18 Great Back To School Activities To Keep Your Child Engaged In The School Year

Back-to-school time is always filled with excitement and jitters, especially on the first day of school. All the school supplies are new, as are the daily routines and schedules, the teachers, and the students. To calm first-day jitters, we have put together a guide filled with fun back-to-school activities that will break the ice, calm nerves, and prepare everyone for the school year. This guide is filled with educational toys, such as coding robots, cue cards, and dolls that teach Hindi so whether you are sending your little one back to the classroom or homeschooling from your own classroom, we have what you want and need!

Back To School Activities


18 Great Back To School Activities To Keep Your Child Engaged In The School Year

Are you looking for a laptop for your children that is both safe to use and will help them learn effectively? This Tanoshi kids’ laptop is exactly what you need for the best in back to school activities. This laptop is not a toy; rather, it is an integral part of education for your children. Not only that, but it’s zoom compatible, which means your kids can use it for an online school or have a little chat with their friends.

You’ll love its blue light filter reduces eye strain and promotes healthy screen time. Furthermore, it has a super cute design and is lightweight. On top of that, the pre-installed apps created by excellent award-winning educators in this laptop make learning interesting and enjoyable.

Also, Tanoshi Safe Volume Kids Headphones will pair well with this laptop. These wired headphones are designed to be comfortable for long-time wear and are ideal for children over the age of three. In addition, it maintains a safe noise level, protects ears, and is extremely comfortable so they enjoy all their electronic back to school activities.

Your children would be overjoyed to receive it as a new tech for school this year!

Tanoshi Scholar + Laptop Sleeve | Tanoshi Safe Volume Kids Headphones
Tanoshi | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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18 Great Back To School Activities To Keep Your Child Engaged In The School Year

Are you stuck trying to figure out if you should buy your child a scooter or a bike? Research has shown there are several reasons why scooters are better for kids than bikes. For one thing, learning how to ride a scooter can help children who struggle with bike riding. For another, it will help them improve their balance over time. For older children, ages 8 and up, give them a Razor Power A5 scooter and get them outside and off the screens for some healthy back to school activities!

Do you love going for a jog? Wouldn’t it be even better if your child could go with you? The Razor Power A5 is an electric scooter that will travel at speeds up to 10 mph. Now whenever you want to go for a run, your child can come with you on their scooter! While the battery only lasts 40 minutes, the Power A5 can still be used without the motor.

Unlike bikes, the Power A5 doesn’t have a chain. It uses a brushless, electric motor. This means you won’t have to spend your afternoons lubricating and realigning anything like you would for a bike chain. Our favorite feature is the thumb-activated throttle that allows the riders to safely and easily adjust their speed without taking their eyes off the road.

This scooter is a great way to get your kids off the television and away from video games when they get home for more active back to school activities. It is even a great option for getting to and from school if you live close enough! Add the Razor Power A5 to your shopping cart today so your kids can start cruising tomorrow. They’ll love riding it around the neighborhood and you’ll love knowing they’re getting exercise in their back to school activities.

Power A5
Razor | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest | TikTok


Looking for a fun and educational activity for your kids over the weekends? Check out the GIGIL STEM Subscription Box! Each month, you get to explore a different theme in STEM, from Pre-K to Elite kits for older children, all you have to do is it back and relax as all the materials needed for 5 engaging and hands-on activities are delivered straight to your door. With the easy-to-follow activity guides, your kids will have a blast learning about science, technology, engineering, and math. They’ll love making new discoveries and expanding their knowledge each month. So sign up today and give your kids the gift of learning in their back to school activities with the GIGIL STEM Subscription Box!

Gigil Stem Kits
Gigil | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | Youtube | Pinterest

PowerUp Toys

There’s nothing like building paper airplanes, all kids are going to do it at one time or another, and likely even in a classroom full of their friends. This school year give them the opportunity to improve their paper airplane building skills with the PowerUp 4.0: Ultimate Bundle Flight Kit. No longer are these the airplanes of your past, these STEM-inspired activities will get your child engineering their airplane high into the sky, success guaranteed!

