20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month

Ever wonder what the best baby products are on the market? After all, there are a billion to choose from. So where does one start when making such an important decision? Safety! This September is Baby Safety Month and there are baby products that are simply a cut above. We took the heavy lifting out of looking for these dependable items and have brought you 20 of the best baby products and brands to promote a happy, healthy, and safe environment for your family.

Green Sprouts

20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month

Green Sprouts has the best baby products you need for all ages and stages of baby and toddlerhood this Baby Safety Month. From teethers to feeding gear, swimsuits to sleepwear, Green Sprouts is here to help you stock up on the necessities that make Mom’s and baby’s life simple and sweet this September.

While fall is on the horizon, for many parents living in warmer regions swim lessons are still a necessity. Just as important as sleep safety and car seat safety, swim safety is an integral part of our children’s development, no matter where they live. With swimming pools, lakes, and rivers always nearby, water safety is of the utmost importance to our children. Green Sprouts has the ideal swim gear for everything from lessons to fun days at the seashore this time of year.

Two of our favorites include the Two-piece Rashguard Set with Snap Reusable Absorbent Swim Diaper and the One-piece Ruffle Swimsuit with Built-in Reusable Absorbent Swim Diaper. These swimsuits provide the ultimate sun protection with UPF 50+ sun protection and 100 OEKO-TEX® certifications; that means these suits protect without containing any harmful chemicals and won’t irritate a baby’s sensitive skin.

Additionally, the included reusable swim diaper is lightweight and breathable without the bulk that would weigh baby down, while still providing ultimate leak protection for any unexpected accidents. Trusted by swim instructors and professionals, Green Sprouts reusable swim diapers are approved for use in community pools and swim lesson locations. Keep your little one healthy and safe, by land or sea this September with all of the best baby products you need from Green Sprouts.

20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month

One thing all mothers will agree on is that you can never have too many bibs and burp cloths. Whether your baby is nursing, eating, or being cleaned, they should have a soft and absorbent barrier for drips and drools. The Muslin Bibs and Burp Cloth Set is an 8-piece collection of organic cotton feeding products to protect little ones and keep them dry and comfortable. This feeding set includes 5 muslin bibs and three muslin burp cloths available in a blue set, a pink set, or an all-white set. Each item has four absorbent layers to keep those messes to a minimum. These bibs and burp cloths are lightweight, machine washable, super soft, and downright the best baby products.

20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month

Non-toxic sippy cups should be a staple in every home, especially when you need to pour and go! Sprout Ware Sip & Straw Cup made from Plants are made from plant-plastic and platinum cured silicone – all made without harmful chemicals that can slowly leech into your beverage. This transition sippy cup is perfect for 6-month old babies and older. The uniquely designed soft spout helps your baby instinctually regulate the amount of liquid they consume to easily transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding. So keep your babies safe with each sip they take with Green Sprouts’ best baby products!

Two-piece Rashguard Set with Snap Reusable Absorbent Swim Diaper | One-piece Ruffle Swimsuit with Built-in Reusable Absorbent Swim Diaper | Muslin Bibs and Burp Cloth Set | Sprout Ware Sip & Straw Cup
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20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month

Kid’s health includes dental health and it is best to get them started early. From the very beginning, brushing teeth can promote healthy lifestyle behaviors that last a lifetime. The Sönik – 2-Stage Sonic Toothbrush For Baby and Replacement Brush Heads encourage dental health, while also having a great time with the LED light. Turn off the lights every now and then to have a tooth brushing party!

The soft vibrations, a 30-second reminder to alternate sides, and a 2-minute shut-off make establishing a routine simple. Combined with the 2 different sized toothbrush heads, baby and toddler, and perfect shape and size for little hands to hold, the Sönik – 2-Stage Sonic Toothbrush For Baby by bbluv is the perfect choice when it comes to keeping baby safe and happy.

20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month

If you are looking for the perfect baby shower gift, you can give an amazing gift with the Cäm HD Video Baby Camera and Monitor set. With the Cäm Baby Camera and Monitor set, your loved one will not have to worry about their baby throughout the day or night. Mom and Dad will not need to wake up multiple times a night wondering if their precious baby is ok. Nor will they have to wonder if their little bundle has woken up throughout the day while they are trying to get other tasks accomplished.

