amazon this year, take a closer look at unique holiday gifts for work and play. With more than 500 different types of mounting solutions, you can suit every need with Mount-It!

Portable Projector 100″ Screen for Indoor and Outdoor Projection | Tripod Projector Stand | Wall Mounted Dry Erase Board
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22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

The holidays are a time to put on the aprons as a family and get in the kitchen to cook and bake, all while making sweet memories with one another. Time in the kitchen is an easy way for a family to come together, laugh, and reconnect during an otherwise busy holiday season. Baketivity is a company that provides baking kits that includes all the ingredients needed to create a family masterpiece. Baketivity is sure to bring your family closer together and smiles to everyone’s face.

We all have seen those Pinterest cookies that feature the perfect text or pictures laid beautifully on top of the cookies and thought how did they do that. Baketivity has simplified this process with their Face Bake DIY Cookie Kit. This process is so smooth and easy you may find yourself buying cookies for all kinds of events. The Face Bake DIY Cookie Kit is a three-step process of personalizing with an image or text, baking the cookies, and then adding the edible sticker right on top of the cookie. So be the talk of the party with your personalized cookies from Baketivity.

22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

What dessert goes well with Christmas, family time, and decorating? Gingerbread men! Baketivity brings your family the Gingerbread Man Kit. This kit comes with everything you need including easy to read recipes and premeasured ingredients. Your not-so-patient sous chefs will appreciate this! The Gingerbread Man Kit also includes an activity book and photo frame craft that your elves can do after they decorate their works of art. This Baketivity kit is sure to be a popular choice this holiday season.

22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

Gift-giving can sometimes be tough, and no one wants to be the bad gift giver. Baketivity is certain to put a smile on the recipient’s face (under a mask of course) with the Cake Pops Baking Kit. Seriously, who does not love cake, let alone cake on a stick? Just like all Baketivity’s amazing kits, the directions are clearly stated, ingredients are perfectly measured, and all you need is some baking time and your littles. The Cake Pops Baking Kit includes a perfect mix of toppings for decorating purposes and an activity book that can be enjoyed anytime. Your little loves will adore making these sweet treats for everyone to try at your holiday party.

Face Bake DIY Cookie Kit | Gingerbread Man Kit | Cake Pops Baking Kit
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22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

With so many devices being connected to the online world, Circle lets us know (and control) where our kids are going on their devices. It’s not just computers anymore, either. Laptops, tablets, phones, gaming systems, and Smart TVs are all ways that kids are engaging online. Thankfully, the Circle Home Plus can give you the confidence that your little ones are staying away from any places they shouldn’t be visiting and that their screentime is within reasonable limits. With all of the virtual learning going on these days, not to mention the upcoming long winter break, this is especially useful!

Through a connected device and easy-to-use app, Circle Home Plus allows you to do so much. Do you want to control where online they go? See where they’ve been? Track how much time they’ve spent online? You can! With Circle connected to your wireless router, you can even decide times that devices can be used, reward good online habits, and locate lost devices. Each child is assigned a user profile that can be completely customized. So when you’re looking for Christmas gifts on Amazon, prioritize family time during the holidays this year and take charge of the kids’ online experience with Circle.

Circle Home Plus
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22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

Christmas gifts on Amazon can be ones that give the gift of rest, which is something we will all need after this holiday season! Hatch presents the Rest sound machine, night light, and time-to-rise product that will change your kid’s sleep routine for the better. Waking up and falling asleep to soft lighting can promote a more restful sleep all night long and help peacefully bring in the morning. Don’t forget to program the time-to-rise feature for your littles so that you can get some extra shut-eye as well.

22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

Tell your friends and family to cut out those unsightly fans in the bedroom and nursery. Instead, enjoy the aesthetically pleasing look of the Rest while listening to the various constant sounds like rain, white noise, and lullaby. The Best part? You don’t even have to get out of bed to control the wide variety of color lights, sounds, or turn it off and on. The Hatch app gives you control of your choices and your life.

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Hamilton Beach

22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year

Take away the stress of holiday kitchen preparations with Hamilton Beach this season. Their new Hamilton Beach Large Countertop Rotisserie Convection Toaster Oven does everything you need to host a full holiday meal. This oven is small enough to fit on top of your kitchen counter, but large enough to help you prepare for the most wonderful time of the year!

The Hamilton Beach Large Countertop Rotisserie Convection Toaster Oven boasts full-size oven performance in a compact, energy-efficient form. Designed to keep up with your kitchen style while maintaining practicality, this countertop oven is loaded with multi-functional cooking options, including baking for holiday cookies, to broiling a New Year’s salmon, to roasting a small turkey for Christmas dinner.

This holiday, give the gift of stress-free kitchen preparation with Hamilton Beach.

Hamilton Beach Large Countertop Rotisserie Convection Toaster Oven
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Looking for Christmas gifts on amazon has never been easier! Whether you choose to give your loved ones the gift of a good nights sleep or beat them on endless rounds of their new foosball table, Amazon has your back for all things holiday. While you’re shopping, make sure to add a thing or two in for yourself as well.


Now that you’ve got your Christmas shopping done, it’s time to plan your entertainment for the big holiday! Make sure to check out 10 Original and Entertaining Christmas Party Games!

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22 Best Christmas Gifts On Amazon This Year



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