26 Spectacular Spring Home Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

Spring cleaning is a time for out with the old and in with the new. Whether that means switching up the color scheme in your home from the darker shades of winter to the pastels of Spring or the bright and bold colors of Summer, or revamping rooms and redesigning your space to your liking, Daily Mom is here with tons of home decor ideas that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical too. From your indoor to your outdoor living spaces, Spring is a time to spruce up your bedrooms, living rooms, and even your patios to make your homes the place you love to live, work, and play!

Indoor Home Decor Ideas for Spring


Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Home Decor Ideas

When was the last time you slept outdoors in the middle of a tropical rain forest (without the bugs of course)? Breathing deep, fresh air, understanding that nothing toxic was invading your lungs, irritating your skin, or triggering body aches due to the ground being too hard or too soft? Never right?! But wouldn’t it be great, though…remember, no bugs, to have an environment that promotes health, deep sleep, and there are zero chemicals?!

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We thought so too, that’s why the next best thing in 2021, with this spring’s home decor ideas, we introduce the natural goodness of Mother Earth into your bedroom, specifically Naturepedic. You see, there are no man-made chemicals found naturally in nature… just trash and junk made by man…gross!

Since Mother Nature doesn’t have any of those nasties naturally…why should you sleep on them? Time to chuck those chemical-laden mattresses and open the doors to an organic oasis that will have you sleeping on healthier materials for a healthier night’s sleep. Night after glorious night with Naturepedic’s EOS Classic Organic Mattress, it’s FULLY customizable for each person (think Build-a-Bear except for grown-ups: build-an-organic-mattress) to naturally sleep as…Mother first intended!

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Naturepedic’s EOS Classic Organic Mattress gives you an amazing night of sleep because of the customizable organic latex mattress. You’ll have postural support that contours to your body shape so you feel ultra snug and comfortable as you drift off to slumberland. 

Daily Mom Parent Portal Naturepedic5

You may not have control over your kids or how often you need to wear a mask, so when it’s time to go to bed…you are in complete control of how YOU want to sleep, independent of your spouse or partner. With the five essential components:

  • Quilt –  the organic cotton fabric + organic wool batting + PLA comfort layer
  • 3″ organic latex comfort layer (wrapped in organic cotton fabric)
  • 8″ encased coils with edge support (organic cotton outer encasement)
  • Organic cotton batting
  • Encasement (organic cotton fabric + organic cotton fill + solid brass zipper)
Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Home Decor Ideas

Did you know organic comes in a mattress!? It blows our mind how it’s done, but Naturepedic’s EOS Classic Organic Mattress has truly done it, and because it’s customizable, it pretty much trumps any doubt that an upgrade is in order. The organic materials you’ll want to sleep on are made from organic cotton – the purest form of cotton that is the healthiest compared to synthetic fabrics and foams.

Since it’s sourced directly from USDA-certified sources right here in the U.S. of A, you can be certain the quality is outstanding. Pair those organic goodies with the luxurious stretch knit fabrics, you pretty much have a king and queen’s bed in the making. 

Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Home Decor Ideas

Naturepedic’s EOS Classic Organic Mattress has complete organic wool batting, that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, the PLA layer – the high-performance material made from non-GMO sugarcane is pretty sweet, and finally, organic latex and glueless encased coils complete your natural mattress customization. 

Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Home Decor Ideas

The fresh and inspiring new design is perfect when you are looking for fresh ideas and a new look to your bedroom decor. You may not even want to cover up the mattress it’s so beautiful! However, since you must, the Organic Protector Pads and Organic Sheets & Pillowcases complete your ultimate mattress make-over ensemble, inspired by Mother Nature herself. You don’t need chemically treated covers or sheets to protect your investment. The stretch-knit Organic Protector Pads keep everything clean and accident-proof without hazardous materials. Saying you’ll rest easy is an understatement! 

Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Home Decor Ideas

The hygienic, waterproof, 2-layered organic cotton jersey of the Organic Protector Pad is super thin, creating the much-needed waterproof barrier in the center of the pad. Made with the DrySleep™ technology (oh, yes, bu-bye night sweats that soil a mattress) it easily blocks liquids from seeping through while allowing water vapor to escape and dry. No more clammy feelings in the middle of the night! Oh, and yes, it also blocks allergy-inducing dust-mites from penetrating through to the mattress’s surface. 

Once the mattress protector is in place, wrap yourself and your love in the Organic Sheets & Pillowcases. Made with sustainable 100% certified organic cotton, this 400 thread count luxury sheet set is deep enough to fit 15” mattresses and comes in subtle spring colors to match nearly any bedroom decor. Whenever you’re lying in that soft and silky fabric, you won’t want to leave the comfort and luxury of your amazing bed. 

Naturepedic’s EOS Classic Organic Mattress and accessories are turning the bedroom into, not only a place of amazing sleep but also a place where it’s incredibly healthy to stay asleep! A clear head and a rested body is something everyone desires the moment they wake up…and now you can. Choosing a Naturepedic certified organic mattress means more than making sure you get a healthier night’s sleep. It also means you’re helping to create a cleaner, safer, healthier world.  

