Spiritual Festivals for Families: Stone Cold Sober

If you are looking for spiritual festivals for families to experience, look no further than the Stone Cold Sober Festival which will be held over the summer solstice in the United Kingdom in 2023. The Stone Cold Sober Festival is a spiritual festival that is appropriate for the whole family. It is alcohol-free and offers a variety of events and activities. It is the perfect festival to add to your family’s summer itinerary.

How do you find spiritual experiences for your family?

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What is the Stone Cold Sober Festival?

In 2020, Liam Browne and Joanna Barnes created Stone Cold Sober, two of the most influential, bold, caring, energetic, soul-expanding, and supportive individuals you will ever encounter. The main purpose of Stone Cold Sober is to serve as a beacon of hope during difficult times and to empower people to move through their challenges in a transformative and positive way. We strive to bring fun, joy, love, and a deep spiritual connection to an ever-growing community. Our mission is to promote growth, self-empowerment, self-expression, dancing, expansion, and laughter.

The Stone Cold Sober Festival is held over the summer solstice in June each year and lasts for five days. The magical five-day festival has the intention of bringing guests to a higher level of empowerment, a deeper spiritual connection, and a closer connection to their higher selves. Fun, laughter, joy, and the highest vibes possible are what festival-goers should expect. It is a family-friendly festival so you can even help your children reach their highest level of empowerment and existence.

Founded by Liam Brown and Joan Barnes, this special event is designed to be a family-friendly festival, open and inviting to all ages and walks of life. Guests can enjoy workshops and classes, delicious food, fascinating activities, and an unforgettable experience of spiritual growth. Whether you’re looking for an enlightening getaway or an opportunity to connect with the divine, Stone Cold Sober has something for everyone.

Spiritual Festival? What’s That?

Going to a spiritual festival helps provide a sense of connectedness to the larger universe. It can provide people with a greater sense of purpose by allowing them to tap into the spiritual realm. It can also be the perfect opportunity to meditate and reflect on one’s life choices and how to move forward in a more positive direction.

The Spiritual Awakening of Stone Cold Sober Festival celebrates the idea that there is a spiritual connection between people. It is a unique event that offers families a special opportunity to be more mindful of their lives. This is a festival that focuses on the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life and provides a safe place to explore and learn more about the spiritual world. Attendees are encouraged to partake in activities such as yoga, meditation, astrology readings, music, breathwork, and various workshops.

At the festival, individuals and families can learn about different spiritual practices and how to incorporate them into their lives. They can also share their experiences and learn from each other. The event also offers people the opportunity to relax and put aside their daily struggles. In doing so, they can gain a greater appreciation for the spiritual realm.

Who is the Stone Cold Sober Festival for?

The Stone Cold Sober Festival will offer a variety of fun events for the whole family. The festival is a great choice for anyone from couples to entire families who want to get more in tune with themselves and nature. It is an opportunity to improve yourself while also connecting with your inner self and engaging in relaxing and rejuvenating activities. A kids’ area will be designated for kid-specific activities as well. Come with an open mind, a willingness to learn, to share your knowledge with others, and a goal to further your spiritual journey. Everyone is so loving and kind. You will feel like you found parts of your missing family and not want to leave.

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What kinds of activities can you find at the Stone Cold Sober Festival?

The Stone Cold Sober Festival is a five-day magical experience that not only offers festival-goers a chance to reconnect with their inner divine light and the nature all around them but it also provides opportunities for campers to learn new skills in areas such as breathwork, yoga, meditation, drum circles, Qi Gong, singing, dancing, self -care, and so much more. There is something for everyone at the Stone Cold Sober Festival.

Yoga Sessions

Yoga is a spiritual and physical form of meditation and exercise that allows you to become more in tune with your emotions, body, and nature. The Stone Cold Sober Festival understands the spiritual power, healing, and awareness that yoga can off those who practice this ancient art. Because of this, a variety of yoga styles will be offered from yoga Nidra to Kundalini yoga to Acro yoga. Even family yoga sessions are available. Whether you are looking for a gentle and easy yoga session or a more difficult and rigorous experience, there is a yoga option for everyone at the Stone Cold Sober Festival.

