An Upscale Home Design Makeover For 16 Unique Personality Types: Which Mom Are You?

Devin Shaffer, Lead Interior Designer at Decorilla Online Interior Design

Does your home decor suit your personality? Are you looking for a home design makeover? Whether your focus is on function or aesthetics, you might be unaware you’re missing out on truly creating your dream pad. There are plenty of quizzes out there attempting to match your main character traits with star signs or even celebrities but, for choosing an interior home design makeover that captures your individuality and reflects your interests, look no further.

You may have heard someone describe themselves as an INTJ or ESTP; there are 16 combinations of these cryptic-sounding letters and they correspond to 16 personality types, based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). As a lead interior designer, I’m a strong believer that people’s diverse, unique preferences can be achieved through a personality-based home design makeover. So, I’ve taken this further, linking the MBTI to types of Moms and what design styles would suit them, from Scandinavian to Old Hollywood to Zen. So, which Mom are you?

An Upscale Home Design Makeover For 16 Unique Personality Types: Which Mom Are You?

Home Design Makeovers Based On Personality Types

CEO Mom – Minimalism

An Upscale Home Design Makeover For 16 Unique Personality Types: Which Mom Are You?

ISTJs are loyal, sensible, logical, serious, individualistic, action-orientated, and love seeing things come to fruition. With a desire to have a structure in their day-to-day routine, ISTJ moms will need a minimalistic workspace with Marie Kondo’s touch. No clutter, shelving systems, oversized wooden pegboards, under-bed drawers, small baskets, credenzas, and even wall-mounted, floating nightstands. Check out the Netflix show Get Organized With The Home Edit for more tips. Understated neutrals, barely-there greys, and pastels are intrinsic to a minimalist home.

Strong-Spirited Mom – Cottagecore

ISFJs are team players with strong work ethics known to be sociable, emotional, sympathetic, and dedicated to people and organizations. To create a people-centric environment, a Cottagecore home design makeover can deliver with its whimsical and homely visual aesthetic. Think pale pinks and duck egg blues for the walls, botanical prints, thick woven wool throws, slipcover sofas, pastoral print cushions, candles, and reclaimed furniture. A cozy space with rustic touches is everything you need for a productive, harmonious life.

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Humanitarian Mom – Scandanavian 

INFJs are independent with a desire to do good. They love literature and illustrations and display warmth and authenticity. With an often organized and predictable work environment, a Scandanavian home design makeover fits the bill. It is ordered but cozy, echoing the Danish concept Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) about embracing life’s pleasures. Play with natural light, muted tones of taupe, ivory, and sage, celebrate natural materials like warm wood, and use neutral color palettes with contrasts, such as an all-white living room with black sculptural furniture. Faux-fur pillows, woven rugs, and even some of your kids’ framed artwork will provide the final finish!

Scholar Mom – Classic Contemporary 

INTJs are logical, systematic, and always find novel solutions to problems. As a high achiever and perfectionist, an organized and structured environment, achieved through a Classic Contemporary home design makeover, is key. Disclaimer: This Mom does not shop in Ikea. Instead, they opt for conversation pieces and dramatic architecture, and maybe even a whole built-in library. Choose furniture made of cotton, linen, or velvet, with straight design lines, and unusual knobs, carvings, or glass and brass finishes. Side tables can have ornamental details as can the ceilings with glass pendant lights or chandeliers as the anchor points.  

Free-Range Mom – Mid-Century Modern

An Upscale Home Design Makeover For 16 Unique Personality Types: Which Mom Are You?

ISTPs are optimistic, spontaneous, practical, and reserved (aka confident introverts). They thrive when faced with challenges so Mid-Century design, which emerged after World War II, seems fitting. This home design makeover is timeless – sleek lines juxtaposed with organic shapes and reimagined traditional pieces – so this Mom will never seem behind the trends. Couple small, tasteful souvenirs or dainty objects with weightier, heavier ones, like a large dark walnut table, or a bright yellow or turquoise blue velvet sofa. Research how items coexisted in design history and mix the old with the new. 

Spiritual Mom – Bohemian

An Upscale Home Design Makeover For 16 Unique Personality Types: Which Mom Are You?

ISFPs are introspective creatives who live in the here and now. They are harmonious, loyal, reliable, and very much in tune with their senses, enjoying hands-on activities. This screams dream catchers, hanging wicker chairs, Moroccan rugs, painted cabinets, printed wallpaper, layered textures, rustic tables, emerald greens, and vintage pieces. Picture this home design makeover; vintage brass plates bought at a flea market on a wicker dining table, with a handwoven macrame art piece picked up on your travels, an oversized cactus in a ceramic planter, and a hammock or peacock chair.

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Homebody Mom – Chalet

An Upscale Home Design Makeover For 16 Unique Personality Types: Which Mom Are You?

INFPs are peacekeepers, curious, shy, deeply caring, respectful, and idea-orientated. This mom’s inner sanctum would be an elegant and sleek home design makeover that’s incredibly cozy. Think small spotlights built into whitewashed wooden walls in a living room, an electric fireplace (to keep things eco-friendly), exposed beams, reclaimed barn doors, and pops of green or red.