EOS Classic Organic Mattress | Organic Protector Pads | Organic Sheets & Pillowcases
Naturepedic | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Schmidt Bros.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Home Decor Ideas

The Carbon 6, 15-Piece Knife Block Set by Schmidt Bros will add a touch of elegance to your kitchen décor. The Carbon 6, 15-Piece Knife Block Set includes an 8.5” bread knife, 8.5” carver-slicer, 8” chef’s knife, 7” serrated utility knife, 7” hollow-ground santoku knife, 4” paring knife, 6” deli, 6 x 4.5” steak knives, a two-stage sharpener, and the beautiful Downtown Acacia wood knife block for display. With this gorgeous knife set, your family will build memories in the kitchen creating delicious meals together for years to come.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Home Decor Ideas
Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Home Decor Ideas

The Cutlery 6 Carbon, 15 pc Knife Block Set, by Schmidt Bros. will add a modern feel to your kitchen this spring. Each knife is crafted from German Stainless Steel, which provides amazing strength, durability, edge retention, and excellent balance to each and every one of the knives. This set of knives also features the patented Schmidt Brothers Curve which decreases slippage and makes for a relaxed grip. Not only do these knives grab everyone in the kitchen’s attention because of their sleek and contemporary feel, but cooking and food prep is a breeze thanks to their ultra-sharp blades.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Home Decor Ideas
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Springtime is the perfect time to revise your spring home décor ideas with the classy and sophisticated Schmidt Bros. Cutlery Knife Blocks. The Cutlery Carbon 6, 15 pc Knife Block Set is a great gift for someone or yourself for spring home décor kitchen updates. Head into the kitchen with a basket of your favorite seasonal berries and vegetables and a set of Schmidt Bros. knives. There are bound to be delicious meals and desserts created. Schmidt Bros. cutlery comes with a lifetime guarantee because their company believes their product is top quality. Schmidt Bros. offers a variety of styles making it a cinch to find the right style knives for your kitchen needs.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Home Decor Ideas

Carbon 6, 15 PC- Knife Block Set
Schmidt Bros. | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Lively Root

Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Home Decor Ideas

There’s nothing quite like the ambiance that is creating by simply adding a gorgeous plant to a room. With an incredible array of greenery from Lively Root, the beginner budding green-thumb planter or the experienced plant enthusiast has plenty to choose from for adding to their Spring home decor ideas. Take the beginner-friendly Dracaena Collection Black Leaf and add it to brighten up a new homeowner’s room. Since it’s silly-easy to care for, even those who “kill plants”, won’t have a problem keeping this beauty thriving.

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Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Home Decor Ideas

The collection of four types of dragon plants in one convenient pot are two Magenta, one Lemon Lime, one Florida Beauty and one Sanderiana. It’s a stunning addition for such a low-maintenance plant. Enjoy the purified air as you do some spring decorating around your home, this plant is so adaptable to its environment, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well it will thrive with little care!

This spring we’re loving these houseplants! With all the zoom meetings and virtual classes going on, a plant next to you or behind you in the background just feels homey and alive. If you really want to spice things up a bit and create a dynamic contrast to your area, get the Spiders and Peacocks bundle. The colors and textures are incredibly beautiful and eye-catching. With two peacock plants and two spider plants, the round leaves with a stunning red underneath mingled with the tropical vibe of the jagged foliage, this show-stopper is sure to dress up a room no matter where it’s placed!

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If you need something to go on the patio, the Sago Palm is an excellent choice. It’ll be like bringing a sense of the tropics to your outdoor space, transforming a dull area into a lively room to hang out. It’s a hardy little thing so it’s perfect for the spring decorator who doesn’t have a lot of experience with plants. The textured trunk and shiny green leaves bring a lovely contrast to any room inside or outdoors, either way, the air will be a little bit purer.

Keep all the plants together or split them up and make a party out of it, either way, it’s a gorgeous collection to add to your spring home decor.

Dracaena Collection Black Leaf | Sago Palm | Spiders and Peacocks
Lively Root | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


Img 4036

If you love to be in the kitchen, then chances are you are constantly using tools to create meals for you and your family. Careful love, care, and thought goes into preparing meals, so shouldn’t that same care and thought go into your tools, too? Earlywood believes so, in fact, it is one of the cornerstones of their philosophy.

Each piece of Earlywood designs is crafted from high, heirloom-quality wood that is sustainably sourced from Central and South America. Further, this company donates $1 Nature Conservancy to restore the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil for every purchase made on their website. Each piece of wood has a purpose, from scraps to sawdust. Sustainability, coupled with top-tier wooden utensils, makes Earlywood a top contender for a kitchen refresh this spring.

