School Lunch Ideas: Think Outside The Lunch”Box”

This ain’t yo mommas brown bag lunch. No way. School lunch is a great opportunity to provide your kids with nutritious and delicious food. It doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. Here are some convenient and tasty school lunch ideas whether they are eating it in the classroom or your dining room.

17 Products for Back-To-School Lunch Ideas

Greensbury Market

School Lunch Ideas: Think Outside The Lunch”box”

Most meals are built around the protein. For your school lunch ideas here is a healthy go-to source for your proteins. Check out Greensbury, a delivery service for grass-fed beef, organic meat, and wild seafood. Founded in 2007, the company prides itself on hand-picking the best products from organic farms, ranches, and fisheries around the country. All their meat comes from organic, grass-fed cattle that are raised humanely, giving you a product that is free of hormones, steroids, and antibiotics.

School Lunch Ideas: Think Outside The Lunch”box”
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Choose from the Organic Grass-Fed Beef Sampler or the Seafood Sampler. If you would like to try a bit of both, the Greensbury Favorites Pack is the way to go. All products are flash-frozen and shipped anywhere within the continental United States. Purchase your favorite proteins to keep on hand for your school lunch ideas!

Organic Grass-Fed Beef Sampler l Seafood Sampler l Greensbury Favorites Pack
Greensbury | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


School Lunch Ideas: Think Outside The Lunch”box”

In search of some amazing school lunch ideas for when the kids return to class? Set yourself up for success with Abbio. You’ll create fantastic weeknight meals for the family in the Large Nonstick Skillet. Prep a double batch of dinner so you have plenty of leftovers and give yourself creative lunchbox options in an instant.

The Large Nonstick Skillet offers plenty of space to move ingredients around, while the nonstick surface simplifies clean-up. It is oven safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, making it easy to start a meal on the stovetop and finish it in the oven. But where this cookware really shines is its durability–a thick, textured, non-stick coating and multiple internally reinforced layers provide added resilience for long-lasting performance. As a bonus, this skillet even comes with its own silicone hot pad in the color of your choice.

Get cookin’ and make your back to school lunch ideas a breeze with Abbio.

Large Nonstick Skillet
Abbio | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


School Lunch Ideas: Think Outside The Lunch”box”

Need school lunch ideas for a homeschool co-op? No problem! Order the Cauliflower Wings & Millet Tots Variety Pack, 12 oz from RollinGreens, and watch your kids chow down. The Cauliflower Wings & Millet Tots Variety Pack, 12 oz comes with three packages of Cauliflower Wings and three different flavors of Ancient Grain Millet Tots. The dipping sauces included with the Cauliflower wings are available in the following flavors: Teriyaki, Spicy Green Buffalo, and Sweet Mustard.

The Ancient Grain Millet Tots are also available in the following flavors: Organic Onion & Sea Salt, Organic Basil & Garlic, and Organic Sweet Potato & Poblano Chili. While there’s no right or wrong way to eat them, these tots are so savory and rich in flavor, dipping sauces aren’t necessary. But you can still use ketchup, if necessary, to appease your picky eaters. We highly recommend you fix the wings and tots in an air fryer to give them both some extra crisp! If you don’t have an air fryer, leave them in the oven for an extra 5-8 minutes. Look for RollinGreens products in your local Kroger and Walmart stores beginning in August of 2020!

Cauliflower Wings & Millet Tots Variety Pack, 12 oz
RollinGreens | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Healthy Crunch

School Lunch Ideas: Think Outside The Lunch”box”

Prepare to start packing lunchboxes again, parents! The start of an upcoming school year signals the search for fresh school lunch ideas. Thankfully, Healthy Crunch delivers, offering enough variety for your child’s lunch to be a different real food experience every day of the week. Their “School Approved” granola bars are available in four delicious flavors: Double Chocolate, Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate Banana, and Berry. They are allergen-friendly, contain 1 billion active probiotics, and are low in sugar. They also contain one serving of fruit and vegetables each–that’s enough nutrition to make any parent smile.

