The Best Self-Care Gifts For Father’s Day

Between work, giving pony rides, fixing broken toilets, and the myriad of other tasks that can run a Daddy down, Dad works hard all year. With Father’s Day coming up, it’s an awesome opportunity to help Dad get the rest and relaxation he needs with self-care gifts that he will love. The occasional tie or pair of fuzzy slippers are definitely a treat, but what if you could give the Dad in your life self-care gifts that will nourish and soothe his hard-working self?

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Daily Mom has heard this need and answered the call! Check out our compilation of the best self-care gifts you can give the hard-working Dad in your life this Father’s Day!

Slow Tide

The Best Self-care Gifts For Father’s Day

Replacing old bath towels is not something guys usually think of, but since towels are an item which is used on a daily basis, a new set of towels is a very thoughtful Father’s Day gift. The Guild Waffle Towel Set is a four-piece bundle that includes 4 full-sized bath towels and 4 hand towels. Made from sustainably sourced woven cotton, these towels feature a unique, loose textured waffle design that sets them apart from your traditional bath towels. The double-sided waffle texture provides more surface to these towels which promote better breathability and absorption.

Dads will appreciate wrapping up and drying off with the soft and lightweight Guild Waffle Towel after a long day. These hand and bath towels are plush and luxurious and most importantly hold up well over time. The Slow Tide Waffle Towels are available in charcoal, white, and this rustic terracotta that adds a pop of color to your bathroom.

Guild Waffle Towel Four-Piece Bundle
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The Best Self-care Gifts For Father’s Day

This Father’s Day give the hard-working dad in your life the best gift you possibly can – the gift of a good night’s sleep with Plushbeds. Sleep is vitally important to our health and wellness no matter our age or stage of life. Perfect for father’s and grandfather’s alike, a good night’s sleep rejuvenates and recharges our bodies preparing us for whatever lies ahead. Sleep is a time of healing when our body recuperates, takes stock, and allows us to reenergize.

Plushbeds has everything you need for the perfect night’s sleep. Let dad wake up recharged and refreshed, without that nagging back or neck pain with a new pillow from Plushbeds this Father’s Day. We love their Solid Organic Latex Pillow available in standard, queen, and king sizes. This latex pillow is perfect for those who sleep hot with its open cell structure of natural latex and plenty of ventilation and airflow. It is also soft and springy providing immediate relief to your neck, back, and pressure points when your head hits the pillow. Naturally hypoallergenic, this pillow remains free of dust mites, mold, and mildew, keeping you breathing free and clear all night long.

Pair this pillow with the Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set for a truly luxurious night’s sleep. These super-soft, stain, and wrinkle resistant sheets are crafted of uber-soft brushed microfiber keeping you cool and comfortable all night long. Lightweight and airy, these sheets are gentle on even the most sensitive skin. This year with all of the huge changes so many of us have dealt with in such a short amount of time, sleep is the one thing we need to manage our daily stressors and anxiety as we figure out this “new normal.” Give dad the gift of sleep this Father’s Day with a new pillow or sheet set from Plushbeds.

Organic Latex Pillow | Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set
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The Best Self-care Gifts For Father’s Day

Dad’s skin will always need some special attention that is uniquely formulated just for him. The BoyFace Collection contains all the essentials for a healthy and effective everyday skincare routine. All he needs to do is use it two times a day to boost vitamins and infuse those rich nutrients into his skin to thoroughly clean, hydrate, and revitalize any “dad” lines.

4-Piece Set Contents:

  • Daily Start Exfoliating Cleanser
  • High Octane Vitamin C Brightening Serum
  • Double Duty De-Puff & Firm Eye Serum
  • Power Peptide Daily Moisturizer

There’s nothing wrong with helping dad look like a young, well-slept dad with skincare products that contain no damaging ingredients like, parabens, sulfates, or nasty phthalates. It’s a great gift, at an incredible value, to get the dad in your life to upgrade their skincare routine. Because we secretly know, they want great skin, they want to age graciously, and they want to continue looking good for their wives!

For those rugged dads in your life sporting a burly beard, BoyFace has them covered too (pun intended). This Cleansing Beard Mousse works wonders for every size, shape, and color of your man’s facial hair. It will contain those unruly tresses, remove any daily grime and oils that accumulate, and minimize itching. All that is left is a full-bodied beard of masculinity – Father’s Day style. Dad will appreciate how the cooling properties within the natural ingredients soothe, smooth, and soften his goatee or full-on beard, which is why when it comes to self-care gifts for Dad, this truly fits the bill.

Cleansing Beard Mousse | The BoyFace Collection
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Hugs CBD

The Best Self-care Gifts For Father’s Day

Dad’s work hard! They have their own set of aches and pains that you probably see but never hear about. This Father’s Day, one of the most thoughtful gifts you could give to your dad is some relief… like a Relief Rub. It has soothing cooling properties from the peppermint coupled with the healing and warming properties of cayenne. Mix those two healing powerhouses with a full-spectrum of hemp extract and you have a fast-absorbing, fast-acting relief rub dad can relax into. Even though Dad may not be into taking baths, make a special occasion because Hugs CBD has specialty formulated CBD Bath Bombs that will melt away the stress of his long and tiring days. The scents of lavender, grapefruit, or lemongrass will put his mind at ease while his body unwinds the tension knots. Self-care for dads this Father’s Day should be shouted from the rooftops because dads need some much-earned downtime too!

