2016 ABC Expo: Baby Gear for the Home

The 2016 ABC Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada boasted thousands of products from some of the most well-known baby and child companies, as well as some of the best and brightest up and coming companies. Our editors Elena and Dani ventured out to find the best of the best for our Daily Mom readers, and we have been dying to tell you all about it! Clothing, diaper bags, baby monitors, swaddles, and sleep aides – you name it, we tested it. Below you will find our favorite products for you to use in your home – sleep aides, food ware, bath time accessories, baby monitors, nursery furniture, and more!


All parents want their children to be safe, and we will do anything we can to keep them that way – even when they are sleeping. Angelcare baby monitors are made to give parent’s peace of mind when their baby is in their most vulnerable state. For years, they have been researching and developing the safest, most innovative products to ensure that parents can rest easy.

Although Angelcare is known for their video and sound monitors, their most recent development is their collection of movement monitors which they displayed at the 2016 ABC Expo. A sensor pad is placed under the child’s mattress and picks up even the slightest movement. If there is no movement for 20 seconds, the monitor will alert you. The monitor’s crisp screen gives you a perfect view of your baby, and you can even monitor the temperature of the room, ensuring that your baby is comfortable. If you need a product to help ensure that your baby is safe while they are sleeping, look no further than Angelcare.


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b.box is a company that strives to bring parents quality products to help make life with kids a little more convenient. Their products focus mainly on feeding and diaper changing for ages 0-3. They are passionate about creating products that are functional for parents and for baby, and they take the time to research things like a child’s developing fine motor skills to create their products.

At the ABC Expo, b.box showcased a number of products for children of different stages of feeding. Their formula dispenser bottle is an innovative product in that it has a compartment at the bottom of the bottle to add powdered formula. When baby is ready to eat, you simply plunge and shake the bottle to mix the water and formula together. It is great for traveling or those late night feedings. 

b.box also offers feeding products for older children. Their bowl/straw combination allows for children to scoop their food with a spoon and then drink the liquid through the straw. It also comes with a removable top for travel. Their toddler cutlery set is great for those children getting ready to eat independently. Both the spoon and fork are designed with little hands in mind, making them easy to hold and easy to pick up food.


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Babyhome is a premiere juvenile products company that focuses on energetic and enthusiastic pieces that will brighten any home and help make life a little bit easier. Their designs are bold and modern, and they pull their inspiration from art, music, and architecture.

Babyhome featured several new products at the ABC Expo in Las Vegas, including this new clip on high chair. This high chair is a great alternative to traditional seating because it allows your child to sit with the family rather than in a separate space, thereby making it easier to model good eating habits.

Babyhome focuses on innovative and creative designs unlike anything you will find in other homes, such as this crib with interchangeable colored slats. They also focus on what parents need on the go, offering a new stroller with several different modes of transportation – a bassinet, rear-facing, and forward-facing. Each position comes with a rebound safety bar for added security.


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Babyletto is a baby product company that creates stylish and convertible furniture and gear in an environmentally friendly way. All their products are made from the safest, most sustainable materials and they are committed to protecting the earth in all of their production and administrative facilities. Their products are made to bring out the fondest of childhood memories in their designs, as well as provide safe products your family can trust.

One of their most recent products on the market is their new glider with a built in charging station for your phone. Never again will you run out of battery while you binge watch Netflix during those endless, late night feeding sessions! All their gliders are made with sustainable and plush materials, delivering a strong level of comfort when you are your most tired. 

Babyletto also has unique furniture pieces to help round out your nursery. Their stylish designs are a great complement to a modern baby’s room and are designed to grow with your child. They have cribs, dressers, changing tables, and items to help keep your little one’s room neat and organized. They also have stylish kid-sized furniture for your child’s play room.


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Bebe Au Lait

Bebe Au Lait is a company that offers nursing gear and baby products for mothers including nursing covers, nursing pillows, muslin swaddles, and changing pad covers. They started the company in their own home, creating nursing covers so that mom Claire felt comfortable nursing in public. Word spread, and now Bebe Au Lait is found in stores all over the country and they are expanding their market to other baby products.

Bebe Au Lait featured new designs and materials at the ABC Expo this year. Their products are still made at the same high quality, but their designs are now in a wide range of modern colors and prints, perfect for any new (or seasoned) nursing mother.

Their muslin blankets are soft blankets made to keep baby cozy in their swaddle or snug in their bed as they grow older. Their collection of designs and prints has grown, offering a wide range of choices to match your nursing decor or your baby’s personality. Their changing pad covers are made from the same soft muslin, offering a comfy spot for baby to rest while getting cleaned up.


