12 Of The Best Father’s Day Gifts For Dad Who Wants Nothing

Every time Father’s Day rolls around, Dad tells you he is okay and needs nothing. If that’s your Dad, you have come to the right place. This guide has the best gifts for Dad, who wants nothing. We have everything from hair supplements to grooming products and protein powder. The products listed here are practical and will definitely make Dad rethink his “I don’t need anything” policy.

Awesome Father’s Day Gifts For Dad Who Wants Nothing


daily mom parent portal gifts for dad who wants nothing

Give some extra love to Dad’s locks this Father’s Day with Nutrafol. The Nutrafol for Men + Hair Growth Activator kit consists of a Hair Growth Nutraceutical supplement and Growth Activator Hair Serum. This clinically effective, drug-free combo will be a perfect gift to tackle Dad’s thinning hair or hair loss concerns.

This powerful pair not only improves the visible scalp but also boosts cell renewal, helping hair to grow back healthy and thick. These would make great gifts for Dad who wants nothing more than his hair back! As a bonus, the formula aids in healthy sleep and reduces stress! Nutrafol’s all-natural products are not only easy to use but also provide many health benefits, so get your hands on some added hair support for Dad this Father’s Day!

Nutrafol for Men + Hair Growth Activator
Nutrafol | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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daily mom parent portal gifts for dad who wants nothing

One of the best gifts for Dad who wants nothing more than a good nap is a weighted blanket. It’s not only a thoughtful gift for Father’s Day but has so many health benefits too. The Luna Weighted Blanket is thoughtfully crafted to increase feelings of happiness and calmness while reducing stress and anxiety for the naturally deep sleep you’ve been dreaming of. This hypoallergenic blanket features OEKO-TEX 100 certified cotton and breathable materials to keep air circulating and make you feel like you’re sleeping in the clouds.

The Luna weighted blanket provides the sensation and comfort of a warm hug to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer which is something all busy Dads need in their lives. Breathable, soft fabrics coupled with patented airflow channels and unique glass sand makes Luna the best-weighted blanket on the block. Choose size, weight, and color options based on your needs, and enjoy your much-needed rest!

Adult Weighted Blanket
Luna | Facebook | Instagram


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Whether it’s bulking season or time to slim down for swimsuit season, help your dad get his groove on in the gym with the wide variety of supplements available at GNC. If your proud papa is one who loves pumping iron or getting his heart rate going on the exercise bike, GNC has all the protein powders, pre-workout supplements, and recovery drinks he could possibly need.

A few of our dads’ favorites include bulk size selections such as the GNC Pro Performance Bulk 1340, GNC AMP Wheybolic Protein Powder, and Beyond Raw’s Lit AF Pre-Workout. Perfect for pumping him up and getting his muscles ready to rip, these powdered supplements are simple to add to a shake or bottle of water as he heads out the door in the morning. Help increase his metabolism, power, and strength for his most intense workout sessions yet. Ideal for optimal energy, focus, and endurance, these supplements will increase his strength by supporting muscle function, growth, and post-workout recovery. Whether he is heading to the gym for a strength training day, or simply taking it easy with light weights and a walk on a recovery day, GNC has the supplements he needs to fuel his workout helping him increase his strength and stamina day after day.

GNC Pro Performance® Bulk 1340 | GNC AMP Wheybolic™ Whey Protein | Beyond Raw® LIT AF™ Pre-Workout
GNC | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Sportneer Smart Scale

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This Father’s Day, give the gift of wellness with the Sportneer Smart Scale. This smart scale uses bio-electrical impedance analysis technology to offer top-notch measurements and assessments to help the Dad in your life meet all of his fitness goals. With the quality of professional equipment and affordable pricing, results provide less than a two percent chance of error. Help Dad get his fit on with this sleek and modern Bluetooth-capable fitness companion. This is one of the best gifts for Dad who wants nothing.