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School Lunch Ideas: Think Outside The Lunch”box”

For an extra-special treat, sneak in a snack cup with a sweet seed butter surprise. The rich and creamy Chocolate Seed Butter makes a lovely spread for graham crackers, while the Salted Caramel Seed Butter enhances apple slices. For satisfying, healthy snacks that will fuel your student for their entire school day, check out these nutritious options from Healthy Crunch.

Double Chocolate Granola Bars | Apple Cinnamon Granola Bars | Chocolate Banana Granola Bars | Berry Granola Bars | Chocolate Seed Butter | Salted Caramel Seed Butter
Healthy Crunch | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Wild Planet Foods

School Lunch Ideas: Think Outside The Lunch”box”

Sustainably caught albacore tuna from Wild Planet is the perfect addition to all of your Back to School lunches. They source 100% pole and line caught tuna and then hand pack the raw tuna steaks into each can without any added oil, water, or fillers. Their tuna is cooked once in the can to retain all of its natural juices. The firm texture and rich, clean taste is the perfect addition to all of your favorite recipes or kids’ school lunches! Apart from wild tuna, they also offer salmon, sardines, anchovies, mackerel, and yellowtail. Pick up yours today and receive all of the amazing benefits of wild, sustainably caught fish!

Sustainably Caught Wild Albacore Tuna
Wild Planet Foods | Instagram


School Lunch Ideas: Think Outside The Lunch”box”

It’s literally in your back pocket. If you are thinking what healthy school lunch ideas you could come up with that’s healthy, immune-boosting, and bursting with a fruit-infused flavor your kids will beg for – it’s literally in your back pocket! MCTco makes it so easy, so convenient and completely kid-approved with their MCT bars. As parents getting ready to send our kids back to school we need school lunch ideas that include:

  • MCT Oil which may help improve memory, cognition, and clarity
  • Prebiotic chicory root fiber promotes gut health, heart health, and blood flow
  • Naturally sweetened monk fruit, a powerful antioxidant
  • Gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and non-GMO options

All the rave this school season starts with snacks that will not only have amazing taste and textures (especially those sensitive to food textures) but snacks that help improve gut function, joint health for those student-athletes, and LOW sugar count for those hyper kids in your family. So whether your little one loves the sweet, sourness of a Lemon Boost, or the Berry Beautiful mouthful of cherries, goji berries, and blueberries, or a laid back Banana Beautiful (with a hint of cinnamon) snack, MCTco has just what you want and need. School lunch ideas don’t have to be hard to come up with or contain a lot of “food” that fills in the lunch box space. Just pack the essentials to give them the energy and focus they need every school day.

Lemon Boost | Berry Beautiful | Banana Beautiful
MCTco| Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


School Lunch Ideas: Think Outside The Lunch”box”

When you’re thinking of school lunch ideas, don’t forget to pack yourself some snacks to keep you going! Some days are so busy that your cup of coffee ends up going cold. Don’t worry about having to reheat that cup of coffee again, and instead, you can simply reach into your lunch box and pick out Verb Energy Bars. These Energy Bars are made with organic green tea that will give you the boost you need without the shaking like you’ve had too much coffee. Completely vegan and only 90 calories, you won’t have to worry about gaining too much fat by eating any ole’ protein bar. Their flavors are unique and mouth-watering, including ones like Maple Blueberry, Salted Peanut Butter, and their new Lemon Raspberry. They’re definitely one of those school lunch ideas that you won’t forget to pack, as their so easy to toss in and go – fitting into any active lifestyle!

Best Sellers Bundle | Maple Blueberry | Salted Peanut Butter | Lemon Raspberry
Verb | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Denise Albright

School Lunch Ideas: Think Outside The Lunch”box”

Chaos is unavoidable with starting a new school year. Get off on the right foot with some fun, colorful organization from Denise Albright. The 52 Week Meal Planner will save valuable time grocery shopping and it’s the easiest way to organize your daily & weekly menus. Save some sanity by getting the kids involved with the Earn & Learn Chore Chart too. Use the colorful boxes to list tasks, chores, to-do’s, then assign each box a value they’ll earn by completing it. It’s a win-win!

