14 Spectacular Recipes for 4th of July

Fire up the barbecue grill and break out those sparklers! While your invite list may be a tad more exclusive this year (read: immediate family only), there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate this Independence Day. To help you pull off a fantastic family celebration, we’ve compiled 14 spectacular recipes for 4th of July. Feature one (or several!) of these fun treats on your breastfast, lunch, dinner or dessert menu to add a little patriotic flair. The kids will thank you! 

Red, White and Blue Breakfast Recipes For 4th of July

Just because it’s breakfast time doesn’t mean you can’t kick off your Fourth of July with a bang! After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why not give these easy recipes for 4th of July a try this year, to start your holiday off right? 

4th of July Toast 

14 Spectacular Recipes For 4Th Of July

It doesn’t get much more adorable than this simple 4th of July toast that the kids can make all on their own. Just grab a slice of bread and lightly toast it. Let them spread on a thin layer of cream cheese, followed by your favorite red jam or jelly. Strawberry, raspberry and cherry all work great. Use whole blueberries for the star area, and sliced bananas for the white stripes. That’s it, you’re done! 

Get this recipe and more at Taste and Tell

Triple Berry Gingersnap & Granola Yogurt Parfait 

14 Spectacular Recipes For 4Th Of July

Another simple treat, this layered parfait combines Greek yogurt, gingersnaps, granola, agave nectar and berries. For those mornings where you just don’t feel like cooking, let the kids loose on creating this pretty breakfast parfait. 

Find this recipe at Cookin’ Canuk.

Strawberry Shortcake Doughnut Muffins 

14 Spectacular Recipes For 4Th Of July

What happens when you combine the taste of a warm doughnut with the shape of a muffin, and then add strawberry shortcake? This wonderful breakfast creation! Light and fluffy, these doughnut muffins are baked, dipped in brown butter and then rolled in delicious cinnamon sugar. Top with buttercream and strawberries, and don’t forget to add blueberries to make this a true 4th of July treat!

Find this recipe at Kevin and Amanda.

Red Velvet Pancakes with Coconut Syrup and Blueberries

14 Spectacular Recipes For 4Th Of July

These pancakes are sure to be a breakfast showstopper. And the good news is, they are so easy to create! Start by simply adding red food coloring to your favorite pancake mix. (We like the gel type best, for a deeper red color.) Add some cocoa powder, mix, pour and cook. Don’t forget the blueberries and coconut syrup or whipped cream, to give this dish an Independence Day style. 

Be sure to keep this recipe in your back pocket for other holidays as well. In addition to recipes for 4th of July, it would work great for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays and more—especially if you get creative by switching up the colors and toppings. 

This recipe is available at Eclectic Recipes


Patriotic Lunch Recipes For 4th of July 

Let the party continue through lunch and dinner with these sweet and savory menu additions. Express your creative freedom and wow your guests with these unexpectedly colorful sides and main course recipes for 4th of July.

Red, White and Blue Watermelon Blueberry Fruit Salad 

14 Spectacular Recipes For 4Th Of July

If you’re looking to add a spectacular side to the menu this Independence Day, this fresh fruit salad may fit the bill. Watermelon, blueberries and jicama meld together with tart feta cheese, a dash of lime and a hint of mint. The result is a cool, unassuming fruit salad that packs a flavorful punch. This is a perfect side dish to accompany your traditional backyard barbecue feast.

Get this recipe at FoodieCrush.

Grilled Blackberry, Strawberry, Basil and Brie Pizza Crisps

14 Spectacular Recipes For 4Th Of July

Ever thought to make patriotic pizza for the 4th? No? Well, this is definitely something you should try. Pizza dough gets topped with olive oil and baked or grilled. Then, add sliced brie, mashed blackberries and chopped strawberries (in a flag-like fashion, of course!) and bake or grill again. Top this beauty with fresh basil and honey balsamic glaze and enjoy!

Find the full recipe at Half Baked Harvest

Red, White and Blue Potato Salad 

14 Spectacular Recipes For 4Th Of July

Your Independence Day meal wouldn’t be complete without a potato salad on the menu. But, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! This stunning take calls for tiny red, white and blue potatoes. Roast them in the oven, then add your herbs and seasonings, along with fresh-squeezed lemon and olive oil for a light and summery potato salad that is a visual and culinary feast.

Read the recipe at Proud ltalian Cook

Red, White and Blue Sliders from Lauren at Lauren’s Latest

14 Spectacular Recipes For 4Th Of July

Do us a favor… Take another good look at this photo before reading on. We’ll wait.