Sportneer Smart Scale
Sportneer | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Grave Before Shave

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If your handsome hubby is a bearded beau, or your significant other wishes to try his hand at full-grown facial hair, Grave Before Shave is a must this Father’s Day. Forget the scraggly, scruff of old and help your hunk grow and maintain a gorgeous beard or mustache that will be the envy of his peers…a beard the ladies will love and the men will wish they could sport with confidence.

Don’t make them shy away with the prickly, pokey facial hair that hurts, rather sport a soft and supple stubble that will keep them coming back for more. Whether growing a beard, goatee, or mustachio, men’s facial hair must be maintained. Grave Before Shave knows this and has formulated shampoo, conditioner, and beard oils ideal for perfecting the hair on his face. Enriched with Argan Oil for nourishment, hydration, and overall softness, the Grave Before Shave Beard Shampoo and Conditioner will clean and tame his beard while also caring for the skin underneath and smelling fabulous too. Follow up after drying with one of their scented beard oils or balms for the ultimate softness and shape.

Help his facial hair reach its full potential this Father’s Day and love his beard as much as he does, thanks to Grave Before Shave.

Beard Wash & Conditioner Pack | GBS Beard Oil 9 Pack | Beard Brush
Grave Before Shave | Facebook | Instagram


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Help the hubs keep down there fresh and clean this Father’s Day with a gift set from Ballsy, ideal for any occasion. Whether he needs a sack pack for his “nuts and bolts”, or a new trimmer perfect for the most sensitive skin, Ballsy has a collection of men’s skin care products that will keep him feeling fresh and clean, even in the hot, humid summertime.

The Nuts and Bolts Sack Pack includes three products to keep the family jewels clean and fresh with its Ballwash full of essential oils and plant extracts, Nut Rub Cologne for the best-smelling sack, and anti-chafing properties, and Sack Spray to deodorize, soothe, and moisturize down under.

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The B2 Balls & Body Trimmer is a must for trimming both body and ball hair. The interchangeable heads feature a vertical design making it easier to trim hard-to-reach areas while the ceramic blades are great for grooming all over. Waterproof, cordless, and with “ball safe” blades, the B2 Balls & Body Trimmer is easy to use and stress-free.

Add a bottle of Liquid Courage Body Wash for hydration and a bit of exfoliation, as well as to reduce inflamed or irritated skin, and a bit of Ball Guard Liquid Powder to keep the area clean and dry for the ideal Father’s Day gift bundle.

This Father’s Day help the man in your life keep the family jewels happy, healthy, fresh, and clean with Ballsy and their full line of men’s skincare products made just for him.

Nuts & Bolts Sack Pack | B2 Balls & Body Trimmer | Liquid Courage Body Wash | Ballguard Ball Deodorant
Ballsy | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


A great way to promote men’s health and wellness is by giving them accessories for fitness activities they enjoy doing. If he loves cycling, the new Recover Bike Jersey is just as technical as it is sustainable. Made from 100% recycled polyester, the fabric is lightweight, moisture-wicking, and breathable. So whether you are traversing roads or trails, pushing it on your demanding climbs, or cruising on your descents, the Be the Impact Bike Jersey will keep you cool, dry, and comfortable throughout.

Don’t forget the water bottle so he can stay hydrated while he rides. The Topo Map Water bottle is as ready for adventure as you are. This uninsulated bottle features limited edition artwork and fits in standard cup holders and bike cages ready to tag along wherever your day leads you. This bottle is leak-proof and offers a high rate of flow and the hands-free valve makes on the go drinking easy

Be the Impact Bike Jersey | Topo Map Water Bottle
Recover | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Naked Nutrition

daily mom parent portal gifts for dad who wants nothing

In this modern-day age, we are constantly surrounded by foods that shift us away from a well-balanced diet. Incorporating all-natural powdered supplements into your nutrition intake is not only going to give you a more balanced diet but also incredibly easy to incorporate into your day. NAKED Nutrition offers a Powdered Peanut Butter and a Chocolate Pea Protein Powder, perfect for those Dads looking to increase their protein intake. These would make great gifts for Dad who wants nothing but his health!