Random trips to a grocery store or even bargain second-hand finds typically fill out the utensil drawers of households across the United States, so to hit “reset” on the tools you use in the busiest room of your home, you’ll want an all-in-one set. This is why we adore the newlywood set. Not only are you updating your utensils, but adding this set immediately conserves counter space and adds some serious aesthetic appeal. The newlywood set contains everything you need to prepare, serve, and even taste your kitchen creations. This kit contains:

  • 2 Large Flat Sautes (use both as salad tongs).
  • 1 Tera Scraper (perfect for cast-iron).
  • 1 Large Spreader (from cake frosting to peanut butter).
  • 1 Classic Ladle (a centerpiece for serving soup and chili).
  • 1 Long Server (for serving everything else). 
  • 1 set of 4 tasting spoons (just plain fun).
  • 1 concrete utensil holder to display it all in for major counter
      appeal (perfectly accents the woods).

By investing in this functional art piece, you are investing in your overall kitchen experience. The pandemic saw an uptick in home chefs displaying their skills on social media, so if we’re spending time fine-tuning our home dining experience, step up your game with this set. As Earlywood states: Cook good food, share good food, eat good food. We couldn’t agree more.

Img 4130
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The hands are the best tool to use when it comes to creating dough in the kitchen, but when it comes time to roll it out, you need a tool that will get your hands as close to your dough as possible. The french rolling pin does just that. This agile tapered rolling pin gives a close-up baking experience where maneuverability and pressure regulation are essential. 

Img 4138

The size of this french rolling pin makes it easy to go from personal pot pies to rolling out large pizza dough. One tool that does an exquisite job is worth more than 10 tools that don’t even come close! This beauty is also made from the same quality wood as their other designs, so it will quickly become a conversation starter in your kitchen.

This year, spruce up your cooking space with Earlywood.

the newlywood set | french rolling pin
Earlywood | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Pinterest

Garnet Hill

Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Home Decor Ideas

Garnet Hill is all about the soft, subtle classics perfect for updating your home this Spring. Their home decor ideas and options will have you pining for warmer days, plentiful gardens, and beautiful Springtime celebrations. Whether you are revamping your living space or decorating your waterfront vacation home, Garnet Hill has timeless yet trendy styles that will keep your home and living space aesthetically pleasing now and for many years to come.

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Classic comfort and timeless color schemes grace the signature bedding Garnet Hill designs. Providing luxurious and cozy sleep spaces, this Spring we love the lightweight cotton Dream Quilt Collection. Quilted by hand, this 100% cotton collection offers the ideal all-season comfort and weight; the Dream Quilt and Dream Shams provide the perfect bedding ensemble for complementing any bedroom decor. From traditional to modern, no matter the look you are seeking the solid color palette and subtle rippled texture of this bedding collection make it perfect for pairing with everything from patterned sheets to boho wall art. Use this bedding as the focal point or the base of your room’s decor; the possibilities are endless and the nights are glorious with this uber-soft bedding from Garnet Hill.

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For a bit of additional warmth, add the lightweight and unbelievably soft Chunky Waffle Weave Blanket from Garnet Hill to your bedding collection this season. While the Springtime weather is warming the evenings are still cool and breezy, so make sure to snuggle up in this timeless layering piece crafted of 100% organic cotton. Pair with the Dream Quilt Collection for a luxurious and exquisite sleep experience now and all year long.

Dream Quilt | Dream Sham | Chunky Waffle Weave Blanket
Garnet Hill | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Home Decor Ideas

The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, grass is green and there’s a cool breeze in the air. Spring is a beautiful season, and it’s also a great time to freshen up the decor in your home. Those rainy April showers are perfect for snuggling up indoors and going through family photos. Why not spend some time creating a family photo wall with Desenio this spring?

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The White Picture Ledge makes a great base for a carefully planned photo wall. Made from MDF wood, the 28-inch ledge mounts to the wall using pre-drilled holes and two included screws and plugs. Create a longer ledge by joining several together in a row.

Each holds just over 30 lbs. of your favorite lightweight mementos. The fun part is because the frames themselves are not affixed to the wall, you can easily change up the arrangement, add and remove frames, and swap out art any time you wish!

Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Home Decor Ideas

Once you’ve hung your White Picture Ledge (also available in Wood and Black, by the way), it’s time to get to work selecting the photos you’d like to feature. Choose all crisp White Wood Frames, sprinkle in some Light Wood Frames for added warmth, or add Black Wood Frames for impact.

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These lightweight frames feature shatterproof acrylic glass on the front and easy-open metal clips on the back, so you can quickly change out photos as the kids grow, switch up art for each holiday, and more. With Desenio, your art and photography possibilities are truly endless!

White Picture Ledge | Black Wood Frames | Light Wood Frames | White Wood Frames
Desenio | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Smithey Ironware Co.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Home Decor Ideas

As the weather begins to warm up and flowers start to bloom, many of us are tackling some spring cleaning projects in the kitchen. While reimagining the pantry and organizing cabinets, it’s time to take note of any tired old cookware and give it an upgrade! Turn to Smithey Ironware Co. to make your meals shine this spring.  