Relief Rub | CBD Bath Bombs
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The Best Self-care Gifts For Father’s Day

Summertime equals sweat whether he’s working out at the gym, hitting the trails for a run, or working on your home improvement “honey-do” list, this Father’s Day keep him smelling fresh and clean with the men’s grooming products from Ballsy. From head to toe, there is something for every man; whether you’re looking for skincare for his face or something to keep even his most sensitive areas cool and dry, Ballsy will give him a good chuckle and a great feeling no matter what.

Starting with his scalp, invigorate his senses with smells of citrus, coconut, and driftwood with Ballsy’s Goodhead Shampoo and Conditioner. For thick, strong, smooth hair that turns heads everywhere he goes, Goodhead Shampoo and Conditioner will moisturize and strengthen his hair even after long days in the sun. Next, let him lather and scrub to his satisfaction with Ballwash XL packed with activated charcoal to remove bacteria, toxins, and dirt while also reducing skin irritations and soothing sensitive areas. Finally, finish off with the Nut Rub Solid Cologne, perfect for facilitating plenty of smooth moves while reducing inflammation, chafing, or dry skin.

And finally, make sure he stays safe no matter where he goes with his own Plague Slayer Hand Sanitizer, killing germs on the spot. FDA approved and packing a punch with 70% Ethyl Alcohol, this hand sanitizer made especially for him kills 99.9% of germs while soothing aloe keeps skin soft and smooth. This Father’s Day keep him looking and smelling great (and safe) with the array of self-care products from Ballsy.

Goodhead Shampoo and Conditioner | Ballwash XL | Nut Rub Solid Cologne | Plague Slayer Hand Sanitizer
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Extract Labs

The Best Self-care Gifts For Father’s Day

Dad works hard every day to either provide income for his family or a pony ride for the kids and sometimes, this work can leave Dad feeling a bit run-down. Offer Dad a homeopathic way to relieve inflammation and soothe his everyday aches and pains with Extract Labs.

Extract Labs’ full-spectrum, CBD-rich body care products are made with simple, all-natural ingredients. Their CBD Muscle Cream is one of our favorites for Father’s Day this year. Instead of using traditional heating methods, this cream is carefully whipped in order to preserve the properties of the creams. CBD Muscle Cream comes in a 2.95oz tin that speaks to a classy look and contains 1500mg full spectrum CBD. This cream is created in Boulder, Colorado from American Hemp and available online so Dad can experience this incredible cream from anywhere, any time.

CBD Muscle Cream
Extract Labs | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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Get Beast

The Best Self-care Gifts For Father’s Day

Self-care is not just for moms and especially after the last few months, dads too are feeling the stress of trying to work from home with the kids. Father’s Day is the perfect time to give him a bit of R&R, not to mention skin care products that are especially formulated for his skin. Perfect for everything from his sensitive skin areas to his hair and beard as well, Get Beast will keep him smelling fresh and clean this season.

The Best Self-care Gifts For Father’s Day

For the dad who is usually on the go, whether traveling for work or simply to throw in his gym bag, the Tame the Beast Travel/Starter set is a great choice. Small enough to take with him, this kit contains everything he needs from Extreme Yawp All-In-One Hair & Body Wash to Beast Butter Multipurpose face lotion and Multipurpose Nutt Butter, in a convenient travel bag. If your man also sports a beard, whether all year or simply as part of his “no-shave” relaxation policy on vacation grab Get Beast’s Beard Oil, Beard Moisture Balm, and a Beard Brush for keeping his facial hair in check.

Formulated of organic argan and jojoba oils, the Beast Blue Beard Oil while moisturize and nourish his facial hair keeping it soft, while eliminating itching and flaking. Similarly, the Beard Moisture Balm conditions his beard with 10 essential oils, keeping it soft, shiny, hydrated, and smelling fresh. Finally, the Tame the Beast Beard Brush will help smooth and straighten his beard while also gently massaging healthy oils into the hair for ultimate softness. Take care of the man in your life this Father’s Day while encouraging him to take care of his skin and hair with products made just for him.

Tame the Beast Travel/Starter set | Beast Blue Beard Oil | Beard Moisture Balm | Tame the Beast Beard Brush
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Valsey and Me

The Best Self-care Gifts For Father’s Day

With hand washing a frequent activity throughout the day lately, guys need a high-quality hand soap that will not only clean their hands but moisturize their skin as well. The liquid hand soap line is the newest addition to the organic soaps collection from Valsey and Me. Made from all-natural ingredients, these soaps will leave your hands feeling soft and hydrated and smelling great. Five scents are available including the popular Vanilla Bean and the invigorating Triple Citrus.