Meditation and Breathwork Sessions

If you are looking for something more relaxing and less strenuous during your stay at the Stone Cold Sober Festival, meditation and breathwork sessions are great options. Meditation is a great way to relax and connect more deeply with your inner self and the world around you. Breathwork is also a great technique that can be used in a variety of different ways. The Stone Cold Sober Festival will offer a variety of meditation and breathwork sessions to help you both relax and learn new techniques that you can incorporate into your everyday life.

Full Power Cacao Ceremony

Experience ultimate power and self-discovery through a full-power cacao ceremony! Through a combination of guided meditations, energy work, and the plant medicine of cacao, this ceremony will help bring about clarity and healing. Cacao will be used as an ancient ceremonial tool to help create an energetic shift. As cacao works to open up pathways of communication with the divine, you will begin to experience profound shifts in your energy field, allowing you to reach higher states of awareness and clarity in all aspects of life. Attendees will be able to experience greater self-love and access inner wisdom, allowing them to uncover the blocks that may be preventing them from living their best life. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to explore your inner power and awaken your spirit.

DJ Sets and Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic dance and music are an experience like no other! It begins with a comprehensive warm-up to get your body and mind ready for the journey ahead. The beat intensifies as you take part in a variety of movements, from dynamic sufi whirling to heart-opening five rhythms. As the music crescendos, guided improvisations create space for creative expression and connection with the collective energy around you. Let go of the stress of life and get ready to move your way to liberation.

Psychic Workshop

At a psychic workshop, you will learn and explore what it means to be a psychic, from recognizing your own psychic abilities to getting in touch with your intuition. You will learn that everyone can be psychic, as this is a natural and innate ability within us all.

Throughout the workshop, you will receive practical instruction and guidance on understanding how to follow your intuition and become more aware of your own unique psychic abilities. You will learn to trust in your own inner wisdom and have the confidence to use it in creative and meaningful ways. You will also be encouraged to practice and develop your abilities through a variety of exercises and activities.

You will gain an understanding of the energies and vibrations that exist around you, learning how to use them to connect with your higher self. This can help you get into better alignment with yourself and the universe.

Psychic workshops are a great way to grow as an individual, build confidence, and recognize and honor your own unique gifts. Not only do you get the opportunity to learn about yourself, but you also get to share the experience with others and gain insight from a variety of perspectives. You may surprise yourself with just how psychic you are! This rang true for us personally! During the practices, we were given 4 things to psychically read from another person that a stranger could never know or easily guess. I was amazed that I was able to accurately match all 4 items, including the stranger’s last name. Nathan was a great teacher!

Spiritual Stand-Up Comedy

When it comes to finding laughter and inspiration, how about spiritual stand-up comedy? This fun comedic performance attempts to bring together the world of spirituality and comedy. While many traditional stand-up comedians rely solely on jokes and puns for their performances, spiritual stand-up comedians incorporate their spiritual beliefs into their routines. They use their own personal stories, lessons from religious texts, and spiritual anecdotes to provide an insightful, comedic experience for their audience. This type of material not only provides laughs but also serves to uplift and inspire the audience. They say laughter is the language of the soul and it truly connects us all, bringing us closer together.

Cold Water Therapy

Cold water therapy has become increasingly popular in recent years as a means of improving physical and mental health. Not only is it known to reduce inflammation, stimulate circulation, and improve mood, but it can also be a powerful spiritual experience when done in a lake.

A spiritual cold water therapy ceremony combines the power of the elements with the intention of healing. The lake holds its own unique energy, and when combined with the intention of healing, this energy can be incredibly powerful. Participants stand waist-deep in the lake and use hand gestures to carry their intention out into the water while they chant mantras or prayers. By calling on the power of the lake and the universe, participants can restore balance and experience healing and peace.