The Cäm Baby Camera and Monitor is motion-activated with sounds and images that allow Mom and Dad to check on their precious baby when the baby is awake. Even better, the Cäm Baby Camera and Monitor has a temperature sensor for an added sense of security.

The camera has HD color and infrared night vision, so Mom and Dad will be able to clearly see their precious baby no matter what time of day or night it is. The camera also has pan, tilt, zoom, luminosity, and volume remote controls. The camera can zoom in and out to allow Mom and Dad to observe their baby as closely as they wish. The camera’s video is all viewable wirelessly from a side-by-side split screen LCD monitor.

The Cäm Baby Camera and Monitor also features soothing lullabies that will help the baby drift to sleep and two-way communication on two high-sensitivity microphones.

The Cäm Baby Camera and Monitor will be a useful tool inside Mom and Dad’s home for years to come. It can be paired with up to four other cameras throughout Mom and Dad’s home as the baby grows to allow them to monitor their precious bundle as they begin to crawl and eventually walk between rooms.

20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month

The Metrö Convertible Diaper Backpack is perfect for any outing. This diaper backpack will be your go-to bag for all outings with your baby as it converts five different ways for comfort and convenience, no matter who is carrying it. It can be used as a backpack or tote and it can be strapped across your body, attached to your stroller, or attached to your suitcase for traveling. It features a padded strap so the gender-neutral design makes carrying it an easy job for Moms and Dads alike.

Super spacious with fifteen pockets and sections ideal for all of the supplies you need throughout the day, this backpack features two insulated pockets for baby bottles and a built-in wet bag section for soiled or wet clothes to keep any messes from spreading to your other baby items.

The Metrö Convertible Diaper Backpack is crafted of durable and sturdy material with a reinforced bottom. and is very easy to clean with its water-resistant material and spacious design.

Sönik – 2-stage sonic toothbrush for baby | Sönik – Replacement brush heads (2 packs) | Cäm HD Video Baby Camera and Monitor set | Metrö Convertible Diaper Backpack
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Safety 1st

20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month

Safety 1st has designed a Nap and Go Rocking Bassinet to take on the go, so your baby can rest anywhere you are. The bassinet folds down to store in a carrying bag for storage and travel. The foldable design will provide space in an otherwise baby filled home. Many baby products do not fold to store and take up a lot of space, so you will really appreciate having something so useful also be storable.

The Nap and Go Bassinet is equipped with mesh sides to provide you with visibility to see your precious angel and ensure safety while sleeping without having to get up and look down inside of it. The Nap and Go Bassinet also features a retractable and removable canopy and mesh net to provide shade and protect your baby from the sun and insects while they sleep outdoors. The Nap and Go Bassinet is an excellent choice for your baby to lay their head and dream no matter where you are in your day.

Nap and Go Rocking Bassinet
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Abby & Finn

20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month

If you are looking for the perfect fragrance, latex and chlorine-free diapers and wipes, look no further than Abby & Finn. Abby & Finn products are eco-friendly and made without harmful chemicals, toxins, metals, known allergens or dyes. Abby & Finn prides themselves in making a product with ingredients that anyone would feel safe putting directly on their baby’s skin. Abby & Finn products are dermatologically tested safe for sensitive skin and are hypoallergenic.

Abby & Finn diapers are ultra-absorbent and super soft with an elastic waistband and anti-leak side cuffs to keep your baby comfortable and dry. Abby & Finn wipes are ultra-thick and smooth for gentle use on your baby’s sensitive skin. They contain soothing ingredients to safely cleanse and care for your baby’s bottom while protecting against irritation and rashes. Abby & Finn wipes are alcohol free. 

20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month

Abby & Finn offers bundling options to help you save money and trips to the store allowing you to enjoy more time with your baby. With Abby & Finn, you will save up to 30% on the products you bundle. You customize your bundle, so you are in control of the items you will get each month. When you customize your bundle, you will choose diapers, wipes and other everyday essentials to help you care for your precious baby. You can order any combination of sizes and items for each bundle. If your baby is moving from one size to another, you can select both sizes for the bundle. You will also specify how frequently you receive an Abby & Finn bundle. You can take comfort in knowing that you can skip deliveries, modify products and sizes you will receive or cancel your subscription at any time.

Shipping is free for any box over $49, and who doesn’t spend that much monthly on baby supplies. Each bundle comes with three large packs of diapers in any size or design and four packs of 72 wipes. You can add additional diapers and wipes if you need them. You can also add items such as hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial wipes, diaper balm, shampoo, soap, bubble bath, and body wash to your bundle.

