18 Trending Gifts for Kids to Light Up Their Holidays

Are you tired of scrolling through endless pages of gifts for kids only to find the same old boring options? Fear not, my fellow stressed-out holiday shoppers! We’ve got the inside scoop on the hottest and most trending gifts for the kiddos in your life. From the latest toys to the classic Christmas PJs to adorable blankies for your tiny toddlers, this gift guide has got it all! So sit back, grab a cup of your favorite candy cane latte, and let’s dive into the wonderful world of gift-giving. Let’s get started!

The Best Trending Gifts for Kids


Perfect for parents and little ones this Christmas, Abiie designs high-quality baby gear that is made to grow with your family. The Beyond Junior Y High Chair makes the ideal gift for new parents and their baby or toddler this season as this stylish and versatile chair will last a lifetime. The Beyond Junior® High Chair is a wooden high chair designed to fit your child from the baby stages to adulthood. From feeding purees from the high chair to pulling up to the table, this adjustable seat grows with your child as you can simply remove the tray and footrest, adjust the seat enjoy a full-size chair. The revolutionary EZ-Seat technology not only makes the sitting area easy to clean but also enables super-quick seat adjustment in under 20 seconds.

Eco-friendly and crafted of European beechwood, this chair is durable, versatile, aesthetically pleasing, and oh-so-easy to clean. With a dual restraint system and dishwasher-safe tray cover, this high chair will keep your kiddo safe and secure at all ages and stages.

Pick up the Octopod Silicone Baby Suction Bowl and Silicone Suction Triangle Plate as well to make mealtime a breeze. Easy to clean and soft and safe for baby, these great silicone dishes from Abiie will keep your little one from tossing their meal overboard, keeping your floors clean and your little ones happy! These bowls and plates stay in place as your little one learns to self-feed which helps reduce their frustration and promotes independence. Additionally, these are dishwasher and microwave-safe with lids available for taking meals on the go.

Beyond Junior® High Chair | Octopod Silicone Baby Suction Bowl | Octopod Silicone Suction Triangle Plate
Abiie | Facebook | Instagram


18 Trending Gifts For Kids To Light Up Their Holidays 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Let your little ones play house with the all-new Cook & Care Corner Kitchen from Step2. This play kitchen and nursery from Step2 will allow your little ones to enjoy hours of imaginative play as they step into their very own cook and care space. With an innovative design, intricate details, and interactive capabilities, the Cook & Care Corner Kitchen will take their playtime to a whole new level. As your child engages in imaginative play, they will be able to mimic the adult behaviors they see at home in a playspace just their size. Allow them to cook, clean, care for baby, and even do laundry in this great space.

Your little ones can keep pretend kitchen ingredients fresh in the vintage-style fridge or freezer, fire up the stove, illuminate the sink, cook on the stove, and even pop in a load of laundry. With Faux stainless steel and wood-like accents, this pretty kitchen will be a welcome addition to any playroom, and like all Step2 toys it is built to last a lifetime.

Cook & Care Corner Kitchen
Step2 | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


SharperImage.com’s Boardless Skateboard makes the perfect last-minute gift for the tweens and teens on your Christmas List. This super fun method of self-propelled transportation allows you to place your feet into two separate units where you will skate away. Perfect for those kids who love all the new tech gadgets and gizmos that will satiate their need for speed, the Boardless Skateboard is a cross between a skateboard and roller blades making them a fast and fun gift for kids this Christmas.

Boardless Skateboard
SharperImage.com | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest


Who would’ve thought that soft, snuggly, and breathable socks would ever be on someone’s gift list? Well, they probably aren’t, and this is why you ought to surprise them with a pair of Pacas because once they’re on someone’s feet… they’ll never want to take them off! They’re crafted from natural Alpaca fiber designed to provide ultimate comfort and top-notch durability with its thermoregulating, moisture-wicking, and odor-resistant properties.

Gift your special lady with the Low Cut Socks. With a seamless toe and cushioned sole, you can ensure your feet are cradled in luxury while keeping your style fresh and modern. Plus, the padded heel tab ensures a secure, snug fit with no irritation-proof that you always look your best.