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Boon is committed to creating innovative products that help parents tackle all their daily needs. From feeding to bath time to nursery care, Boon has you covered. Boon was created by a mom who realized she needed better products to help with the craziness of bath time. Soon after, the company was started with the help of her business partner, and they have continued to expand their products to other areas of the market. 

The 2016 ABC Expo gave Boon an opportunity to showcase some of their fan favorites as well as some newer products. You may have seen some of Boon’s products in stores like their grass drying rack, but they make so much more. Their new bath time storage container conveniently sticks to the side of your bath tub giving you a place to store all your toys and a place to hang your washcloths when bath time is done.

Parents also love Boon’s innovative products that make meal time (and life!) easier, like their snug snack. These silicone cup covers easily fit over most cups, making any container a mess-free snack time. Whatever parent conundrum you have, Boon has solved the issue. Bath time, eating, and baby care have never been more convenient with Boon’s innovative products.


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DaVinci Baby

DaVinci Baby is a premiere baby furniture company that creates safe and high quality nursery furniture. From cribs to dressers and changing tables to toddler tables, DaVinci provides everything parents need for their baby’s bedroom. Recently, DaVinci partnered up with Carter’s to create a special line of nursery furniture, bringing you the best of both companies in design, safety, and quality.

In fact, DaVinci Baby prides itself in creating safe products that you can trust. Their safety standards far surpass that of nursery furniture standards, including lower lead rates and higher weight for crib slats. DaVinci’s furniture is made from high quality New Zealand Pine, and all their materials are formaldehyde free. They also are Greenguard Gold certified meaning that their cribs and nursery furniture reduce indoor air pollution.


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DockATot is a relatively new product to the baby gear market. Their innovative design creates a cozy nest for baby to rest, relax, and sleep. Babies feel calmer in a snug environment, and DockATot creates that with their loungers. Focused on design and comfort, DockATot is a product that both parents and babies will enjoy. Each material is rigorously tested, and they are fully compliant on safety standards.

The ABC Expo offered DockATot the perfect opportunity to introduce their new product, the Cloudtot. The Cloudtot is a smart monitor you can add to your existing DockATot.

You simply add the pad to the inside of the DockATot, attach the monitor, and sync the monitor with an app on your phone. The Cloudtot gives parents peace of mind that their baby is safe by nudging the baby to move every 12 seconds if no motion is detected. It also has a moisture detecting system that lets you know if your baby needs to be changed.

The DockATot app not only monitors your baby while on their DockATot, but it also plays white noise, monitors the temperature in the room your baby is in, and alerts you when the baby’s room is too quiet or too warm or cold. You can also log all baby’s information on the app including nursing sessions, activity, and doctor’s appointments. The Cloudtot will be available Summer 2017.


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Earth Mama Angel Baby

Earth Mama Angel Baby is an organic baby product company that offers zero toxins, safe, herbal products for both mothers and babies. Their products range from herbal lotions, oils, creams, and teas all made with all-natural and 100% organic ingredients. They focus on helping babies feel good and mothers heal after birth, whether that is pregnancy, postpartum care, breastfeeding care, or even the loss of a baby.

Earth Mama Angel Baby introduced their new Milk to Go Pumping Companion Essentials at the ABC Expo this year. The Milk to Go Pumping Companion comes with a variety of products to help make pumping more comfortable, and to help produce more milk during your sessions. Each kit contains Booby Tubes (reusable gel-free packs to help cool sore nipples and encourage let down), organic Milkmaid tea, Natural Nipple Butter, and Happy Mama Body Wash. It is the perfect gift set for a baby shower or a newly pumping mom.


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Ergobaby’s mission is to provide quality products that enhance the bond between parent and baby. Their soft-structured carriers have become the go-to for parents looking for a baby carrier that’s easy to use and that they can wear for a long period of time. Although they are known best for their ergonomic baby carriers, Ergobaby has expanded their product market to other areas such as swaddles, diaper bags, and nursing pillows.

Ergobaby’s swaddlers are designed to keep baby tucked in and cozy. Their innovative design is escape proof and will keep your child sleeping longer and more peacefully. They have two materials available – original and lightweight – perfect for the changing seasons and variable temperatures.

The Natural Curve Nursing Pillow is a must for all breastfeeding moms. The unique design offers the perfect place for baby to rest while allowing mom to relax. It is made with a solid foam and has a contoured center that helps baby line up tummy to tummy with mom.


