16 Essentials For Beautiful Skin This Summer

Sweet summertime is made of bright, sunny days and beautiful skin. Before long, days will be spent in the sun, sand, heat, and water. Take some time to prepare your skin for the season by cleaning, nourishing, and hydrating your beautiful skin. Not only can they be used to prep your skin before fun in the sun, but these products are amazing year-round. With these essentials for beautiful skin, you will be ready for whatever this summer (and beyond) holds.

Beautiful Skin Starts at the Top

Did you know that what you put in your hair will affect your skin as it washes down your body? Take heed to use skin-loving haircare products as well as your skincare essentials. Beautiful skin literally starts at the top of your head, so make sure your first haircare kit is also skin-friendly like Pai-Shau and SK*P.


16 Essentials For Beautiful Skin This Summer

Want to keep your hair healthy and nourished this summer? Pai-Shau’s RouTEAne Set features the nourishing power of the brand’s Signature Tea Complex with a collection that includes Replenishing Hair Cleanser and Conditioner for revitalization, along with their hero product Biphasic Infusion for strength and supreme moisturization. As a bonus, the set also includes a ParTEA Time Tote. It’s the perfect way to start your new summertime hair care routine that won’t compromise your beautiful skin.


16 Essentials For Beautiful Skin This Summer

Let’s face it, the beauty industry has a major plastic problem contributing over 80 billion pieces of non-biodegradable plastic waste to landfills each year that never decomposes. That said, the Sk*p To It Set is a new solution that’s perfect for all your summer beautiful skin care needs, and it’s good for the environment. The gel cleanser gets the gunk off, then balances out your skin, reducing the look of pores—without any questionable ingredients. Their all-over face and body moisturizer quenches your skin the just right amount. SK*P’s shampoo cleans your hair without drying it out, while it also cares for your scalp; and their conditioner makes sure you have a nourished and balanced scalp and smoother strands.

But the best part, each of these products is made of clean, ethically sourced ingredients and free of parabens, synthetic fragrance, synthetic preservatives, dyes, silicones, sulfates, PEGS, or heavy metals. Furthermore, SK*P’s proprietary eco-friendly BeautyCarton packaging is the first-ever paper-based carton packaging that can hold up in the shower or anywhere else life takes you.

Lovely Skincare Products for Beautiful Skin In the Summer


16 Essentials For Beautiful Skin This Summer

Self care doesn’t have to mean spending hours at the spa, simply taking the time to care for your skin while you shower may be all that some of us moms are able to squeeze in these days. Since the sun is shining and all that gorgeous glowing skin of your’s is ready to make its appearance this season, let Opus Beauty help you simply slough off that dry winter skin and prepare for the warm and balmy days ahead!

This summer the Nion Beauty Opus Body Brush is a must! Get gorgeous, glowing skin with the silicone body brush featuring Nion’s signature S-ion Technology® and Kinetic Skin Cleansing® vibration. With a 3 -Speed Kinetic Skin Cleansing® Vibration, 3 –Speed of Pulsating Lifting Massage Vibration, and S-ion Technology® Silicone surface, this innovative beauty tool will thoroughly cleanse the skin in all of those hard to reach places, coaxing out the underskin particles and debris, making way for clean and healthy skin.

Get gorgeous, glowing skin from head to toe with the NION Opus Body, a silicone body brush like no other! Featuring our pioneering S-ion Technology® and Kinetic Skin Cleansing® vibration, this is one innovative beauty product you just can’t live without. Bath and shower safe, with a soft touch head and long handle for easy reach, the Opus Body brush is not your average body brush, but rather one that will leave you looking and feeling fabulous with every wash.

Like the Opus Body, the Opus Elite is the premier facial care brush this season. With an enlarged cleaning surface and easy-to-handle shape, the Opus Elite offers the same Adjustable Kinetic Skin Cleansing® and Pulsating Lifting Massage vibration speeds and S-ion Technology®  as the Opus Body. Offering both skin cleansing and anti-aging capabilities, this rechargeable, extra-large, soft, silicone brush is easy to use and a must-have in your summer (and year-round) beauty arsenal.


16 Essentials For Beautiful Skin This Summer

If you are a woman and you have a body, then ladies, Maëlys is all about body-shaping products that make you feel proud, sexy, and confident in your beautiful skin… even, the mom-bod kind of skin. Introducing the LADIES FIRST The Boob Care Bundle. Boobs do a lot! They nourish babies, they act as pillows, and they are a lot of fun in the bedroom, so take these three innovative products and treat your girls very well. The boobie-licious powerhouse trio includes:

B-PERKY Lift & Firm Breast Mask: Lift those boobs the way nature intended for some all-around perkiness.
GET-SASSY Underboob DeodorantAbsorbs moisture and leaves you smelling coconut fresh.
GET-SILKY Breast Exfoliating Stick: Helps unclog pores, hydrates skin, and reveals your hidden glow.