Parents know their little ones are rough on their socks, so why settle for anything less than the best? With the Kid’s Crew Socks, your child will be equipped with unparalleled comfort and style all day long. Keep your little one’s feet insulated and cozy.

Are you looking for the ultimate cozy socks for your beloved toddlers? These socks are gentle and wonderfully soft against your little ones’ feet. Even better, they come with added built-in non-slip gripper technology that provides extra traction for active toddlers on the go. Whether your toddler is climbing, running, or jumping, you can rest assured that the gripper technology provides an extra layer of safety. Your little bundles of joy will absolutely love these comfortable and cozy socks!

4 Pack – Women’s Low Cut Socks | 6 Pack – Kids’ Crew Socks | Toddler Socks
Pacas | Facebook | Instagram

Tubby Todd

In the vast ocean of baby skincare products, it’s easy to get lost in endless brands and confusing labels. But what if you stumbled upon a hidden treasure that merges nature-inspired ingredients with gentle care for your little one’s skin? Tubby Todd, a well-loved brand by parents everywhere, has trending gifts that really help kids feel good inside and out!

First, the Everyday lotion is a must-have! It’s a light, gentle moisturizer that is ideal for sensitive skin. This creamy formula is perfect for newborns and eczema-prone babies. It’s clinically tested and hypoallergenic.

Similarly, the Tubby Todd’s Bubble Bath is also good for sensitive skin. It’s clinically tested and hypoallergenic. Ingredients like honeysuckle, grapefruit, natural extracts, and plant-based ingredients make it a lovely addition to help your kiddo calm down and clean up during bath time.

Older kids may like Tubby Todd’s colorful bath bombs! The ingredients in these items won’t stain your tub, and they are free of gluten, dairy, parabens, steroids, or synthetic fragrances. Their fizziness adds an extra fun sensory experience for kiddos.

Tubby Todd has a massive line of baby products, so whatever you need, they likely have a solution for you. From lip balms and toothpaste to chest rubs, these products are affordable and designed with your child’s wellness in mind. You can trust Tubby Todd – thousands of parents do!

Everyday Lotion | Bubble Bath | Bath Bomb Bundle | Lip Balm 2 Pack | Toothpaste | Organic Chest Rub
Tubby Todd | Instagram | Facebook | TikTok | YouTube

Near Zero

If you have an outdoorsy family member or friend and you don’t know what to buy for him or her, check out Near Zero! They have tons of trending gifts like tools, equipment, and gadgets across the price spectrum that will surely be handy for those who like camping, hiking, and adventuring!

For example, the Micro Air tool is a compact rechargeable air pump that can easily inflate an air mattress or tire! It is battery-operated, comes with multiple nozzles, and doubles as a lantern! It is very useful to have on hand at a campsite. The Titanium Shovel is great for digging a trench, loading up rocks or other materials, stoking a campfire, and more! It’s lightweight for easy transportation and incredibly durable!

Whether you’re looking for tools like these or bigger equipment like tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags, you are sure to find trending gifts for the family on Near Zero’s website! Shop today!

Micro Air | Titanium Shovel
Near Zero | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Youtube

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Delta Children

While organizing might not be at the top of your child’s list this year for Christmas, all of those extra toys call out for extra storage, and Delta Children has you covered this year with the hottest trending gifts. For starters, this GapKids toy box is GREENGUARD Gold Certified, giving you peace of mind without that chemical smell in your home. This toy box is meant for kids, with the slow closing lid, round corners with soft edges, and a sturdy design that is intended for kids to play in, around, and be able to sit on top of. Comes in three two-toned colors that will look great in any kid’s room, closet, or playroom!

Add this over-the-door storage organizer for extra storage space. Great for growing kids to be able to keep their stuff organized. Place on the back of the bedroom, closet, or bathroom for ease to grab the go-to items quickly. Even better, it comes in a two-pack, is available in 4 colors, and is a must-have from newborn years and beyond!

