Celestyal Cruise Review – Cruising the Mediterranean

Are you looking for an unforgettable experience on the Mediterranean? Then Celestyal Cruises is the perfect choice! With over 35 years of experience, Celestyal is one of the leading cruise companies in the region and offers amazing cruises to Greece, Egypt, Israel, and Turkey with itineraries that are second to none. From onboard activities and onboard amenities to on-shore activities and accommodations, Celestyal has everything you need for an amazing and memorable cruise. Come join Celestyal Cruises and explore the beauty and culture of the Mediterranean. Let’s look further at what you can expect in this Celestyal Cruise review.

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Celestyal Cruise Review: Why Choose Celestyal Cruises

Celestyal Cruises allows travelers to explore some of the most beautiful, historic, and culturally-rich locations in the Mediterranean. From the Greek Isles to Italy and more, Celestyal offers a variety of experiences that are tailored to the needs and desires of their guests.

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With more than twenty destinations to choose from, Celestyal Cruises has a destination for everyone. While most of the available destinations are focused on Greece and the Greek islands, available destinations also include Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus, and Israel. The company’s ships offer a variety of itineraries that visit popular destinations such as Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete, as well as lesser-known gems like Chios, Samos, and the Dodecanese Islands.

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One of the key features, as you will find out in this Celestyal cruise review is the emphasis on authentic Greek culture and cuisine. The ships feature traditional Greek entertainment, such as live music and folk dancing, and the dining options include a variety of Greek specialties, as well as international cuisine. Passengers can also take cooking classes and wine tastings to learn more about Greek gastronomy.

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Celestyal Cruises has two ships, the Celestyal Crystal and the Celestyal Olympia. The cabins on the ships range from standard inside and outside cabins to suites, and all of them are equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, private bathrooms, and flat-screen TVs. Passengers can also take advantage of the ship’s numerous public areas, including swimming pools, lounges, and bars.

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Celestyal Cruise Destinations

Celestyal Cruises offers cruises to all of Greece’s major cities, destinations, and historic sites. The Iconic Aegean, a popular three-night cruise, allows guests to visit cool Kusadasi, Patmos, Santorini, Athens, and Mykonos. With the addition of a fourth night, you can add on a stop in Rhodes.

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Most of the cruises offered by Celestyal Cruises combine several different countries. Another popular cruise is the Three Continents Cruise which allows visitors to visit Athens, Cairo, Israel, Cyprus, Rhodes, and Kusadasi. The Steps of Paul Cruise is a seven-night cruise that takes guests on the journey of Paul the Apostle. Guests visit Athens, Thessaloniki, Kavala, Istanbul, Dikili, Kusadasi, and Patmos.

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Celestyal Cruises offers such a wide range of Greek and Mediterranean cruises that customers will find it incredibly easy to find an itinerary that stops in every destination that they would like to visit, is the perfect number of nights, and will easily fit their budgets. Whether you are simply wanting to visit the Greek highlights or would like to also experience Turkey or Egypt, Celestyal Cruises offers an itinerary that will check all the boxes on your cruise list.

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Greece is the birthplace of civilization, with its rich history and stunning landscapes, providing the perfect backdrop for a Celestyal Cruise experience. Taking a Mediterranean voyage with Celestyal Cruises is the perfect way to explore the many islands, bays and coves that make up the country’s stunning coastline. With more than 15 ports of call, guests can enjoy everything from the ancient ruins that adorn the region to the tranquil blue seas that you pass by along the way. Celestyal Cruises is dedicated to delivering the best possible experience and their team of knowledgeable and friendly staff strive to make sure that your time onboard is as memorable and enjoyable as possible. So why not dip into the birthplace of civilization and experience a Celestyal Cruise in Greece?

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Turkey is one of the most stunning and exciting countries in the Mediterranean and with Celestyal Cruises you can experience it in the best possible way. You can embark on an unforgettable journey that takes you through the stunning Turkish coastline, from ancient ruins to vibrant bazaars, and it’s all included in your cruise package. Explore the winding streets of Istanbul, discover the legendary ruins at Ephesus, and enjoy the impressive natural beauty of Bodrum. Celestyal Cruises offers a unique way to explore Turkey and its many attractions, from the most popular tourist sites to hidden gems away from the beaten path. The wonderful people of Turkey are welcoming and friendly, ready to take care of your every need. Whether you’re looking for a fun-filled adventure or a relaxing coastal getaway, Celestyal Cruises’ Mediterranean cruise is sure to make an unforgettable memory.

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There are so many options to explore when you choose to sail with Celestyal Cruises in the Mediterranean. Each of their packages offers something unique and special to make your cruise experience unforgettable. Whether you’re looking for a classic seven-day Mediterranean voyage, or a more in-depth exploration of the Greek Isles, Celestyal Cruises has you covered.

Their seven-day cruises take you to some of the most popular and iconic destinations in the Mediterranean, like Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete. These cruises also offer excursions on a variety of different Greek islands. With these excursions, you’ll have the opportunity to explore historical sites, witness breathtaking panoramic views, and take advantage of swimming and beach activities.

If you’re looking for a longer journey, Celestyal Cruises also offers a fourteen-day cruise, which includes some of the same classic experiences as the seven-day option, but also provides some new and exciting experiences. This cruise includes a stop at Corfu, the capital of Greece, which is known for its beautiful landscapes and vibrant culture. As you sail through the Ionian Sea, you’ll also get to explore Athens, one of the oldest and most historically significant cities in the world.

