10 Reasons Why You Need Pet Insurance

Pet insurance plans are more affordable and more necessary to have than you might think. If you have had a pet or have thought about getting a pet you have probably heard of pet insurance.  Pet insurance is one of those things that might seem unnecessary or just another added expense that you won’t need.  However, we have the 10 reasons why you should have pet insurance.

10 Reasons Why You Need Pet Insurance

1. Pet insurance plans can cover elective procedures, such as spay/neuter-It is important when you are looking into pet insurance plans that you look at what the plan covers. If you have an accident-only or major medical insurance policy, your plan will most likely not cover elective procedures. However, since so many shelters are overrun with unwanted pets, a lot of pet insurance plans offer spay and neuter options for pets to help keep unwanted animals off the streets.

2. Dogs and cats get sick-No one wants to get sick and although pets may get sick less than us, it still happens.  Since they are not able to verbally communicate with us what they are feeling exactly, it is harder to know what is going on until their symptoms start to show up.  Pet insurance plans can help cover these costs for vet visits when your furry friend isn’t feeling well.

3. Accidents and happen-Insurance is something that you have in case something unexpected happens.  Accidents happen no matter how careful or on top of things you are. Pets have a mind of their own and they can get into a bad situation easily as they, like children, do not understand the dangers around them.

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10 Reasons Why You Need Pet Insurance

4. It’s the responsible thing to do as a pet owner-Being a pet owner is nothing to take lightly. Sure it might seem like all fun and games at first, but it is a huge responsibility and with factors out of our control it can be an even bigger responsibility at times.  Pet insurance plans can help take some of the burdens of the unknown and the responsible thing to do when getting a new pet.

5. It could make a hard decision easier-Pet bills are and can be extremely expensive!  To the point where if you take your animal to the emergency room you have to authorize them to bill you up to a certain amount.  It can sadly come down to not being able to afford the pet bill and choosing between your pet’s life and your rent money.  Pet insurance plans can help alleviate some of those costs and the burden to your pocketbook. 

6. Gives you peace of mind-Having a pet is not the same as having a child but it can come pretty close.  You want to protect your family and any children the best way possible and having insurance to cover yourself, your home, property, and other family members is important.  Pet insurance plans can help keep the fuzzy ones you love covered and give you the peace of mind you are looking for with the new addition of your family.

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10 Reasons Why You Need Pet Insurance

7. Vet costs are only going to keep going up-You are probably aware of rising costs for everything across the globe.  Vet bills are no exception to this and pet insurance plans are a way to help mitigate those costs.  Vets will not absorb additional costs, instead, they will be passed down to their clients, which means you.  Vetstreet, helps break down why veterinary bills are so pricey and where your money is going.

8. Emergency pet care could make you go into debt-Similar to humans, emergency medical visits and procedures are way more expensive than normally scheduled doctor appointments.  Those bills are more expensive for various reasons, from supply and demand, specialty doctors, and being able to service clients 365 days a year 24/7.  If your pet has to take a trip to the emergency room, you don’t have time to research the best cost option, you just have to get your pet help asap. 

These bills can easily be thousands of dollars if not tens of thousands of dollars depending on what type of car your pet needs.  Depending on your plan, pet insurance plans can help cover up to 70-100% of these costs, so you won’t have to.  Most people do not have tens of thousands of disposable dollars just sitting around and you won’t want to have to make that tough decision if the time ever came down to it.

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10 Reasons Why You Need Pet Insurance

9. Pet insurance is more reasonable than you think, you can get accident-only plans starting under $10. Depending on what type of pet you have and where you live, in addition to what type of insurance plan you want will dictate the cost of pet insurance plans. So depending on your budget, you at a minimum can probably at least afford an accident-only plan that can cover the biggest unexpected vet bills for as much as two lattes a month.

10. Regular pet visits can help prolong your pet’s life-Even though you might wish you could communicate with your pet, we can’t.  So, if there is something wrong with your furry friend it may take you a while before you notice the symptoms and take them to the vet.  Regular pet visits can help catch any illness before you might see it.  Pet insurance plans can help cover these costs and therefore help keep the health of your pet as healthy as possible. Since you will be able to provide for your pet even when the unexpected vet bills pop up.

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Pet insurance plans are a necessity for most pet owners. Not only will they help you in the long run with unexpected bills, but they will also help keep your pet as healthy as possible. Since you will be able to provide for your pet even when the unexpected pops up. It is important to plan for the unexpected and do your research about pet insurance plans so you know that you are getting the best possible one for the furry member of your family.

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10 Reasons Why You Need Pet Insurance

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