Blindster: Give Your Windows an Amazing (and Easy!) Upgrade

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been staring at, and out of, your home’s windows for quite a long time now. As spring nears, it’s time to change things up a little! Give your home – and more specifically, your windows – a much-needed upgrade with BlindsterAfter all, updating window coverings with Blindster’s many gorgeous options is one of the quickest, most efficient, and most impactful ways to completely change the look and feel of your living and working space.

Decisions, Decisions!

So, you’ve decided you need new window coverings. Now what? There are sooo many options out there. Do you go with wood or faux wood blinds, cellular shades, Roman shades, verticals, or shutters? Read up on the various options and learn the differences between them. Which do you need more, light or privacy? Are you seeking a simple or more extravagant look? Think about the needs of your space, and remember, what works best in one room may not be ideal in another. No matter which direction you decide on, Blindster is the way to go.

Blindster: Give Your Windows An Amazing (And Easy!) Upgrade

Some spaces just beg to have Blindster Fauxwood Plantation Shutters installed. They are beautiful and budget-friendly, super-durable and waterproof. Their ultra-satin finish – available in Cotton, Pearl or Vanilla – creates a pristine and finished look.

Blindster Fauxwood Plantation Shutters are an easy choice. However, once you’ve settled on custom shutters, there are several more important decisions to follow before you are enjoying them in your newly updated space. Don’t worry, customer service is where Blindster shines.

Bring in the Blindster Experts

Over the phone, Blindster experts will help you assess your needs and decide what will work best in your space. They will walk you through their wide variety of options, such as: 

Louver Size: Does your space need large or smaller louvers? While larger louvers make an impact, if windows are affixed to sidelights near a front door or narrow walkway, smaller louvers may be the right choice.

Number of Panels: Is your window really wide? Consider going with a bi-fold option if you plan to open them frequently, but note that this will also break up your exterior views a little more when closed.  

Mount and Frame Type: Blindster has options for inside and outside mounting, as well as trimmed and untrimmed finishes. For a fully recessed, flush-with-the-wall look, choose the L-frame. However, the versatility and forgiveness offered by the trim-cased Z-frame was exactly what our space needed. 

Visible Tilt Rod, or Hidden: For a classic look, opt for the front-mounted tilt rod. For a more minimalist look, consider the hidden tilt rod. This still allows you to open and close the louvers easily and as much as you want, only the rod is connected on the backside and is virtually invisible.

Once you’ve selected your options and it’s time to order, here comes what seems like the scariest part of the process – measuring! Making an appointment, taking time off to meet with the measurer, and having a stranger in your home are all things you don’t have to worry about, especially now. If you have a phone and tape measure handy, Blindster experts can walk you through the process detail by detail. With their obvious knowledge of different window frames and casings, they ask just the right questions to get the right fit for your space. 

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In short order (we’re talking just about two weeks!), your new Blindster shutters will arrive at your door. Including more than the necessary hardware – you know, for just in case – they will be delivered to your home ready for some simple assembly and easy do-it-yourself installation.

With the contents of the boxes delivered to you, which include proper drill bits and a handful of basic tools, you will transform your space in a matter of minutes. We can honestly say that it took longer for us to unpack the carefully wrapped Blindster shutters from their well-protected boxes than it did for our one-man crew to actually assemble and install them. Of course, individual results may vary.

Experience the Charm of Blindster Fauxwood Plantation Shutters

From the moment we saw them, we fell in love with the Fauxwood Plantation Shutters. These beautiful custom shutters from Blindster will give your home a sophisticated style, all while staying within your budget. Add some much-needed privacy to a large picture window in a bathroom. Dress up a living room that’s in need of a refresh. Turn your home office into a relaxing sanctuary. (After all, you’re likely spending a lot of time there if you’re working from home!) Here are a few more reasons why we love the Fauxwood Plantation Shutters from Blindster.

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Quality Construction

Blindster: Give Your Windows An Amazing (And Easy!) Upgrade

The Fauxwood Plantation Shutters look just like real wood but are far more durable and resistant to humidity, too. Made of a strong polyresin, they boast an ultra-satin finish that will keep them looking like new for many years to come. They are Greenguard indoor air quality certified and come with an exclusive Blindster 25-year warranty for added peace of mind for years to come.

Upgraded Home Appearance

Have you ever fixed a home up for sale, shaking your head and wondering why you didn’t spend as much time beautifying it while you lived there? Don’t do that to yourself! Make the change today and enjoy the benefits of a more beautiful home to sell when that time comes. With the Blindster plantation shutters, you just might not want to leave. But even if you eventually do, they’ll photograph well and will be a great selling point!

Family Friendly

Blindster: Give Your Windows An Amazing (And Easy!) Upgrade

Blindster Fauxwood Plantation Shutters are simple to operate and safer to have around the house than their corded counterparts. If you have little ones in the house, these are a must. Plus, the simple one-handed operation allows you to check what’s going on outside while carrying around a little one or fur baby. 

Energy Efficient

Blindster: Give Your Windows An Amazing (And Easy!) Upgrade

It’s just facts, the more sunlight that pours into your home, the harder your air conditioning unit has to work to keep your space comfortable. With Blindster plantation shutters, you can shut out the harsh sun at those times of day, and keep your place cool. You can also turn off the lights and adjust the louvers just-so, to allow the sunlight in but also keep the heat at bay. 

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Improved Privacy

Blindster: Give Your Windows An Amazing (And Easy!) Upgrade

What kind of window and covering do you have in your bathroom? How much privacy does it offer? (And, are you sure?) With Blindster, there’s no more wondering if you’re giving your neighbors an eyeful. Once you’ve installed Fauxwood Plantation Shutters from Blindster, which can be closed completely with no gaps, you can rest easy and be certain that your bath and shower time is your own.

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Proper Lighting

Do you have a window in your home office or TV room that lets in too much light and washes out the screen? Or worse, are you sitting in the dark or dodging the sun’s harsh glare on your work Zoom meetings? With just a simple tilt, Blindster plantation shutters let you control how much sun is making its way into your room. The easy, positionable louvers can be adjusted to allow for the perfect lighting without the glare. 

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Your Home Reimagined, with Blindster!

Blindster: Give Your Windows An Amazing (And Easy!) Upgrade

You will be absolutely amazed at how the mundane becomes elegant, the cumbersome becomes convenient, and how your space is completely transformed when you install Blindster Fauxwood Plantation Shutters. They are sophistication, luxury, and simplicity all in one budget-friendly, DIY package. You’ll smile every time you look at them and bask in the compliments each time friends stop by and gush over them. Upgrade your home in a way that only custom-made window treatments can, with Blindster.

Blindster Fauxwood Plantation Shutters
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Now that Blindster has your windows looking sharp, maybe it’s time to step outside and Refresh Your Front Door Decor.

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Blindster: Give Your Windows An Amazing (And Easy!) Upgrade

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