Incredible Travel Hack for Cheap Flights

You know that glamorous travel blogging family who always looks healthy and happy while exploring their way through Europe? You know the one. They’re museum hopping on a Monday morning, building sandcastles on Mediterranean beaches on a Tuesday afternoon, and watching the sunset over a fishing village on Wednesday evening.

Well, with Next Vacay, that can be your family, too. Minus the travel blogging part. In fact, you can keep your day job, and still live the travel blogger lifestyle on the side. Making it easy and affordable to travel regularly, Next Vacay can assist in giving your family a life of adventure and culture.

Who is Next Vacay For?

Anyone who wants a life filled with more travel, adventure, and fun. And, especially for those who want to show their family what it means to be well-traveled, cultured, and passionate about life.

Next Vacay is also for travel lovers who want to get out there, while still holding down a stable life at home. The travel hacking nature of this platform makes it easy and affordable to travel regularly while still enjoying the day to day life you’ve built for yourself.

And, Next Vacay is also for any experienced travel hacker who found it to be too time-consuming. Travel hacking takes a lot of time and energy. But with Next Vacay, travel hackers can get the savings without sacrificing all of their time. Oh, and if you’re the kind of person who has built a life around travel, Next Vacay can save you time and money so you can do even more of it.

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How Does Next Vacay Work?

Part of the allure is that Next Vacay is so simple to use. In just a few steps, you can be lining your year up with family vacations. Next Vacay users simply enter which airport is closest to them and then wait to receive emails about the latest and best deals. And, the email also contains instructions so that a flight can be booked directly with the airline, right away.

Here’s how it works, step-by-step:

  • Provide Next Vacay with the airport that is closest to you and the dates you can travel.
  • Their system will use its travel hacking system to find the best deals near you.
  • If the system discovers a great deal, it will instantly email you. If you like what you see, you can book your flight straight away, directly with the airline.
  • Sit back, relax, and wait for you next vacation to arrive.

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Next Vacay is One of The Best Travel Hacks Out There

Not only does this travel hack save you time and money, but it makes your travel dreams a reality. While flights to exotic destinations like Iceland and Paris can be quite pricey, Next Vacay makes these trips affordable. You will no longer have to wait until retirement to be able to afford the trips you’ve always wanted to take. Instead, just wait for them to come to you, and at affordable prices no less.

Next Vacay CEO Naveen Dittakavi started the company after he and his wife caught the flight-hunting bug, constantly searching for the best deals as they loved to travel frequently. Friends noticed the couple’s frequent travels and asked how they were managing this. They were finding rock bottom prices (think Costa Rica for $273, and Santorini for $393) by obsessively checking low fare websites. But that was a time-consuming task, so Naveen used his skills as a software engineer to develop a system which found deals for them.

The deals are out there, and Next Vacay finds them. Roundtrip flights to Australia for $580, London during Christmas time, $560, and Paris for under $400. These deals are out there, and they pop up more frequently than you realize. But, who actually has time to stalk the travel sites to find them?

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With Next Vacay, you can accomplish the ultimate travel hacking, without having to lift a finger. You won’t be wasting your weekends searching for cheap deals and plane tickets. And, you won’t need to rack up thousands of dollars of credit card debt, just to get frequent flyer miles for your vacation.

In fact, Next Vacay only costs $25 a year, which is extremely low compared to how much time and energy you’ll save. Also, by getting such incredible deals on flights, the membership pays for itself right away. Plus, the deals are personalized and dependent on your location. So, you won’t have to fly to a different city in order to connect to two other flights that will end up saving you only a few dollars in the end.

Ask anyone who has ever planned a trip; it can get pretty stressful. There is always something to worry about, whether it’s that you booked the flights correctly or budgeted properly, it can be scary to plan your own trip. This is why Next Vacay is such a great solution. You won’t have to worry that you got something mixed up while browsing travel deal sites. Instead, the deals are delivered to you directly and correctly by Next Vacay, which gets it right every time.


So, what will you do for your family this year? Where will you take them? And, how will you open up their minds and hearts to the world? Wherever you choose, Next Vacay will help you get there.



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