Now to start your day off right, with that I-look-so-refreshed look, grab the I WOKE UP LIKE THIS The Everyday Bundle for smoothing, accentuating, and detoxing your beautiful skin so that it’s naturally radiant. This is yet another fabulous skin-loving trio that includes:

GEN-S Anti-Wrinkle Serum: Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fades age spots, and evens skin tone.
ELIXIR Super Lifting Capsules: Smooths your skin for a younger, refreshed look.
BLACK MAGNET Detoxing Sheet Masks: Banishes toxins, reduces signs of stress, and rejuvenates your beautiful skin.

When looking for a beautiful skin regimen for your face and body, Maëlys specializes in helping you achieve just that, every day, all day. So get ready to flaunt this summer, your skin is about to get an amazing make-over to show off in those tanks, shorts, bikinis, and one-pieces!

The Jojoba Co.

16 Essentials For Beautiful Skin This Summer

This non-drying Citrus Gel Cleanser will start your day off right with the anti-bacterial properties that slough away anytime nighttime critters nesting in your pillow or bed sheets. It will gently decongest, clear, and harmonize your skin’s oil production. Since it’s richly crafted with chamomile and mountain pepper berry, your skin will be radiating balance and beauty.

Once your beautiful skin is gently cleansed, use the Skin Balancing Oil to reduce the oil production and your pore sizes (think shrinking pores) to improve your skin’s texture and bring out the youthful elasticity and silky softness. Follow up with the Daily Light Moisturiser to balance out the T-zone and control the excess oil production you certainly don’t need making you shine (not glow). Make sure you notice the reducing redness too, so long irritated skin!

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Whenever you need some hydration in the summer heat the Jojoba Water Toning Mist is here to the rescue! Infused with jojoba milk, hydrolyzed jojoba esters, and desert-lime rich Vitamin C, just a few sprays, and your skin will love you! By creating a breathable barrier against those nasties in the environment, your beautiful skin will feel and look refreshed in the setting sun. The Jojoba Co. crafts their botanicals from a liquid wax (not oil) that closely matches your skin’s natural oils. So every active natural ingredient is absorbed deep into the skin – right where you want it, creating beautiful skin for summer!


16 Essentials For Beautiful Skin This Summer

Summer is typically a time for kicking back and showing some skin. But what if you’ve been hiding a scar underneath that winter wardrobe? No worries, Skinuva is here to help. Skinuva® Scar is a revolutionary cream that will take a recent scar from drab to fab in minimal time. Just apply this scar cream daily – in three to six months, you’ll see the difference for yourself. Using synthetic growth factors, silicone cream, Centella Asiatica, and Hyaluronic Acid, plus other natural ingredients, Skinuva will speed your healing process, giving you a new, well-deserved sense of confidence in your beautiful skin this season. 

Desert Essence

16 Essentials For Beautiful Skin This Summer

With so many skincare products and cosmetics out there, the number of options can be overwhelming. It’s great that we have so many choices, but it can be challenging to find good quality, cruelty-free products. The search is over! Desert Essence is inspired by the beauty and resilience of nature and powered by the potency that comes from the desert. They offer a range of products for body, skin, and hair to help nourish your body as well as your senses. Using nutrient-rich desert botanicals like Tea Tree, Jojoba, and Argan Oil, the personal care products work together to refresh and renew without unnecessary additives. Here are a few of their top products that are worth trying:

  • Anti-breakage Shampoo A rich blend of botanical oils and Radish Seed Extract provide incredible shine and showers hair with optimal nutrition, encouraging it to grow healthy and strong.
  • Anti-breakage Conditioner The ultra-rich formula enlists Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, and Saw Palmetto to smooth, fortify and revitalize hair, helping minimize breakage and provides incredible shine.
  • Hydrating Sugar Body Scrub A sugary body scrub that transforms into a creamy, low-foaming lather, cleansing your body as it buffs away rough skin with hydrating sugar crystals and pumice, leaving your beautiful skin deliciously soft and calm.
  • Jojoba & Sweet Almond Body Oil Spray Silky, lightweight, after-shower finishing spray provides 24-hour moisture, and a full-body glow leaves skin calm, soft, and simply luminous.
  • Organic Jojoba Oil The oil soothes, hydrates, and nourishes the skin, hair, and scalp, calming oily areas and moisturizing dry ones.
  • Organic Coconut, Jojoba & Coffee Oil Beauty-awakening blend of Organic Coconut, Jojoba, and Coffee Oils. The fast-absorbing formula softens, tones, and invigorates the body, face, and scalp.
  • Creamy Oil Cleanser Perfect for all skin types, this creamy cleanser harnesses the purifying and softening powers of pure plant oils to help gently but effectively dissolve makeup and impurities without stripping moisture.
  • Revitalizing Oils Moisturizer Perfect for dry or mature skin, this luscious plant-based cream is wealthy in protective antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Its non-greasy feel helps soothe and rejuvenate, leaving skin soft and silky.
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Desert Essence is committed to harvesting nature’s best ingredients and ensuring that the ingredients are responsibly and sustainably sourced. Expect wonders as you discover nature’s finest ingredients sourced worldwide and carefully crafted into some of the best high-quality skin and hair care products available.

Ivy – Ivana Zanierato

16 Essentials For Beautiful Skin This Summer

Gold and beauty are words that work well together. Throughout history, gold is known for its luxurious and beautifying properties. Historians have long maintained that Cleopatra slept in a gold mask every night to enhance her captivating beauty.

Ivy is a woman-owned luxury skincare line created by Ivana Zanierato. Ivana, now an expert in personalized treatments of advanced aesthetics and luxury cosmetics, has studied, experimented with, and created a line of cosmetic products of the highest quality. Her creations use precious elements for beauty, such as gold, silver, diamonds, pearl, and caviar.

The Luxury White Gold Caviar is anti-aging face serum with gold caviar. The Caviar extract, combined with the power of 24k gold, tones the skin to help improve its natural elasticity. The luxurious serum gives a super-hydration deep tissue treatment, tightens and firms the skin, and stimulates collagen production. This exclusive formula also fights redness and stains due to age and gives a brighter appearance to the skin. Simply massage it on the face and neck in a circular motion in both the morning and evening. Ivy’s unique skincare is developed to give your skin a more youthful, vibrant, and healthy appearance so that you will be turning heads everywhere!

Kaplan MD

16 Essentials For Beautiful Skin This Summer

Body lotions and oils are wonderful when they work. When they don’t soothe and hydrate as we like, the Hydrating Essence Beauty Oil is an ultra-luxurious beauty oil infused with eight different kinds of essential oils. This beauty oil will do the job just nicely to reveal your beautiful skin as it’s meant to be. This unique and powerful combination is designed to hydrate and nourish your face, body, and hair. What could be better than an oil that works for your whole body? … pssst, nothing!

Your new powerful body oil is crafted to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, all the while brightening uneven skin tones and nourishing your cuticles as you use them. You only need a few drops of this super serum to start your journey of healthy, smooth, beautiful skin and hair. Watch this powerful combination of essential oils and vitamin E brighten your skin and provide a soothing aromatherapy experience with every nourishing drop of the Hydrating Essence Beauty Oil.

Revy Skincare

16 Essentials For Beautiful Skin This Summer

If all it takes is a trifecta of formulas to say hello to clear, beautiful skin, then we’re totally in! The REVY Skincare system works amazingly to clear blemishes by cleansing, protecting, and repairing the skin so that the path to a healthy, glowing complexion is just a wash away. If beautiful skin is what you are after, in a minimalistic way, the REVY Skincare system is perfect for you this summer – especially while traveling!


16 Essentials For Beautiful Skin This Summer
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Nudeskin has created an amazing line of skincare sets that will get your skin summer-ready. For users that wear makeup regularly, but also want their skin hydrated and clean, the makeup set is the kit for you. Designed for all skin types, the Citrus Renew Set for Makeup is a 4 step kit that includes a Citrus Clean Balm and Makeup Melt, a Lemon-Aid Detox & Glow Micro-Peel, a Citrus Fruit & Glycolic Glow Toner, and a Citrus C Mask & Daily Moisturizer. This set utilizes the four essential steps of cleansing, exfoliating, toning, and moisturizing to transform your skin into a gorgeous pallet that makes for easy and flawless makeup application.

The Beauty Cloud

16 Essentials For Beautiful Skin This Summer

During red carpet events, instead of admiring the designer dresses and fabulous heels, people often find themselves in awe of celebrities’ glowing skin. How do they do it? And more importantly, how can we do it? The answer is The Beauty Cloud. The brand curates professional-grade products and includes a consultation with a licensed esthetician to produce spa-quality results right in the comfort of your home. They deliver everything needed for an at-home facial that is right for your skin type.