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Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Home Decor Ideas

You’ll never have to worry about replacing cookware again, once you own a 5.5 Qt. Dutch Oven. This beautiful and functional heirloom-quality kitchen partner will be enjoyed for many years and passed down for generations to come. The sturdy, high-performance pot can take on your toughest kitchen challenge, moving effortlessly from stovetop to oven, and even the grill. Perfect for spring camping trips or socially distant patio dining with friends!

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Whether braising, browning, simmering, stewing, or baking, the 5.5 Qt. Dutch Oven’s versatile surface maintains consistent and even heat to make sure dishes are cooked right every time. The sleek, polished interior is naturally non-stick and easy to clean, which is a huge plus for busy parents everywhere. The domed lid retains and recirculates moisture, creating tender and juicy dishes that you just can’t duplicate in any other kitchen appliance. There is no better time to break out the family recipes, create dinnertime traditions and begin your Smithey Ironware Co. journey!

5.5 Qt. Dutch Oven
Smithey Ironware Co. | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Grandin Road

Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Home Decor Ideas

Hop on over to Grandin Road this Spring for all of the updates you need to your seasonal decor! Spring has sprung, or will soon, so get rid of those winter blues, cheer up, and get ready for a season of gorgeous weather, sunny skies, beautiful blooms, and in and outdoor decor that reminds us of new life and new beginnings. Whether the basics of your home decor are farmhouse chic, beachy elegance, or even a modern, contemporary feel, Grandin Road has a wide selection of seasonal and year-round decor guaranteed to accent your space in the best way possible.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Home Decor Ideas

This spring’s all about the bunnies! Whether you have kids or not, spruce up your space in a tasteful yet cheerful way with Grandin Road’s large selection of cute and classy Easter decor. Known for its show-stopping wreaths, Grandin Road’s Cottontail Wreath is a gorgeous piece to add to your home this holiday season. Handcrafted with a 3-dimensional hand-painted, resin face, fabric carrot collar, and posable ears, this wreath will be the centerpiece of your seasonal decor. Circled in painted easter eggs and crafted in pastels, this designer wreath will have you happily humming along to Here Comes Peter Cottontail all season long.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Home Decor Ideas

Perfect for adding to your classic Easter collection we also love the Gold Mercury Eggs and Gold Bunnies from Grandin Road. Ideal for accenting your black and white home decor, or even standing out amidst your navy and grey, these sweet and subtle decorations spruce up your home for spring without out too much work. The Pre-Lit Mercury Glass Eggs come in a set of three. These speckled, golden eggs are battery operated and gove off a warm glow making them perfect for your centerpiece, mantel, or tabletop decor this Spring. Stand them alone, or pair them with a few bunnies for a truly Easter appearance. Similarly, the set of three Gold Bunnies is another subtle Spring addition to your home. These gold resin bunnies, one sitting, one standing, and one laying down, can be added to a bit of foliage for a sweet spring look or paired with the Pre-Lit Mercury Glass Eggs for a gorgeous golden glow this holiday season. Playful, yet classic these bunnies bring the best of Spring to your home.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Home Decor Ideas

Finally, add Grandin Road’s White Pedestal Stands to your collection this Spring; these stands are perfect for year-round use. Display everything from greenery to candles, bunnies to easter eggs, and more. Elevate your stylish display with this set of three pedestals in varying heights. Constructed of sturdy polyresin, these stands won’t stain or chip making them perfect for in and outdoor use.

Cottontail Wreath | Pre-Lit Mercury Glass Eggs | Gold Bunnies | White Pedestal Stands
Grandin Road | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

The Garage Collective

Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Home Decor Ideas

When it’s time to up your home décor game, it’s simply about incorporating amazing, functional pieces that are well-loved. The Garage Collective makes it their mission to help everyone curate homes that are not only outrageously beautiful but can also be well lived in too. Inspired by the effortless California aesthetic, each piece is hand-selected by the owner, ensuring unique, yet affordable pieces.

The Jumbo Candle is just about the perfect home décor candle. Made with a delightful blend of amber and lavender essence, this neutral soy wax candle is poured into a 6×4″ two-tone ceramic dish that works perfectly in any existing home interior. And what makes this attractive candle so unique is the convenient spot to store the strike-anywhere matches that come free with each candle. It’s a great piece for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or even bathroom, and also makes a great housewarming gift.

Garagecollective 1147

One of the easiest ways to update interior décor with the change of the seasons is with textiles and pillows. Without buying new furniture, adding new textiles is also incredibly impactful at a fraction of the cost. The Garage Collective has a beautiful collection of unique pillows that are covered in vintage fabric, sure to be one of a kind and not found anywhere else.

The light, soft pattern of The Corbin Pillow is what beachy dreams are made of. Wrapped in a totally classic Navy Stripe Hmong Vintage textile on the front and a white-colored linen fabric on the back, this pillow is dry-cleaning recommended, but man, is it totally worth it. This pillow is handsome and yet super soft. It’s also durable and wears beautifully over time.