In addition to the spiritual benefits, cold water therapy in a lake offers enormous physical benefits. Cold water therapy has been shown to reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, and even strengthen the immune system. While the body stands in the cold water, its systems go into overdrive, drawing oxygen and nutrients in from the environment. This helps stimulate healing and balance throughout the body.

The benefits of spiritual cold water therapy in a lake are invaluable, providing physical relief as well as emotional and spiritual healing. While it may seem daunting at first, once you experience the power of the ceremony and its effects on your body and mind, you’ll be sure to add this practice to your regular self-care routine.

Female Only Workshops

The female spiritual workshop instantly felt like a cozy and inviting space for all women to embrace their womanhood, their sexuality and their femininity; the walls were lined with colorful tapestries and the air was thick with incense and the energy of sisterhood. The participants, mostly women, sit in a circle on the floor, eagerly awaiting the start of the workshop. They were there to learn about the spiritual power of being female, the power of the womb and the power of creation. The facilitator of the workshop was an experienced spiritual teacher and she was ready to guide the women as they explore these topics. The sense of calm anticipation in the room was palpable as the women prepare to embark on their journey towards greater spiritual connection with themselves, their sisters, and the divine feminine. After a lot of laughter, and much learning, we all left with a renewed sense of feminine power within us.

Male Only Workshops

Masculinity is an ever-present concept in our society, and it affects men of all ages. But what is masculinity, and why is it so important? Unmasking masculinity is the process of understanding the definition of masculinity and its effects on men of all ages. To understand what it means to be a “man”, we must explore the traits, values, and expectations associated with masculinity. In this instance, it was clear from this small group of 25 men that we were never shown the positive ways to portray masculinity, but rather the negative ones.

When trying to understand masculine identity, it is necessary to recognize that not all men fit into the same definition of masculinity. Men come from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, and each culture has its own version of what a “man” looks like. For instance, some cultures may promote stoicism and stoic values, whereas other cultures may encourage self-expression and emotional connection. Different cultures may also have different attitudes toward physical strength and aggression.

It is important to recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all definition of masculinity. Some men may identify with traditionally masculine traits, while others may prioritize more progressive values. It is also important to recognize that all men have their own unique expressions of masculinity. Recognizing a range of acceptable expressions of masculinity can help men to feel more empowered and confident in their own identity.

In order to better understand healthy masculinity, it is important to understand what unhealthy masculinity looks like. Unhealthy masculinity can manifest in various ways, such as violence, aggression, macho behavior, homophobia, and sexism. Unhealthy masculinity also affects mental health, leading to higher rates of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts among men. It was clear to see in this circle of men that nobody had an ideal role model growing up, but actually quite the opposite. This taught many of us to seek out ways of unhealthy expression until eventually deciding there must be a better way.

Learning to recognize what unhealthy masculinity looks like and how to change it is an important step in creating healthier masculinity. This can include providing education and support to men who may be struggling with traditional definitions of masculinity. Being part of a group of men with a strong desire to change what the previous generations placed on us and choosing to be better is a truly moving experience. Your struggles as a man are not alone and striving to make positive changes is one of the most powerful and masculine things a man can do. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and share our emotions with others sets us free. The love in the circle will always be remembered.

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Physical Activities

Part of learning to connect with your inner light on a deeper level can be to learn to accomplish through physical activities. A variety of options are available at the Stone Cold Sober Festival. The festival is located on-site at an open lake that you are welcome to swim in. A dance tent will be set up where you can get your groove on and reconnect with your own rhythm and movements. The Stone Cold Sober Festival will also feature dance workshops and live DJs.

Workshops and Learning Opportunities

Plenty of workshops will also be available to help you continue developing your skills to help you on your spiritual journey. Nutrition experts and spiritual gurus will be on-site to help you learn and grow. Visit a meditation teacher to learn more about the benefits of incorporating meditation into your daily life. Life coaches, multi-dimensional healers, and psychics will also be available. Regardless of what you are most interested in, there will be plenty of opportunities to learn and grow during your time at the Stone Cold Sober Festival.

