Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review with Photos}

Located just outside the picturesque town of Jackson Hole, Goosewing Ranch is a working Wyoming dude ranch where guests can go to enjoy the great outdoors and spend some time in nature. A full-service guest and dude ranch allows guests to relax and unwind while getting a taste of ranch life with stunning views, amazing views, and unique, rustic accommodations.

Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}
Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}

Accommodations at Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming

Goosewing Ranch has ten private cabins on the property where guests can stay. There are two larger cabins with two bedrooms and eight smaller cabins. Each cabin is decorated in authentic western decor and has a private bathroom with a shower and tub combo. Guests have a variety of cabins to choose from and can easily have a choice between twin, full, queen, or king beds.

Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}
Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}

If you are looking for a more unique stay at Goosewing Ranch Wyoming, book one of the three Conestoga Wagons that are available to stay in. Each wagon contains a king bed and three twin bunk beds. A private, detached bathroom cabin is located just steps away from the wagon. You’ll feel like a pioneer traveling across the wild west in one of the interesting wagons.

Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}

The main lodge serves as a central gathering place for guests. With a large stone fireplace and an area with a pool table and games, the lodge provides a place for guests to spend time together and connect with each other. All meals are also served in the lodge daily. The lodge contains an extensive library so you can grab a book and settle down by the fireplace for an evening of relaxation. There are several outdoor communal areas to gather with your loved ones as well. Goosewing Ranch provides outdoor fireplaces and wood stoves as well as a pool and outdoor hot tub.

Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}

Dining at Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served family style in the main lodge daily. There is also an outdoor kitchen and wood burning oven available outside. The outdoor dining area provides propane heaters for those cool Wyoming nights as well as ample seating.

Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}

Breakfast usually consists of eggs cooked to order, bacon, sausage, french toast, and pancakes. If you prefer a lighter and quicker breakfast, a continental breakfast with fresh fruit, homemade pastries, and cereal is also available.

Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}

Hot lunches are available daily on the ranch but most lunches are served on the trails. The ranch also invites guests to pick up a packed lunch for a picnic on their own. Picnic and trail lunches contain a deli sandwich, chips, fresh fruit, granola, and a cookie.

Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}

Dinners are often the star of the show at Goosewing. Dinner is served nightly with a fresh salad bar. There are always two main entree options to choose from. With prior notification, the lodge can also offer a vegetarian option, a gluten-free option, and a kids option. Each evening dinner is themed and the themes range from a French Night to an Angler Night where the main choices are trout and salmon. Once a week, dinner is cooked over an open campfire in dutch ovens so that dinner can be enjoyed under the beautiful, expansive Wyoming sky. It’s the perfect opportunity for campers to gather and get to one another.

Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}

Another feature that sets Goosewing Ranch apart is the full drink service available. The ranch keeps a variety of wine and beer on tap for guests to enjoy. There are also daily specialty cocktails to enjoy with dinner each night. Call ahead before your arrival to request a specific wine or beer.

Horseback Riding at Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming

There is no shortage of things to do during your visit to Goosewing ranch. This working dude ranch offers guests the opportunity to ride horses, enjoy a day in the national park, and partake in fly fishing in addition to a number of other activities.

Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}

Horseback riding is one of the most popular activities at Goosewing Ranch Wyoming. With more than 60 horses on the ranch, the head wrangler will work closely with you to find and assign the most compatible horse to you for the duration of your stay. Trail rides are offered Monday through Saturday every week and guests are welcome to ride each day with the exception of the days that they check in or out of the ranch.

Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}

Guests can choose the night before to partake in a two-hour, four-hour, or six-hour trail ride. There are trails available to match every skill level and each trail ride is guided by an experienced horse wrangler. Horseback trail riding is a great experience for families to have together. Children as young as six can ride the horses independently if they can control their horse.