The 22×22″ pillow is shipped complete with the pillow insert included, ready to be placed on an accent chair, sofa, or bed and be adored. When it is time to clean, just unzip the metal YKK grade zipper closure. This pillow gives impressions of luxury and sophistication without the stuffy, pretentious vibe, as does all the great finds from The Garage Collective.

The Corbin Pillow | Jumbo Candle
The Garage Collective | Facebook | Instagram

Delta Children

Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Home Decor Ideas

All children need a place to nurture creativity and explore ideas. Furnish a cool kids’ space for your child with Delta Children. Without breaking the bank, Delta Children creates stylish, safe, and durable kids’ products for all stages and ages.

The Windsor Table & 2 Chairs Set is the perfect accompaniment to an already great playroom, peaceful bedroom, or quiet home location. Children can spread out on the smooth, square table with craft projects, puzzles, enjoy snack time, and more. This set is appropriately sized just for them fueling maximum independence. Made with both metal and composite wood material, the Windsor Table & 2 Chairs Set is made to last and designed at a 21″ table height, ensuring children of varying ages will be able to enjoy it comfortably together. We love the aqua color which adds a bit of whimsey to a more modern furniture design.

Delta 1135

For both playtime or quiet-time, keep kids entertained and provide a comfy play space with the Princess Indoor Playhouse. The durable and colorful fabric tent creates a homey, enclosed feel, perfect for playing “house”. Children can act out stories of make-believe, read a library of books, or, with the addition of some pillows, a blanket, and stuffed animals, indulge in a good old-fashioned nap too.

Without taking up too much space, this Disney-themed tent is less than 4′ wide and still large enough to welcome several children for imaginative playtime. Favorite Disney Princesses, Belle, Cinderella, Ariel, and Rapunzel adorn the Princess Indoor Playhouse, bringing plenty of magic into playtime.

Windsor Table & 2 Chairs Set | Princess Indoor Playhouse
Delta Children | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Google Nest

Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Home Decor Ideas

As we spring into the second year of working and schooling from home for so many of us, Zoom meetings and virtual school have become the norm. With so much time spent online many of us are seeking ways to update our space that include increasing our internet capabilities, creating a connected space, and making all of our smart home dreams come true. Google Nest is here to help! With everything from wifi to audio, doorbells to thermostats, Google Nest will help you make your home a smart space that works for you.

With the new Nest Wifi, you will have an optimal internet connection from every room in your home no matter your floor plan. The Nest mesh router provides fast and reliable internet in every room in your home, keeping buffering at bay. With the ability to attach additional points you can extend your coverage wherever necessary. The Nest routers provide a stronger signal that allows for continuous coverage. Each router is also a smart speaker that allows you to work with Google Assistant. The Nest router and wifi optimize your internet coverage by putting you on the clearest channel with the least congestion, ideal for everything from Zoom meetings and virtual school to streaming music and videos without interruption. Further, Google Nest’s automatic updates and advanced security settings keep you and everyone in your home safe and secure when at home and away. With coverage available based on the size of your home simply choose the number of points you need to add to your Nest router and design your own helpful, connected home this Spring.

Nest Wifi Router and Point
Google Store | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Fab Slabs

Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Decor 2 15

Charcuteries are all the rage, and this is a trend that seems like it’s here to stay! This Spring when planning your celebrations, from Easter Brunch to backyard barbecues as the weather warms, pick up a cutting board for serving platter from Fab Slabs and up your presentation game. Fab Slabs designs naturally and permanently antibacterial cutting boards and grazing platters out of antimicrobial camphor laurel. Each piece is crafted from one solid slab of wood leaving no space for bacteria to hide. Perfect for family gatherings, Easter celebrations, and more, we love the 900MM Grazing Platter this Spring for its extra-large capacity, making it ideal for large family brunches and beautiful, tasteful spreads. Featuring one-of-a-kind wood grain on every cutting board and serving platter these unique and original boards are both beautiful and useful making them a perfect addition to your home this season.

900MM Grazing Platter
Fab Slabs | Instagram


Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Decor 2 25

Sprucing up your space for Spring so often means cleaning your home down to the basics and bringing in home accents, decor and bright or bold pops of color you love! Perfect for adding to your space this Spring, accenting with tons of colors and patterns and giving your rooms a whole new look is Rugs.com. Throw rugs or area rugs are a fabulous way to instantly update your home, from the kitchen to the living room to the bedrooms, Rugs.com has got you covered. With fast and easy delivery right to your door, Rugs.com has hundreds of rugs to choose from in every shape and size. Whether you are looking for something small and simple, or a rug to really define your space, Rugs.com has it all!

