Christmas Gifts for Kids They Don’t Know They Want

Kids love making their Christmas lists, picking and choosing all of the Christmas gifts for kids they see on TV or at the store, or generally just are excited to receive. Some even start writing as soon as the previous holiday is over. But it’s the gifts not on the list that make the coolest surprises to open up Christmas morning, and the ones they’ll use all year long.

We’ve pulled together some cool, unique, and new products that children may not ask Santa for, but will be excited to receive just as much.

Christmas Gifts for Kids They Don’t Know They Want

Let’s Roam


Get ready for a totally new kind of family entertainment, with Let’s Roam scavenger hunts for families, friends, couples, and co-workers. Numerous outdoor hunts are available, however, during these crazy times, their “Roam from Home” scavenger hunt options make great Christmas gifts for kids. Families can go on an awesome adventure without even leaving home!

Just download the app, select a subscription, and choose a hunt. Before you know it, you’ll be solving silly riddles, answering trivia questions, and participating in (and photographing!) hilarious challenges. Mom versus Dad, sibling against sibling–who will win? Who really cares? With Let’s Roam, it’s all about the fun, sense of connection and memories you’ll create.

Ro Sham Bo Baby


If you’re a parent, we can all but guarantee you’ve had your sunglasses knocked off of your face by your child at some point in your life. Get the shades that can roll with the punches (and keep coming back for more!) with Ro Sham Bo Baby. Life moves pretty fast. Make sure your shades can keep up, with these classic Bueller Black or Kelly Kapowski Pink Glitter shades.


Yes, you really can have quality polarized, shatter-resistant lenses that look great, while living your best life and getting crazy with your kiddos! Tons of fun styles and colors are available as Christmas gifts for kids, in junior, toddler, and baby sizes. (Twinning!) Your mini can channel his inner Huey, Dewey and Louie with these fun and bright DuckTales Orange junior shades.


The ultra-light and super-cool Optimus Color Color Changing Blue shades make great holiday gifts for kids, athletes, and runners. They’re unbreakable, for active families on-the-go.


Block over 80% of the most harmful blue light rays with the Screen Time Blue Blocker AVN Lenses. Perfect for enjoying some extra winter break screen time, don’t you think?

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Need a way for your children to burn off some energy indoors? This Christmas, buy the ArmoGear Electric Boxing Game and let your kids get in shape and have fun at the same time. The game comes ready to play with two vests and two pairs of boxing gloves that ideally fit children ages 8-12. The sound effects complete this toy, with an announcer guiding your kiddo through the games. Get Christmas gifts for kids that promise hours of fun and physical fitness, with the ArmoGear Electric Boxing Game.

Chronicle Books


Give colorful Christmas gifts for kids of reading rainbows this holiday season. Books make fantastic gifts for kids of all ages, regardless of whether they’re chubby-cheeked toddlers or have many years under their belts. Chronicle Books publishes books for people of all ages, with all interests, and all budgets. In addition to a fantastic library of titles, Chronicle Books also curates swoon-worthy gifts and stationery. A few great options for your gift list include City Mazes Around the World and the Lego Paint Party Puzzle.



Do you have a future star of the stage in your life? Or maybe a Jojo Siwa imitator? Either way, present that kiddo with a Croove Karaoke Machine this holiday season. With both a microphone and speaker, your little rocker will have the whole house singing. Freestyle to your heart’s content or stream your favorite songs via Bluetooth, USB port, or by plugging in with the AUX cable. Dancing is nearly always a must to accompany karaoke, and the disco lights make that more than possible. Create your own dance party today with fun Christmas gifts for kids like the Croove Karaoke Machine!

Blue’s Clues & You! Dance-Along Blue Plush


Kids who love Blue’s Clues will get a kick out of this dancing and singing interactive plush. By pressing the buttons on Josh’s Handy Dandy Guitar just like a remote, Blue will dance to the theme song, shake her doggie tail side to side, roll her head, move her ears, and raise her paw. The entire family will want to get in on the adorable singing and dancing action.