The Powerup 4.0: The Ultimate Bundle harnesses all the tools they need to turn their paper airplane into an aerodynamic machine. Educational and intriguing, your budding engineer or model maker is going to love this kit. Included in the Powerup 4.0 Bundle are the following:

  • 1x POWERUP 4.0 twin motor Bluetooth module
  • 1x F22 jet-inspired DIY foam airplane kit
  • 1x EZ Bug DIY foam airplane kit
  • 1x EZ Streak DIY foam airplane kit
  • 1x 400 mm lightweight Red LED Strip
  • 10x Japanese paper airplane templates including 5 different designs and graphics with folding lines
  • 2x Waterproof paper airplane templates with folding lines
  • 1x Desk stand for mounting and displaying your POWERUP 4.0
  • 1x Takeoff and landing gear
  • 1x Essential spare parts
  • 1x Quick connect parts for connecting foam balsa and cardboard wings to your POWERUP
  • 1x 56 pages  book of detailed instructions for 10 unique designs
  • 2x Blank 8.5″X11″ 3/16″ Maker Foam sheet

Let your tween or teen, or let’s be honest, your spouse, learn all about aerodynamics while trying their hand at flying paper airplanes made of various materials and out in the elements with the Captain Daddy Flight Kits this school year.

PowerUp 4.0: The Ultimate Bundle
PowerUp Toys | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Sensory TheraPlay Box

Sensory TheraPlay Box is the perfect back-to-school gift for kiddos heading into the classroom, those who are homeschooled, or even back-to-school teacher gifts giving them a variety of options they can use in their classroom. These awesome boxes are packed full of great sensory items that will let you pop, pull, twist, and squeeze the included goods. With boxes based on ages and grades, this subscription box makes an amazing gift for children and those who work with them!

This fun-filled sensory toy box is delivered monthly and includes items perfect for therapeutic play and self-regulation! Examples of the items included are as follows:

  • Stretchy Putty
  • Therapeutic Playdough
  • Wacky Tracks
  • Clean Dirt
  • Magnets
  • Stress Balls
  • Twisty Tubes
  • Stretchy Strings
  • And so much more!

Whether you are gifting a Sensory TheraPlay Box or picking up a few for your own kiddo, these boxes are packed full of great back-to-school activities for your preschool or elementary-age child.

Sensory TheraPlay Box
Sensory TheraPlay Box | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Connect with your children through playtime with Play Kits designed for their exact age with Lovevery. The Play Kits, created for children from birth through age 3, are perfect for your own children, your friend’s children, or your nieces and nephews. The play kits and play kit subscriptions make excellent gifts for baby showers. The toys are built to last from sustainably harvested wood, organic cotton, non-toxic paint, and baby-safe plastics.

18 Great Back To School Activities To Keep Your Child Engaged In The School Year

The Babbler Play Kit for 13 to 15-month-olds, encourages a toddler’s natural curiosity as it encourages exploration through stacking, sorting, and the Slide & Sleek Ball Run. You can set up a subscription and receive a new Lovevery Play Kit every three months that is ready for the ages and stages of your little one. Lovevery now offers Book Bundle to add for Play Kit subscribers, too. The Book Bundle includes three board books that coordinate with the age of your children. The Montessori-inspired real experience books feature people from all races, religions, disabilities, and family structures for the most inclusive back to school activities. You and your child will love reading them over and over again.

The Babbler Play Kit
Lovevery | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

CoCo Village

18 Great Back To School Activities To Keep Your Child Engaged In The School Year

The Bugs Activity Cube lets your little one explore as he develops fine motor skills. The adorable wooden Bugs Activity Cube features 9 spinning wooden blocks with beautiful pastel sketches of butterflies, bees, ladybugs, and more, so the little ones will be engaged with these back to school activities. The cute mushrooms can be pushed in a zig-zag up and down. Three sweet flowers twist and turn like cogs in an intricate machine. The top features everyone’s favorite beads, which can be pushed and pulled, up and down and round and round.

