The Secrets to Gorgeous Countertops

Our ancestors gathered around campfires after successful hunts, cooking, eating, and orating tales of battle, while forming lasting, deep familial bonds. In today’s fast paced society, Americans consider themselves connected and “foodies” yet the statistics reveal a clearer realty – American families are 12th on the list of average time spent in a kitchen at 5.9 hours per week, compared to India’s 13.2. Judgement aside, family tradition, free time, and overcoming inertia are veritable obstacles which raise the barrier to entry of a sit-down, family style meal. One company, Premier Surfaces, is bringing back family time, one kitchen at a time.

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Appearance, Pride & Ownership

Anyone who has ever become cognizant of a trajectory of mediocrity, acknowledges the path to true change typically involves an expeditious change of environment, either physically or metaphysically.

The point is clear: a fresh outlook on life can transform our worldview. While India doubtfully has granite and marble countertops in most of its homes, it does have tradition of multi-generational homes. Because traditions are very difficult to affect directly, Eric Tryon, CEO of Premier Surfaces knew he could increase ownership, pride and as an ancillary benefit, quality time with loved ones.

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Eric Tryon, CEO, Premier Surfaces)

Eric Tryon, CEO of Premier Surfaces, has a track record of success, and lives by core tenants, one of them being pride and ownership in addition to appearance; this manifests in his commitment to excellence, being named top Stone World Fabricator of the Year in 2015. More indicative of a great company, not just personal accolades, is the company’s focus on clients and employees (Nominated in Wall Street Journal’s Top Small Workforces). With a sea of competitors in the kitchen space, they have managed to separate based on people, product and technology.

Seamless Design, Flawless Execution: Kitchen Countertops

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Contractor industries are fraught with subcontractors and empty promises to pad unearned profit margin. Many home-owners are rightfully worried their kitchen project will be outsourced to the lowest bidder. Craigslist and other gig based platforms are inundated with subcontractor requests. Rather than a team mentality, the project is simply freelance work, where reputation and ownership are completely alien to the subcontractor. This is not a moot point, as Premier Surfaces only allows trained employees to design, and install kitchen countertops. They are background checked and required to have a well-groomed appearance including uniforms. With accountability and ownership, comes systems and results.

No Black Box of Knowledge: 3d Design:

Blind trust is a very weak value proposition to clients. Eye-balling is also not acceptable where centimeters are germane to a project’s success or failure. Leveraging Premier Surfaces inhouse technology partnerships, customers are able to view in real-time, a 3d representation of their kitchen, stonework cuts, and the final product. Keeping the end in mind allows homeowners to know what success looks like, and if they will be completely satisfied with the end result.

Direct Product Sourcing:

Granite and other natural stones are sourced locally and directly, cutting out unnecessary middlemen. With relationships spanning over 25 years, the product has limited lifetime warranties, meeting and surpassing industry standards. While award winning designers, and technology are tantamount advantages, the real star of the show is the product.

Installation: Seamless Countertops:

Once the customer is very comfortable and has agreed to the end look, Premier Surfaces turns to its Premier Seam System which produces near seamless visibility, crafting the desired appearance of smooth to the touch, one continuous piece, Michelangelo, would approve. Second-rate installers don’t appreciate the difference between near visibility and virtually invisible; this nuanced approach to excellence is the difference between a countertop appearing as 4 separate blocks, hap-hazardly piece-worked together, or a symphony of natural rock.

Food is primal, an ever-present facet of our lives. It’s not only a necessity, but a bonding experience. Campfires have been replaced by couches, sofas, cars (drive through) and make-shift tables. Family living dynamics and tradition are not easily tackled directly, yet through pride and extreme ownership of new kitchen countertops, families can once again justify sitting down to a home-cooked meal, with a beautiful ambiance of excellence and luxury. What appears cosmetic on the surface, is a catalyst to deeper, meaningful relationships.

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