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What kind of accommodations are available at the Stone Cold Sober Festival?

Accommodations are available at the Stone Cold Sober Festival. If you choose to stay on festival grounds, you can rent a stunning bell tent. The bell tents range in size and can sleep up to six people. These tents are often used for glamping and other luxury camping experiences. You will find double beds, a table, a fire pit, and a picnic bench. Solar lights are available to keep the tent lit during the night. Each tent is made of a strong canvas and provides a cozy place to sleep under the stars. Firewood for the fire pit is available nearby. Guests will need to bring bed linens, pillows, and cutlery. Bathroom and shower facilities are also available and centrally located to many of the campsites.

If you prefer an actual building rather than a glamping bell tent for your accommodations, for the 2023 Festival, an artist retreat is also available. An artist retreat apartment can sleep up to four people and features a living area and full kitchen so that you can save money and eat in at your convenience.

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Are there refreshments at the Stone Cold Sober Festival?

There will be refreshments available. A variety of food vendors will be on-site so that you can purchase food and beverages. The Stone Cold Sober Festival is an entirely vegan festival so all food vendors will offer vegan fare. Guests are asked to not bring meat or animal products to the festival to maintain the vegan atmosphere. It is also a drug and alcohol-free celebration so guests will not be allowed to bring these substances to the festival.

Stone Cold Sober Family festival from a 10-Year-Old Child’s Perspective

When I drove into the area, I thought it was pretty cool. I was wrong: it was awesome! The field of white tents didn’t seem super appealing, but there was another side to it. After we got out of the car we wheeled our three suitcases and three backpacks to our tent (did I mention they all were super heavy?). The glamping tent was amazing! It was pretty big and the beds and blankets were really comfy! The tent was right next to a tree (it’s climbable but it’s not easy) and a rope swing, which just so happened to be where the kids played.

After I got acquainted with our tent, I headed over to the holistic tent, a weird blanket tent floor thingy with a canopy overhead. It was by the lake. At the holistic tent, the class I did was the psychic workshop, which I will give a more detailed description of later. I was hungry, so I ate some food from the kitchen, called OM Kitchen, where they serve only vegan food.

I went to the kids’ workshop, made a friend, explored the cacao lake (beautiful forest and amazing cacao!), and did the opening ceremony!

The next few days were amazing too! I explored the area more, discovered the intimate tent, went to the soul ceremony, then the dharma talk, a few music-related workshops, and opening your inner healer (I will go in-depth on these later). I swam in a cold lake twice, did three acts in the kid’s open mic and made a lot of friends. I has so much fun playing I killed my abs by spinning down a pole with my friends and got chased by a crazy baby with my friends.

Psychic workshop

First, we introduced ourselves. Most people there had some experience in psychic readings or healing or were just dabbling into psychic readings and even spirituality (and then there was that one person who could see the Akashi records, so that’s why I said most people). The leader of the workshop, Nathan, explained that we all have a spirit team, made up of our spirit guides and our spirit guides can talk with other’s spirit team and then tell you what the person needs to know.

After we learned more about psychic readings, Nathan had us try our own.

We all got paired up with someone we didn’t know and we had to sit back to back. The exercises he had us do were: one person had to hold up a number and the other person had to (mentally) stand in front of the person holding the number and “see” the number, one person had to imagine a flower and the other the person had to sense what flower the other person was thinking of, we had to sense each other’s initial of (or entire) last name, and sense if the other person’s spirit guides wanted to say something to the person.

My partner and I got all of them wrong, except a couple. On the first exercise, we both held up two and thought the other was holding up four. My mom also held up two. Note that my mom and I were paired up with different partners. We were wrong on the flower one, but both me and my mom thought of a blue flower. And on the last one, I thought of a star, which is related to Aquarius (I believe it’s because the brightest star in the constellation’s name in Arabic means lucky star of the king). Both my partner and I were Aquariuses.