This Spring the Infinity Shag Rugs from Rugs.com are a favorite. Available in a wide variety of colors, these shag rugs are soft and cozy, easily transitioning you and your home from winter to spring. We love the rugs in Navy for our beach home, making the transition into Spring and Summer easy simple, and subtle. Not too heavy and not too light, these rugs feature a 2.5″ pile height allowing you to sink into these throw rugs that are so soft you’ll feel as though you’re walking on air. Easy to shake out and clean, these rugs are available in a wide variety of sizes and perfect for a home with everything from kids to pets, high traffic areas, and more. From your new baby’s nursery to the entryway of your first home, Rugs.com will be your one-stop shop for all your household rugs from here on out we guarantee!

Infinity Shag Runner Rug – Cobalt | 4′ x 6′ Infinity Shag Rug – Cobalt
Rugs.com | Facebook | Instagram

Noma Collective

Noma Collective Daily Mom Parent Portal 6 1

Baskets are a great form of spring decor because they add style to a room as well as functionality. The Elephant Grass Basket by Noma Collective is a roomy, woven basket made from natural elephant grass. This basket provides ample storage for throw pillows and blankets or can act as an indoor planter, a clothes hamper, or even a place to hold children’s toys. The two handles on the sides allow for easy transport from room to room.

The Noma Collective Jamelia round basket is a small, shallow piece that looks great on a table or even hung on a wall in a basket collage. This hand-crafted basket features beautiful, spring colors that brighten up any room. This basket can be useful in an entryway to hold small items such as keys and sunglasses that you can quickly grab as you head out the door.

Elephant Grass Basket | Jamelia Round Basket
Noma Collective | Facebook | Instagram

Coral UV

Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Decor 5 3

In this post-COVID world if there is anything we have learned it is the importance of cleaning and sterilizing so many of the everyday use items in our homes. This Spring as you clean and decorate for the season ahead, pick up a few practical items to add to your home such as the Coral UV Sterilizer and Dryer. Here to keep the whole family healthy, from the littlest to the biggest of your crew, is the all-in-one sterilizer and dryer, designed to kill germs and keep everything from your tech to your kids’ toys safe and clean.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Decor 5 5

The Coral UV Sterilizer and Dryer is perfect for new and veteran moms alike. Whether you are drying and sterilizing baby bottles, tech devices, or even toys and makeup brushes, the Coral UV Sterilizer and Dryer can do it all. With double the disinfection strength, this device easily eliminates 99.9% of harmful germs in just 10 minutes. Two inner UV-C lights and the large capacity allow you to clean and sterilize larger items you never thought you could really clean. Designed using long-lasting bulbs (6000 hours of useful UV-C life) and a HEPA air filter to keep large air particles out, the Coral UV Sterilizer and Dryer is simple and safe, giving you the peace of mind and security you need when it comes to your family’s health and wellness this Spring.

Coral UV Sterilizer and Dryer
Coral UV | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


Canopy 0889

Spending all this time at home, we can breathe deeply knowing the Canopy Humidifier w/ Filter + Canopy X Open Spaces Aroma Kit is providing clean filtered hydrated air. But the Canopy is more than that. It’s a completed reimagined humidifier. Not only does it moisturize the air to prevent and treat dryness of the skin, nose, throat, and lips and ease some of the symptoms caused by the common cold or even the flu, but it also has a built-in aroma diffuser for clean and healthy home scenting too.

Canopy 0882 1

With the Canopy Humidifier w/ Filter + Canopy X Open Spaces Aroma Kit scents of Dawn (Bergamot and Tea Blossom), Midday (Sage and Cedarwood), and Dusk (Vanilla, Lime and Lavender), will also fill the space the Canopy Humidifier resides. It’s also anti-mold, easy to clean, and the perfect fit for even the smallest of spaces. We think placing it on a nightstand is the perfect location so the benefits can be reaped while snoozing the night away.

Keep this simplistic and beautiful humidifier on all day – it’s a beauty regime’s new secret weapon to healthier, moisturized skin.

Canopy Humidifier w/ Filter + Canopy X Open Spaces Aroma Kit
Canopy | Instagram

Lorena Canals

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A long time favorite of ours here at Daily Mom, Lorena Canals designs some of the most beautiful rugs, cushions, and home decor statement pieces to update your space all year round. Known for their handcrafted rugs, Lorena Canals creates long lasting rugs that will bring originality and warmth to any room in your home; from their children’s rugs to the Woolable Collection, Lorena Canals washable rugs are perfect for accenting your space and giving your home that warm and cozy boho vibe.

This Spring we love their new Mini One’s Collection for the kids! Perfect for little hands and feet, the new mini one’s designs are practical, smaller versions of Lorena Canals best selling larger rugs that bring the same cozy, whimsical touches to your space. Perfect for adding a bit of color and softness to the bedside, play area, or living room play space of your littlest love, these rugs are ideal for giving your kids a soft and comfy spot to read or play. Available in a variety of patterns and styles, you are sure to find a rug you will love this season!