Notice anything out of the ordinary? That’s right, those aren’t tomatoes that you see. In the process of topping these adorable mini-burgers with red and white bleu cheesey goodness, this unique recipe opts for strawberries over the more traditional tomato. And let us tell you, it’s a pretty good substitution! Try it out to see for yourself.

Learn more at Lauren’s Latest

Grilled Chicken with Red & Blue(berry) Salsa 

14 Spectacular Recipes For 4Th Of July

When people think of main course recipes for 4th of July, their thoughts often turn to burgers, hot dogs and mac and cheese. Well, this grilled chicken and fruit salsa recipe is a bright and cheery alternative that may have you rethinking your old traditions. There’s no need to save the red, white and blue for dessert with this glamourous red pepper, white onion and blueberry garnished dish that feels far more festive. Be sure to make the salsa ahead of time, so the fruit, mint and lemon juice flavors have a chance to meld. 

Find this recipe from An Edible Mosaic.


Star-Spangled Dessert Recipes For 4th of July

Spark your tastebuds with some fun, visually appealing and delicious dessert recipes for 4th of July. No one will be able to resist these tasty red, white, and blue treats! 

Flag Cake

14 Spectacular Recipes For 4Th Of July

Transform an ordinary yellow sheet cake into something extraordinary this year. This healthier take on flag cake uses wholesome ingredients like wheat flour and honey in the cake mix, and also adds Greek yogurt to cut some of the sweetness of a more traditional frosting. The result? A decadent dessert that looks adorable and lets the flavors of fresh berries shine through.

Learn more at Well Plated By Erin.

Red, White and Blue Finger Jell-O Recipe 

14 Spectacular Recipes For 4Th Of July

Once the kids get their first glimpse at this wiggly, giggly confection, they’ll be begging you to add it to your recipes for 4th of July year after year. Three layers, bright, beautiful Jell-O colors and endless possibilities await. Once you master this recipe, you’ll recreate it time and time again with colors themed for other holidays, birthday party decor or even for tailgate parties during football season.

This recipe is available at Recipe Girl.

Red, White and Blue Cheesecake Strawberries 

14 Spectacular Recipes For 4Th Of July

This recipe is a summer staple that’s simplicity at its finest. The use of a piping bag with star-shared tip transforms these berries into something far more magical. Wash and slice strawberries, make the easy cheesecake filling, pipe onto the strawberry and top with fresh, washed blueberries. For some added fanfare for the kids, you could add red, white and blue sprinkles, but we like this recipe just as it is as well.

Get the recipe at Spicy Southern Kitchen.

Red, White and Blue Double Berry Coconut Pops 

14 Spectacular Recipes For 4Th Of July

After a long day outside enjoying the sun and fun, it’s time to take a break and chill out. These red, white and blue double berry coconut pops should help do the trick. They’re simple to make, yet oh-so-pretty! The recipe uses pureed strawberries, blueberries, coconut milk, Stevia (or you could sub sugar, honey or agave) and a hint of vanilla. The result? A great-tasting frozen treat that cools and refreshes on a hot summer day.

Find this recipe at An Edible Mosaic.

No Bake Summer Berry Lasagna

14 Spectacular Recipes For 4Th Of July

For our dessert recipes for 4th of July grand finale, we present a no-bake berry lasagna. This one takes more time to prepare, but from the looks of this photo, we think you’ll agree it will be worth it. The lovely multi-level dessert has a red velvet layer made with graham cracker crust and strawberry jam, a white cheesecake layer with tiny bits of fresh strawberries and a blueberry Jell-O salad layer with blueberry pie filling, crushed pineapple and gelatin. Top with whipped cream to finish, and garnish with fresh berries and a white chocolate drizzle for an indulgence that’s sure to create fireworks at the dessert table.

View this recipe at OMG Chocolate Desserts.

Whether you’re planning a backyard barbeque, beach cookout, patriotic picnic or just an easy, kid-friendly featured dish, these recipes for 4th of July have you covered. Thanks to their colorful red, white and blue looks, they seem fancy and will really add to the ambiance of your day. Express your freedom and pick your favorite, or choosing one recipe from each category to keep the party going strong all day!

If you’re looking for more family fun once your cookout featuring these recipes for 4th of July is over, check out these 20 MUST-WATCH 4TH OF JULY MOVIES.

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14 Spectacular Recipes For 4Th Of July



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