If you have previous horseback riding experience, you might be interested in joining a cattle work team for the day and practice moving cattle. The ranch offers overnight pack rides as well. The basic pack trip consists of a minimum of two nights camping along the trails and three days of riding. Longer pack trips are available as well. While you will be horseback riding every day, there are also opportunities to fish, hunt, and hike while on the pack trips.

Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}

Other Activities at Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming

When you need a break from horseback riding, there are plenty of other activities to try your hand out. The location of the ranch makes it the perfect place for hiking and fishing. Fly fishing is particularly popular in this area of Wyoming. The Gros Ventre River runs close to the ranch and boasts one of the largest native fish populations in the country. Native cutthroat trout is one of the most popular fish to catch in the area.

Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}
Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}

If you’ve never been fly fishing before, the staff at the ranch offers fishing lessons twice a week or by request. The ranch supplies all necessary equipment and also has fishing pontoon float rafts as well. Children are welcome to fish as well. If you choose to fish in one of the surrounding waterways that is not on the ranch property, you will need to obtain a fishing license through the Wyoming Game and Fish website. Fishing licenses can also be purchased at the ranch for $14 a day.

Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}

If you would like to spend some time on the river but aren’t interested in fishing, inner tubes are available for unguided float trips down the river. Guests are also welcome to take canoes out on the river and explore the area. Swimming in the river is also an option in this area of the river. If you find the river to be too cold, head back to the pool for a warmer dip.

Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}
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A variety of other activities are also available at the ranch most days. Hatchet and knife throwing, archery, and target shooting are all popular options with the guests. Polaris Ranger UTVs and mountain bikes are also available for guests to explore the ranch and the surrounding areas. Guests are welcome to take the equipment out on their own without a guide and spend the day exploring. The plethora of activities is one of the biggest attributes that make a stay at Goosewing Ranch in Wyoming so attractive.

Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}

Kid-Friendly Activities at Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming

Unlike similar dude ranches, Goosewing Ranch has gone above and beyond to provide kid-friendly events and activities for children staying on the ranch. Kids and teens are invited to explore the ranch just as adults are but they can also partake in some events designed especially for them. From June 21 to August 21, a kids program runs daily.

Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}
Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}

During the course of the program, children can create western and Native American inspired arts and crafts, play lawn games such as kickball or a water balloon toss, and go on scavenger hunts. Non-toxic, animal-safe paint is available for kids to try their hands at horse painting. They can also learn how to groom and care for horses and how to identify and track various wild animals using scat. A kids-only cookout is held during this time as well.

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Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}

Not only does this program offer hours of fun and entertainment for children, but it is also educational. While participating in this program, children will be introduced to Native American history as well as the local history of the Jackson Hole, Wyoming area. Kids of all ages enjoy the various staff-led activities available during the summer kids program.

Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}
Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}

Other Things To Do in Wyoming

Located just outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, guests may want to venture into the city and enjoy all that Jackson Hole has to offer. With world-class dining, shopping, and museums in the city, it has something to offer everyone. The rodeo is held in Jackson Hole every Wednesday and Saturday from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Guests can watch professional barrel racing, calf roping, bareback riding, and bull riding among other events.

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The Goosewing Ranch is also located conveniently close to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Both parks are filled with lush forests and an abundance of wildlife. Spend a day in the parks partaking in gorgeous views of the mountains and natural geysers and hot springs. Old Faithful in Yellowstone draws thousands of tourists every year dazzling people with its regular eruptions.

Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}

Jackson Hole, WY and Goosewing Ranch are settled in a valley surrounded by three beautiful mountain ranges, the Teton, Gros Ventre, and Wind River ranges. Venturing into the national parks will provide stunning views of these ranges and would be a great place for photography lovers to practice their craft.

Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}

There are several companies in the area that offer white water rafting as well. Some of the rivers in the area have spots that create class two and class three rapids which make for a fun rafting adventure if you would like to get your heart pumping and your adrenaline racing.

Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}

Goosewing Ranch Reviews and Map

You can see Goosewing Ranch Location below. It is not exactly easy to get to, so make sure to grab a paper map. Most cell signals do not work for 1.5 hour drive from Jackson Hole, so it’s helpful to have a map on you for reassurance. It’s a gravel road that doesn’t have many forks or turns, so as long as you follow it, eventually you will get to the ranch. The middle of nowhere feel is truly what makes this ranch so special. We rented a Hertz SUV that served us well during the trip there and back, so we would highly recommend a bigger car for the bumpy drive.

Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}

There are Goosewing Ranch maps available, if you’re interested in learning more about the property via a map, however, we feel that our pictures give a better of everything there can be found at this Wyoming ranch.

Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}

The owner recently listed Goosewing Ranch for sale and the property was bought to be rejoined with a neighboring ranch, so we expect bigger and better things from the acquisition.

Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}

If you love the ranch lifestyle and have skills to share, you might be interested in Goosewing Ranch employment opportunities, which can be found here.

Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}

Additional ranch reviews can be found on TripAdvisor or Goosewing website here.

A Rustic, Mountain Getaway at Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming

With Jackson Hole just down the road and surrounded by lush national parks, Goosewing Ranch is the perfect getaway for anyone looking to relax and have a little bit of fun. You’ll have no trouble finding ways to fill your days during your stay at the ranch. A friendly staff, homemade food, beautiful scenery, and sturdy horses, Goosewing Ranch has so much to offer.

Dude Rancher’s Association

The Dude Rancher’s Association (DRA) is a trade organization that represents the interests of dude ranch operators in the United States and Canada. The organization was founded in 1926 with the goal of promoting and preserving the tradition of the North American dude ranch vacation. To become a member of the DRA, a ranch must meet certain criteria, including offering guests a genuine western experience, providing quality accommodations and meals, and having a history of operating as a dude ranch for a minimum of three years. Additionally, the DRA conducts regular inspections of member ranches to ensure that they are maintaining high standards of service and facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions about Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming

How many acres is Goosewing Ranch?

The Goosewing Ranch consists of 45 acres located near Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the Gros Ventre River Valley. The property borders the Gros Ventre Wilderness and is forty miles northeast of the Bridger Teton National Forest.

What does dude ranch mean?

A dude ranch is a working ranch that has opened its doors to tourists allowing guests to experience life on a ranch. Guests can experience cattle working, hiking, horseback riding, and more when staying at a dude ranch.

What do you wear on a ranch in Wyoming?

The weather in the mountains can often be unpredictable so it is recommended that you should dress in layers. Consider bringing jeans, long sleeve shirts, a jacket, and hat. Leather boots would be a great choice for many of the activities available at Goosewing Ranch. Make sure to bring your swimsuit as well!

What are some of the property amenities at Goosewing Ranch?

Lots of amenities are available at Goosewing Ranch. Each cabin available for rental has private bathrooms with a tub and shower combo. Hot tubs are available in several places around the property. Laundry facilities are also available. Unfortunately, cell phone reception is not available on the ranch. Limited complimentary WiFi is available as well as satellite TV, DVDs, a pool table, and books for entertainment. Alcohol is served on the ranch along with several hot meals a day. UTV vehicles and equipment for many of the activities are also available.

What food and drink options are available at Goosewing Ranch?

While we absolutely loved the property, activities, land, and the cooking at Goosewing ranch at the time of the visit, the lunches left more to be desired, resembling more school lunches than a homemade ranch meal. Dinners were served in the main dining room and were pleasant. We did not feel there were a lot of healthy or vegetarian options, but that did not keep us from enjoying our time at the ranch. For current menu and drink options, please visit:

How is Goosewing Ranch rated?

With a 5.0 rating on TripAdvisor and glowing reviews, it is clear the Goosewing Ranch is a wonderful place to stay and an excellent choice for your dude ranch vacation.

What days is Goosewing Ranch open?

Goosewing Ranch is open to visitors and guests daily during the summer season from June 1 until September 18. A three-night minimum stay is required.

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Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}

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Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming {A Review With Photos}



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