52 Week Meal Minder | Earn & Learn Chore Chart
Denise Albright | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Wave Soda

School Lunch Ideas: Think Outside The Lunch”box”

This school-year even kids may need a little pick-me-up, but it doesn’t have to be in the form of toxic, sugary drinks that will make them crash just minutes later! When thinking of some school lunch ideas and what to send with your child, we cannot stress how much we appreciate Wave Soda Caffeinated Sparkling Water – 24 Pack. It’s a gentle boost for your kids and peace of mind for you that they aren’t ingesting questionable ingredients.

For us moms, let’s keep it silly simple when preparing lunches: Fruit juice + sparkling water + natural caffeine = a happy kid and content momma. Wave Soda did something incredibly right when it comes to parent-approved beverages for the school year!

Wave Soda Caffeinated Sparkling Water – 24 Pack
Wave Soda | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Linkedin


School Lunch Ideas: Think Outside The Lunch”box”

Is organic how you roll when it comes to school lunch ideas? If so, meet MadeGood, maker of certified organic, vegan and gluten-free snacks that include hidden veggies in every package.

For a morning pick-me-up, pack the kids yogurt and let them top it with Apple Cinnamon Crispy Light Granola. Granola bars are often a family favorite as well–try the brand new (and amazingly indulgent!) Cookies and Creme flavor. If you’re looking for something different, granola minis also make a great grab-and-go choice. They come in many flavors, including Chocolate Banana, Mixed Berry and Strawberry. Minis are fun to eat, and perfectly poppable by your pint-sized person.

We all know that kids look for the sweet treat in their lunchbox first. Recreate a healthier version of a childhood favorite with Strawberry Crispy Squares. These crispy treats have been reimagined and are yummier than ever! Or, indulge the kids with Chocolate Banana or Red Velvet Soft Baked Mini Cookies. Soft, moist and tender, these cookies offer the right amount of chocolatey goodness, but still contain the nourishment you’re looking for. (Shhhh… don’t even tell them there are veggies hiding in these too!)

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Coming up with a steady supply of school lunch ideas is no walk in the park. MadeGood snack foods are nutritious, safe for schools, and super delicious, so the kids will enjoy them. Overall, these are lunch choices you can feel great about, mama!

Apple Cinnamon Crispy Light Granola | Chocolate Banana Granola Minis | Chocolate Banana Soft Baked Mini Cookies | Cookies and Creme Granola Bars | Mixed Berry Granola Minis | Red Velvet Soft Baked Mini Cookies | Strawberry Crispy Squares | Strawberry Granola Minis | Soft Baked Mini Cookies
MadeGood | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Re:THINK Ice Cream

School Lunch Ideas: Think Outside The Lunch”box”

Is there really such a thing as a healthy indulgence? For those who love their creamy, cold treat, but live a healthier lifestyle, Re:THINK has created just that. It’s higher in ingredients like protein, fiber, and antioxidants, and a lot LOWER in the things that make ice cream unhealthy – sugar, carbs, calories, and fat. Add this option into your school lunch ideas and enjoy flavors like Chocolate Majesty, or Cardamom Pistachio – it’s the perfect healthy treat you won’t feel guilty about.

Chocolate Majesty | Cardamom Pistachio | Strawberry with Chia Seeds | Meyer Lemon Poppyseed | Black Cherry Vanilla | Almond w/ Chocolate Flakes
Re:THINK Ice Cream | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

GimMe Snacks

School Lunch Ideas: Think Outside The Lunch”box”

Trying to keep your kids on their toes with healthy school lunch ideas? Well, the possibilities are endless with GimMe Snacks! Their Seaweed Snacks are the perfect addition to any and all school lunch ideas. The Seaweed Snacks are packed full of protein and fiber, but also extremely full of flavor no matter which one you choose. If you’re wanting to wean your kids off of their chip habit, the Sea Salt flavor of Seaweed Snacks is a perfect salty (and healthy) alternative! Other flavors include teriyaki, olive oil, and even wasabi! These snacks are also perfect for creating bite-size sushi bites or even avocado wraps. School lunch ideas are truly endless thanks to GimMe Snacks!