Founder Shelly Malizola was born with a desire to transform the beauty industry. As a salon owner, she has seen and done it all when it comes to beauty care. With The Beauty Cloud, Shelly makes self-care accessible by conveniently providing better skin, quality education, and trusted premium products.

The Shiny & Bright Facial is a deluxe facial box packed with antioxidant power to brighten and nourish dull, dehydrated skin. Indulge in the exfoliating cocoa enzyme, pop open the Sparkling bubbly mask, and enjoy a pair of decadent chocolate truffles. 

The luxurious beauty box also contains:

  • • Amondola Cleanser
  • • Cocoa Enzyme & Activator
  • • Sparkling Bubbly Mask
  • • Hydra-Radiance Moisture
  • • Luxurious Body Soufflé
  • • Sparkling Evergreen Mini Candle
  • • Two Chocolate Truffles

You will establish a beauty regimen that is consistent and beneficial to your specific needs with the help of The Beauty Cloud.


16 Essentials For Beautiful Skin This Summer

“Maskne” has everyone upping their skincare game. Meejee gives us the cleansing massager of our dreams. The meejee uses gentle, yet effective, vibrations and tons of silicone bristles that cleanse deep into your pores leaving you with gorgeous, glowing, beautiful skin. Once meejee scrubs all the dirt, oil, makeup, and dead skin from your face, simply turn it over and use the massaging basin on the back to massage your favorite lotions and serums into your skin.

Meejee is in it for the long haul. This fabulous skincare tool is made of antimicrobial recycled materials that are great for both keeping your skin and the environment their best. The antimicrobial perks of this product mean that bacteria growth is not a problem and replacement brushes are not needed. An included USB charging cable frees you from searching for batteries and each charge provides up to 12 months of use! You have absolutely everything you need right out of the box for beautiful skin.

Rodan + Fields

16 Essentials For Beautiful Skin This Summer

Finally, get rid of all those stubborn dark marks you’ve been trying to hide with makeup (or a mask) this summer with Rodan + Fields’ Targeted Dark Spot Corrector. Exclusive Patented RF3 Antioxidant Complex precisely targets and diminishes the size and intensity of discoloration and dark marks for clearer, more even-toned skin. It’s the perfect add-on to any skincare regimen to give you flawless, beautiful skin.

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Facial Lounge

16 Essentials For Beautiful Skin This Summer

Face wash helps remove debris, including makeup, dirt, pollution, and excess oil. Using face wash daily makes the skin more luminous and doesn’t clog pores, cause discoloration and breakouts. The Facial Lounge uses a personalized holistic approach, plus a collection of non-toxic skincare formulations targeting various skin concerns, from acne to anti-aging. Founder Amber Rose Johnson is an esthetician/mompreneur who has 25 years of experience and doesn’t believe in the “usual” approach to healthy skin.

16 Essentials For Beautiful Skin This Summer

The Youthful Glow Foaming Face Wash is an ultra-luxurious cleansing mousse that protects and replenishes moisture. The sulfate-free face wash uses moisturizing plant lipids and extracts rich in barrier repair. Omega-rich oils protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier during the cleansing process while keeping it feeling fresh and comfortable. A duet of moisture magnets and hydrating Panthenol deliver immediate and long-lasting hydration for exceptional comfort. Makeup and surface impurities are lifted away while the skin stays balanced. Empower your healthiest skin naturally with high-quality vegan products from Facial Lounge.


16 Essentials For Beautiful Skin This Summer

We all love body oils that please our sense of smell and hydrate our skin all at once, creating beautiful skin that glows. Lapiz Matte Body Oil from Monastery is made with Italian squalane as the base with a wonderful aroma of grapefruit, ginger grass, and peppercorn. Free of parabens, chemicals, and alcohols, the Lapiz body oil is quick to absorb and can be applied after a shower or on any dry skin. Hydrate your skin while firming and nourishing it – revealing nothing but beautiful skin day after gorgeous day. 

Your skin can take a beating between the dry, cold winter months and hot, humid summer. A little skin mindfulness can go a long way in protecting your skin’s health and appearance. It’s time to get your glow up and show off your beautiful skin this summer. These skin essentials will, without a doubt, keep your skin looking healthy, young, and revitalized.


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16 Essentials For Beautiful Skin This Summer



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