The bead maze rests on a lovely painted wooden lid that comes off the hexagon so you can remove the triangle, circle, and square blocks so your little one can match the shapes again and again. The Bugs Activity Cube is designed for children 12 months and older, but those of you with older children know, that there’s something relaxing about pushing the beads along the wire with the little ones for hours of fun and learning. The Bugs Activity Cube is sure to be a favorite in your playroom.

The Safari Wooden Stacking Rings let the baby explore sizes and colors as he plays with the five pastel wooden rings. Baby develops hand-eye coordination as he stacks the rings. A happy little monkey perches at the top of the ring stack. The Safari Wooden Stacking Rings are made of rubber wood, along with water-based paint and varnish.

Bugs Activity CubeSafari Wooden Stacking Rings
Coco Village | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Lakeshore Learning

18 Great Back To School Activities To Keep Your Child Engaged In The School Year

Let the learning stay fun with Lakeshore Learning. Whether you’re teaching your little love at home or looking for something to keep their brains occupied after school, the dinosaur fun keeps learning roaring! The Dinosaur Adventure Backpack allows your little dino-lover to carry their passion with them wherever they go so they can always enjoy these back to school activities.

This backpack features a large foldout with a colorful and detailed prehistoric play scene where they can create their own adventures and storylines while experiencing different shapes, textures, and vibrant colors. The roomy compartment in this backpack is spacious enough for the included pieces as well as any other necessities they will need for their playtime.

18 Great Back To School Activities To Keep Your Child Engaged In The School Year

The Snap Dinos put dinosaur creation into their own hands, literally! 38 wooden builders provide the opportunity for open-ended creativity and building fun as your little one creates different dino combinations to create their own, personal dino friend. With heads, legs, tails, and more, your child can experience endless combinations and playtime with these pieces. They are sturdy and can even be used to play with once constructed. Unlike other snap toys or building blocks, these builders can keep up with your little ones until they’re ready to make a change.

Lakeshore Learning understands the importance of ownership and creativity and for the littlest dinosaur fans, these pieces will provide endless educational activity and result in precious memories. These are the kind of back to school activities that they will cherish forever!

Dinosaur Adventure Backpack | Snap Dinos
Lakeshore Learning | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

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18 Great Back To School Activities To Keep Your Child Engaged In The School Year

Back to school activities do not just have to mean classroom and textbook time. Your students can learn through play with the Snap Circuits Elenco Discover Coding kit. Your kiddos will sharpen their STEM coding skills with the Bluetooth-powered Snap Circuits as they learn about electronics, circuitry, and coding. The Snap Circuits App lets your students start with graphical coding and move up to BLOCKLY coding for some high-tech back to school activities.

18 Great Back To School Activities To Keep Your Child Engaged In The School Year

The kit, which is geared to children age 8 and older, comes with a base grid, snap and jumper wires, a battery holder, diodes, LEDs, resistors and switches, a speaker, electronic modules, transistors, motor, and detailed instructions. Your kiddos will have so much fun building, connecting, coding, and learning with these back to school activities.

Snap Circuits Discover Coding
Elenco | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Little Patakha

Is your little one curious about learning Hindi during the new school year and worried about keeping up with her homework? Little Patakha (which translates to “firecracker”) is here to help. Little Patakha was created to spark curiosity in eager young minds by introducing them to diverse worlds, ideas, and sounds.

To assist your little one with learning Hindi is the lovely Mini Ava Doll. The sweet Ava Doll mimics the daughter of the owner, also named Ava. She is the star of the book Planet Pichkari and Planet Pathrado. The adorable handmade doll has a sweet smile and crazy hair and wears a beautiful blue kurta, yellow pants, and brown boots. She sits, stands, can walk with your help, has blue earrings, and gives the best hugs.

