12 Best Halloween Costumes For Babies

Halloween is creeping up soon and what’s the best part of having a young baby or toddler this time of year? Getting to dress that adorable munchkin in whatever you want! So select something incredibly cute while you still can! Here are the 12 best Halloween costumes for babies:

Astronaut Suit with Nasa patches


Teach your baby to reach for the stars early and dress him or her in the same suit as a NASA astronaut! The suit is available in orange, white, red, and pink. The compliments on this adorable costume are sure to be out of this world.

Buy here: Astronaut Suit with NASA patches

Carter’s Baby Girl Little Unicorn Costume


Most agree that unicorns are the most magical of all animals. But, we didn’t know they could be so adorably cute! This costume comes as a three piece set, including the bodysuit, top, and tights. It is made of polyester micro-fleece, so it will keep baby warm on a chilly Halloween night.

Buy here: Carter’s Baby Girl Little Unicorn Costume

Rubie’s Deluxe Baby Berry Cute Costume


Who wouldn’t be berry excited to see your baby dressed up so sweet? This costume includes the berry tunic and headpiece. With snaps on the bottom, diaper changes during the costume party or trick-or-treating will be a breeze.

Buy here: Rubie’s Deluxe Baby Berry Cute Costume

California Costumes Adorable Dragon


You don’t have to be a Game of Throne’s fan to love dragons.  We love this costume for toddlers sure to capture their mighty spirit (and because it takes us one step closer to being the mother of dragons). The jumpsuit has an attached tail and snap closure legs while the wings are detachable. The costume is also machine washable.

Buy here: California Costumes Adorable Dragon

Disney Buzz Lightyear Costume


Too infinity and beyond! Dress your little one up as Toy Story’s favorite hero, Buzz Lightyear in this authentic Disney costume. The costume includes the full bodysuit, wings, gloves, and hat.

Buy here: Disney Buzz Lightyear Costume

Sesame Street Cookie Monster


Me want cookie! Everyone loves the Cookie Monster (and everyone loves his preferred food). This plush costume will keep your Cookie Monster warm and comfortable this Halloween night. Your child will love dressing up as their favorite muppet from Sesame Street!

Buy here: Sesame Street Cookie Monster

Silly Spider Toddler Costume


If you never thought you would exclaim “look at that adorable little spider!,” guess again. Admittedly, there is something about spiders that makes most moms squeamish, but with your little in this adorable costume you are sure to discover they can be cute too.

Buy here: Silly Spider Toddler Costume

Rubie’s Costume Co. Baby Tiny Vampire Costume


Did you ever think there may be something similar between babies and vampires? Since both tend to love sleeping by day and partying by night let your little one embrace his true calling and dress up as a vampire this Halloween. Rubie’s has vampire costumes in sizes for the whole family. Let your vampire clan trick-or-treat dressed in style! For convenience, the cape is removable. Avoid daylight in this costume!

Buy here: Rubie’s Costume Co. Baby Tiny Vampire Costume

InCharacter Costumes Baby’s Lil’ Lion


Dress your baby in this ferocious, but oh so adorable, lion costume. Made of 100% polyester and machine washable, it includes the fully lined jumpsuit with a zipper closure. Before purchasing this adorable lion costume, make sure your baby can RAWR.

Buy here: InCharacter Costumes Baby’s Lil’ Lion

Dress Up America Baby Pumpkin


What is a more quintessential Halloween costume than a baby pumpkin? Nothing. Which is why the Dress Up Baby America Baby Pumpkin is the ideal costume choice for your little one. It comes with the bubble outfit and matching hat. There is no doubt your little pumpkin will be the cutest in the patch!

Buy here: Dress Up Baby America Baby Pumpkin

Wonder Woman Baby Girls’ Costume


If you want to keep the costume simple, try this Wonder Woman Baby Girls’ Costume Onesie. It is made of soft fabric and has a velcro detachable satin cape. This is the perfect way to keep your little one comfortable and heroic this Halloween.

Buy here: Wonder Woman Baby Girls’ Costume

Star Wars Baby Yoda Hat


“Judge me by my size, do you?” Yoda is wise. Yoda is small. Your baby can be Yoda this Halloween with this simple, yet adorable baby hat. The yarn contains 30% milk protein fiber and 70% cotton for a nice, soft, simple costume. There will be no need to fear the dark side this Halloween with baby Yoda in tow!

Buy here: Star Wars Baby Yoda Hat


Looking for more Halloween inspiration? Check out our Holiday section at Daily Mom.

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