Kitchen Essentials To Add To Your Fall Decor

When it comes to designing your house with fall decor, finding the perfect kitchen essentials must be at the top of your list. Treasured of time is spent in the kitchen around and fall is the perfect time to begin cooking and baking some of your favorite seasonal treats and dishes. This can’t be done without some kitchen essentials that will not only serve as cooking and prep accessories but also double as fall decor that can be utilized in many different ways. Whether you are displaying your fall foods or using some of the kitchen essentials to display fall-themed decor, your kitchen can tie into the rest of your house’s fall vibe.

Fall Kitchen Essentials to Help Prepare for the Holidays


“I’m a little teapot short and stout…” While this tune may ring through your head every time you make a cup of tea, this winter give the tea lover in your life the beautiful gift of a high-quality teapot from Chantal. Alternatively, if you are updating your kitchen just in time for the holidays, pick up the beautiful teapot from Chantal Classic Enamel on Steel Teapot just in time to serve tea after Thanksgiving Dinner or with Christmas Bruch. We love the cobalt blue this season, but there are several colors of this classic teapot available. With its quick boil, stay-cool handle, and harmonica whistle, this classic teapot is a gorgeous addition to any tea service and kitchen this season.

The Chantal stoneware-covered butter dish is another great addition to the kitchen or holiday table this season. Also available in a variety of colors, this heavy, durable covered butter dish looks great on the counter or the table this season. Dishwasher safe and non-porous so it never interacts with the butter inside, the Chantal Covered Butter Dish is available in both full size and mini to meet your needs this holiday and all year round.

Chantal Classic Enamel on Steel Teapot | Chantal Covered Butter Dish
Chantal | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


Add a special touch to your holiday baking with the rolling pins from embossed. Crafted of 100% pure high-grade solid beech wood, these rolling pins are hand-carved and embossed using a high-quality laser for an intricate and design that will add a decorative flair to this season’s baked goods. the rolling pins from embossed are also 100% food-safe and free of BPA or any other toxic preservatives. Available in a variety of patterns and designs, embossed’s rolling pins are great for baking, and even arts and crafts, making them a fabulous addition to your kitchen this upcoming season of celebration.

Rolling Pin
embossed | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Pino Grande Woodworking

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The best items for your home are the ones that have multiple functions and it’s a bonus if they’re beautiful. This fall, welcoming items from Pino Grande Woodworking incorporates the beautiful colors of nature during the fall into your home’s kitchen essentials and fall decor. Handcrafted and carefully constructed, these pieces will serve your family and your home for years to come and will be a sought-after piece for generations.

This fall, serve the people you love with a piece that was crafted with delicate care. The 18″ Walnut Round Serving Board is the optimal item for gifting or simply elevate your serving ware. This walnut cheese board, accented with maple, mahogany, and wenge inlay is smooth and soft to the touch but hardy enough to hold snacks for all of your guests. This serving board is food-safe as each board is finished with a plant-based, water-resistant, eco-friendly Belgian hard wax. This will protect your board and make clean-up a breeze so your board will keep looking its best for years to come.

18″ Walnut Round Serving Board
Pino Grande Woodworking | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


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Let’s be honest: one of our favorite things about fall are the flavors! Make sure your kitchen essentials are helping you create the best meals this season making sure everything is cooked to perfection with Thermapen ONE. Gone are the days of waiting for 30 seconds or to hear a beep when the rest of the kitchen is noisy, everything about this kitchen gadget was designed to make your life (and your food) better than ever by giving you a precise temperature readout in one second or less.

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daily mom parent portal kitchen essentials

The rotating display moves with you, and the backlight is better than ever. It’s waterproof and auto-detects whether or not it is in use. The Thermapen ONE will quickly become your right-hand man in the kitchen and you’ll notice the difference immediately between high-quality kitchen essentials and those whose performance leaves you (and your guests) wanting more. Use it for baked chicken breasts, fish cooked over an open flame or even a slow-cooked brisket. This fall, the menu of your dreams can be made a reality and it’s easier than ever before with kitchen essentials like the Thermapen ONE.

Thermapen ONE
ThermoWorks | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube


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Everyone loves fresh, cold smoothies on a hot summer day. However, making smoothies isn’t always easy as they can be time-consuming and interrupt your activities. BlendJet’s innovative portable blender is designed to make lives easier and healthier with its compact and lightweight design.

The amazing BlendJet 2 contains a more powerful motor and doubled battery capacity making BlendJet 2 five times more powerful than BlendJet One. This world-famous blender features powerful stainless steel blades which can blend ice, protein powders, and frozen fruit in just 20 seconds. This ingenious 16oz blender contains a water-resistant USB-C charging port, a measuring cup, and a lock mode to prevent accidental blending.

