Charming Garden Decor Ideas

This spring, give your yard more than curb appeal! Give it some character and boost its positive energy with a little feng shui. Attract love, increase longevity, and boost your luck with one of these charming garden decor ideas and a few feng shui principles.

For many of us, the principles of feng shui aren’t new. It’s pretty simple, arrange your room in a particular way to increase its positive energy. But did you know that the principles of feng shui aren’t limited to the inside of your home? In fact, according to Love to Know, the practice of feng shui is really more about the energy around the outside of your home. Each section of your home’s exterior can be divided into N, S, E, & W sectors. The North sector is the area to focus on for career purposes. The South sector is for fame. The East sector is for health, and the West sector is for your descendants.

Charming Garden Decor Ideas


The principles of feng shui aren’t limited to running water and what materials your porch is made of. To better enhance the positive energy around your home, consider using certain lawn decorations, like, butterflies, for example. Butterflies aren’t just beautiful insects. According to Makaan, butterflies represent love and freedom in feng shui. Place butterfly decorations in the Southwest corner of your yard to help invite love into your home.

As far as garden decor ideas are concerned, butterfly decorations are easy to come by – probably because they’re so beautiful to look at. You can purchase small butterfly stakes (pictured left) to spruce up flower pots in your yard or purchase larger, solar-powered stakes to decorate the edge of your driveway or flower bed. Just remember, the southwest corner of your yard is best for attracting love into your home.

And if real butterflies are preferred – who wouldn’t want these gorgeous insects flying around their yard? – there are ways of attracting them into your yard. According to the National Wildlife Federation, butterflies can be attracted to your yard by planting brightly colored plants that are native to your region. Plants that are red, yellow, orange, pink, and purple will yield the largest attraction of adult butterflies.

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Charming Garden Decor Ideas

Though this might come as a surprise to some, turtles – according to The Spruce, represent guardians in the feng shui practice. But! Before utilizing turtles as part of your garden decor ideas, please know that there are four, specific ways to use them. According to The Spruce, if you’re placing turtles in your yard for protection, statues of black turtles should be placed outside the rear of the house.

If you’re using turtles for career enhancement, turtle statues made from metal should be placed on the Northside of your yard. If you’re hoping to ground protective energy into one location, place a stone statue near that location. For example, if you want more protective energy near your front door, place the stone statue outside the front door. Last, to promote health in your home, place the statue so it’s facing the inhabitants of your home. If all of your bedrooms are on one side of the home, place turtle statues around the exterior of that side, but facing toward the rooms.

The Spruce lists a few other fun unknown facts about turtles and why they make excellent garden decor ideas. Placing a turtle near a source of water (like an outdoor fountain) will magnify its energy. Placing a turtle near the head of your bed will help reduce anxiety and promote a good night’s sleep. Last, but not least, never, EVER, place a statue of a turtle in a bathroom or a kitchen. It’s considered bad feng shui.

Charming Garden Decor Ideas

Turtle decorations are almost as predominant as butterfly decorations. The turtle welcome sign, (photographed above) illuminates at night, casting a light on your front door as well as increasing the protection in your home.

And if living turtles are on your list of garden decor ideas, there are a number of websites on Google that will show you how to put an outdoor turtle enclosure together. But please use caution and do your research before trying to incorporate something like this in your yard.

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Charming Garden Decor Ideas


Mushrooms. Home to many a garden gnome and other magical creatures, these attractive lawn ornaments are more than just aesthetically pleasing. But before delving into why these delightful lawn ornaments should make your garden decor ideas list, a confession must be made. There’s no connection with mushroom ornaments in feng shui. But since they’re super cute, we’re putting them on our list of garden decor ideas anyway!

According to Bronner’s, mushrooms symbolize luck and suggest that good fortune is heading your way. Who doesn’t want or need more luck? So while mushrooms don’t necessarily have any ties to feng shui, since they are considered a sign of luck, you could try placing these lawn ornaments outside the southeast corner of your home office. The Spruce mentioned that the home office is often considered in the practice of feng shui to be the center of money/wealth in the home.

Like all of the other garden decor ideas mentioned above, mushroom decorations can be purchased just about anywhere. Our favorite is the mushroom house (pictured above). It’s both adorable as well as functional, casting a soft glow onto your lawn at night.

Do you enjoy eating mushrooms? If you live in the right climate, growing edible mushrooms in your yard should be something to consider when making your garden decor ideas list. The concept that a fungus could be good for you baffles many people, but the fact is that mushrooms are actually considered a superfood, according to the Food Revolution Network. Mushrooms are high in fiber and protein and are rich with nutrients such as Vitamin B, selenium, potassium, and even Vitamin D. The Food Revolution Network also lists that mushrooms may assist with weight loss, digestion, and could have cancer-fighting properties.

Mushrooms grow best in temperate climates found in the Pacific Northwest according to Fungi Perfecti. Attention mushroom-lovers! If you want to grow your own mushrooms but don’t live in the Pacific Northwest, there is good news! Fungi Perfecti suggests manufacturing microclimates for growing mushrooms. Microclimates aren’t necessarily greenhouses. They can be a small section of your yard where the right amount of shade and moisture are created to help the mushroom of your choice grow. But, if that’s too much work, Fungi Perfecti offers an indoor solution. They sell kits on their website that are perfect for mushroom addicts everywhere!

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Charming Garden Decor Ideas

These are three of many garden decor ideas homeowners can use to increase the positive energy in and outside of their homes. This spring and summer, bring some character into your life by adding a few butterflies, some turtles, and a mushroom house. Just make sure your mushroom house is vacant before relocating it to your garden. The last thing anyone wants is to irritate a garden gnome!

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Charming Garden Decor Ideas

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