Parenting & CBD Wellness by vTerra Farms: Nano CBD Easily Outperforms Oil-based CBD

Parenting is hard work. Parenting combined with working during a global pandemic, a teacher shortage, and a looming economic crisis leaves parents feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and reaching for something that will help us reach a place of balance.

The popularity of CBD and the stories of its benefits have taken the world by storm, but for parents these days, conventional CBD Wellness oil doesn’t work well enough, or fast enough. We need better support to get through our daily lives, and we need it fast.

Why Busy Parents Love vTerra for CBD Wellness

Parenting & Cbd Wellness By Vterra Farms: Nano Cbd Easily Outperforms Oil-Based Cbd

vTerra recognized the need for fast-acting, effective CBD and got straight to work formulating products that provide benefits as soon as 15 minutes after use. How is that possible? Because it’s water-soluble, Nano CBD is able to be absorbed 10 times faster into your body than conventional oil-based CBD products. This means you can reach for vTerra as your go-to support for those tough days, restless nights, sore joints, and get relief when you need it most.

The main complaint by oil-based CBD users is that it can take over an hour to kick in, and that’s only if you take a large dose on a consistent basis. It’s too complicated! The beauty of Nano CBD Wellness is that because it’s more potent and fast-absorbing, you can take less and feel faster results. YES! We want that.

Parenting & Cbd Wellness By Vterra Farms: Nano Cbd Easily Outperforms Oil-Based Cbd

Fast Results are Possible with the Right CBD Wellness Options for Mom

Imagine it’s mid-afternoon and as a mom, you’ve just about had it up to your eyeballs with the kids’ temper tantrums, whining, fighting with each other, and complaining about the lunch menu. That’s when the NanoExtract CBD Concentrate would be a necessary savior! Simply add to your favorite meal, water bottle, coffee, or any beverage you desire when you want to feel more calm, focused, and centered.

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The NanoExtract CBD Concentrate is one of the most powerful and adaptable CBD Wellness products available on the market. As you are already trying with all your might to keep your sanity, don’t add to your stress by guessing when your CBD Wellness oil may or may not kick in. That’s the main trouble with conventional oil-based CBD products you may have tried. They don’t offer consistent results, and you may not even feel the effects because they take so long for your body to process. vTerra’s fast-absorbing NanoExtract is easy to dose, absorbs quickly into your body, and you can count on feeling the benefits within 15 minutes of use.

Parenting & Cbd Wellness By Vterra Farms: Nano Cbd Easily Outperforms Oil-Based Cbd

In addition, NanoExtract CBD has one of the highest concentrations of CBD per milliliter of any product on the market – making it extremely potent, and a great value for your money.

The Farm that Produces Nano-encapsulated CBD

vTerra prides itself on producing high-quality CBD Wellness products while also maintaining globally responsible farming practices and methodologies. They are located on a beautiful 143-acre farm in Starksboro, VT that has been organically farmed for over twenty years. They are dedicated to protecting the amazing soil quality by utilizing rotational crops and pastured livestock to reduce the impact of agriculture on the environment. In turn, they produce a heartier and more abundant harvest year after year.

Parenting & Cbd Wellness By Vterra Farms: Nano Cbd Easily Outperforms Oil-Based Cbd

Addressing the Benefits of CBD

Young or old, a body feels best when it is balanced. Stress causes an imbalance in the body’s Endocannabinoid System. This neural network is the body’s neighborhood of thousands of receptor sites that help keep your body in a state of homeostasis.

Parenting & Cbd Wellness By Vterra Farms: Nano Cbd Easily Outperforms Oil-Based Cbd

Each person’s state of homeostasis is different, but it is important to remember that our bodies naturally produce endocannabinoids that bind with these receptors. These help to regulate and maintain healthy metabolic homeostasis – the human body’s happy place. The stress of daily living can impact our body’s ability to regulate and maintain balance, but CBD (Cannabidiol) mimics the effects of the body’s own endocannabinoids, giving your body the tools it needs to get back to a balanced, happy, and healthy state.

Why Conventional Oil-based CBD is Ineffective

The roadmap for conventional oil-based CBD in the human body starts with consumption and moves directly to digestion. Digesting and assimilating CBD oil is difficult and slow because oils do not easily cross from the small intestine into the bloodstream. The body must do a lot of digestive heavy lifting to absorb oil-based CBD, and much is lost as waste before it can be received by receptors in the endocannabinoid system.

In fact, up to 98% of each dose of oil-based CBD is lost as waste – literally flushed down the toilet. When the days are long and your list isn’t anywhere near being checked off, you want immediate relief, and CBD oil just doesn’t cut it. This is where Nano CBD holds the key to fast relief.