Ava is a great visual aid with books to teach your kids Hindi and Konkani words for eyes, ears, nose, belly, hands, feet, and more, for one of the best back to school activities available. So jumpstart your little one’s linguistic journey with Little Patakha today!

Mini Ava Doll
Little Patakha | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Home Room 325

18 Great Back To School Activities To Keep Your Child Engaged In The School Year

Are you looking for educational, sustainable, contemporary artwork that not only brings learning to life but also blends seamlessly into any home’s design? Let us introduce you to Homeroom 325, one of the best back to school activities available. With so many families and children spending more time learning at home, Homeroom 325’s products teach colors, letters, days of the week, the Solar System, human anatomy, and more.

18 Great Back To School Activities To Keep Your Child Engaged In The School Year

Since we know that images are the simplest and most effective way to ensure that the information our children absorb is stored as long-term memory, Homeroom 325’s goal is to surround families with meaningful, thoughtful images that teach silently and blend seamlessly into your home’s design. Printed on sustainable paper in the USA with original illustrations, we particularly love Human Anatomy. In addition, to being great back to school activities, the purchase of this product provides 10 meals to children in need, and we love that!

Human Anatomy
Homeroom 325 | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

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Magna-Tiles® Sesame Street® School Bus helps your little ones build STEAM skills as they learn number identification, practice counting, and build. The brightly colored Magna Tiles feature numbers on one side and the images to build the Sesame Street bus on the other side. The set includes 11 three-inch square tiles, 2 small rectangle tiles, and 1 wheeled chassis. Of course, the Sesame Street School Bus set is compatible with other Magna Tiles sets. Magna-Tiles are designed for ages 3 to 99. Magna Tiles are a fun magnetic toy for grandparents and children to do together as they develop and encourage fine motor skills and embrace creative thinking.

The Magna-Tiles® Sesame Street® Outdoors PaintOn® lets your young student enjoy art and science through hands-on playtime for fun back to school activities. Your budding artist will color their favorite Sesame Street characters on the PaintOn Magna-Tiles with the included Crayola markers. Then they can build a 3D structure or display the PaintOn Magna-Tiles as a suncatcher. The great part of Magna-Tiles is that everyone enjoys building and creating with the unique magnetic toys that seem to magically stick together on the edges. It’s a great toy for families with older and young children for back to school activities to play together.

Magna-Tiles® Sesame Street® School Bus | Magna-Tiles® Sesame Street® Outdoors PaintOn®
CreateOn | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Educational Insights

18 Great Back To School Activities To Keep Your Child Engaged In The School Year

Expand your homeschool curriculum or encourage your young engineer, coder, or artist with back to school activities with Artie Max™ The Coding Robot. Artie Max draws in six major coding languages so your students can level up their 21st Century STEM skills. Artie Max is designed for students 8 to 12, but the whole family is sure to enjoy the adorable coding robot. They can get started right away by connecting their WIFI device directly to Artie Max – no internet needed.

It’s so much fun to draw, create and code with Artie Max™ The Coding Robot that your students will not even realize they are learning while playing and creating with these back to school activities. Artie Max, which is based on the award-winning Artie 3000™ Coding Robot, brings a variety of colors, personalities, and creative coding to your student’s drawing table and imagination.

Artie Max™ The Coding Robot |
Educational Insights | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Sloomoo Institute

18 Great Back To School Activities To Keep Your Child Engaged In The School Year

Do you have a kid or kids who are anxious about returning to school in the fall? Although they may not be able to play with slime while in school, poking, popping, and squeezing their favorite Sloomoo Institute Slime while on the bus ride to and from school may be just what they need to help relieve tense muscles associated with stress.

We particularly like the Lavender Macaron for starters. With a sweet and calming blend of lavender and coconut, this “slime” is the perfect texture for little ones as it doesn’t get away too slimy. Now, if you like something a little grittier, check out “Something Pink.” Something Pink is super crunchy, smells like dessert, and is full of sizzles for ASMR satisfaction.

