10 Wonderful Fourth of July Crafts to Celebrate America’s Birthday

Fourth of July crafts celebrate America’s birthday. You can add a bit of sparkle, as well as some red, white, and blue, to just about any of your favorite crafts to transform them into a celebration for July 4th. You can decorate your home and garden for the perfect patriotic party. You can even have a Fourth of July crafts party before Independence Day where you and your friends make Fourth of July crafts together.  Check out these 10 great ideas for Fourth of July Crafts we love!

Fourth of July Crafts to Use as Table Decorations

10 Wonderful Fourth Of July Crafts To Celebrate America’s Birthday

Patriotic centerpieces add a sparkle to the table even if you are just celebrating the holiday with your own family. Making Fourth of July centerpieces is a great way to get your children of all ages involved in the summer holiday. You can share fun facts about America’s birthday and the signing of the Declaration of Independence while making Fourth of July crafts.

Patriotic Sand Candles make simple, yet beautiful, Fourth of July table decorations. You can enjoy a relaxing day by yourself layering the red, white, and blue sand in gorgeous designs in Mason jars, or any glass jar, while playing soft music. Or you can enjoy a messy day with the kiddos doing sand art. Crafts by Courtney gives terrific tips for making Patriotic Sand Candles, including the idea to put a wooden block of wood in the center of the jar so you do not have to use as much sand in each jar! Brilliant!

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Stars and Stripes Patriotic Flower Pots are great Fourth of July crafts, too. Lolly Jane offers a simple tutorial so you can easily paint several flower pots for your holiday picnic table. This becomes a two-part craft because then you get to plant your favorite summer flowers. Not only do the Stars and Stripes Patriotic Flower Pots make excellent centerpieces, but they are great crafts for children to plant seeds to watch the growing cycle, too.

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Do you know those red, white, and blue frozen treats that seem to scream summer and the Fourth of July? Well, this Simple Patriotic Table Décor by Mom Endeavors will remind you of them. Even if you do not consider yourself super crafty, you will be able to make these Easy DIY Patriotic Table Décor. It’s as simple as red, white, and blue tissue paper tucked in a vase with a pinwheel for pizazz. (Of course, there is some floral foam to secure the pinwheel in the vase, but overall, this is one of the simplest Fourth of July crafts you can create.)

Easy Fourth of July Crafts for Kids

10 Wonderful Fourth Of July Crafts To Celebrate America’s Birthday

If you are hosting a big Fourth of July party for friends and family, of course, the children will be running around, playing whiffle ball, and volleyball, and jumping in the swimming pool. But, it’s nice to have a few quiet moments, too. Children love to create Fourth of July crafts.

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Fireworks Painting is a simple, quick, inexpensive craft. You just need red, white, and blue paint and several toilet paper rolls. Heidi from Happiness is Homemade provides instructions on how to fray one end of each toilet paper roll, which becomes the “paintbrush.” Your kiddos can create beautiful fireworks designs on construction paper.

The Fourth of July Party is already outside, so there is no excuse not to let the kiddos make slime. You might even have a few adults at your picnic who want to make the Star Spangled Slime. The patriotic red, white, and blue slime is pure summertime happiness. Stephanie from MomDot gives you a user-friendly slime tutorial and reminds you not to forget the sparkles.

Homemade T-Shirt Fourth of July Crafts

10 Wonderful Fourth Of July Crafts To Celebrate America’s Birthday

Making patriotic red, white, and blue t-shirts for the Fourth of July can be fun for the whole family. Of course, it makes for wonderful family photos when everyone’s outfits coordinate and match on any holiday. But, we are not making cute Fourth of July t-shirts just for the perfect photo opportunity, are we?

What’s more American than apple pie? It might just be a homemade red, white, and blue tie-dye shirt for the Fourth of July. Making tie-dye shirts with friends and family is a wonderful tradition to start each year. It’s also a reason to have a BBQ in June. Of course, if you want to step up your shirts, you can use a Cricut or Silhouette to put a Fourth of July message like “Stars & Stripes,” “God Bless the USA,” etc…

If you have younger children in your family, the DIY Flag T-Shirt is one of the excellent Fourth of July Crafts that they will enjoy making with you. The Clumsy Crafter details how to use painter’s tape to create the flag pattern on the shirt. Then add a bit of red and blue spray paint to easily create the colors.

Patriotic Door Décor: Classic Fourth of July Crafts

10 Wonderful Fourth Of July Crafts To Celebrate America’s Birthday
Kara Creates

Patriotic front door décor is classic for your Fourth of July celebration. The Patriotic Burlap Bubble Wreath will greet your friends and neighbors with your red, white, and blue pride when they come for the Fourth of July BBQ. Kara Creates shares details on how to make your own 18-inch Patriotic Burlap Bubble Wreath.

10 Wonderful Fourth Of July Crafts To Celebrate America’s Birthday
Design Improvised

Nothing says summer and Fourth of July – like pinwheels. You can’t help but blow on the beautiful, design to watch it spin. You transform into a 7-year-old as the pinwheel spins round and round. Haeley from Design Improvised transforms the simple spinning, toys into a DIY Patriotic Pinwheel Wreath. The whimsical wreath exudes patriotism in red, white, and blue.

An artsy American flag makes an awesome door decoration or wall hanging, too. It’s perfect for Fourth of July crafts. With little more than a blue bandana, red fabric, and lace, you can learn to make your own American flag from Scratch and Stitch. It’s a beautiful patriotic project you can display for not only the Fourth of July but also Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Veteran’s Day.

Making Fourth of July crafts with family and friends is a way to slow down, and take time to enjoy the little moments of summer. Making crafts is a way to celebrate the birth of our nation more than just one day. And, while you and your family are wearing custom t-shirts and decorating your home with homemade Fourth of July crafts, you can take a bit of pride in your skills, as well as in America. Happy Fourth of July!  

Sources: Clumsy Crafter, Crafts by Courtney, Design Improvised, Kara Creates, Happiness is Homemade, Lolly Jane, MomDot, Mom Endeavors, and Scratch and Stitch.

Photo Credits: Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay.

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10 Wonderful Fourth Of July Crafts To Celebrate America’s Birthday



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