Practical Mom – French

An Upscale Home Design Makeover For 16 Unique Personality Types: Which Mom Are You?

INTPs are curious intellectuals, private, logical, sharp, creative, devoted to accuracy and scientific subjects, and avoid small talk at all costs. Everything is intentional in this mom’s home; from the rich drapery of velvet and light chiffon to the oversized mirrors, paintings, porcelain, various lighting fixtures, high ceilings, and renowned large windows. 

Entrepreneur Mom – Zen

ESTPs are spontaneous, family-orientated, fun-loving trailblazers and free-spirits. They are always on the move and looking for adventure but are equally energized by a clear structure and spending time with others. A Zen home design makeover offers a sanctuary at home to bring these busy moms back to reality. Have a look at open floor plans, stand-up desks, low seating or floor cushions, window seats, sunken fire pits, and pebbled courtyards. Make sure to curate different moods in each room, and choose natural materials and earthy colors.

Stay-At-Home Mom – Old Hollywood

ESFPs are born-and-bred entertainers and the life of the party. They have an infectious optimism, enjoy being the center of attention, and have the ability to make people feel special and diffuse tension with grace. The entire world is their stage and slow-paced environments that are quiet and serious would not do. Enter Old Hollywood interior design; bold colors, animal prints, oversized mirrors, dark and moody bedrooms, home bars, high-end kitchens, and hypnotizing, large black and white tiles. Think Audrey Hepburn meets Great Gatsby. 

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Class Rep Mom – Rustic Eclectic

An Upscale Home Design Makeover For 16 Unique Personality Types: Which Mom Are You?

ENFPs are people-centered, creative, enthusiastic, charming, and innovators who see endless possibilities. These moms scour thrift shops and flea markets, and so rustic and eclectic decor with a mix of patterns, textures, eras, and global influences, couldn’t be better suited for this home design makeover. Imagine a gallery wall layout to display artwork as well as bold hues, bright tones, and patterned wallpaper – perhaps even on your ceilings! Opposites attract so pair mid-century modern furniture with the 70s inspired geometric shapes, like a vintage lounger with a hanging bubble chair.

City Slicker Mom – Contemporary

ENTPs are rational yet curious, quick-witted, ingenious, confident, and outspoken. Someone dynamic and sophisticated will almost certainly opt for a contemporary living space with zero clutter. I’m talking recessed lighting to effectively showcase architectural features, wood or vinyl flooring, upholstered white or black furniture made of linen, cotton, or silk, geometric wall art, oval-shaped dining tables, and a mix of metal, stone, and glass for accessories. 

New Mom On-The-Go – Industrial

An Upscale Home Design Makeover For 16 Unique Personality Types: Which Mom Are You?

ESTJs are detailed, pragmatic organizers, and hardworking. These moms have no time to waste and like order. The industrial design translates to an open floor plan with exposed brickwork or concrete walls, polished wooden floors, practical leather cubby chairs and kitchen stools, high-ceilings, industrial lights in copper and brass, rows of black shelving, factory windows, spiral black staircases, and a modern fire pit in the middle of a room.

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Down-To-Earth Mom – Traditional

ESFJs are warm-hearted, personable, and like to stick to practical solutions and familiar routines. These moms want a stable, predictable home that adheres to established norms, like Traditional interior design with regal influence inspired by 18th and 19th century Europe. Neutral color palettes are key but pops of vivid tones still have their place; think red, brown, green, and plenty of dark wood. Don’t forget heavy curtains, high-end fabrics like silk and velvet, clawfoot tubs, tufted upholstery, florals and plaids, fireplaces, and oil paintings to add opulence to a room.

Party Planner Mom – Art Deco

ENFJs are excellent networkers, enthusiastic, and view people’s needs as paramount. These moms may often entertain friends and family who will be sure to love the elegant but functional appeal of Art Deco. This home design makeover is characterized by geometric shapes, zigzag or chevron patented rugs, woods such as ebony, walnut, and maple, animal prints, and rich colors. Thanks to mirrored walls, brass and silver details, and glass-topped tables, a “high-shine” should run through these moms’ homes, echoing the glamor of the ‘20s. 

Born-To-Lead Mom – Modern Glam

An Upscale Home Design Makeover For 16 Unique Personality Types: Which Mom Are You?

ENTJs are natural leaders, outgoing, confident, decisive, and enjoy well-defined and structured environments. The look these moms have been longing for is Modern Glam; a combination of metallics (gold or silver), neutrals (black or white), and accent colors (pink or gray), as well as tufted furniture, marble surfaces, gold mirror frames and shelving, faux fur benches, vintage rugs, and chandeliers

First things first: determine your personality type using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Once you know what your personality type is you can determine what home design makeover would best suit your style. Having an ambiance that reflects you and makes you feel comfortable can guarantee that your home feels like a safe haven. Incorporate the various home design makeover tips to create your very own sanctuary.

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An Upscale Home Design Makeover For 16 Unique Personality Types: Which Mom Are You?

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