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Rey to Z


Every kid can use a good cap! Rey to Z hats with custom personalization make awesome Christmas gifts for kids. Pick a letter, any letter, or just select an initial for your custom cap. Rey to Z hats come in a rainbow of colors and prints perfect for all personalities and styles. Letter patches are embroidered for a vintage baseball look.

Big Life Journal


If COVID has taught people anything, it is the importance of resilience! Kids today can develop a growth mindset with the Big Life Journal series, which makes great Christmas gifts for kids. With tips and fun exercises to develop confidence, kindness, and to help overcome challenges, this journal makes it fun to journey through childhood into the teenage years. The Big Life Journal also has a companion podcast for kids to listen to while completing their journals.



What little girl doesn’t like creating cool and stylish hairstyles on their dolls? These CurliGirls come decked out with a funky hairstyle, but the super fun part is that their hair can be pulled and curled over and over again! When a CurliGirls‘ hairstyle is complete, just dunk her in warm water and watch her hair go magically straight. It’s a new blank slate, ready for another fun and curly hairdo. Collect all the CurliGirls as Christmas gifts for kids, for a fashionable friendship group to style and design.

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Blume Petal Pets


Every Blume Doll needs a Blume Petal Pet or two! Get these great stocking stuffers and reveal a new pet surprise with just a sprinkling of water on the flower. Will it be a unicorn, kitty, or dragon? There are 12 pets with crazy hairdos to collect, and each comes with a real metal charm bracelet to wear or use as a pet leash. Kids can relive the unboxing experience again and again by just returning the petals back to a closed position.

Interactive Globe


Education should be fun, especially when it comes to learning toys and Christmas gifts for kids that teach. Get the family a no-borders globe that connects to a fun and interactive app. Kids can explore the world with highlights and facts about cultures, cuisines, monuments, inventions, animals, and maps!

Plugo Letters


Most kids wouldn’t necessarily ask for educational toys for Christmas, but that may change with Plugo. Kids will be developing their language and word-building with all the stories, characters, poems, and puzzles. Learning will be no less than super fun with Plugo Christmas gifts for kids.

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Bluetooth Karaoke Mircophone


Older kids will rock this Christmas with a rechargeable Bluetooth karaoke microphone that everyone, but especially kids, will love. Connect a phone or tablet, and play favorite tunes while singing along. It’s easy to use, but high quality, making it a great gift for anyone who wants to feel like the star they already are.

Electronic Piggy Bank


Give Christmas gifts for kids that will help them appreciate what they already have, and work hard to save more. Every kid needs a place to store their money, even if it’s just a few precious coins. With a passcode and an automatic bill absorber, it’s a fun way to store the hard-earned money. (And keep it from sneaky siblings!)

Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots


Christmas gifts for kids that are functional as much as they are fun make great shopping selections. Keep their feet dry and bring some fun to future gloomy days with a pair of fabulous and colorful rain boots. From dinosaurs to sharks, or trucks and tractors, Western Chief has some of the best patterns to choose from.

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Walkie Talkies


Children love the freedom of communication, but younger ones aren’t quite old enough for personal phones. Get them a set of walkie talkies they can use up to three miles apart, outside and inside, and with friends near and far. The two-way radios help imaginations run wild.

Night Light Bluetooth Speaker


Great Christmas gifts for kids are ones they can use long after the holidays are through. Night lights and speakers are cool, whatever the season and age of the kid. Even cooler is a cordless one that changes color, creating a musical light mood for any child’s room. It’s fantastic glow fun for toddlers to teens.

Amazon Gift Card


Don’t knock gift cards for Christmas gifts for kids. They may not ask for them, and sure, they don’t have the immediate gratification play factor, but kids love picking out their own gifts. It teaches them independence and how to budget.

Mudpuppy Puzzles


Kids who love to use their brains probably love their fair share of puzzles. And the best kids’ puzzles come from Mudpuppy. Not only do they make the coolest and brightest puzzles for various ages, but they’re thick and durable to stand up to kids.

Kids are great at making a wish list for Santa and asking for things they want, but there are plenty of Christmas gifts for kids they just don’t know to ask for. From rain boots to eyewear and apps too, there are plenty of creative, educational, physical, functional, and fun products out there sure to make Christmas morning special.

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