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FunBites is in the business of making food fun. Their sandwich cutters easily slice through your favorite lunch time meal, making silly shapes that will help encourage your child to eat. FunBites is easy to use too – simply put the cutter on top of your sandwich, press down 5-6 times, and then use the popper top to help push the pieces out of the cutter.

FunBites come in several different shapes to create elaborate food art, such as squares, hearts, and triangles. They also have new character shapes including Minions and Paw Patrol. It’s easy to make food fun with FunBites, and their plastic cutters are safe for kids with no sharp edges and are fully dishwasher safe for easy clean up.


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HALO is designed with sleep in mind. Their products, ranging from their popular and easy-to-use baby swaddles to their comfy sleep sacks give baby (and parents) a better night’s rest. HALO is committed to educating parents about SIDS and creating safe products to prevent these tragedies.

The ABC Expo was an opportunity for HALO to showcase their new Bassinest Swivel Sleeper. This co-sleeping tool swivels 360 degrees so you can move baby closer to you whenever she needs you. It is designed to make those late night feedings easier by using a unique system whereas the bassinet comes right into the bed next to you. It also has push down drop sides so that you can more easily lift baby out of the bassinet and into your arms.

HALO also introduced a product that will be coming soon, their Snoozypad. This unique pad lays under your child’s crib sheet and creates a soothing sleep environment by playing music or white noise, and it even vibrates to help baby feel like she is still in the womb. You can customize the settings by volume and duration as well. HALO is your place for baby sleep needs, and their new products make those restless nights not so restless.


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Hatch Baby

Hatch Baby is best known for their new, innovative smart changing pads that double as a scale and allows you to monitor your baby’s growth and sleep through their accompanying app. However, Hatch Baby has expanded their market to other products for babies and their parents including their new night lights and their prenatal monitoring system, both of which they showcased at the ABC Expo.

Hatch Baby’s customizable night lights, Rest, not only give a soft, soothing glow to your baby’s room but they also play gentle white noise for better sleep. As your baby grows into a toddler, the night light can be used as an ok-to-wake indicator, letting your child know it’s ok to get out of bed. All of Hatch Baby’s Rest night lights are fully controllable from an app on your phone, by changing the color, volume, and sound that emanates from it. You can preorder one today from Hatch Baby.

Hatch Baby also has developed a monitoring system for before your baby is born. Their Hatch Baby Listen is a prenatal doppler that allows you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat in between doctor’s appointments. You can record your baby’s heartbeat onto your phone so you can listen to it anytime. You can even share this amazing sound with anxious grandparents, friends, and family. Hatch Baby Listen is available for preorder.


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Just Born

Just Born for Baby is a leading company in baby and child products. Their mission is to create safe and comfortable sleep environments so that you and your family get a peaceful night’s rest. They design products for the modern family in mind, so they focus on durability and functionality as well as style and comfort. They make everything from nursery decor and bedding to bath products, all with the highest quality materials.

Just Born’s nursery collections are modern, classic, and timeless. They focus on high quality materials so that your baby is comfortable and sleeps soundly. Their style is something that can grow with your baby and that you won’t tire of by the time they hit toddlerhood. Just Born’s sleep collections include swaddles, crib bedding, sleep sacks, blankets, nursery decor, and changing table covers. Just Born also creates bath products that will make that special bonding time with baby a little more cozy. Their plush robes, towels, and washcloths are soft and durable so you know they will last through all those play time splashes and soothing baths. 


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Love to Dream

Love to Dream is all about sleep. Their swaddle line is committed to creating products that will hep you and your baby get a better night’s rest. However, their swaddle design is a bit different than others you will see on the market. Hana, the creator of Love to Dream, was shown a way to swaddle her fussy baby – with his arms up – that seemed to calm him down. As a fashion designer, a seed was planted and she created a line of baby swaddles that will help even those most active of babies feel snug.

Love to Dream’s collection of swaddles come in a variety of different types and styles. They offer a traditional swaddle with both of baby’s arms inside (but up!), as well as a one-hand out side for transitioning out of the swaddle and a sleep sack version. They have a thicker cotton material for their Original Swaddle, a certified organic cotton swaddle, and lighter, breathable material for the warmer months. If nothing seems to calm your little one, try Love to Dream’s unique design for swaddles.


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Created by a mom of three, Natursutten is a company that offers natural baby products like pacifiers, bottles, teethers, and bottle nipples. Their pacifiers, teethers, and bottle nipples are all made from 100% pure natural rubber to help avoid allergic reactions, artificial colors, chemical softeners, PVC, and phthalates.