All in all, the psychic workshop was awesome and showed me the connection between mother and daughter (I’m saying this as if I didn’t know that there was a connection between my mom and me).

Opening your inner healer

At the start of this one, the leader talked about the importance of healing yourself, so that you can heal others. Listening was very interesting. She talked about different ways of opening, activating and healing yourself and your inner healer. One good method is to do Reiki, a healing technique where you put your hands on your chakras (One by one of course!) and pull in healing energy and pull out negative energy. It can also be used to open up chakras and clear blockages. She also talked a little about Spirit guides and your spirit team and how they help you heal yourself and others.

We practiced reiki for a while and then the leader instructed us to sit down (or lay down) and let the energy flow however it wanted to flow.

The way I let the energy flow was it would flow underground and little pink flames would appear at sacred places (underground) and then the embers from the pink flame would make more pink flames until the whole underground lit up. Then the healing energy would burst through the same process would happen overground, and then it would burst through into the sky and space in the process would repeat all the way up there and then would burst through back to the ground and it would repeat in a loop. It was so amazing. I went into a trance-like state and I was so tired after but it felt so good.

Opening your inner healer was truly a chakra opening, amazing class and I would totally go again!

Soul Ceremony 

First, we did a few Solar plexus exercises. We opened it and cleared any blocks. After that, we did “What does our body want to know?” Sadly, no answers came up for this for me. Next, we did “How does our body want to move?” It was like an ecstatic dance. You moved however you wanted to move. That one was really fun. Next, I believe we started on breathwork. A quick inhale, and a quick exhale out. Almost like hyperventilating yourself. You were allowed to stop if it got too much or you needed a rest. While doing it we have to ask the question “What does my body want to feel?” And feel that feeling. What came up for me was relief and not needing to do anything to be worthy. Not having any responsibilities that are crushing you and you need to do them. Even if they aren’t responsibilities but just stuff you really want to do and you’re putting upon yourself to do.

We continued the breath work and I accidentally fell asleep. When I woke up, the breathwork wasn’t done. However, I didn’t do the breath work, as I was too focused on the colors swirling in my vision, even though my eyes were closed. I saw purple, blue, green, and yellow. The colors of the crown chakra, the third eye chakra, the throat chakra, the heart chakra, and the solar plexus chakra. And whenever I saw green and yellow it would shift into a kind of forest. Rows of trees. I think I know why. Earlier, through an energy reading, I found out that I am like an earth angel, kind of. So I believe that the trees represent it. I also saw the yellow and the green coming together to form a kind of a jacket made out of leaves. The kind that someone from a tribe would wear.

Eventually, the breath work ended and we all shared our experiences. At the end, we did a final exercise where we moved energy around, did a bit of reiki, and asked the sun and the earth what they want my soul to know. What came up on the sun was that I am sunshine. What came up on the earth was, of course, that I’m an earth angel. The soul ceremony was truly an amazing experience that really lets you dive deep into what your soul really wants and needs. I would go again!

Last Day, But I Will Be Back!

And now it’s the last day. Sadly, I didn’t wake up early enough to do the solstice ceremony (4:00 AM!) or to see the beautiful summer solstice (yes, it actually has a really cool sight, it’s not just the longest day of the year!). I messed around some more with my friends, but eventually, we had to go (but not without getting each other’s phone numbers!).

The Stone Cold Sober festival was really amazing and I’d go again!

The Stone Cold Sober is the Perfect Summer Spiritual Festival for Families

If you are looking for both an educational and fun summer retreat that your whole family can enjoy, look no further than the Stone Cold Sober Festival. This magical five-day festival will offer your family the opportunity to relax, have fun, learn some new skills, and connect more deeply with their inner light. It is the perfect way to celebrate the solstice this summer!

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