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Bringing home a new baby is an exciting yet scary time in a parent’s life. The immediate intense love that you experience for such a tiny little human quickly brings to the forefront all of the worries and fears – is he getting enough milk, is she crying from pain, are their dirty diapers supposed to be that color? While all of those are legitimate questions new parents often wonder, worrying about your child while they sleep is consistently on the top of our list of biggest concerns. Thankfully, technology has long given us the ability to watch our baby as they sleep from anywhere in the home. Not only can we check in on baby with just the slightest glance at a monitor, but we can also talk to baby and even check the temperature of the room. While all of these functions have greatly aided in easing our concerns as new parents, Angelcare has taken baby monitors even further by adding a wireless motion monitor able to detect even the slightest of baby’s movements in the crib. We call this a major parenting win.

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As a parent, there is nothing more comforting than having peace of mind that your little one is growing and thriving. Well-baby checks and hitting milestones are reassurances, but knowing daily that your baby is sleeping soundly, safe in their crib, while you can accomplish your own tasks freely – or try to get in a decent bit of sleep at night – makes each day more efficient and peaceful. With Angelcare’s movement monitoring system, you can rest assured that your baby is being monitored by the most advanced technology. The Angelcare AC417 Baby Movement Monitor is the first of its kind, featuring a handheld video and audio monitor along with a wireless movement sensor pad that tracks baby’s every movement (including breathing!), alerting the parent if movement is not detected after 20 seconds.

About Angelcare

Angelcare is an internationally award-winning company dedicated to helping babies thrive and providing parent’s peace of mind. With a great deal of research by experts around the world, their innovative products have been designed to fit in with every day life with safety assurance on the forefront. From monitor systems to diaper disposal systems and baby care, Angelcare is taking the lead in not only technological innovation, but design and aesthetics.

How Does It Work

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Angelcare Baby Movement Monitor works by tracking baby’s every movement through a highly-sensitive wireless movement sensor pad that is easily placed under the crib mattress. Connected to the handheld video and audio monitor, the sensor alerts parents immediately if no movement has been detected for twenty seconds using an alarm as well as a visual alert in the center of the screen. The movement sensor pad is so sensitive that it can even detect steady breathing, alerting a parent if breathing movements have not been detected for twenty seconds.

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Parents don’t need to worry about checking the handheld screen constantly for visual alerts, but instead can rely on the sounding alarm as well. If for some reason the parent monitor is powered off, the camera device will sound the alarm if movement is not felt after twenty seconds, serving as a great back up to the handheld monitor. When the crib is not in use, simply pause the movement monitor’s detection on the handheld monitor or even the camera.

Video and Audio Monitor Features

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While we absolutely love the wireless movement monitor (think: no wires, no plugs, no difficult set up), we also love the added features of the handheld touchscreen monitor.

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The 4.3″ monitor logs movement and temperature analytics from the last two months, while also allowing parents to choose their settings such as adjustable movement sensitivity levels. We also love the camera’s wide angle lens and ability to zoom in on baby, as well as two-way talk and night vision.

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Another great feature of the camera is the room temperature display, which changes color if the room is too hot (red) or too cold (blue). Finally, use your camera two different ways – perched on a table on the base or secured to the wall. With the camera’s magnetic backing, it’s easy to move from wall to table.

Extra Peace of Mind

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From the early days of a child’s life through toddler-hood, every parent knows that the most productive part of our day is when the child is sleeping. Whether it’s nap time or bed time, we all take advantage of having free hands to get our day’s tasks done or even catch some zzz’s ourselves – both can be hard when you’re up constantly to ensure your newborn is still breathing (first time moms, we’ve all been there) or wondering if your adventurous toddler has escaped the confining safety of his crib. Angelcare’s Baby Movement Monitor tracks every movement from those early newborn days through the toddler years, bringing parent’s peace of mind in the palm of their hand, up to 820 ft. While a monitor can’t replace parent care and shouldn’t be used to prevent SIDS, the monitoring system is a great technological tool to use in conjunction with your own observation, love, and care.

Features to Love

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  • Wireless motion sensor pad
  • Alert sounds after 20 seconds of no movement detected
  • Touchscreen handheld monitor
  • Low-profile camera with temperature display
  • Wall mount or tabletop magnetic adjustable camera
  • Alerts: Out-of-range, low battery, room temperature, and movement
  • Two-way talk
  • Night vision
  • Adjustable movement sensitivity levels

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