5 Unique Fourth Of July Activities For The Whole Family

Summer holidays are the best holidays because they seem to last all summer long. If your family is looking for unique Fourth of July activities this year, rather than the traditional sparklers and hot dogs, check out these 5 ways to set your festivities apart from all the others.

Fourth Of July Activities: Start With Food

Daily Mom Parent Portal Fourth Of July Activities

George Washington and Benjamin Franklin most likely did not light up the grill and eat hot dogs after everyone signed the Declaration of Independence. The history of any people or nation can be found within their diets, and the same goes for our forefathers (and mothers). If your family is looking for unique Fourth of July activities, consider changing the menu for your festivities to include recipes of the food that our forefathers would have actually eaten.

To really make your menu authentic, cook in a dutch oven over a fire, or make loaves of bread with your children. It may not teach them how to be an Iron Chef, but it will teach them that things have not always been as easy as opening a bag of store-bought bread, and that the things we have cost people time, treasure, and even life. Check out a few of the recipes here to get ideas for your unique Fourth of July festivities.

Research The History Of Where You Live And Go Experience It

There is no better way to bring history to life than to experience it firsthand in the places you walk and drive every day, or even in your own neighborhood. Help your children search through the national archives to learn about their neighborhood’s past.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Fourth Of July Activities

Not only will they get to work through a great resource like our Nation’s archives, but they will be reading through nearly a century of research, organized texts and thoughts. The National Archives was set up in 1934 – 85 years ago this June! For the kiddos who love to learn or snoop around, this activity is definitely a patriotic way to celebrate the Fourth of July.

Create Your Own Revolutionary Escape Room

“One if by land, two if by sea”, “Give me liberty or give me death”, “Red, White, and Blue” – all of these are common knowledge facts about our country’s birth or flag, but if it is not common knowledge to you, then this game may be something you should try.

Unique Fourth Of July Activities For The Whole Family

Escape rooms have spread like wildfire in popularity for family outings, date nights, and workplace retreats, but the cost can become prohibitive for families with younger children. Take matters into your own hands and create your own escape room.

Since this game is a DIY, the questions used to solve puzzles and riddles can range in ease from very simple to very difficult. If your family enjoys solving puzzles while still observing our nation’s independence, check out these ideas for a DIY Revolutionary escape room for your Fourth of July activities.

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Write A Play- And Act It Out

Unique Fourth Of July Activities For The Whole Family

A great way to keep children’s educations alive and active through the summer is to ask them to write a play based on a popular event in our country’s revolution. Providing children with resources outlining these events (Paul Revere’s Ride, Washington on the Potomac, Boston Tea Party) and even costumes will help to ingrain these stories in their minds, bringing to life this annual holiday. To make it even more spectacular, perform it at your BBQ for your guests!

If your kids are not interested in writing their play but they still have a flare for the dramatic, and want to incorporate it into their Fourth of July activities, the internet has several free ideas, and Amazon has great deals on plays that are already written out.

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Send Kids On A Revolutionary Treasure Hunt With A Spy Cipher

Any parent who has watched “National Treasure” is well aware that spies played a critical part in our country’s birth. If your children enjoy solving mysteries and hunting for treasures, then sending them on a treasure hunt around their home or yard can be a fun patriotic way to celebrate the Fourth of July.

The great thing about this game is that you will have everything you need to make the cipher and the treasure hunt at your own home, so extra shopping will not be necessary. Here are some great ideas on how to make your cipher for your treasure-hunters to enjoy.


Whatever you decide to do to celebrate Independence Day, nothing beats time with the family. And, the more unique the idea, the more fun the day will be!


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Unique Fourth Of July Activities For The Whole Family



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