Washable Mini Rug Azteca
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Amazon Basics Kids Bedding

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If you’re like us, you’ve spent entirely too much time inside your house this past year. As such, you (and your kids) may have outgrown their bedding. What better time to change it up than Spring? Out with the old – in with the new! But doing “something new” doesn’t have to be expensive. Amazon Basics offers a range of fun, colorful children’s bedding, and decor to make redesigning a room both convenient and easy.

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From bed-in-a-bag sets to adorable chairs and blankets, Amazon Basics Kids has it all. Your little one will love all of the patterns and characters to choose from, including pirates, kitties, rainbows, unicorns, spaceships, dinosaurs, and more. And don’t forget about the convenience of Prime’s 2-day shipping. Your favorite kiddos can have a whole new space to call their own in no time!

Daily Mom Parents Portal Spring Decor For Kids Amazonbasics Kitty Cat Pillow

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Kirklands 1046

Home décor that gives a sophisticated fresh Spring feel is most certainly greenery and new pillows. And Kirklands is ready to help give that renewed feel we’re all coveting this season.

Faux plants today look more realistic than ever and are perfect for rooms that have low light or owners that lack a green thumb. Spruce up a corner or small table with a bright, vibrant plant such as this Mixed Greenery Arrangement in Cream Metal Pot. The simple pot design works with almost any existing room and the full plant is the perfect natural-look addition, without any of the watering.

And for couches, accent chairs, or bedrooms, changing the feel of the room to something more bright and sunny to match the arrival of Spring is as easy as changing out the existing throw pillows to those from Kirklands. The 20×20″ Blue Diamond Stitched Embroidered Pillow is woven in hues of navy and white which will never go out of style. These colors inspire and bring forth feelings of the brighter, beachy, and warm-weather days on the horizon.

Mixed Greenery Arrangement in Cream Metal Pot | Blue Diamond Stitched Embroidered Pillow
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Outdoor Home Decor Ideas for Spring


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If you are ready for warmer weather, sunny days, and an abundance of time to be spent outdoors, Spring is the season to spruce up your patio space and make it your outdoor haven with POLYWOOD®. POLYWOOD® designs sustainable, eco-friendly furniture that will not only enhance the appearance of your space but will also last through the seasons, rain, shine, or snow, withstanding the test of time. Constructed of genuine POLYWOOD® lumber that is not prone to splinter, crack, chip, peel, or rot, and using marine grade quality hardware, their chairs, tables, and dining sets do not require any painting or weather staining and provide true, long-lasting colors that won’t fade. Easy to clean and comfortable by design, Polywood’s furniture will totally transform your space this Spring.

Perfect for updating large backyard or rooftop patios this season, the POLYWOOD® Vineyard 9-Piece Dining Set provides plenty of deep seating and dining capabilities. Featuring a large square Nautical Trestle Table and chairs with a comfortably arched back and contoured seats, the Vineyard 9-Piece Dining Set is available in several bold or classic colors and is available for quick ship directly to your door. With a 20-year residential warranty, POLYWOOD® furniture is perfect for summertime BBQ’s, wintertime backyard firepits, and everything in between. Offering seating for up to 8 guests along with plenty of legroom and tabletop space, this all-weather dining set will be the centerpiece of your outdoor sanctuary all year round. Made in the USA, POLYWOOD®’s outdoor furniture collections are made to suit your outdoor lifestyle and will last for generations.

Vineyard 9-Piece Dining Set
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Gardeners Supply Company

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Before you head outdoors this Spring and start planting those glorious gardens full of color, blooms, and buds make sure you plan out your space and have everything you need for your fabulous Spring garden. From raised garden beds to home decor ideas, seeds, soil, and so much more, Gardeners Supply Co. is your one-stop shop for everything you need to plan, prep, and plant everything from your kitchen vegetable garden to your flower beds full of color.

For your outdoor patio space, whether you’re designing a courtyard or balcony, we love the Veradeck Metallic Series Span Planter. This raised metallic garden bed brings a modern and contemporary aesthetic to any outdoor space. Crafted of heavy-gauge, fully seam welded galvanized steel, this planter will last in all weather conditions- rain, shine, or snow – and add an elevated, style to your space. With two sizes available, the interior space includes drainage and aeration holes and a raised/removable interior platform allowing you to select the size and height of the plants you choose. Lightweight yet protected with a strong, scratch-resistant powder coating, this planter is crack and rust-resistant ensuring it will withstand the test of time.

Veradeck Metallic Series Span Planter
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eufy Smart Floodlight Camera


This Spring is the perfect time to update your home’s security by adding eufy’s Smart Floodlight Camera. Few things are as deterring as a 2500-Lumen light suddenly shining in the face of an intruder, but Eufy takes home security a step further. The eufy Smart Floodlight Camera pairs its powerful floodlights with 1080p live camera recording, real-time alarm, and speaker talkback to create one of the most powerful deterrents available at your fingertips.