With every bundle box you purchase from Abby & Finn, you are helping a family in need. Abby & Finn donates thirty diapers for every bundle box purchased. Start bundling with Abby & Finn now to save time you could be spending with your baby at home and to help a family in need!

Diaper and Wipe Bundle
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Milky Momma

20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month

Do you find yourself struggling to make enough milk for your hungry little one? Stress is a milk stopper, and in the situation we’re in right now, we understand! Grab yourself some delectable Emergency Brownies. These baby items are here to help increase your milk supply. These brownies are tasty and formulated by a registered nurse, an international board-certified lactation consultant, and a breastfeeding momma. Unite your love of brownies with your desire to be close and bond with your child through breastfeeding.

Some of us do not like brownies as much as we love oatmeal cookies, though. Lucky for you, these scrumptious Oatmeal Lactation Cookies are the perfect desserts for you. Increase your lactation with powerful and safe milk-making ingredients wrapped in the delicious taste of oatmeal cookies. These 12 individually wrapped cookies are perfect to take along with you on a busy day away from home.

Delectable and delicious milk-making treats should be on every momma’s shopping list. If you ever find yourself overly stressed and your lactation suffers because of it, these Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies are the ideal snack. Formulated for moms, by moms, these snack-a-licious cookies are fenugreek-free and able to keep in the freezer for up to two months – ready whenever you need them.

If you are looking for the best milk-making supplement, for your purse or nightstand, the Milky Maiden is a tasty raspberry-flavored tincture. This tincture is designed to promote healthy lactation, enrich your breast milk with a special blend of organic herbs and increase milk production.

Goat’s Rue is a powerful herb that directly impacts and works with the mammary tissue to stimulate the flow and production of your breastmilk. Balance out your hormones with Blessed Thistle, promote and increase milk flow with Alfalfa Seed and ease gas and colic with Anise. Never worry about not being able to produce healthy breast milk for your child with the perfect combination of traditional herbs.

Now for you thirsty mommas, the Pumpin’ Punch® contains the same milk-flowing herbs in a convenient thirst-quenching to-go beverage. In just 8-12 glorious ounces, each packet comes with 2 servings of milk-abundant goodness to serve you and your baby twice a day! Now, with all of your milk supply needs met, where are you going to store all of your golden elixir? In the Momma Milk Collectors of course! Easily collect any breast milk while nursing your babe, a great alternative to breast pads or leaking.

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Milky Momma is all about supporting new and veteran mommas in their breastfeeding journey and providing them with the best baby products around. Keep your babe close, feeding on demand if feasible, and nourished with the most perfect human food.

Emergency Brownies | Oatmeal Lactation Cookies | Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies | Milky Maiden | Momma Milk Collectors | Pumpin’ Punch®
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Happy Healthy Parent

20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month

Parenting will never be easy but choosing the right baby items can help simplify aspects of raising a child. By choosing Happy Healthy Parent, Mom and Dad get products that are high quality, safe, and effective. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Happy Healthy Parent’s Silicone Bowl and Plate Set is the answer. The Silicone Bowl and Plate Set is perfect for self-feeding babies and toddlers and easily wipes clean. A truly efficient product that is microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and resists staining makes these the best baby products for your baby and your home.

20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month

As your little one becomes more adventurous when exploring the great big world, have some control with the backpack with a removable leash by Happy Healthy Parent. The Safe-N-Sound Toddler Backpack is the ideal size for toddlers and has the perfect amount of space to keep drinks, diapers, wipes, and snacks. This backpack will make your toddler feel like a big kid. The detachable leash allows parents to keep children close in crowds but also has the ability to easily detach to give your child more freedom in more open environments. Happy Healthy Parent promotes child safety and their products prove it.

Silicone Bowl and Plate Set | Safe-N-Sound Toddler Backpack
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Little Unicorn

20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month

If you are looking for the sweetest and most luxurious best baby products to gift or buy for yourself, look no further than Little Unicorn. Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blankets and Cotton Muslin Baby Blankets are beautiful and buttery soft. Your tiniest humans will adore cuddling or being swaddled with Little Unicorn blankets. Blanket-loving kids will be obsessed with Little Unicorn’s Cotton Muslin Baby Blankets.