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It can last over 15 blends & recharges quickly, comes in various fun colors, and you can also drink straight from the jar, making it convenient for traveling. BlendJet also offers the JetPack® Ready-to-Blend Protein Smoothies in multiple flavors, including Strawberry Banana, Blueberry Acai, Peanut Butter Power Breakfast, and more. Each of these nutrient-rich packets is made in California with no artificial ingredients. Just add water or milk, and voila, you will have a rich, creamy smoothie in minutes!

Now you can travel anywhere in the world and make fresh smoothies, protein shakes, and milkshakes with the innovative BlendJet.

BlendJet 2 | Strawberry Banana | Blueberry Acai | Peanut Butter Power Breakfast
BlendJet | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


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If you want to refresh your cabinets with kitchen essentials such as beautiful new glassware, but the idea of contributing more to your carbon footprint is holding you back, then allow us to introduce you to Neutrall and their completely adorable 8oz Upcycled Glass Cups. These eco-friendly glass cups are American made and sturdy.

Each cup holds 8 oz, so it is perfect for unique barware, fresh juice, or even children’s beverages. This is the most carbon neutral glassware you can buy because every step of the process takes their footprint into consideration. Not only will your cabinets hold beautiful glassware, they will also keep carbon neutrality at the front of your mind.

8oz Upcycled Glass Cups
Neutrall | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Copper H20

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Adding beautiful features to your home is undoubtedly one of our favorite things about fall, but when those features become functional and even benefit our overall health, that’s when they become must-have kitchen essentials. This season, we are staying hydrated in style with the Copper Carafe by Copper H20. According to Ayurvedic medicine, copper-infused water gives significant health benefits, and after it is hammered, these benefits are multiplied.

This Copper Carafe is one-of-a-kind, as its artisan creation leaves it slightly unique from the next. At 37 ounces and 8 inches in height, this delicate carafe adds beautiful benefits to your kitchen counter, your desk at work, or even your nightstand. Don’t worry about your hard surfaces as this carafe is lined with felt on the bottom.

Enjoy the benefits of drinking from energized water whenever and wherever you’d like with Copper H20.

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Copper Carafe
Copper H20 | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Garrett Wade

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The holiday season is filled with sweet and savory smells that we can’t wait to taste again, and Garrett Wade has all the gear you need to make your menu a reality. This season, after a year of making homemade bread as one of our favorite past times, we can showcase our talents in their beautiful Stoneware Bread-Baking Cloche. This cloche serves many purposes but each of them is integral to the bread-making process.

Use this cloche to proof your dough, or bake your bread inside of it to achieve that crunch that is signature to artisan-style loaves. When you’re not baking, using it as a bread box or even a cookie jar is an outside-the-box way to enjoy being in your kitchen, and this Christmas, finding joy in our homes is the greatest gift we are receiving from Garrett Wade.

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Every kitchen needs a set of knives. The handmade Birds-Beak Style Paring Knives are not only unique but functional. The three-pack knife set features rosewood handles and brass pins. There are three different sizes: The largest knife has a  3¼” blade making it a perfect everyday knife for cutting and slicing.

The mid-size features a bird’s beak shape making it sharp and your go-to blade for peeling apples because it will leave you with a lot more fruit and much less waste. The smallest size has a 2¼” blade with a birds-beak making it great for peeling and scoring potatoes. Not only will you save time, money, and energy, these vintage knives will help you create masterpieces in the kitchen that the whole family will enjoy.

Stoneware Bread-Baking Cloche | Three Vintage Birds-Beak Style Paring Knives
Garrett Wade | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest


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Harmful plastics make up over 80% of baby/child tableware products that are available today! However, kids love using these products as they are tailor-made for their small hands and small portions. Finally, there are products you can add to your home this Fall made specifically for children but without harmful chemicals. Introducing a line of children’s dinnerware from Ahimsa (which literally means “avoiding harm” in Sanskrit). Ahimsa is redefining mealtime by creating tableware that is free of harmful chemicals. Dr. Mantravadi is a board-certified pediatrician and mother of 3 and is the founder of Ahimsa so you can rest assured that their products meet the strictest standards.

Ahimsa designed the world’s first stainless steel dinnerware specifically for kids, and it is available in various colors. Their Stainless Steel Child Set includes an 8 oz bowl and cup, as well as a compartment plate to make mealtime fun but organized! A fork and spoon are included, but not too sharp for curious children! All of the dinnerware is completely dishwasher safe and does not peel or chip. The products are available in classic stainless steel, or in a rainbow or iridescent blue. This set is recommended for ages 12 months and above.

