The Best Cloffice Ideas For a Small Space

A cloffice is exactly what it sounds like a closet that has been turned into an office space.  This is a new trend that probably isn’t going away anytime soon.  As most of the world was forced to work almost exclusively from home the past couple of years, everyone had to get creative with their workspaces.  A cloffice does not have to mean a super tight space that is totally enclosed with no windows or fresh air, a cloffice is best when it can be exposed or tucked away when needed.

Where to Create Your Cloffice

The Best Cloffice Ideas For A Small Space

A cloffice is the perfect way to create an office out of an underutilized closet.  It will give you the chance to not only declutter but to create an office space that is just your own.  A hall closet, walk-in closet, or wall closet can all work depending on your available space.  

Wall closet-If you have young children and don’t need to utilize their closest you can easily take that over as your cloffice.  This way you can close the doors and it is out of sight out of mind.  Plus if you have to work from home while little ones are around, it is an easy way to keep an eye on them if they are literally in the same room.

Hall closet-Most hall closets are a place to shove whatever you may need but rarely use.  Hall closets often become a drop-off space for anything and everything and since it is easy to forget about, hall closets can often become cluttered and practically useless even in the best circumstances.  For this reason, hall closets make one of the best options for your cloffice.  You might have a funky-shaped closet that will take some creativity to make it work for your new cloffice.

Walk-in closet-Although a walk-in closet might seem the ideal space for a cloffice, you would have to give up a lot of closet space for this.  Most people struggle with storage space in their homes and may not want to give up their walk-in closet.  That being said, if you get creative enough you can have a great walk-in closet and your cloffice in the same space.  You just have to make sure you have limitations on how much office you want in your cloffice.    

Some older or remodeled homes can have a bit of a quirky design or layout.  You may find that you have enough space for your cloffice in your oversized pantry (bonus points if it has natural light!), in your laundry room, or even a nook in the garage that can be converted into your cloffice.  Just be cognizant of the weather you live in and if your potential new space has the proper installation to keep it at an optimal temperature.  

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How to Make A Cloffice 

The Best Cloffice Ideas For A Small Space

First-You must remove everything from the closet, everything!  Take it all out and start to go through everything that you removed.  Make three piles-keep, donate and toss.  Once you have gone through everything, figure out where you are going to put everything in your keep pile.  Most likely you will be able to toss or donate a few more items that you thought you needed.  Bag up all of the items you plan to donate and schedule a pickup or put them in your car to do a drop-off.

Once cleared out think about how much lighting your new cloffice space will need.  If there is no lighting at all, consider overhead lighting as well as a lamp for your desk.  You can install a simple overhead light for those handy people or willing to pay for a professional.  An expert will be needed for wiring if you go that route.  Or there are plenty of do-it-yourself lights that get the job done as long as you don’t mind a wire leading to your overhead light.

When creating your cloffice space, don’t think of it as a closet anymore think of it as your new personal office space, just in a cozy spot.  Make sure while designing your space that you create an organization system from the beginning.  A challenge with small spaces is a lack of places to put items.  You don’t need a lot of storage space per se, but you do need the space to stay organized-Files, pens, paper, and additional office supplies that you need.

Make sure you measure before you purchase any furniture or other items.  You may think you have more space than you actually do.  Put down painter’s tape in the dimensions of the desk you want and see how much room it will take up and then account for the chair you want.  If you can’t find the correct size desk look for the alternative workspace solutions-skinny table, convertible standing desks, or even look in the teen section for desks as they are usually on a smaller size, but might have the perfect option for you.  

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What to put in Your Cloffice Space

The Best Cloffice Ideas For A Small Space

Although space may be limited in your new cloffice, that does not mean that you have to be limited on what goes into your cloffice.  Start with the basics a desk and chair, you may not have the space to put a full desk, but maybe a standing desk works. If you don’t have room for a bookshelf, you can add floating shelves above or to the side of your desk.  Add an under-the-desk storage or filing cabinet to help maximize your space.  Or if you have the space under the desk, you can put up built-in shelves for more storage and organization space.

Designing your cloffice will definitely make you look at the space you have different and learn to be creative with what you have.  If you are working with a traditional wall closet your space will be more linear.  If you have a hall closet your space will take a bit more design to get you to what you want.  You might not be able to have the desk or chair that you really want and will have to make your space work for you by compromising on the items in your cloffice.

Add personal touches, a family picture, your kid’s artwork, or inspiration quotes that help keeps you motivated or just make you smile.  Make your cloffice yours and unique to make it the best possible environment that will help you strive at work.

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Also, remember to take breaks from your cloffice.  A cloffice is a wonderful short-term solution or a temporary work area.  Make sure you get some fresh air, sunlight, and walk around to stretch your legs as needed.  Don’t wait too long to move your body!

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The Best Cloffice Ideas For A Small Space

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