The Bison Cotton Muslin Baby Blanket is created with 3-layers of 100% cotton muslin making it super soft and warm. Baby blankets need to be tough enough to withstand the many adventures your kiddo will be a part of and yet delicate enough to be comforting. Little Unicorn provides the perfect balance and the Cotton Muslin Baby Blanket will be your little loves absolute favorite.

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The Bison Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blanket displays gorgeous and creative hand-painted prints. Just enough to keep littles warm on fall walks but lightweight enough to be snuggled on the unseasonably warm days, Little Unicorn swaddle blankets are perfection year-round. Designed and produced to be lightweight and breathable, the Bison Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blanket will be the perfect solution for your littlest sleeper.

Cotton Muslin Baby Blanket – Bison | Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blanket – Bison
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20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month

An important part of a baby’s safety is having all the best baby products they might need while you are on the go. The Ezee Diaper Changing Mat from KeaBabies provides a barrier for babies to lay in public areas during diaper changes to keep their sensitive bodies free from germs and bacteria. This mat is a portable, waterproof changing pad that folds out from a clutch-style bag into a large mat with compartments to hold diapers and wipes.

The Ezee is slim and lightweight and will fit perfectly into the newest diaper bag from KeaBabies, the Sleek Diaper Backpack. This modern, stylish bag is not only fashionable but also functional. Made with vegan leather, this bag is large enough to hold everything you need for both parents and children. All of your best baby products will remain neat and organized with the numerous interior and exterior pockets and the padded and reinforced shoulder straps will keep parents comfortable no matter how full your bag is.

Sleek Diaper Backpack | Ezee Diaper Changing Mat
KeaBabies | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube


20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month

September is Baby Safety Month and safe sleep is always one of our top priorities here at Daily Mom. So often parents are concerned with making sure they have the ideal sleep solution for their infants but our little ones grow so fast that the toddler years are here before we know it. Regalo offers safe sleep solutions for parents, infants, toddlers, and our children even into their elementary years.

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One of our favorites as our kids move into their “big kid” beds is the Extra Long Swing Down Bed Rail. Giving easy access to get in and out of bed, this bed rail easily attaches to the side of your toddler or twin bed to keep your little one safe and secure all night. Featuring a sturdy metal frame, an easy tool-free assembly, and patented gap guard technology ensuring there is no space between the mattress and bedrail, this rail swings down to grant full access to the bed during waking hours. Keep your little ones cozy and content even once they outgrow their crib with any of the safe sleep solutions available from Regalo.

Extra Long Swing Down Bed Rail
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20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month

All new moms adore those precious snuggles with their new bundle of joy. Unfortunately, Moms can’t always snuggle, and this is when Wubbanub comes to the rescue. The Wubbanub is a pacifier that is attached to a super cute and soft lovie for your baby’s enjoyment. Wubbanubs make an excellent gift for new parents and babies.

The Little Lamb by Wubbanub comes with an adorable white lamb that features ultra-soft fabric and tiny little legs. Baby’s will love the Little Lamb because they can easily grip the legs to readjust the pacifier. Wubbanub’s Luna White Unicorn is perfect for darling little princesses. The Luna White Unicorn has sherbet coloring, soft fabric, and will easily be your little one’s new best friend.

Gift magic to the newest little human with Wubbanub’s Star Pink Unicorn. This soft fabric lovie is a picture-perfect baby pink with a magical sparkly horn. The Star Pink Unicorn is so special your newest addition will love time with their Wubbanub. When shopping for a flawless baby shower gift, look no further than Wubbanub’s best baby products. 

Blush Pink Unicorn | Star Pink Unicorn | Little Lamb
WubbaNub | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Hello Maisel

20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month

Babies are always curious and ready to get into mischief. What if you could distract and strengthen your baby’s brainpower with an iPhone case? Maisel is a company that designs phone cases with high-contrast images that stimulate the cells in children’s brains to strengthen and connect their minds.

The Zele is a soft case that is shock-absorbent and slightly malleable; it fits snugly over the buttons and curves of your device without adding bulk. The small lip on the case prevents the screen from making physical contact when the phone is face down. The soft microfiber lining on the inside of the case helps protect your iPhone from getting damaged. On the outside, the silky, soft-touch finish of the exterior feels great in your hand.