Nano-Encapsulation: A Parent’s Best Friend

If conventional CBD oil takes hours to go into effect, what makes vTerra stand out from the competition? vTerra formulations employ a method of nano-encapsulation that turns oil-based CBD molecules into nanoparticles that are smaller in size by one million times! By encapsulating these nanoparticles within special plant-based emulsifiers, they become water-soluble. The human body is 60% water, and common knowledge states that oil and water do not mix. Nano CBD is water-soluble and can be absorbed immediately into your bloodstream without going through the long digestion process. That’s how you can feel the benefits of Nano CBD in minutes rather than hours. That is exactly what busy parents need when searching for relief, absolute CBD Wellness.

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Parenting & Cbd Wellness By Vterra Farms: Nano Cbd Easily Outperforms Oil-Based Cbd

Most moms are aware of the health benefits of apple cider vinegar, and NanoTonic Vermont CBD Fire Cider is excellent for mixing with your favorite juice and a splash of seltzer to wind down after a hard day at work, or finally getting the kids to settle down – even if it takes putting them in front of a movie so you can have a few minutes to yourself. Moms who don’t feel like drinking wine should consider adding a delicious, stress-relieving CBD Wellness mocktail to their evening routine. They are 100% approved by us moms and incredibly beneficial.

Parenting & Cbd Wellness By Vterra Farms: Nano Cbd Easily Outperforms Oil-Based Cbd

Made with organic apple cider vinegar (hello probiotics), fresh ginger from their farm, and a touch of pure VT maple syrup, NanoTonic is perfect as a tart and tangy health CBD Wellness shot, or add it right to your favorite fruit smoothies!  Anyone who is feeling the heat and pressure beyond what they can handle will benefit from adding NanoTonic to their day.

vTerra Makes CBD Wellness Affordable

When CBD was first introduced, the cost per kilogram of purified CBD was thousands of dollars. This meant that the products on the shelf were not only costly but also ineffective as they were not nano-encapsulated. While costs of purified CBD have since lowered, many companies who produce conventional oil-based CBD have not lowered their prices. There’s a lot of price gouging going on. When you finally find a CBD that works for you, you want it to be something you can comfortably purchase on a regular basis.

vTerra has found a way to provide high-quality and budget-friendly products to parents so that they can get back to what matters most. vTerra can provide an affordable and effective product because they do all the work themselves. From growing to bottling, vTerra creates your recipe for relief from seed to sale on their vertically integrated farm in Vermont.

CBD Wellness Options for Parents On the Go

NanoFruit Whole Fruit Gummies are so fresh, they need to be kept out of heat and sunlight, so if you take them along on your errands, just don’t leave them in a hot car.

It doesn’t matter where you are, feeling overwhelmed can spring on you like a two-year-old who decided that now was the best time to test your patience in the middle of Target with a pair of lungs that would make Celine Dion jealous. When you don’t have time for the oil-based CBD Wellness supplements to kick in (to keep your stuff together), the NanoFruit Whole Fruit Gummies, available in two sizes, provide a potent dose of full-spectrum Nano CBD in a convenient gummy. These low-sugar gummies are made with farm-fresh blueberries and lightly sweetened with monk fruit extract and pure Vermont maple syrup.

Each NanoFruit gummy contains 20 mg of CBD. Whether you need to relax or recover after a hard workout, the wide spectrum of uses makes this goodness versatile for all parents. Bonus: Save 15% on your order with code DAILYMOM15!

When The Pains Hit – This CBD Wellness Option Works Fast

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For those parents who are looking for a topical CBD Wellness therapeutic option, the same nano-encapsulated CBD is in vTerra’s NanoBody whipped lotion. Moisturizing mango butter and apricot kernel oil massage beautifully into your skin, delivering powerful relief to sore muscles, tense shoulders, and pains in the neck. Relieves pain and it leaves mom’s (or dad’s) skin incredibly soft and supple? Sign us up! 

Parenting & Cbd Wellness By Vterra Farms: Nano Cbd Easily Outperforms Oil-Based Cbd

This is perfect for those days your neck feels stiff, your shoulders feel the weight of the world, and those kids are still asking you what’s for dinner. So if you need a little extra support on top of the physical nuances, combine NanoBody with one of the ingestible products to quickly target your aches from all angles.

vTerra’s commitment to busy moms and dads and anyone who needs an effective CBD wellness product is reflected in their commitment to simple ingredients, good science, and high standards. Finding balance while parenting can be tricky, especially when there are so many options on the market. Choosing vTerra means choosing the highest quality, most effective CBD wellness products that give fast, reliable results that fit your budget and your busy lifestyle; especially when you use the code: DAILYMOM15  to save 15% on your order with vTerra!

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Parenting & Cbd Wellness By Vterra Farms: Nano Cbd Easily Outperforms Oil-Based Cbd



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