Seaweed Snacks
GimMe Snacks | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


School Lunch Ideas: Think Outside The Lunch”box”

If you are trying to dream up some school lunch ideas to freshen up this year’s lunch box, Silvr has just the thing. Their super chic line of reusable forks will add a pop of fun color to your kiddo’s lunch. Silvr forks are easily portable and perfect for a lunch box. The top of the fork is removable and stores inside the handle to become the size of a lipstick or a pocketknife. It can also easily be thrown into a backpack, purse, or pocket!

These forks come in five cool minimalist designs with fun names like Drunken Zebra. They are made of anti-microbial stainless steel with a light aluminum handle and are dishwasher safe! Not to mention, they are an environmental-friendly alternative to plastic silverware. So send your kiddo back to school this year with an awesome fork from Silvr.

Drunken Zebra
Silvr | Facebook | Instagram

Kuhn Rikon

School Lunch Ideas: Think Outside The Lunch”box”

If you are looking for some school lunch ideas that are healthy, let Kuhn Rikon help you add some fruit and veggies to those lunch boxes this year. One look at their Original Melon Knife and you know what it is made for! The 11-inch Japanese stainless steel blade slices easily into any watermelon and the ergonomic handle gives you excellent leverage for cutting into even the largest watermelon.

This awesome knife will make slicing anything easy. This year’s school lunches can be the healthiest and the best you have ever made.

Original Melon Knife
Kuhn Rikon | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest


School Lunch Ideas: Think Outside The Lunch”box”

Let’s face it, cooking dinner can be daunting when you have to do it every single night. Having something beautiful in your kitchen that is also useful for cooking dinner is an absolute must! The Herb Planter Set from Demdaco is truly a unique planter to have in your kitchen. The vibrant watercolor paintings of three different herbs are minimalist, beautiful, and will catch your eye the entire time you’re cooking dinner. You’ll be able to grow herbs including thyme, basil, and oregano all in your kitchen window. No more running to the store because you forgot to grab a bunch of fresh basil for your spaghetti sauce! Instead of plastic planters, the Herb Planter Set is created from a sustainable bamboo fiber composite with proper drainage to prevent root rot. Whether you’re using this in the kitchen when cooking dinner or you’re giving life to your office, the Herb Planter Set is the perfect planter for any nature-lover!

Herb Planter Set
Demdaco | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest | LinkedIn


School Lunch Ideas: Think Outside The Lunch”box”

Need a yummy treat to put in the lunchbox for school? Possibly a birthday celebration in the classroom and no time to bake? Pillsbury Snack Cakes are delicious, already baked, and ready to be enjoyed. They are the perfect size for your lunchbox, purse, or goodie bag. These treats are individually wrapped and make a sweet addition to your school lunch ideas!

Pillsbury Chocolate Fudge Brownie | Pillsbury Birthday Cake Bar
Pillsbury | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Lenny & Larry’s

School Lunch Ideas: Think Outside The Lunch”box”

High-protein snacks can keep energy levels up and help little bellies stay full for longer during the school day. For a portable protein boost in your child’s lunchbox include Lenny & Larry’s cookies in your school lunch ideas.

Their newest Complete Crunchy Cookies contain up to 20g of plant-based proteins and are tasty, dairy-free, no egg, vegan and Non-GMO Project Verified. Pack these in your lunch bag, car seat, or sports bag for a protein treat to keep the whole family chugging along. Their popular Complete Cookie, also available in a low net carb Keto Cookie version, is a convenient source of plant-based proteins that taste downright delicious. Toss your typical protein bars and treat yourself to a soft cookie to satisfy your snack attack. And let’s not forget the Complete Cremes, cookies with a creamy filling that offers a healthier twist on your favorite sandwich creme cookie.

When you’re looking for protein-filled school lunch ideas, turn to Lenny & Larry’s. Satisfy your child’s sweet tooth in a healthy, guilt-free way that will make both of you happy.

The Complete Crunchy Cookies | The Complete Cookie | The Complete Cremes | Keto Cookie
Lenny & Larry’s | Facebook | Instagram


You’ve got this “making a school lunch” thing in the bag. With these as options for your school lunch ideas, there is no way a food fight is going to break out. Your kids are going to want to devour every single bite. Don’t feel guilty for sneaking in a bite or two yourself. After all, we need all the help we can get with going back to school!


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School Lunch Ideas: Think Outside The Lunch”box”




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