Gap Kids Toy Box | Over-the-Door Storage Organizer
Delta Children | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


18 Trending Gifts For Kids To Light Up Their Holidays 28 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Step into a winter wonderland of gaming delights as SEGA unwraps the perfect holiday gift for Sonic fans, young and old! This festive season, the air is filled with the crisp promise of adventure, and what better way to embrace the magic of the holidays than with the iconic blue blur himself? SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog has raced through generations, leaving a trail of joy and excitement, and this year, the holiday spirit takes on a turbo-charged twist with two great new games!

Let the holiday escapades reach new heights with Sonic Superstars Adventure! As snow blankets the world outside, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy Rose embark on a high-speed journey through the enchanting Northstar Islands. The sound of laughter echoes as up to four players join forces in local co-op, racing against time to save the islands from Dr. Eggman’s festive mischief.

The Chaos Emeralds shine like holiday ornaments, unlocking powers that transform the landscape into a playground of surprises. With 3D graphics breathing new life into Sonic’s classic 2D escapades, this adventure promises not only a gift but a ticket to a winter wonderland of high-speed fun.

This Christmas, Sonic Origins Plus will also be loading up on screens across the nation. This multi-game collection isn’t just a gift; it’s a time-traveling ticket to the golden age of Sonic. Imagine unwrapping a premium physical edition adorned with classic art, its 20-page artbook whispering tales of the ’90s Sonic era. Players young and old can dive into 16 classic titles, with Amy Rose making her playable debut and adding a sprinkle of festive cheer to Sonic’s legendary adventures.

This season, unwrap trending gifts of timeless joy, where SEGA’s Sonic weaves together the magic of holidays and the thrill of gaming. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a holiday adventure like no other!

Sonic Superstars | Sonic Origins Plus
SEGA | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


Thinking about trending gifts for a new parent, baby, or child? Look no further! The KICK ‘N KEYS 7-IN-1 is the perfect present for your little bundle of joy! This cutest activity gym wraps your baby in softness from every angle, ensuring a cozy and comfortable play experience. But that’s not all – it is a full package – you get a playmat, a musical piano that you can take along anywhere, a seat positioner, a tummy-time bolster, and not one, not two, but four hanging toys! The best part? The soft, take-along musical piano.

With 7 melodies, 21 fun sounds, and a composer mode for creating their own tunes, your baby’s world just got a whole lot more melodic. But it’s not just about the tunes; it’s about development, too, as it supports skills like sensory exploration, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive thinking. A gym for growing little minds!

The Foldable Soft Foam Mat will make your baby go gaga with joy! This super soft foam mat is like a cozy cloud for your little one. It’s not just soft; it’s the right kind of grippy, giving your baby a comfy cushion to explore and learn those adorable new skills – from rolling to army crawling and even sitting up. The genius fold-up sides act like baby barriers, ensuring those roll-away toys stay where they should be. It’s a blessing for busy parents – it’s easy to stash it away, carry it from room to room, or take it on the go without breaking a sweat.

Kick ‘n Keys 7-in-1 Musical Piano Activity Gym with Seat Positioner | Foldable Soft Foam Mat
Infantino | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

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The Space Boy Luggage & Backpack Set by Kiddietotes is the perfect gift for your little prince this Christmas. This cool and cute carry-on combo is designed to keep all of your child’s things organized, from their sleepovers at Grandma’s house to fun family vacations to Disney. The trolley suitcase and bag are lightweight, making it easy for independent toddlers to carry or pull. They’re roomy enough for all their gear and designed to deflect and absorb impact so they last.

The hardside set has a solid and thick ABS hardshell exterior, making it water- and scratch-resistant and ensuring it won’t break after repeated use. Smooth-rolling wheels provide simple maneuvering through a busy airport, while a short handle allows for effortless carrying. The comfortable push button makes using the adjustable telescoping handle easy.

The sturdy cross straps inside the luggage keep his clothes, pajamas, and books organized while traveling. The flexible inner compartment zips closed, making it ideal for small accessories. Strong external zipper closure keeps all contents contained while traveling. Adorable and practical for small children, this luggage set is perfect for all trips, short or long. It is also easy for boys to pack themselves to bring it along on day trips and outdoor activities.