The Eufy Smart Floodlight with Camera is wired so while the installation is pretty straightforward, it does require a little bit of forethought. You have the option to plug it into a near-by outlet or to install it into an existing light fixture spot with existing wiring. Either way, it’s weatherproofed, so just angle the camera to your desired viewing area and adjust the lights as necessary. From there, connect to the eufySecurity app and you’re ready to catch “bad guys.”

The eufySecurity app allows for a lot of customization. For example, you can create up to four custom motion zones. Is there a spot near your camera that birds frequently nest? Or a bush that seems to blow like crazy with the slightest bit of wind? By creating motion zones, you can avoid getting a flurry of false alerts. Or control the brightness of the lights or put them on a schedule, all from your phone. The app also makes it easy to see what’s going on around your house. If you hear a noise or notice that your delivery guy just pulled up, you can instantly connect via the app to either check things out or connect via two-way audio. The 100dB alarm is also great for deterring porch pirates.

The camera itself offers a 140-degree view that can be manually adjusted to physically direct its viewing area wherever you need it. When triggered, it’ll start recording and can live stream in full 1080p HD that is downloadable within the app at no additional cost. You can also give guests or family members access if you’re planning to be away and want someone else to keep an eye on your home.

Floodlight Security Camera
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Zak! Designs

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Start planning for your Springtime picnics and Summer BBQ’s with the all-new American Conventional Collection from zak! designs. This set made of durable melamine features a unique embossed texture and conventional style. Each set includes 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates, and 4 bowls perfect for both in and outdoor use. Fancy enough to make a statement but simple enough for everyday use, these dishes are BPA-free and dishwasher safe as well.

Available in bold blues and bright oranges, or neutral grey and traditional white, the American Conventional Collection will fit perfectly with any color scheme or decor for your spring and summertime celebrations. Enjoy the strength and durability of a solid dinnerware set with the versatility and portability of indoor/outdoor dishes with the all-new American Conventional Collection from zak! designs.

American Conventional Plate & Bowls Set, White | American Conventional Plate & Bowl Set, Charcoal
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A new doormat is a great way to freshen up an entry way and welcome guest into your home. The Midnight Doormat is a coir doormat handmade in India. This one-inch thick doormat can be used as both an interior or exterior door mat and is made from all-natural materials. There are several designs to choose from but this all black mat not only provides a classic look that is easy to match to any decor setting but also never shows any dirt or wear.

Midnight Doormat
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Everyone loves the great outdoors, especially during spring when the weather is simply irresistible. Of course, when everyone enjoys the great outdoors, that includes critters, insects, and pretty much everyone who isn’t invited to the picnic. AusGolden supports the safe enjoyment of the outdoors and has crafted a 100% wool blanket that was made to do just that. This Visby wool blanket, featured here in “Lattice”, makes the perfect outdoor companion for picnics, camping, or even day-trips.

This wool is naturally hypoallergenic, and for allergy sufferers, this makes a huge impact on our enjoyment of being outside. For those of us in more temperate climates, we can also enjoy the Visby wool blanket because it’s moisture-wicking, making it breathable and the perfect blanket choice for any and all weather conditions. While its intended use is for the outdoors, this blanket can really do it all. It makes the perfect throw during a fun movie night, or just reading your favorite book while curled up on the couch. It controls humidity and regulates body temperature, keeping you warm in the winter yet cool and dry in the summer. Also great for indoor use, this blanket makes a cozy throw on any couch. We have a feeling the Visby wool blanket is going to be a constant companion, not just for this spring, but the entire year (and beyond!).

Visby Wool Blanket Lattice
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GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker

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Maintain social distance while at your favorite outdoor event this Spring in a GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker. Available at Home Depot, the GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker is lightweight, durable, comfortable, and uses eazy-fold technology. Ready to enjoy straight out of the package, simply unfold and have a seat. The freestyle rocker is perfect for a warm Spring day where you just want to be outdoors and enjoy a little peace and quiet, and the patented spring-action enables you to rock back and forth without discomfort.

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Unlike a lot of portable chairs, the durable frame of the freestyle rocker keeps you from toppling over, as well as prevents dirt, grime, water, and other particles from damaging the chair. It’s also designed such that you can sit comfortably for hours. The lightweight, breathable, and stretchy fabric contours to your back keeping you supported and cool during the hottest months of the year; while the padded armrests will prevent your arms from going numb on a hard surface. Finally, the Freestyle Rocker is incredibly easy to transport. When you’re ready to go, the rocker can be folded in two and carried by the attached handle.

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker
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This Spring we are all ready to revamp our homes, update our wardrobes, and up our outdoor game! From light and bright colors and textures to new gear for hosting those brunches and afternoon BBQs, we are ready to welcome the warmer weather and sunnier days ASAP. Get your spring cleaning underway with a few of these home decor ideas as the last days of winter fade away in anticipation of the gorgeous spring and summertime ahead.

Check out this article on 14 Items to Add to Your List for Spring Cleaning.

Home Decor Ideas For Spring




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