Ditching The Stroller This Fall With Stroller Alternatives From Simplay3

Does your kid hate being strapped into a stroller? Stroller alternatives just might be the answer to this common problem. Many kids don’t want to be contained to a traditional stroller but riding in something fun like a wagon or football helmet shaped push about might keep them happy. With fall and the new school year upon us, we’re willing to bet that you’re getting outside with your child a little bit more. The cooler temperatures mean walks to the bus stop, hitting the playground, trips to the pumpkin patch, and strolls on local sidewalks & bike paths – taking in the pretty leaves and crisp air in a refreshing way, that just isn’t possible in the heat of the summer.

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We love getting out of the house as much as the next mama, but let’s face it – stroller rides can be a bit… boring… for kids. They’re not much more than same old, same old, and we want our littles to be excited about getting outdoors. We recently took a “test drive,” if you will, of three stroller alternatives from Simplay3 that are guaranteed to make your fall strolls a bit more fun.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Stroller Alternatives

Simplay3 is an Ohio-based company that makes all of their products right in the USA, so you can feel good about supporting the local economy where these products are manufactured. Their affordable products are cleverly & uniquely designed and stand out from the sea of other children’s toys. From the best push car (how cute is this helmet car?) to wagons, tricycles, and more!

3 Times to Use Stroller Alternatives

For Sports Practice

Keeping little siblings entertained during big siblings’ sports practices – well – let’s just say it’s not for the faint of heart. The hamster wheel of endless practices and games can be hard for the little brothers and sisters who have to get carted around, so why not make it a little more entertaining – and festive – for them with a Game Day Push About Helmet?

Daily Mom Parent Portal Stroller Alternatives

Lucky for all of us sports fans, Simplay3 offers a variety of color choices, so you can match your helmet to your favorite football team – whether it’s an NFL team (*cough* Patriots *cough*), a college team, or big brother’s/sister’s team. The best part is that the push handle is removable, so you can easily toss these stroller alternatives in the back of your car and bring to the big game.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Stroller Alternatives
Daily Mom Parent Portal Stroller Alternatives

Your little one will love the pretend football steering wheel, and spot for a drink or snack cup (gotta have tailgate snacks, right?), and you’ll love the added safety of an adjustable seat belt. If you’re on the hunt for the most fun, best push car ever, this is it. No detail has been forgotten, as even the tires have footballs imprinted on them. Now that’s a toy touchdown!

Daily Mom Parent Portal Stroller Alternatives

Walks Around The Neighborhood

There’s nothing like a jaunt around the neighborhood. Whether you live in a development, or in the heart of your town or city and can walk to the downtown area, there’s nothing quite like feeling those fall leaves underneath your feet – or the wheels of a tricycle. Simplay3’s Super Coupe Trike is not your average tricycle – these cool stroller alternatives have a roof overhead and features a 3-position adjustable seat, so it truly grows with your child.

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Daily Mom Parent Portal Stroller Alternatives

There’s something about the roof that makes this tricycle irresistible to a child – it somehow makes them feel safe and cozy while exploring the great outdoors on three wheels.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Stroller Alternatives

The front wheel has a little tread to give it some traction when spinning around the neighborhood. Think: throw-back to your childhood Big Wheels, but new and way improved.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Stroller Alternatives
Daily Mom Parent Portal Stroller Alternatives

This trike is easy to pedal and easy to steer, making it the perfect choice to help grow your little one’s independence – and – get some much-needed energy out! Winning for everyone involved!

Show Up to the Playground in Style

We all know when our child catches even a glimpse of the playground, beach, or park, they are trying to escape the straps of their stroller before you’re even close. Who wants to deal with the process of unstrapping and strapping your kids back in their strollers while they are either super excited to get out and play or throwing that fit of not wanting to leave? Not us! Using “stroller alternatives” will not only make this task easier on you but also fun for the kids. They won’t be as upset when it’s time to go if they are climbing into a fun way to be transported around.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Stroller Alternatives

If you are unsure which stroller-alternative to go with, you cant go wrong with a classic red wagon. It’s time to ditch the stroller and utilize all the benefits of a wagon. Wagons have come a long way since the days of the shallow, metal kinds that burned your legs on a hot day. The High-Back Wagon is a spacious two-seater big enough to stick two of your little ones in for a fun ride.

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Daily Mom Parent Portal Stroller Alternatives

Even if its just one child in the wagon, the remaining space is the perfect spot for any gear you are toting. Throw in a diaper bag, cooler, or beach towels in the empty seat to free up your hands and get all your things to your destination. Theres even storage room underneath the seats for small toys and containers.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Stroller Alternatives

The light colored plastic seats with a high back make it easy for the little riders to sit comfortably with no threat of falling out. The adjustable waist strap is just enough to keep them buckled in but not too restraining if your child is just tired of the chest straps common with strollers.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Stroller Alternatives
Daily Mom Parent Portal Stroller Alternatives

Game Day Push About Helmet | Super Coupe Pedal Trike | High Back Wagon
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Daily Mom Parent Portal Stroller Alternatives

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