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So let’s make mealtime fun and safe again with Ahimsa products that are designed specifically for kids! With beautiful colored products, your child’s dinnerware will be as colorful as the leaves this Fall.

Stainless Steel Child Set
Ahimsa | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


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EcoVessel’s insulated travel mug, known as The Perk, is great for hot or cold tea or coffee. It’s even great for loose-leaf tea because it has a removable strainer that can be used for tea or fruit. The Perk boasts TriMax® Triple Insulation, which keeps drinks hot for up to 8 hours and cold for up to 36 hours. The Perk is the perfect size for your kiddos to use as a water bottle at school because it has an easy push-button top and a lock to prevent leaks. The Perk does come in 16- and 20-ounce sizes, as well as several color choices.

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EcoVessel partners with Ukonserve to offer the Divided Stainless Steel Rectangle Container, which makes food prep a breeze. The 25-ounce container is perfect for lunches, picnics, or outdoor adventures. The dishwasher-safe container has a divider so you can separate food. The leak-resistant lid comes in three colors (lime, ocean, and clear) and keeps food fresh.

The Perk | Stainless Steel Rectangle Container
EcoVessel | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Verve Culture

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If you’re planning to have friends over for a fantastic fall fiesta, impress them with quality kitchen essentials from Verve Culture

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Mexican restaurants are known for their gorgeous glassware, but now thanks to Verve Culture, you can enjoy beautiful Handblown Glasses as part of your own collection of kitchen essentials. Crafted by glassblowing artisans in Jalisco, Mexico, they are made from recycled glass and are available in gorgeous vibrant orange swirl and aqua color choices. 

These Handblown Glasses will look great on your fall dinner table, whether you’re having quesadillas, carne asada or tacos! Best of all, Verve Culture partners with artisans across the globe to bring you handmade, responsibly sourced, kitchen gear. We’ll drink to that!

Handblown Glasses
Verve Culture | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest


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Do you enjoy your homemade cappuccinos and lattes? Want to add some coffeehouse flair right at home? Of course the answer to both of those questions is a resounding “Yes!” Get your kitchen essentials on board with Subminimal. You know that coffee-related accessories takes priority on our list of kitchen essentials! With the Subminimal NanoFoamer you can add the touches once only reserved for the most expensive of home brew machines.

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With screens for ordinary, fine, or superfine foam, the NanoFoamer offers a custom experience with a better taste and texture than you ever thought you could get at home. Oh, and it cleans up quickly and easily, too!

Want to really step your coffee game up? Impress your friends and family and learn to make your own latte art. Subminimal offers the latte art MasterClass when you register your purchase. (Totally worth it!) Be your own barista with Subminimal NanoFoamer.

Subminimal NanoFoamer
Subminimal | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


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Before the time change in November, dark mornings are hard to get started. Add some pizazz to your kitchen essentials with fun items from Redbubble, a global online marketplace where independent artists sell their unique designs such as aprons, mugs, clothing, phone cases, and much more.

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Start your morning routine with this Funny Swedish Chef Apron. You will have a blast cooking with this multipurpose, 100% polyester, machine washable, and durable apron. Top of your breakfast with a hot cup of coffee or tea in Nikola’s Design Mug. This mug has Tesla designs and a logo written all over the mug. Your morning routine will become much more enjoyable with these creative Funny Swedish Chef Apron and Nikola’s Design Mug.

Nikola’s Design Mug | Funny Swedish Chef Apron
Redbubble | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Shanti Creations

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Can candles be categorized as kitchen essentials? We think so! Shanti Creations offers simple yet elegant creamy white Zero-Waste Coconut Wax Candles made with 100 percent essential oils and a cotton wick. The essential oils provide relaxing aromatherapy in a variety of scents. The candles do not have dyes, phthalates, or other toxins. The Shanti Creations candles come in Mason jars that can be upcycled, so they are zero waste candles.

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Shanti Creations offers a variety of products to reuse their candle jars and craft some of your favorite new kitchen essentials from them. For example, the Salt & Pepper Shaker Attachment Lid by JarWare transforms an empty mason jar into a functional kitchen tool. The pepper goes in the middle tube and the salt goes in the actual jar. The top seals completely on the jar and it closes. To use spin the BPA-free lid so the salt-only holes open, the pepper-only holes open or the holes for both are open.

Zero Waste Coconut Wax Candles | Salt & Pepper Shaker Attachment Lid
Shanti Creations | Facebook

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Cirkul is an innovative company that creates BPA-free plastic and stainless steel bottles in various sizes and colors to help you keep up with keeping hydrated. These Cirkul water bottles contain flavor cartridges with intensity dials ranging from 1-10 to decide how strong you want the flavor.

