How to Take Me Time on Mother’s Day


With Mother’s Day coming up, husbands all over the United States are scrambling for ideas and asking their wives what they would like for their special day. The art of pleasing a woman is difficult. Gifting doesn’t come easily to men, in general. You could always refer them to a Mother’s Day Gift Guide, like the one our editors put together this year, or….

Or you can get selfish. For once in your motherhood career, you can say “I deserve this!

And by this ,we mean the one thing no mother ever gets enough of – ME TIME! Time to relax and recharge, time to get away, recenter or to just have fun.

Taking Me Time On Mothers Day

So instead of going on a boring brunch this Mother’s Day weekend, do something different and take time for yourself. You can still spend the morning being showered with attention by your husband and kids, getting breakfast in bed and reading homemade cards, thinking about how lucky you are to have such an amazing family and to be a mother to such amazing kids. It can all happen. But then once family time is over, go have fun!

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Here are some of the fun ways you can spend this Mother’s Day that you will remember forever. The most important memories are made by experiences, not gifts. We would like to walk you through the experiences you COULD have this Mother’s Day.

Rent a hotel room and have a girl’s afternoon out


We get it, you have small children, maybe they are still breastfeeding often, and you can’t be away from them overnight. We are there, too!

In fact, virtually every single Daily Mom writer is still breastfeeding. So instead of doing what you did before you had kids and getting away for a weekend or overnight, improvise!

Find an awesome hotel or resort nearby, like La Playa Beach Resort here in Florida , with great amenities and beautiful vistas and go for the afternoon. Get your girlfriends together, (you know you haven’t been spending as much time with them sans kids as you want to) rent a room there, and have fun like you’re back in college (well, almost!).


Imagine this:  sitting by the pool in your bikinis (one piece? cover up?), sipping on a cocktail that has a totally inappropriate name and amazing sunset colors (or you could just do a straight up martini!) basking in sunshine, sharing stories with your girls, laughing, remembering the best times together… “Waiter, another cocktail, please!”

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Don’t forget to order some appetizers that you pass on any other day, to share with your girlfriends. It sounds pretty glorious, doesn’t it? When you’re all sunned out and have had enough drinks to let loose, go up to your hotel room, turn the music on the iPod dock and rock out! Like, really let go, pick up hairbrushes, do some lip syncing, throw your hair around. Just have fun! You know you want to! Take one day to not have to be an example to some little person and have uninhibited unadulterated fun with your friends. We promise it will make you feel like a thousand bucks!


Daily Mom Recommendation

We speak from experience. Recently some of Daily Mom writers “test drove” this idea for “me time” for Mother’s Day at La Playa Beach and Golf Club. The results were amazing. Being able to rent a room for just us, girls, chat, enjoy the views, sip some wine and then dance around to Pharrell’s “Happy” was a highlight of our month, if not year.

Once all the dancing and goofing around worked up an appetite, proceed to the next thing on our agenda.

Have dinner with your girlfriends

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If renting a hotel room with your friends is out of your budget, or you don’t have any fun resorts nearby (check out Noble Resorts for locations –  they are our favorites) you could always go straight to the next step of our Mother’s Day Adventure. A more subtle way to take some time for yourself is to have a dinner with your girlfriends. You can get as crazy or as conservative as you want to.

The point is to have a meal and reconnect with yourself as an individual. One who had friends outside of the motherhood circle, one who does her hair and puts on make up and squeezes into that “neck breaking” dress, the one who feels amazing and beautiful. Go to a place WITHOUT chicken fingers on the menu!


Order fillet minion or red snapper with mouth watering risotto. Take dessert first, because you want to and you can. Or better yet, order several deserts and creating a sampler for all the girls to share. Talk about things you care, take a deep breath, remember who you are, relax, laugh, and enjoy.

Daily Mom Recommendation

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Here at Daily Mom, we love going to Baleen at La Playa Resort. Aside from the most amazing chefs, the atmosphere cannot be beat. Sitting by the ocean, with tiki fire burning all around, watching the sunset while enjoying the most amazing food you have had for years –  that’s what we are talking about! In fact, Baleen often hosts events for holidays and so this Mother’s Day, treat yourself and your family to a scrumptious Mother’s Day brunch at Baleen if you’re in town before your girl’s night out.

Get an allowance and visit a local boutique


If shopping is your vice, you could do something different on Mother’s Day. Instead of sitting at your computer and looking for things to spend your Mother’s Day gift cards on, or going to the mall and browsing all the usual stores, get adventurous. Find a boutique – one of those that you usually pass by, because there are too many valuable things in the store to allow your kids into without going crazy trying to keep them from pulling things off the shelves. Imagine you’re in a foreign city and explore the treasures that small boutiques offer. Jewelry, unique dresses, great artwork, personal items – stuff you can’t buy at the mall. Just being able to take the time to leisurely browse through their curated collection should lift your spirit. Mother’s Day isn’t the time to be reasonable about things that you need. Get things you WANT! Indulge! If  you are staying at a resort as discussed above, check out their boutique. It might surprise you.

Get a spa treatment or group facials

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Another amazing way to recharge on Mother’s Day is going in for a spa treatment. Whether it’s a full massage that you need, or just a facial with your friends to make sure you look radiant, going into a spa is a perfect way to spend Mother’s Day. Instead of opting for a simple massage (though that’s always really good) try a body treatment- make this Mother’s Day all about breaking out of your shell and trying new things-; reclaiming your individuality. Or go slightly low key and opt for a “group” facial that will leave you all radiant and young.

We love Spa Terre’s  Transformation Facial or Javanese Royal Treatment.

Go on a weekend getaway


If leaving your family,even for a few hours, is too much to bare, ( and we all have dedicated mom moments like that) have your husband create a special trip for your whole family, a weekend getaway to a resort a few hours away or right here in town.

He can still plan all those amazing things for you, like a spa treatment and a dinner, but you also get to share the special moments and memories with your family. It might not be the “me time” that you need or want, but going away with your family, even if it’s to a local resort, will help recharge you and reconnect with the inner fun mom (no cooking, cleaning or homework! YAY!)


Daily Mom Recommendation

We love Noble House resorts for their amazing collection of hotels all over the United States, so whether you’re in Colorado or California, Florida or Rhode Island, you can find a charming unique hotel by Noble House. Check the destinations out here. And then go give your husband a hint!


Big thanks to the management of La Playa Beach Resort and Golf Club for giving us an opportunity to take photos at their beautiful destination to illustrate the points in this article.



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