This set meets domestic and international flight size requirements and will fit inside overhead cabin bins or under seats on small and large planes. Give your little boy one of the best trending gifts this season, and let their independence soar to new heights this Christmas with the Space Boy Luggage & Backpack Set by Kiddietotes.

Space Boy Luggage & Backpack Set
Kiddietotes | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube


Christmas pajamas are a fun tradition for so many families, even better when they are super soft and cozy and can be worn all year with this neutral color. Kindthing cranberry ribbed two-piece pajama set is eco-friendly, made from beach trees modal fabric that feels like butter, plus it is pill-resistant! Great for the whole family and is designed to be kept for hand-me-downs.

A romper that is basically pajamas but appropriate for daywear, yes, please! If you have a little one who just wants to stay in her pajamas all day, this Twiggly Romper is perfect for her. It is easy for you to get out the door in the most adorable fabric. Made from the same super soft modal fabric, it provides comfort all day plus has the perfect amount of stretch for all the play activities.

Cranberry Ribbed Two-Piece Pajama Set | Nutcracker Twiggy Romper
Kindthing | Facebook | Instagram

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Look out – the gunamuna toddler blanket might be the softest thing you’ve ever touched! You will be wishing it came in adult sizes!

This snuggly blanket is large enough for toddler beds and is made with ultrasoft hypoallergenic microfiber – a luxury down dupe! It’s created with safe and gentle fabric for sensitive skin, as it is produced without harmful chemicals, toxins, and irritants. Plus, it is offered in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can find the perfect blankie for your kiddo to snuggle with at night!

This company prioritizes safety above all. They create innovative products and trending gifts that are helpful for parents and conducive to a baby’s sleep. Their sleep sacks and other items use subdued, earthy colors, fostering a sense of calm. Once you try a gunamuna product, like this blanket, you won’t go back to any other brand!

gunamuna | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Rainbow High 

This holiday season, give the little fashionista in your life the gift of endless creativity and imaginative play with trending gifts like the Rainbow High Color & Create Fashion DIY Doll and Rainbow High Pinkly. These dolls are perfect for kids who love fashion and will entertain your little princess for hours. Rainbow High Pinkly is a must-have for any doll collection. With her unique personality and eye-catching pink outfit, she’s sure to become your little munchkin’s favorite doll.

But what really sets Pinkly apart is Rainbow High’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity. With over 30 unique head sculpts, 20 skin tones, and a wide range of eye shapes, Rainbow High dolls are designed to represent a wide range of beautiful features. And with Pinkly’s curvy body shape, kids can see themselves reflected in their dolls like never before.

The Rainbow High Color & Create Fashion DIY Doll is the perfect choice for kids who love to get creative. With washable rainbow markers included, kids can color and customize their dolls however they like. The possibilities are endless with these trending gifts, from the hair to the outfits to the scrunchies. And with the washable markers, kids can start all over again whenever they want and not worry about making a mess. It’s a great way to encourage creativity and self-expression and boost confidence while providing hours of fun.

Rainbow High Pinkly and the Color & Create Fashion DIY Doll are packaged beautifully and make great trending gifts for the holiday season. With the Rainbow High animated series available on YouTube and Netflix, kids can enjoy themselves in the world of Rainbow High and have even more fun playing with their dolls. This holiday season, give the gift of creativity and fun with Rainbow High.

Rainbow High Color & Create Fashion DIY Doll with Washable Rainbow Markers | Rainbow High Pinkly
Rainbow High | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube


Want your kids to have endless fun this Holiday season? Time to grab Moonkee’s Magnetic Beads Board and Magnetic Dots Board! The Magnetic Beads Board rolls drawings and puzzles into one – perfect for fun on the go – so your kiddo has a blast without having to leave the house. But wait, there’s more fun! It includes a Guidance Book that sparks your kid’s imagination, with 20 exciting models for them to explore – unlocking a world of creativity with every magnetic dot.

With the Magnetic Dots Board in Large Yellow, you can double the fun! With 10 cards full of cool stuff on both sides, these trending gifts are loaded with fun. These aren’t just toys; they’re like happiness-makers, joy-bringers, and imagination helpers. Perfect for creating wholesome moments this Christmas. So, whether your child is diving into the free-play mode, challenging themselves with patterned cards, or engaging in airplane and car activities, Moonkee’s Magnetic Boards offers a two-in-one play experience.

