Best at Home Work Outs to Get You in Shape in 2014 & GIVEAWAY!

Best At Home Work Outs To Get You In Shape In 2014 &Amp; Giveaway! 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The holidays are over and the turkey is gone. You’ve prepared your New Year’s resolution, and like every year, you have plans of getting in shape. This is the year to get off the couch, and in front of the TV, and kick that butt into shape with Daily Mom’s  workout video suggestions for a healthier you! If you’re excited to add these DVD’s to your at home collection, you will have the chance to win one in an exclusive Daily Mom giveaway as well! Read on to learn more about them, and how you can win.

Ballet Beautiful-Cardio Fat Burn

Do not be fooled by the title of this video, if you’re familiar with the recent bar workouts, than you know how intensive and sweat drenching these ballet workouts can be.


Best At Home Work Outs To Get You In Shape In 2014 &Amp; Giveaway! 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Ballet Beautiful Cardio Fat Burn is the sequel to Ballet Beautiful Total Body Workout In this video,  Mary Helen Bowers (trainer to the stars such as Natalie Portman in Black Swan) will help you burn fat and get you a tight and toned dancer’s body, all from the comfort of your home.

The workouts are broken up into four, 15 minute fat-burning cardio intervals with mat exercises that focus on building lean, toned muscles in your abs, arms, butt and legs.
The program is divided into:
  • Core workout: A quick warm-up that will get you ready for the next set by slowly moving into a high-intensity cardio interval and ab workout.
  • Lower body: Focuses on toning inner thighs and sculpting the legs with extended cardio elements.
  • Upper body: Works on building an elegant ballerina posture with targeted arm exercises with a fast-paced cardio interval
  • Total body workout: Full body cardio workout that will burn calories, tighten and tone muscles.

The Ballet Beautiful Cardio Fat Burn video finishes off with an extended stretch, and a cool down that will have you actually looking forward to the next days workout.

We love that this video gets your heart pumping and gives results that you will feel from day one. Ballet Beautiful Cardio Fat Burn is a fast paced, energetic workout that will challenge you in a good way even if you barely bust a move.



Be Fit in 90

If you keep getting bored of exercise programs and stopping half way, then this next DVD is for you.

Best At Home Work Outs To Get You In Shape In 2014 &Amp; Giveaway! 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Be Fit in 90 is a unique weight loss and body strength program that takes you through steps, varying your exercise schedule all throughout the week. A mix of cardio, strength training and yoga flexibility, incorporating martial arts, will help you feel challenged every step of the way.

Best At Home Work Outs To Get You In Shape In 2014 &Amp; Giveaway! 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The DVD program comes with the following:

  • a set of 3 DVDs (1 for each month, each increasingly challenging as you grow stronger),
  • a workout plan with a different set of exercises each day so that you are not constantly doing the same thing over and over again and you don’t have to figure out what to do each day- it’s all pre-planned for you.
  • a fitness journal to record your diet and exercise to keep you on track and accountable.
  • a nutritional guide, because no exercise program can be successful without healthy eating habits and it’s wonderful that BE FIT creators recognize that.

Best At Home Work Outs To Get You In Shape In 2014 &Amp; Giveaway! 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Depending on your fitness level, this program can be challenging, but not impossible. If you haven’t kept your body in tip-top shape, this exercise program will definitely make you feel like you’re working for it. But within a month, you’ll be strong enough to enjoy the burn.




Denise Austin’s Fat Burning Walk

Exercise doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective and Denise Austin’s Fat Burning Walk – a low-impact walking workout DVD – is the perfect example of that.

Best At Home Work Outs To Get You In Shape In 2014 &Amp; Giveaway! 6 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families
All of the moves in Denise Austin’s Fat Burning Walk are simple: they’re all based on walking! Walking is a great way to boost your body’s metabolism and help burn off unwanted body fat without major stress on muscles and joints. The workout is divided into small sections:

  • Warm-up This section helps prepare you for the fun workout ahead
  • Arm Toning In this section you’ll walk and do coordinating arm movements that will help tone your arms.
  • Slim Sprints This is the fastest paced part of the workout. It’ll get your metabolism going so you can burn more calories throughout the rest of the workout.
  • Hill Climb Pretend you’re climbing a hill in this section to help sculpt your legs and butt.
  • Rolling Hills This section varies in intensity, just like if you were walking up and down hills. With moves like standing crunches, it focuses on your legs, your butt and your waistline.
  • Sport Star This section includes fun sports movements like punching, twisting and shaking to get your body slim.
  • Cool Down Slow down the pace and walk your heart rate back to normal in the Cool Down section.
  • Bonus 10 minute ab slimming routine This bonus section includes both standing and mat exercises to trim your tummy.

Denise Austin is upbeat and motivational throughout Fat Burning Walk. Her moves are easy to follow and the intensity is up to you because low impact options are shown throughout each section. The best part? At just 30 minutes long every mom has time for it!




Dancing with the Stars-Sizzle & Groove Latin Dance


Best At Home Work Outs To Get You In Shape In 2014 &Amp; Giveaway! 7 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Bring one of your favorite shows to life through your new daily fitness routine with the Dancing With The Stars: Sizzle & Groove Latin Dance fitness DVD from Lionsgate!

This program combines a powerful cardiovascular workout with sexy latin dance moves to slim, sculpt and shed! Begin with a 5 minute warm up with Merengue moves, move into a 15 minute salsa cardio routine, take yourself into a Spanish paso doble to tone those luscious legs, and transition into 15 minutes of samba for an all over trim and tone, finish with a 5 minute cool down dance to a Rumba beat.

Don’t worry, you don’t need a celebrity partner to complete this fitness program, though we wouldn’t blame you for trying to get Derek Hough to work the latin groove with you!

Best At Home Work Outs To Get You In Shape In 2014 &Amp; Giveaway! 8 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families



 We all know the countless benefits of working out, however, getting to the gym and making a routine of it, especially with a baby, can be hard. We hope you will consider a workout routine like the ones above to help you on a path to a healthier you from the comfort of your home.  As always, please remember that before beginning any workout program you should consult your physician to avoid any physical injury.



Be sure to check out our post on the Cure for the Post-Partum Body as well as our Post-Partum Workout Series!


We have teamed up with Lionsgate to offer you an amazing opportunity to win your own workout DVD! Simply follow the directions on the rafflecopter below for your chance to win! There will be four winners- each winner will receive one DVD. Mandatory entries include signing up for the Daily Mom weekly newsletter. Bonus entries include following the brand’s pages on Facebook and Twitter.

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