Finally, for the full “slime” experience, Fishbowl Slime! This expert-level translucent slime has massive crunch and texture factors working for it. As you squeeze, the beads push up against one another for ASMR perfection. While this is not one you want to bring on the school bus, if your kids are sliming experts, they’ll truly love this one.

Lavender Macaron | Something Pink | Fishbowl Slime
Sloomoo Institute | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

South Beach Bubbles

18 Great Back To School Activities To Keep Your Child Engaged In The School Year

The WowMazing Giant Bubble Kit makes the entire family smile from ear to ear as they make 3 gallons of giant bubbles with the 14-piece set. The two-handled bubble wand lets you make huge bubbles for fun back to school activities. The non-toxic, bio degradable, and environmentally friendly WowMazing Giant Bubble Concentrate is made in the USA.

The Giant Bubble Kit comes with two sets of giant bubble makers, 10 pouches of WowMazing bubble Concentrate, and two tip and tricks booklets. These back to school activities are wonderful for making family memories. The Giant Bubble Kit also is a great gift for a teacher to supplies on hand for a fun classroom activity.

Giant Bubble Kit
South Beach Bubbles | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

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18 Great Back To School Activities To Keep Your Child Engaged In The School Year

The 800-Piece Puzzle by Number Butterfly encourages logical thinking, creative thinking, fine motor skills, and team-building skills. It’s not just a puzzle. All 800 pieces are the same shape – “a plus sign.” But they come in a variety of colors, allowing your children to use their imagination to build their own designs, or use the numbered pattern flyer to build the butterfly.

Puzzle by Number combines the artistry of paint by number with the joy of a puzzle for the best in back to school activities. You simply fill in the design by matching the number with the corresponding color. It’s such a unique way to puzzle. Each Plus-Plus piece is ¾ by ½ inch. You can display your Plus-Plus Puzzle by Number on a table like a traditional puzzle, or you can hang it as wall art without the need of glue or ironing. It is made in Denmark from a plastic that is BPA-free and phthalate-free in a zero-plastic-waste factory powered by renewable energy.  

800 Piece Butterfly |
PLUS-PLUS | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

My Happier Mind

18 Great Back To School Activities To Keep Your Child Engaged In The School Year

The Cue Cards by My Happier Mind provide tips and tricks for teens and adults feeling sad, anxious, or in other tough moods. The beautiful color-coated deck of 72 cards helps your teen, college student or yourself work on mental health. Created by a Mom who has experienced anxiety and depression, Anh Oppenheimer, developed the Cue Cards to build her own happier mind. After receiving endorsements from mental health professionals during the pandemic, she decided to share these tips and tricks with others.

The Cue Cards include ideas and suggestions to help you focus on mental health and change your mood when feeling anxious, nervous, sad, scared, etc… “Breathe, Bubble Up, Get Grounded, Listen to Music.” One side of the card is general and the other side of the card talks you through the exercise in more detail. Some share the science of the exercise, while others offer a quote. The Cue Cards truly are great for all ages from 14 and older.

Cue Cards
My Happier Mind | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Crazy Aaron’s

18 Great Back To School Activities To Keep Your Child Engaged In The School Year

Heading out on a road trip this summer? Pack the perfect summer learning toy from Crazy Aaron’s, Thinking Putty! Thinking Putty provides the ultimate tactile play experience, and it fits right in a purse or backpack, so you can take it anywhere this summer. This groovy, bright orange Play it Forward Thinking Putty® with purple specks directly benefits The Toy Foundation also – so it’s a win-win all around!

Play It Forward
Crazy Aaron’s | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Now you have seen the best back to school activities available for your children! These activities will keep your child engaged throughout the school year and enhance their learning. So kickstart your child’s education with these great back to school activities and you’ll be happy that you did!

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18 Great Back To School Activities To Keep Your Child Engaged In The School Year



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