Post Vacation Blues And 8 Ways To Stop It

Vacations are a thing of beauty, that are treasured by everyone. Unfortunately, the thrilling excitement of any trip is destined to be matched by its counterpart – Post Vacation Blues. After experiencing the highs that come with family or friends, and fun, the lows that follow are seriously sad. It is time we recognize the symptoms and stop them head-on.

Post Vacation Blues And 8 Ways To Stop It

What Are Post Vacation Blues?

The sadness of Post Vacation Blues is much like that time your child threw up on your favorite piece of furniture exactly one day after it was purchased. Post Vacation Blues will make you want to sit on the couch and cry over a pint of ice cream. Post Vacation Blues is known to leave people numb, depressed, and forgetful while engaging in binge-eating or lots of couch sitting.

Was your vacation at a campsite or all-inclusive resort? If so, you may not be used to carrying around daily things like car keys, a purse, a metro card, or a diaper bag. Which makes it a lot easier to forget those items right after returning from a trip. Going to the grocery store in a post-vacation haze might leave you stranded at the checkout without a credit card. You might show up to a team meeting without a pen and paper.

How To Cure Post Vacation Blues

Instead of wallowing in these feelings of sadness, channel that energy into reliving the happy moments from your vacation. Allow the little memories to shed some light on the dreary days plagued by the Post Vacation Blues.

Print Pictures

Post Vacation Blues And 8 Ways To Stop It

In this digital age, many of our memories are stored in an app or on a device. In order to beat the Post Vacation Blues, go old school and print your vacation photos. Pretend these printed photographs are your only way to show the world what you did on your trip.

Choose a few favorite photos to display in your house or office. If you do not already have a fun photo display system, perhaps now is the time to make an investment. Consider it a much earned Post Vacation Blues present.

Send Postcards

Post Vacation Blues And 8 Ways To Stop It

No matter who they are missing, your family would love to receive a handwritten and heartfelt postcard. Write to them and tell them about your favorite memory from vacation. If you have a little one that is not writing yet, have them draw a picture from the vacation or transcribe a story of theirs.

You could also collect postcards from souvenir shops during your travels. During or after your trips you can write about your travels on your handpicked postcard. Or you could keep that postcard to remind you of a special moment. There is no doubt that the breathtaking photo on the front of the postcard will bring you happiness give you plenty of memories.

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Make A Photo Book

Post Vacation Blues And 8 Ways To Stop It

What better way to preserve your memories and document your journey than with a book of stunning photos? The best part about making a scrapbook is that you can do this as a family and get everyone involved. Be sure to add quotes from family members, or friends, and include funny or unplanned moments from your trip. You can also include itineraries, menus, translations (if your visit included a second language), and ticket stubs.

Did you know that coupons and promo codes for online companies are available all the time? The deals come and go, but the quality of your preserved memories is something you do not want to gamble with. To get a full report on how the online photo book options stack up against each other, check out The Best Photo Book Sites.

Plan Your Next Trip

Post Vacation Blues And 8 Ways To Stop It

Nothing gets you out of a Post Vacation Blues rut like planning your next trip. By setting sights on another holiday, you can channel your excess energy into something productive.

Wanderlust In A Nearby Neighborhood

Post Vacation Blues And 8 Ways To Stop It

After a trip, it is likely that you also return with a renewed perspective. One’s eyes are a little bit wider, their horizons broadened, and their palettes more refined than before they left. Take the adventurous spirit and bring it to the streets nearest you. Pretend you are a tourist in your own zip code and explore.

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Savor The Souvenirs

Post Vacation Blues And 8 Ways To Stop It

Although some people want to leave their trip with nothing more than the memories of bliss, others need a more tangible connection to guide them back to the promised land. For that reason, souvenir shops make a killing off of your nostalgia. From mugs to key chains, trinkets to t-shirts, souvenirs are a lucrative business in every tourist destination.

Share Stories From Your Vacation

Post Vacation Blues And 8 Ways To Stop It

Plain and simple. No equipment needed and you set the timeframe! This could be a dinner conversation or a nighttime routine. Whether you are talking to the family that shared your trip, a co-worker that is already sick of hearing about it, or the one-chance encounter with a grocer, share the best memories and feel the happiness that comes along with those stories.

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Create A Memory Jar

Post Vacation Blues And 8 Ways To Stop It

Write down your memories and stories from the trip that you love the most and store them in a jar. Share them as often as possible with family or friends. You can use memory jar as a way to get out of a slump in the months that follow a big trip.

Post Vacation Blues are a real evil. They are hard to avoid, but luckily there are some tools you can use to avoid them or cure them. Use them and always remember, there is another trip on the horizon.

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Post Vacation Blues And 8 Ways To Stop It

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