Chicco Travel System: Traveling Safely with Baby In Their First Year

Let’s be honest. Our lives these days are full of travel. It’s go-go-go, from sun up to sundown. While we’re constantly on the move, it’s important that we travel safely with our children. Finding the right car seat and stroller for your little ones can be utterly overwhelming, but Chicco has our backs!

From the car ride to toting around the endless amount of supplies that come with having children, the Corso LE Modular Travel System makes our lives so much easier! Simple, stylish, and made to last you longer than just one kid.

Chicco Travel System: Traveling Safely With Baby In Their First Year

The Corso LE Modular Travel System starts off smart and safe with the KeyFit 35 Infant Car Seat Base. No more struggling with installation! No more complicated release locks! Best yet, no more anchors to place! The KeyFit 35 Infant Car Seat Base gives you maximum protection with the vehicle’s built-in seatbelt, making it one of the easiest to install. Just strap it in with your normal seatbelt, and you’re set! How easy is that?

The KeyFit 35 Infant Car Seat Base includes premium, intuitive, click-in locks that make the stress of comings and goings a thing of the past.

Attaching the car seat and removing it are both so simple, the task will be a breeze. This car seat base is also extremely affordable, so if you have multiple cars you won’t have to worry about re-installing the base time and time again. Simply add another one to your list and make travel even easier!

Not only does the KeyFit 35 Infant Car Seat Base make life easier, but it gives your child more legroom than before! The anti-rebound bar keeps your little one stable and secure without taking up a ton of room. There’s a good reason that KeyFit is the number one, top-rated in car seat specialty and security.

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The most important part of any Chicco travel system is the car seat. The KeyFit 35 Infant Car Seat was created with #1-rated safety features, ensuring your child is safe wherever you go. The KeyFit 35 Infant Car Seat has a no-rethread harness system, which is a huge deal for us parents. Say goodbye to having to rethread your entire car seat every time your child grows an inch.

Chicco Travel System: Traveling Safely With Baby In Their First Year

The soft, knit fabric provides cushioning around the baby’s precious head, so they will remain comfortable and safe even if you’re on a long road trip. The KeyFit 35 Infant Car Seat also allows more headrest height, legroom, and stability for extended rear-facing. Not only that but the full coverage canopy is equipped with UPF 50+ sun protection for even more protection for your little one! This Corso LE Modular Travel System has truly thought of it all!

Remember the days of getting a whole other stroller when your child is old enough to be forward-facing?

Chicco Travel System: Traveling Safely With Baby In Their First Year

The Chicco Travel System remembers it too. Kiss your frustrations goodbye with the Corso LE Modular Travel System! This stroller is truly one of a kind, as it grows with your child!

Need an even better reason to go for it? This Corso LE Modular Travel System allows you to easily move your baby from car to stroller in one fell swoop, without removing them from the car seat. Simply release the lock on the car seat and click it into the Corso LE Stroller for the perfect, on-the-go solution. No more unbuckling and re-buckling them out of a car seat just to put them in a stroller seat. The easy lift and lock system is guaranteed to save you time and tears, all while keeping your little one safe and secure.

The best part? When your infant transitions from baby to toddler, the same Corso LE Modular Travel System will still be serving you! With an effortless switch of the base on your Corso LE Stroller, the infant seat lock becomes a rear-facing and forward-facing seat for your growing child! From tiny newborn to big kid status, the Chicco Travel System has it all covered.

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Chicco Travel System: Traveling Safely With Baby In Their First Year

With big changes comes the need for big-time storage.

The Chicco Travel System delivers on Storage

The Corso LE Stroller comes equipped with an extra-large storage basket underneath for maximum holding capacity as well as expandable bottle pockets to avoid any and all spills. Even when transitioned to forward-facing, you don’t lose any storage. Add to that the premium leatherette detailing on the handles and you have one amazingly comfortable and stylish way to stroll anywhere and everywhere with your little one.

Storage and beauty are wonderful but can it handle the great outdoors? Absolutely! Uneven terrain poses no problem at all for the Corso LE! Highly designed with an adjustable rear suspension, this stroller can take it on! Its unique, large, rubber wheels are filled with foam to ensure the safest and smoothest ride, regardless of your path.

Transitioning from the newborn car seat attachment to the toddler attachment is easy!

Chicco Travel System: Traveling Safely With Baby In Their First Year

With a simple click of two secure buttons, you’re able to remove the car seat attachment and place the toddler seat. This seat simply slides in and locks securely. While parent-facing, your little one can look at you everywhere you go, and you can keep an eye on them as well! Once they start wanting to see more of the world, all you have to do is flip the seat around!

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Not only is this seat easy to install and store, but it adds a great deal of storage! With two major pockets, one mesh and the other closed with a zipper, you’ll be able to take along anything and everything you need on your journey. The adjustable straps for this seat are hidden in the back of the seat so you can adjust it as your little one grows and still keep it hidden for aesthetic purposes. What about storing the seat when you’re not using it? No worries! Storage for this seat is beyond easy, as it folds in half and zips up, making the transition from seat to seat even easier!

Chicco Travel System: Traveling Safely With Baby In Their First Year

The most impressive feature of the entire Corso LE Modular Travel System? Its one-hand, quick-fold design. This ingenious feature allows you to literally single-handedly collapse and store with the greatest of ease. It can even stand on its own, giving you time to pack the car, give the seat a wipe down, or anything else! Once you’re ready, it will be standing steadily and effortlessly. Also, because of its lightweight design, pulling it in and out of your vehicle will never be a struggle.

When you’re searching for a stroller and car seat system that will grow with your family, there is no doubt that a Chicco travel system is the way to go. The Corso LE Modular Travel System will keep your little one safe, secure, and will ensure that you won’t have to replace anything down the road.

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Chicco Travel System: Traveling Safely With Baby In Their First Year



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