Book Bolt: 11 Awesome Ways Moms Are Killing It With Passive Income Creating Books

It’s no secret that moms are amazing multi-taskers. A recent study found that the average mom does 27 things at once. I’m sure that was a bit more than you expected! There is now a new, quick, and easy-to-understand way for moms (by using Book Bolt) to put their uniquely powerful multi-tasking abilities to work and make some passive income. Passive income gives moms a brand-new sense of accomplishment, even after a crazy day with kids who simply do not want to listen. Passive income also allows for more flexibility in not only the mom’s life but her family’s. So, let’s dive into how you can do that by selling books you don’t have to write.

Earning Passive Income Without Any Writing Skills With Low-Content Books

Low-content books are a great way to make money without putting in a lot of work. You don’t have to spend hours writing or marketing them, so you can earn a passive income without putting in a lot of effort. If you’re looking for a creative and profitable way to make money, publishing low-content books is a great option. But, what exactly are low-content books? Low-content books are a type of book that doesn’t require a lot of text. They can be notebooks, coloring books, journals, and more. These types of books are usually easy to produce and don’t take up a lot of time to create.

These low-content books (and more) created with Book Bolt can be a great way to make money without putting in a lot of work – especially for busy moms.

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What is Book Bolt?

Currently, there is no better low-content book publishing software on the market that makes creating, researching, and selling low-content books on Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) easy and potentially, very lucrative. Book Bolt has 11 simple, fun, and easy ways for moms to jump-start their own businesses. We say 11, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Your imagination and creativity are limitless! Yes, even Etsy moms can take advantage of this too! Your dream of being a mom and entrepreneur is closer than ever.

From creating and designing notebooks to comic books to journals, and sketchbooks, Book Bolt has the tools to help you create the front and back cover and entire interior in the Book Bolt Studio. So let’s dive into exactly what you can create, in as little as 15 minutes, to start earning passive income on a monthly basis.


Whether you like narrow, college, or wide-ruled, dots, or grids, you now have complete control over the look and style of your notebook. You can search through the free images to pick your perfect cover and even take advantage of over 1200 free fonts. The designer allows you to download your project, save it for later, or delete sections while keeping the navigation simple and straightforward. Once you have your low-to-no-content notebook ready, download it (it already has the specifications needed for KDP), and upload it to Amazon’s KDP under your name or a pen name. A notebook like this takes less than 10 minutes to create!


For those moms who enjoy journaling, it’s time to put your own spin on what a journal should be and they have everything you need to make it come to fruition. Pre-made journal pages with the Book Bolt cover designer and access to over one million royalty-free images make creating the perfect journal easy, even with a baby napping on your chest.

Who knows, what you create may be exactly what someone else has been desperately searching for. From empty lines to brain-dumping fears and aspirations, allow your customers to clear their mind space with pre-made journal pages that only take one click. You’ll make a saleable journal in no time, no design skills are needed!

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Sketch Books

Book Bolt has tools to create the perfect, personalized sketch book as well. Whether it’s dinosaurs, sports, stars, or cartoon characters, a fun-filled sketchbook is sure to bring joy to your little ones (and adults!). Plus, this simple business idea provides the perfect opportunity to make extra cash while spending quality time with your family.

So get creative and start earning income from the comfort of your couch!

Music Sheets

Every musician who has a song in their heart needs to write it out. Think of budding superstars yet to come and those homeschooling moms and music teachers! The template library provides a simple music sheet for you to write on. Customizing and sharing a music notebook has never been this easy. Not only can you give your own family the tools they need, but also your potential customers the tools they need while you’re making passive income on the side. 

Calendars & Planners

For moms looking to make an extra stream of passive income even when life is crazy busy, creating and selling calendars and planners is quick and simple. Instead of spending hours on tedious business activities that yield very little return, simply design your own templates, or use the free ones provided by Book Bolt and launch your finished product through Amazon or another source. This enables you to automatically get paid with no extra effort needed after those initial few moments of creating your own journal for sale! 

Screenshot 2023 01 07 At 9 17 48 Pm

Puzzle Book

Design and sell puzzle books to inspire creativity and keep little ones or adults, occupied with a good ‘ole puzzle. Put together a snazzy or simple or animated puzzle book or a combination of multiple puzzles! The software also gives you access to keyword and product searches so you can easily gain traction amongst your competition and be 100% hands-off once it’s published.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Book Bolt

Creating your very own, unique spin on a puzzle book is only fun, but you can give some as gifts to friends and ask them to leave a review – we all know how wonderful reviews are on Amazon! This venture really can be a one-and-done deal (or several…why stop at just one book!) giving you time with your family as the passive money deposits into your bank account.