Natursutten debuted their new glass bottles at the 2016 ABC Expo. Their glass bottles are made from borosilicate glass, which is dishwasher-safe and can withstand extreme temperature changes. Each bottles comes with Natursutten’s 100% natural rubber nipples. It also boasts a double-valve system to help prevent colic and gas. The bottles are free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, and polycarbonates making it the safer choice in bottle options for your baby.


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Nursery Works

Nursery Works is an ultra-chic nursery furniture company that prides itself in using high fashion designs in creating its pieces. The materials used to make their products, like Baltic birch, 24 karat gold-plated aluminum, and laser-cut stainless steel are not available in mass production, therefore making each of their pieces a rare commodity. Using CNC milling for their production, you know that the furniture you are purchasing is made with high quality levels in an intricate and innovative way.

Another unique feature of CVC milling is that it allows Nursery Work’s design team to create products that cannot be made in mass production, just like their Gradient Crib. The Gradient Crib is made by using a natural hardwood maple. Its fluid design and oval shape breaks free from the traditional four walls of a crib, creating a visually pleasing view of your child’s bed. There is no defined front or back, giving you an experience with nursery furniture that you have never had before.


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Regal Lager

Regal Lager is a distributor of baby and child products for brands like Love to Dream, Nomi, Qdos, Dekor, and Lascal. Many of these brands are not well-known in the United States, and that’s part of what makes Regal Lager unique. They bring in carefully selected brands – ones they see as offering products that are functional, stylish, and different from the current market – and share them with consumers on this side of the ocean. They are current distributors for Nomi, a baby product company that focuses on creating comfortable seating for your child at every age.

The Nomi high chair is a seat that allows children to move even when they are sitting. The hardest part about meal time for many parents is their children not being able to sit still. With the Nomi, kids are able to swivel and move, all while staying at the table. This high chair grows with your child too – from infant, to toddler, to big kid – the Nomi is with you all the way.

Regal Lager also offers safety items from their partners at Qdos and Lascal. Both companies are focused on bringing parents peace of mind when it comes to safe and functional products, and their safety gates are a perfect example of that. From their numerous designs to their easy-to-use functions, they are parent friendly and childproof.


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Sili Kids

Sili Kids is a child tableware company that creates all-silicone eating utensils for children. Their goal is to create 100% food grade silicone-based products to replace traditional plastic utensils. Their products are safe to use, easy to clean, and are a great alternative to the BPA-containing food ware typically found in family’s kitchens.

Sili Kid’s products range from universal cup toppers, silicone straws, silicone-covered glass cups, spoons, playmats, bibs, and reusable snack bags. If you are looking for a safe alternative to tableware for your family, Sili Kids is a great place to look.


Sili Kids | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Skip Hop

Skip Hop is known in the parenting world for their cute yet functional products for parents and kids alike. Created with the desire to create a diaper bag that was stylish yet got the job done, two new parents Micheal and Ellen started the brand of Skip Hop. Over the years the company has grown into areas far surpassing the diaper bag market. Now Skip Hop offers nursery items, clothing, baby toys and gyms, meal time accessories, backpacks and lunch boxes, bath items, and more.

Skip Hop’s nursery line, including clothing and night lights, are perfect for a baby shower gift. Their cute onesies are made with soft, 100% cotton making sure that your baby is comfortable and cool. Their Moonlight and Melodies Nightlight Soother is a nightlight and sound machine in one, making bedtime a peaceful time.

Functionality is the name of Skip Hop’s game. Their bath time accessories make clean up a breeze, and keep your bathroom organized from toys and soaps. Their new Tuo convertible high chair is something that will grow with your child – from meal time messes as a baby and toddler to a comfortable sitting chair for stories as a preschooler. Between their new diaper baths, their nursery and home products, and stroller gear, any parent is ready to conquer the baby world with Skip Hop.


Skip Hop | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

Spot on Square

Spot on Square is a modern design children’s furniture company whose focus is on creating aesthetically pleasing furniture without compromising safety or their passion for eco-friendly items. Started in 2009 by a husband and wife team, Spot on Square was one of the first baby product companies to focus on sustainably sourced products. They created the first acrylic crib, thereby pioneering the way for innovative yet responsible production of products in this market.

One of the most interesting items shown at the 2016 ABC Expo for Spot on Square are their interchangeable crib panels. These panels can be clear or they can be a transparent color – with or without a design. The panels easily slide in and allow for better viewing of the baby, as well as a safer sleep environment. If you’re looking for a sustainable yet unique piece of furniture for your baby’s first room, Spot on Square is a great option. 


Spot on Square | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram


Stokke is a world-renowned baby product company that specializes in bringing high quality items to parents and children. Their market includes strollers, nursery accessories, car seats, high chairs, and baby carriers. If you know a parent on the market for some baby gear, there is a good chance they have heard of Stokke.

