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Photo Credit: Amanda T.

Let’s talk about clothes for baby boys. Most of the time, they are not the greatest. It is so easy to dress a little girl up or down; their pajamas are adorable, the bows are precious, the ruffle-y butts are to die for and the shoes are always the perfect, easy to find accessory. Boys are a different story; everything looks the same in blue, black, green, and brown. Don’t get me wrong, this can definitely be adorable but it’s hard to put together an outfit with personality for a little man. This is where Livie and Luca shoes come in. 

Livie and Luca have constructed the ideal shoes to top off the perfect outfit for your little, dapper dude. Livie and Luca carry your basic pre-walker/toddler shoe that you need for everyday wear, in addition to a more stable shoe for children who are a bit older. But, even these basic shoes have personality in their design. I cannot do the entire line justice so take a second to peek at a few favorites.

Photo Credit: Amanda T.

The Soles


The particular pair we tried has a large gum sole. This sole is absolutely perfect for keeping your little one upright when walking on slick surfaces.

The Materials

The quality of stitching, wool, and leather will not go unnoticed! The inside of this particular pair was a soft, perfectly worn leather material. It is obvious there was a great deal of attention paid to the details when designing and constructing these shoes. The wrinkled wool and button add a touch of style not usually seen on baby clothing, especially boys clothing.

Photo Credit: Amanda T.

The Company

Live and Luca asks that once your child has outgrown their shoes, to send them back to Live and Luca for recycling. LOVE this! It’s a gentle reminder to all consumers to make sure your products have a life after you.

The Girls

You can bet that if a company is able to finally design something worth raving about for a boy – the girls line is equally cute. 

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