Vanilla Bean Liquid Handsoap | Triple Citrus Liquid Handsoap
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Sunday Dinner Candle Co.

The Best Self-care Gifts For Father’s Day

Growing up, Sunday dinners represented the happiest of times. It was a way to relax, share some laughs, and just enjoy life. There’s nothing like getting together with family and friends, especially during the summer. Give dad a taste of those childhood memories with Sunday Dinner Candle Co’s reed defusers. We particularly love Block Party and 8-Tracks & Cadillacs for Father’s Day. Just open up the bottle and he’ll be taking a walk down memory lane with their custom blended fragrances.

Block Party | 8-Tracks & Cadillacs
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Vital You

The Best Self-care Gifts For Father’s Day

Get ready to change how the Dad in your life redefines his wellness routine. You may see copious amounts of self-care advocates screaming at women to intentionally set aside time for chaos-free moments at least once a week in their lives. Well, Vital You is an advocate for men’s self-care and wellness. By infusing herbal medicine and hemp into their products, they’re incorporating CBD as a synergistic herb to maximize intentional healing for dads across the nation. Deep is a soothing blend of essential oils to ensure your man leaves the bath with a lot less pain than when he went in to soak his aches and pains away. This is one of those self-care gifts that has so many benefits, we HAVE to talk about it!

When dad has had an unfavorable, restless day that tends to follow him straight to bed, Sleep is a must to add to his pre-slumber wellness routine. Perfect for those single dads in your life (but of course, any dad will do) who need restorative and healing sleep. He’ll come out of the bath to float directly into bed to embrace the deepest relaxation and sleep possible.

You may have heard about replenishing your soul through mindful meditation, but what about replenishing Dad’s body from sporadic aches and pains because he’s a workaholic? Replenish is a detoxifying ball of deeper relaxation-infused sandalwood and vanilla bath bomb. With the perfect amount of Epsom salt and activated charcoal mix, his sore muscles and over-worked self will get instantly transported to the no-kid zone of relieving ecstasy. This Father’s Day, giving wellness and self-care gifts that keep Dad going day after day are truly gifts that come from the heart.

Deep | Sleep | Replenish
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Bright Endeavors

The Best Self-care Gifts For Father’s Day

Listen up, ladies! Candles aren’t just for you anymore. It may be a surprise, but guys like amazing scents too. Bright Endeavors handcrafts candles that will brighten Dad up this Father’s Day. For the guy who has a great love for the outdoors, musky patchouli and sandalwood is a perfect match. Or maybe a soy candle with masculine notes of Cedar and Tobacco is more Dad’s style. Either way, you can’t go wrong as 100% of the Bright Endeavors proceeds goes to empowering young moms, their kids, and communities.

Sugared Grapefruit | Fresh Bouquet
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With many barbershops closed during this time or for those that are still under stay at home orders, your guy may be in desperate need of a haircut. Instead of leaving the house, give them a way to do it themselves from the comfort of their home. The Virtually Indestructible Haircut and Beard Trimmer is a 15 piece kit that will provide a precise haircut or beard trim with maximum power and speed. Easy to use and easy to clean, the Trimmer set uses a super torque motor and precision ground blades for a smooth, even cut. This kit includes the Powercut Blade Trimmer, length guide combs, a beard brush and styling comb, blade oil and guards, and a storage pouch.

Virtually Indestructible Haircut and Beard Trimmer
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DEHV Candle Co.

The Best Self-care Gifts For Father’s Day

Treat Dad to some nostalgia while keeping his scents clean and sustainable with DEHV Candle Co. These candles are created without harmful chemicals, so each of the 55 hours these candles can burn will treat your senses without harming your family’s health! The packaging is concrete with a metal copper lid, so not only does it look sleek and compliment any fashion sense, each candle is unique and sustainable.

This Father’s Day, we especially love the Carousel candle. This candle is a unique blend of pink pepper, rose, brown sugar, and plum. This 11 oz. candle is flirty and vintage, but is appealing to lovers of all scents-fruity, floral, or masculine! This limited-edition scent is only available until August, so make sure to grab one before it’s too late!

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The Best Self-care Gifts For Father’s Day

Bota has created a plant-based skincare line for both men and women enhanced with CBD. This year for Father’s Day gift dad with Bota’s Warming Muscle Melt Crème. This creme combines warming cinnamon oil, shea butter, and hemp extract to help dad unwind after a long day or help his muscles recover after a tough workout. Not only will dad’s skin feel soft and smooth, but the cinnamon and CBD oils will combine to warm his skin and ease his tense muscles.

Show dad some love this Father’s Day with self-care gifts like Warming Muscle Melt Crème from Bota.

Warming Muscle Melt Crème
Bota | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

The possibilities always seem endless when we are shopping for special holidays. Remember how hard Dad works though the year and that, although he looks like a superhero most days, he needs rest and relaxation too. These self-care gifts can turn Father’s Day into fuel to help him get through even his toughest days.

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The Best Self-care Gifts For Father’s Day




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