Stokke prides itself in being a company that focuses on the child. Each product is carefully designed to care for the well-being of your precious cargo, and they ensure all safety precautions are met. Their products are meant to strengthen the bond between parent and child, which is why you find many of their products – like their strollers and highchairs – higher and forward facing: so that child and parent are always close together.

Although best known for their strollers and high chairs, Stokke also expands into the nursery area. Their bedding and decor are stylish, comfortable, and safe giving parents peace of mind that their little ones are well taken care of in their most vulnerable state. Their cribs range from traditional to unique, and their furniture for older children is functional, fun, and safe. As a parent you can rest assured that Stokke will be there as your child grows.


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Swizz Style

Swizz Style knows that the quality of air we breathe is important, and it is even more so when you have little babies in the house. Their humidifiers, diffusers, and fans provide the comfort your family needs, helping to prevent asthma, eczema, anxiety, and other issues that come with breathing in dry, uncomfortable air. 

Swizz Style’s diffusers allow the user to choose their fragrance using pure essential oils. The intermittent timer allows you to program your diffuser at different timed intervals depending on which one of their many options you choose. Their ultrasonic humidifiers are a must in cooler months, emitting a steady stream of cool mist adding moisture to the air. Humidifiers are great for babies with congestion, dry skin, or any other ailments that come with dry air. Swizz Style also offers air purifiers that help to clear the air of any allergens and is a compact, economical alternative to bulky home HVAC systems.

Swizz Style offers all of these products – diffusers, humidifiers, and air purifiers – along with essential oils. Their wide range of items in each category ensure that you will find exactly what you are looking for depending on your room size, needs, and program features.


Swizz Style

Summer Infant

Summer Infant is a name recognized by parents for their high quality baby sleep and safety products and accessories. Over the years they have strived to become the leading brand in baby monitoring, nursery items, travel needs, safety products, and bath and potty items. The 2016 ABC Kids Expo gave Summer Infant an opportunity to showcase some of their parent favorites as well as show some of their newer and redesigned items.

When baby is all done playing, it’s time for a rest. Summer Infant’s new Swaddle Me Bedside Bassinet is the perfect bedtime accessory for any new and exhausted parent. This unique bassinet allows baby to sleep right next to Mom and Dad, letting everyone get a little more sleep. It rolls for easy convenience to move around your room, and is arched to give baby a more “in the arms” feel. And when baby is ready to move to their own crib, Summer Infant has the vibrating crib wedge making a smoother transition from the bassinet to the crib. 


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Ubabub is a nursery furniture company that creates unique pieces to make your baby’s room just as special as them. Their stylish designs are meant to bring together modern style and functionality. Created by two parents, Ubabub is based in Australia and has just recently come to the United States. Their line of safe, eco-conscious nursery furniture and accessories are just what modern, stylish parents are looking for to complete their nursery collection. 

Ubabub has several different cribs and cots to choose from in their line. Their Pod is a circular crib that can be changed into a toddler bed as your child grows. Their Timber crib comes in either full wood or with a clear, plastic front so you can easily see your baby. Ubabub also displayed new designs at the ABC Kids Expo like their new sleek white crib with intricate skirt designs and coordinating furniture pieces.


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ZoLi is an innovative company that creates products for the modern parent. They focus their designs on products that solve everyday challenges. They are committed to safety, ensuring that their products meet the highest standards. ZoLi is also focused on creating a green environment and creating a smaller footprint for further generations.

ZoLi’s products include food ware such as plates, cups, utensils, placemats, sippy cups, bottles, and more. Their newest collection, in collaboration with Tokidoki, has designs with anime-style characters that bring a brightness and boldness to ZoLi’s traditional designs.

ZoLi also carries baby and toddler first-aid accessories like safety scissors, nasal aspirators, and nail files. They also have teethers, toothbrushes, bottles, and insulated lunch boxes. Anything you need for your baby’s meal time or first-aid needs, ZoLi has you covered with their safe and innovative products.


ZoLi | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

Each year the ABC Expo showcases the newest and most unique baby and child products. Daily Mom spent the entire week in Las Vegas looking for the best to bring to our readers. Diaper bags to strollers, the newest technology in baby monitoring and baby sleep, toys and clothes – we have found all the greatest and most innovative products in the market.

Do you want to read about more amazing products from the 2016 ABC Expo in Las Vegas? Check out our 2016 ABC Expo Roundup: Baby Gear to Get you Going coming soon and Baby Gear to Get you Playing right here on Daily Mom!

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