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Just add the Pop Socket Grip to hold your phone up with ease. This high-contrast pop socket sticks flat on the back of your Maisel phone case without disrupting the efficacy of the black-and-white design. Once expanded, it becomes a convenient photo or texting grip. Maisel creates unique, creative, and some of the best baby products that will stimulate your baby and will keep them safe and occupied for hours.

The Zele | Pop Socket Grip
Hello Maisel | Instagram | Pinterest

Nesting Days

20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month

A nursing cover-up is a great way to keep your baby safe and protected during public feedings. When outdoors, you can block the sunlight from your baby’s sensitive skin, and when indoors keep airborne germs from their face while they are nursing or doing skin-to-skin at home. The Nursing Cover-Up from Nesting Days is a great addition to any new mother’s wardrobe. This trendy, leopard print cover-up is a lightweight, soft, open-front cardigan that can be worn while pregnant, as well as, post-partum, making it one of the best baby products for versitility.

Nursing Cover-Up
Nesting Days | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month

The Newborn Lounger by Boppy will be your new bundle of joy’s personal throne. One of the absolute best baby products for new parents to comfortably hold the baby during awake times and allow Mom and Dad a few moments to complete a task. Boppy’s Newborn Lounger is available in 7 patterns, is lightweight, and features a carrying handle for easy transport.

As the baby relaxes in the Newborn Lounger you will have time to cook a meal, shower, brush hair and teeth, or simply get off your feet for a few minutes. The Newborn Lounger has no buttons or zippers making it safer for babies and is wipeable for small messes or machine washable for the inevitable large mess. A Newborn Lounger is like having an extra set of helping hands.

Newborn Lounger
Boppy | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month

A great way to keep kiddos safe is to keep them close and Nuby allows parents to accomplish this almost impossible task with must have baby items such as the Quilted Space Backpack With Safety Harness Leash. This adorable leashed backpack gives kids a super cool vibe with the exciting and creative print and helps parents keep track of the little ones that like to wander to far-off places.

The detachable tether allows kids to enjoy this backpack even once they are able to stay close on their own. Another great perk is that wherever your journey takes you and your wee ones, the Quilted Space Backpack With Safety Harness Leash can carry all their essentials and wipes clean in a snap. Being in crowds, stores, parking lots, and family outings just got a little easier with Nuby’s leashed backpack.

20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month
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Keeping an eye on precious cargo in the backseat is possible thanks to Nuby and the Back Seat Baby View Mirror. The ideal size and easy installation allow parents to move this mirror whenever and wherever their baby rides. Simply secure the Back Seat Baby View Mirror to the back seat headrest with the 2 adjustable straps in order to keep a loving eye on the wee ones that are backward-facing in the car. Nuby is committed to helping parents keep babies and kids safe with the best baby products, no matter what road they travel.

Quilted Space Backpack With Safety Harness Leash | Back Seat Baby View Mirror
Nuby | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month

What strikes fear in the hearts of babies everywhere? The dreaded booger sucker! Oogiebear created the Day & Night Care Kit which has a soft rubber suck-free tool that aids parents and babies in their booger-free endeavors. The oogiebear booger picker is a safe and effective tool that is perfect for your little’s nose and ears.

The oogiebear-brite features an LED light, so parents can safely and confidently take care of their baby at any time. Oogiebear’s Day and Night Care Kit is perfect for the on-the-go parent and includes a carrying pouch for travel. No more fighting and screaming with baby boogers and earwax when oogiebear Day and Night Care Kit makes the process easy-peasy. Enjoy oogiebear’s best baby products with the discount code: dailymom15.

oogiebear Day & Night Care Kit
oogiebear | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

La Petite Creme

20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month
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It is not uncommon for babies to experience diaper rashes from time to time. However, with the sensitivity of their skin, it is important to use lotions and creams that are safe and protective on their skin. The Starter Bundle from La Petie Creme is gender-neutral, organic diapering lotions that replace your wet wipes, diaper ointment, and diaper cream all-in-one with only 6 ingredients. This bundle includes a bottle pump of diapering lotion for your changing table, a travel-size diapering lotion for your diaper bag, a travel-size diaper balm, and 10 washable cotton wipes for applying the lotion. These best baby products also make for great baby shower gifts!