Prayer Journal

Prayer journals are a hot commodity and extremely easy to make! With the premade templates all ready to go, you can add some inspirational text, or leave it blank for the prayer warrior to knock out some bad gu-gu in their life. Once you do a research check with the KDP Spy or keyword search function, you’ll know exactly how to title your prayer journal and what titles and subtitle keywords to use as well. A spin-off of prayer journals would be a meditation journal or prayer log. Everyone likes having a little bit of accountability, so give them what they need and you get paid for it!

Log Book

Screenshot 2023 01 07 At 9 19 34 Pm

We may have all the fancy apps and trackers underneath our fingertips, but there are times a lot of people still want a physical visual right in front of them – something they can touch. There are various templates for a log book. Think medication log, weight loss log, children’s growth chart log book, and so much more! A quick search using the Research tab will tell you which book people are currently searching for and purchasing.

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Guest Book

Whether you have a bestie as the perfect hostess or not, people need guest books and people aren’t using apps for these! Design a gorgeous cover and simple interior to meet the needs of those who want a unique and beautiful guest book. When you upload to KDP, you’ll have the option to choose a hard or soft cover as well as matte or glossy print – based upon what would go well with the artwork you choose.

To Do Booklet

Want something as big as your phone, but don’t want to look at another screen? Well, you’re not the only one! Create mini booklet’s filled with To Do lists! There’s a template, complete with a square icon to check and lines, to write down priority tasks. A handy-dandy little booklet like that would fit well into a purse or fanny pack. How handy would that be to take notes, jot down ideas, or mark off a completed task – especially when cell phones may not be allowed in certain places? That’s sure to be a hot item indeed…designed by you, can you imagine?!

Budgeting Notebook

Screenshot 2023 01 07 At 9 22 49 Pm

Moms are superhumans at multi-tasking and Book Bolt is amazing at giving you loads of information without overwhelming you. Choosing which project you want to tackle first can be difficult with so many wonderful options. But first, it’s time to choose the perfect plan to begin making your passive income. Give yourself and others the opportunity to have a budget planner! Input key information you think is important, but no need to overthink it, the pre-filled sheets are already done for you, just pick your favorites, assign the pages, and viola, you’re done and ready to list on KDP! 

Book Bolt Pricing

If you are wondering how much Book Bolt costs, there are a couple of options for you. As far as pricing goes, the Pro Plan includes the very fun Puzzle Creation Software, so if you jumped at the idea of making a fun book of puzzles, then this is the plan for you. However, if you just aren’t sure and you like to keep it simple, most of the ideas here you can create on the Newbie Plan.

Both the Newbie and Pro plans allow you to fully customize your low-content book ideas, giving you full, complete creative control. Since they provide you with hundreds of pre-made templates, over 1200 free fonts, and over one million royalty-free images, your only skill set needed is reading and clicking! Don’t forget, you will also have access to keyword searches, Amazon search volume, and 24/7 customer support. 

Book Bolt has made it super easy and fun to create books so moms can make passive income even while they raise their children in this fast-paced, never-a-dull-or-sit-down-moment life!

Now begs the question…which book to publish first in less than 15 minutes?

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What is this used for?

You can use Book Bolt to create low-to-no-content books. You can also use it to make journals, planners, lists, and more. Creating and selling these books allows people a way to earn passive income.

Is Book Bolt free to use?

Screenshot 2023 01 07 At 9 31 32 Pm

No, there is a monthly subscription to use Book Bolt. However, they do offer a 3-day trial to test out all the features in both plans. During your 3-day trial, you can create a no-to-low content book, list it on Amazon and repeat! Since most of these types of books take less than 15 minutes to create you’ll be amazed at what you can do in 3 days!

How do I know what keywords to use for my books?

Screenshot 2023 01 07 At 9 25 38 Pm

Book Bolt gives you a few tools to do specific keyword research to find the best-selling titles, subtitles, and keywords for your book. It’s never a guessing game. This is probably the “longest” part of creation. Even so, a 5-10 deep dive into some research will tell you real quick how to title your book, the keywords to use, and how those are currently selling each month.

Can I make my own designs and use them in Book Bolt?

Daily Mom Parent Portal Book Bolt Faq

Absolutely! Create your designs where ever you desire and upload them into Book Bolt’s library. It’s there when you want them!

Do I need to have an Amazon Prime account to sell books?

No. You only need to have an Amazon or KDP account.

I’m not a writer, can I use this to create books that sell?

Daily Mom Parent Portal Book Bolt Faq

Yes! Notebooks and most journals (for example) have ZERO writing in them, they are just lined pages. No story-telling, no characters to conjure up, or paragraphs to struggle over! This is why they are called zero-to-low-content books. You see them every day in popular stores, now you can create and sell your own!

Where do I get the artwork from? I’m not an artist.

Screenshot 2023 01 07 At 10 03 00 Pm

Book Bolt gives you over 1 million illustrations, graphics, and photos to use at no additional costs, based upon the plan you choose! You do not need to be an artist, all you need to do is choose some search parameters (like golden) and let the artwork come to you!

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