NAKED Chocolate Pea Protein Powder has three ingredients: cocoa powder, coconut sugar, and pea protein extracted from yellow split peas. Also, free of additives and artificial sweeteners, Naked Pea can reduce cravings and maintain body composition goals. This is a great choice for Dads on a plant-based diet. Adequate protein is vital to your overall health, and these two powders are a great way to keep him on track for a healthier lifestyle.

daily mom parent portal gifts for dad who wants nothing

The NAKED Powdered peanut butter has strictly one ingredient: powdered peanut butter made from US slow-roasted grown peanuts. No additives or artificial sweeteners, low in fat, as well as calories. These make wonderful gifts for Dad who wants nothing for Father’s Day! Mix with your favorite shake or even add to your favorite flavored muffins, giving you a low-calorie, but high protein boost to your favorite snack.

Pea Protein Powder | Powdered Peanut Butter
Naked Nutrition | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

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Les Mills Yoga Mat

daily mom parent portal gifts for dad who wants nothing

Elevate his yoga experience with this luxe Les Mills Yoga Mat. The soft vegan leather top and natural rubber underside offer superior grip and slip resistance for a seamless practice. Designed specifically for yoga, the cushioned grip and smooth surface add an extra layer of peace and mindfulness to any stretching, breathing, and flowing movements. The perfect mat for the yoga-loving dad. This is one of the best gifts for Dad who wants nothing besides a healthy workout routine.

Les Mills Yoga Mat
Les Mills | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn


daily mom parent portal gifts for dad who wants nothing

For the athletic Dad that loves an active lifestyle, a massage gun is the perfect Father’s Day gift. The F1 Pro by Flyby is a deep tissue massage gun that uses percussion to relieve neck and back pain. With 50 lbs of pressure, it’s ideal for people experiencing stiffness due to long periods of sitting at work as well as athletes looking to recover and prevent injuries. This muscle massage gun has 3 powerful speeds to increase flexibility in your joints and reduce the risk of strains and sprains. Packed with a rechargeable 4+ hour battery, you’ll always have access to recovery.

The F1 Pro comes with 6 unique massage heads that target key muscle groups to increase mobility and help relieve soreness for any part of the body. These make great gifts for Dad who wants nothing! Weighing only 1.8 lbs, this portable massage gun provides muscle tension relief at home and at work, as well as on the go, thanks to its lightweight and portability.

F1 Pro Massage Gun
Flyby | Facebook


daily mom parent portal gifts for dad who wants nothing

With Father’s Day around the corner, there are no better gifts for Dad who wants nothing other than total relaxation. The Zone CBD Vape Pen harnesses the power of high-quality CBD to ensure a calming and centering experience for even the most stressful of Dad days. Packed with limonene and pinene terpenes, ZONE is engineered with the perfect combination of effective ingredients to produce highly satisfying results for those looking for quick relief. Limonene has been shown to possess anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and stress-relieving properties and gives ZONE its citrus-infused taste and uplifting quality. The Start Kit comes with a vape pen, cartridge, and charger.

Zone CBD Vape Pen
Tonic | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


This is a great gift at an affordable price for any gym rat! The PRO Foam Roller is made of durable foam that can support up to 2000 pounds while maintaining a lightweight composition. The size is convenient for transport, and the shape has just the right contours for reaching different muscle groups. Plus, the roller comes in a variety of colors to make it a unique addition to your home gym! These rollers are great gifts for Dad who wants nothing more than to get in shape this year. To allow support and guidance, Rollga includes a user manual and downloadable app.

PRO Foam Roller
Rollga | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Now looking for gifts for Dad, who wants nothing, has become easier. This guide has everything a gym-loving Dad would want and for a Dad that wants to lie down with a comfy weighted blanket. After receiving such unique gifts, your Dad will definitely appreciate you and stop saying “no” to gifts. Perhaps next Father’s Day, Dad might give you a list asking you to check Daily Mom for unique and practical gifts for him!

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