The cartridges are available in more than 40 flavors, including Strawberry Watermelon, Fruit Punch, Mixed Berry, Strawberry Kiwi, and more. These delicious flavors have zero calories, no sugar, no artificial colors, and many cartridges contain vitamins/electrolytes. Cirkul offers many affordable build-your-own bundles that allow you to customize your plan according to your hydration needs. Cirkul water bottles and flavor cartridges are here to quench your thirst with their delicious, flavorful water!

Bundle Builder
Cirkul | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Cork Pops

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Cork Pops knows that dreamy nights spent by a fire under a cozy blanket while sipping your favorite wine remain just a dream unless you have a fabulous wine opener. This fall, enhance your wine-drinking experience while adding to your fall kitchen essentials with the new Matte Legacy Wine Bottle Opener With 4-Blade Foil Cutter. This opener looks high-end but opens your bottle of wine in just a matter of seconds without the twisting and turning required by other traditional openers. Simply cut the foil with this 4-blade foil cutter, press the button, and out pops your cork.

This adorable utensil will soon become your favorite way to open a bottle of wine, even if it’s just to show off how useful and attractive it is.

Matte Legacy Wine Bottle Opener With 4-Blade Foil Cutter
Cork Pops | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Precidio Design

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Families love to be out and about during fall, so make sure your kitchen essentials make food fun while you’re out on the go.

Precidio Design specializes in designing and manufacturing on-the-go beverage and food-friendly products, using leading-edge materials to deliver unique and fun solutions that enable people to drink and eat better while reducing their footprint on the planet. The award-winning Drink In The Box is a leak and squirt-proof reusable drink box designed to enjoy healthy drinks while reducing the impact of disposable juice boxes on the environment!

Pair the drink box with the reusable Snack In The Box as it enables you to pack healthy and fun snacks for kids on the go while keeping all the food from being crushed or mushed. It’s a healthy dry-snack container with twin Tritan 4 ounce chambers and pop-up lids for easy pouring. It’s made with durable and safe USA Tritan BPA and Phthalate Free. Snack In The Box and Drink In The Box make the perfect companions that enable parents to pack healthy lunches.

Snack In The Box | Drink In The Box
Precidio Design | Facebook | Instagram


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Everyone looks forward to spending time with family and friends during the holiday season, partaking in seasonal activities, and, of course, enjoying the best home-cooked meals. Serving those special meals for family time requires kitchen essentials that are useful and beautiful. Brandless™ offers homecare products, including cleaning, household, and kitchen essentials including high-quality tableware at affordable prices.

The beautiful Porcelain Rim Dinner Plates and Porcelain Cereal Bowls are the perfect duos to entertain guests during the holidays.

The Porcelain Plates come in a set of four and are 10.5 inches in diameter, allowing guests plenty of space to fill their plates with holiday goodies. The versatile Porcelain Cereal Bowls come in a set of two and are perfect for your breakfast oatmeal or Grandma’s mashed potatoes. The dishes are 100% dishwasher and microwave safe for easy cleaning and durability. 

This holiday, impress your family and friends with beautiful tableware from Brandless™ that is functional and a lovely addition to your table setting.

Porcelain Rim Dinner Plates – Set of 4| Porcelain Cereal Bowls – Set of 2
Brandless™ | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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Keeping your meal and snacks fresh can be challenging, especially if you’re traveling. Take your kitchen essentials “to go”! The Insulated Lunch Box by Whiskware is the perfect insulated soft lunch box that will keep your food fresh for hours where ever your journey takes you. The lunch box comes in three colors: black, coral, and navy. Its roomy interior makes it easy to pack a generous amount of food, including sandwiches, fruit, cheese & crackers, and a salad.

daily mom parent portal kitchen essentials

The outer mesh pockets are perfect for holding water bottles or your favorite soda. One of the best features is the velcro clasp inside the box, which is designed to hold a Whiskware Stackable Snack container (sold separately). The convenient clip buckle is excellent for attaching the lunch box to a piece of luggage or backpack, and the box is easy to clean; just wipe with a warm damp cloth.

The Insulated Lunch Box is the perfect food storage bag that will keep your homemade masterpieces fresh longer.

Insulated Lunch Box
Whiskware| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

These kitchen essentials are great additions to your fall lifestyle and will be able to showcase both your fall decorating and cooking skills. Whether you are showing off your delicious fall recipes with these kitchen essentials or just want to look like you can, you will be enjoying this seasonal time as we patiently await for the holidays to roll in!

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