5 Helpful Things To Know Before You Go Glamping

Thinking about going glamping? Us too! Glamping is certainly the best getaway this spring and summer. Everyone needs a getaway, far from others, away from the hustle and bustle, but not without our favorite amenities. Before you jump in, here are 5 things you need to know before you go glamping.

Why Glamping?

5 Helpful Things To Know Before You Go Glamping

Why not, right? You are glamorous, you need a break, and you are down for an adventure! That is pretty much all the requirements it takes to go on a glamping getaway. Glamping is for those that love the idea of camping: quiet solitude with the beauty of nature around you. But if you are a little more “city” or a little less “outdoorsy”, glamping is the answer.

Where To Go

5 Helpful Things To Know Before You Go Glamping

Glamping has become popular and we can definitely see why. A road trip, an exciting new experience, and a mysterious destination are all highlights of glamping. The great news is that there is probably a location close by that you can explore. Here are a few locations that are worth a gander.

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What Kind Of Structure Best Fits You

5 Helpful Things To Know Before You Go Glamping

With glamping the possibilities are endless. You may choose the traditional setup: a tent. However, the sky is the limit when you go glamping. Wagons, treehouses, pods, bubble tents, safari tents, campers, and teepees are a few of the popular structures available.

5 Helpful Things To Know Before You Go Glamping

When deciding what structure is best for you it is best to think about how “outdoorsy” you want to be and the weather conditions where you are glamping. Tents, wagons, and teepees are better for the “outdoorsy” types who want more of a camping experience. Pods, campers, and treehouses often provide a more durable structure for weather and provide walls and a locking door for those that are a little skeptical.

Of course, other things to keep in mind are desired and available amenities. Additionally, if you have a fear of heights steer clear of the treehouse option. If you are looking for a romantic, watch the sunrise, snuggle in the sheets and morning sunlight situation, a bubble tent allows the morning light, star-filled skies, and breathtaking views to be visible without even leaving the bed.

5 Helpful Things To Know Before You Go Glamping
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Who To Glamp With

5 Helpful Things To Know Before You Go Glamping

We won’t judge if you want some alone time. Not going to lie, it has crossed our minds too. After being cooped up in the house all winter and 2020 long, wide-open spaces are needed. Spend the mornings waking up slow, enjoying a hot cup of coffee in silence, or an energizing hike. Spend days meditating, reading, doing yoga, or napping. This breath of fresh air is bound to have you refocused and ready to take on the world.

5 Helpful Things To Know Before You Go Glamping

If romance is what you have in mind, glamping provides a gorgeous and secluded setting to grow close to your sweetheart. Star-filled skies, plush blankets, crackling fires, and bottles of wine are the perfect combination to getting up close and personal with your beau. Pack your favorite bottle of bubbly, a sexy negligee (or whatever, ya know, your significant other favors), and prepare to reconnect.

5 Helpful Things To Know Before You Go Glamping

Girls just wanna have fun! Get your girls together for a weekend girls trip or bachelorette weekend. A little bit, okay a lot, of delicious wine and cocktails, a few juicy stories, and a whole lot of laughter is in store when you get the girls together. A couple of helpful hints: look for a location near a winery, shopping, seasonal festival, outdoor activities, or concert to make the most out of your weekend getaway.

5 Helpful Things To Know Before You Go Glamping

Glamping provides a great opportunity to take the kids exploring. Pack up the littles and head out into the great outdoors. You may want to choose your structure carefully (safety first for the kids) and pack a few more essential supplies like hand wipes, battery-powered flashlights, games, and snacks galore to guarantee a smooth glamping experience. To get the most out of your family vacation, choose a location that is close to outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, water activities, and horseback riding.

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What To Take

5 Helpful Things To Know Before You Go Glamping

Glamping is a combination of camping and being the fabulous goddess that you are. With that being said, don’t be surprised if you need to pack, well, for both. When you dust off your luggage be sure to pack these:

  • Comfy blankets (you can never have enough)
  • Slippers
  • Bug Spray (you are still CAMPING)
  • Champagne or specialty beverage of choice
  • Flashlight
  • Toiletries
  • Comfortable shoes for exploring/hiking
  • Clothes for varying temperatures
  • Snacks/food
  • Fire supplies (unless provided)

Be sure to do your research! Knowing what amenities and supplies are available will help you make your packing list. Inquire about bathroom accommodations, firepit supplies, heating/air, and electricity. After all, you need to know if TP needs to be on the list.

Whether you are a glamping pro or new to the scene, this season has got to be one of the best! Beautiful weather, escaping the mask, and kissing remote learning goodbye are reasons to celebrate the great outdoors with glamping. Pack up, head out, and soak up all the social distancing fun you can handle.


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5 Helpful Things To Know Before You Go Glamping

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