Starter Bundle Washable Cloths
La Petite Creme | Facebook | Instagram


20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month

Dreambaby®  understands how important baby safety is and their products deliver. Whether you are looking for safety in the home or the car, parents can find products that will provide baby safety. Like most parents’ safety in the car revolves around which car seat is best. Although super important to baby safety an often-overlooked safety feature is the car shade. Dreambaby®  offers an Adjusta-Car Shade that parents can stretch, shape, and fit all styles and sizes of vehicle windows. Never again will parents have to panic and monitor those long car rides worried about the sun beaming down onto the face of their little love.

Kitchen cabinets and toddlers equal lots of messes, adventures, a great hide and seek spot. It may be cute the first couple of times but after a while, it’s time to protect your sanity and add safety locks to cabinets. Adhesive Safety Latches by Dreambaby®  is easy to install and durable for the inevitable battles your toddler will give your cabinet doors.

Don’t worry about your curious toddler getting out that exterior door when you use Dreambaby’s®  EZY-Fit Door Knob Covers. These are easy to install and will allow adults to freely move about the home but help keep your kiddos from going into rooms that they do not need to access. Dreambaby®  prides itself on the best baby products for safety and comfort. So, give the new parents some relief with top-of-the-line baby items by Dreambaby® .

Adjusta-Car Shade | Adhesive Safety Latches | EZY-Fit Door Knob Covers
Dreambaby®  | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month

            Running to the store every time your baby needs diapers can be a pain. You can make life a little more convenient by ordering your diapers through Kudos. Kudos Diaper Boxes can be ordered as needed or in monthly supplies. A quick box contains a three-to-five-day supply or you can order the monthly supply. Kudos automatically sends refills every three, four, or five weeks. You can resize, skip or cancel your subscription at any time.

            Kudos diapers are the only disposable diaper that has 100% cotton touching your baby’s bottom. Cotton diapers are important to prevent rashes or if your baby has a skin condition such as eczema. Kudos diapers are also chlorine, lotion, latex, fragrance, paraben, and phthalates free. The Kudos diapers are breathable and hypoallergenic with an ultrasoft cotton material to keep your baby’s bottom comfortable throughout the day. The Kudos diapers are also equipped with two layers to keep your baby’s thighs dry even when their bottom is not. Change your baby’s clothes less with this mess-free solution.

Kudos diapers are equipped with a wetness indicator to help you know when baby’s bottom needs to be changed. The diapers come in multiple designs to help babies with vision and color recognition as they are developing. Each size diaper features different designs combining art and science based upon the cognitive and physical developmental stage of your baby. Kudos provides convenience, comfort, and knowledge for your baby’s growth.

Kudos Diaper Box
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Baby Magic

20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month

            Looking for the perfect skincare products for your baby is no easy task. If you are looking for a product with wholesome ingredients that won’t harm your baby’s skin or cause irritation, look no further than Baby Magic. Baby Magic uses nourishing ingredients such as vitamins, shea butter, coconut oil, aloe, chamomile, lavender, marshmallow root, and more to keep your baby’s skin super soft. Baby Magic provides a line of bath products, lotions, baby oil, cologne, wipes, and diaper rash ointment. Your entire care kit can come from one trusted source with Baby Magic. Baby Magic products are also extremely affordable, so you can make sure you are protecting your baby’s skin without breaking the bank.

Baby Magic Calming Lotion | Baby Magic Calming Baby Bath
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20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month

            If you are looking for an all-natural diaper rash product for your baby, look no further than the Don’t Be Rash Diaper and All Over Balm by EmBeba. EmBeba has formulated the Don’t Be Rash Diaper and All Over Balm to be used all over your baby’s body for rashes, bug bites, dry skin, sunburns or skin conditions such as eczema. This antimicrobial formula is derived from ingredients you will find in a garden and can trust being used on your baby’s sensitive skin. The Don’t Be Rash Diaper and All Over Balm comes in a mess-free stick form for easy application and not a tub which would require you to dip your hands into it before applying it to your little one. Start protecting your and baby’s skin with this Don’t Be Rash Diaper and All Over Balm mess-free safe solution.

Don’t Be Rash Diaper and All Over Balm
EmBeba | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Identifying and choosing the best baby products is the goal for all parents. Baby Safety Month is the perfect time to narrow down that list of wants and needs and get those best baby products. Products that are stylish, efficient, high quality, and that can ease the burden on Mom and Dad or comfort the newest little one will be welcome additions to the home.


Be ready for your bundle of joy’s arrival and know How To Swaddle Your Baby Like A Pro Every Time.

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20 Best Baby Products You Need This Baby Safety Month



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