Magnetic Beads Board | Magnetic Dots Board Large Yellow
Moonkee | TikTok | Instagram | Youtube

Pals Socks

Walk into a world where style meets creativity with the Taste Buds Bundle from Pals Socks! This unique collection brings an extraordinary blend of comfort and eye-popping designs to your feet, allowing you to not only make a bold statement but also enjoy unparalleled coziness.

These delightful socks come in various mouth-watering prints such as tacos, spaghetti, fruits, and more — perfect for heralding your love for whimsy and good food! The Taste Buds Bundle is outrageously silly, perfect for the quirky kiddo (or adult) who will do anything to make their audience laugh.

If you’re a little funky and funny, shop for trending gifts with Pals Socks and pick out the most vibrant pieces you can find (trust us, they have plenty of options). Sock humor is all the rage, so get your crazy socks today!

Taste Buds Sock Gift Bundle
Pals Socks | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok


Kids love pretending to be grown-ups, right? So why not gift them something that makes them feel like one and adds fun to their playtime?

In that case, trending gifts like the Target Cash Register + Accessories are a cute, fun toy set that is entertaining for a wide range of ages – a fantastic way for little ones to experience the excitement of being a cashier, just like the grown-ups. With realistic features and interactive accessories, this cash register set not only provides endless hours of entertainment but also helps develop essential skills like basic math and social interaction. It comes with play money, a swipeable credit card, a locking cash drawer with a key, and more for the kids to explore. Plus, it’s super convenient – it already has a battery, is sturdy, and easy to clean! Swap out screen time for endless enjoyment and learning!

Target Cash Register + Accessories
Target  | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


The Flora Color Me Postcards are the gift that just keeps giving. The recipient gets to color three modern postcards with elegant poppies, birds of paradise, and rubber plant leaves on the front. The set comes with six mini colored pencils.

18 Trending Gifts For Kids To Light Up Their Holidays 57 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

They can then write a heartfelt note on the back and send the beautiful 100 lb cover stock postcards to friends and family. Everyone loves a bit of happy mail. The Flora Color Me Postcards are made from FSC-certified forests and recycled materials in the USA.

Flora Color Me Postcards EXPLORE AND CONNECT:
Sandesa | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Fluffie Stuffiez

The Fluffie Stuffiez Ice Cream Small Collectible – is the perfect Christmas gift for your little ones! These super snuggly, ultra-fluffy characters are big on personality and come with a surprise – a hidden Ice Cream character underneath! With 3 ways to play – pull it, reveal it, and stuff it – your child will have hours of fun with their new friend. These collectibles offer your child the joy of unboxing and collectability and provide ASMR and fidget fun. With so many fun characters to collect, including the Rainbow, Unicorn, Treats, Axolotl, Bear, and Sky families, in both small and large sizes, your child will be excited to add to their collection with each new Fluffie Stuffiez they receive.

The soft, squishy bag with each stuffy doubles as storage for the pulled fluff and becomes a second friend that will have your little one jumping for joy. Your child can get creative with pulling the fluff, giving their character a mustache, unibrow, heart cheeks, or even a mohawk. Each Fluffie Stuffiez has a character hangtag that allows your child to learn more about their character and keep it as a keepsake. Give your little princess endless hours of fun this Christmas with the Fluffie Stuffiez Ice Cream Small Collectible!

The Fluffie Stuffiez Ice Cream Small Collectible
Fluffie Stuffiez

Well, my fellow gift-givers, we’ve reached the end of our journey through the world of trending gifts for kids. We hope you’ve found some inspiration and maybe even had a few “aww, that’s so cute” along the way. The true joy of the holiday season comes from spending time with loved ones and creating memories that last a lifetime. And if you happen to do that while playing with some awesome toys, all the better! Happy holidays, and may your gift-giving be as on-trend as your dance moves at the office Christmas party (or maybe better than that). Cheers!

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