Celestyal Cruises also provides luxurious party cruises, where you can let loose and explore the culture of the Mediterranean in a more relaxed atmosphere. With a variety of live shows and entertainment options, these cruises are ideal for those looking for a more social experience.

No matter which itinerary you choose, Celestyal Cruises ensures an unforgettable voyage. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff are always available to help you plan the perfect Mediterranean cruise experience. Do not miss out on the perfect Mediterranean getaway and book your cruise with Celestyal Cruises today!

Celestyal Cruises amenities

  • Comfortable cabins with modern amenities such as air conditioning, private bathrooms, and flat-screen TVs.
  • Authentic Greek cuisine and traditional Greek entertainment, such as live music and folk dancing.
  • Cooking classes and wine tastings to learn more about Greek gastronomy.
  • Variety of public areas including swimming pools, lounges, and bars.
  • Onboard fitness center and spa.
  • Wi-Fi access throughout the ship.
  • Duty-free shopping on board.
  • Excursions and shore activities organized by the cruise line.
  • Multilingual staff and daily onboard activities and entertainment.
  • Children’s programs and facilities for families.
  • Meeting and conference rooms for business travelers.
  • Special events such as themed cruises and gala dinners.
  • Onboard medical facilities.
  • Handicap accessible cabins and common areas.
  • Laundry and dry-cleaning services.
  • 24-hour room service.
  • Currency exchange facilities.
  • Onboard library and reading rooms.
  • Onboard casino
  • Open seating dining options

Celestyal Cruises Ships

Celestyal Cruises offers two ships in its fleet. Both the Celestyal Olympia and Celestyal Crysta cruises offered by Celestyal Cruises combine several different countries. Crystal are medium-sized cruise ships that will allow them to make port in cities and harbors that many larger ships cannot. This is how Celestyal Cruises is able to offer small, exclusive destinations that are not offered by other cruise lines. This is very important when many of these destinations are packed by the larger cruise ships. Celestyal ships can stay in port longer or get closer to where you want to be. Both ships provide a more homey and comfortable experience for travelers as well. With smaller ships come smaller crowds making your cruise more quiet and relaxing.

All-Inclusive Cruising

Celestyal Cruises offers all-inclusive cruising on all of its ships. Each cruise includes complimentary dining for three meals a day. The meals are prepared by trained chefs and the ingredients are locally sourced from each port that the ship docks in. Premium wine and spirits are also available to complement your meals.

Guests can also partake in the exclusive restaurants and bars that can be found on each of Celestyal Cruise Line’s ships. The Aura Grill and Leda Buffet aboard the Celestyal Olympia provide guests with authentic and delectable Greek specialties.

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The Celestyal Cruises also provide cultural activities like cooking classes, wine-tasting, and traditional dance classes to give travelers an authentic and memorable experience on their Mediterranean cruise. With enriching activities like these, Celestyal Cruises helps travelers explore and appreciate what the Mediterranean has to offer.

In addition to included meals, guests will also enjoy a variety of entertainment shows including Cirque Fantastic, a show of stunning acrobatics and flamboyant dancers. Guests will be able to enjoy a cocktail as they relax and enjoy the shows on board Celestyal Cruise ships.

Onboard activities are also available on Celestyal Cruises. Between onshore excursions, guests can participate in activities such as dancing lessons or gambling in the onboard casinos. Each ship also has several retail shops where guests can shop during their free time.

Both the Celestyal Olympia and the Celestyal Crystal have an onboard spa and gym where guests can both work out and take the time to relax. Guests can unwind with a full body massage, aromatherapy, or even a cleansing facial. Hot stone therapy and mud wraps are also available. The gym offers cardiovascular equipment and weights so that you can maintain your health and fitness routine even while you are on vacation.

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Each of Celestyal Cruise Line’s ships offer several different staterooms to fit your travel group size and your budget. Onboard suites can accommodate up to three people and have a private bathroom available. If you are looking for a balcony experience during your stay, the suites are the choice for you. Both ships also have interior and exterior staterooms that can sleep up to four people. Each stateroom has a private bathroom but does not allow access to a private balcony as a suite does. Exterior staterooms boast a beautiful sea view while interior staterooms do not. Depending on the ship type, cabin sizes range from 12 to 22 square meters. Each room on each ship is managed by a personal steward and assistant steward to ensure that you always have everything you need when cruising with Celestyal Cruises.

For those who seek an exclusive experience, there is the luxurious Aegean Suite. Here, guests can enjoy a private lounge area, access to the Executive Lounge, and premium room service. Moreover, they can also benefit from butler service, exclusive dining, and a complimentary bottle of Champagne. The suites range from 25 to 42 square meters.

Onboard Activities

When you cruise with Celestyal Cruises in the Mediterranean, you won’t lack entertainment, activities, and experiences. Onboard, passengers can take advantage of the many activities and amenities, such as the fitness center, spa, swimming pool, and golf simulator. Take in a show, dance the night away, or attend a lecture. There are also plenty of games and activities for both adults and children. Plus, have your photos taken with the Captain as a memorable souvenir. With Celestyal Cruises, you’ll have plenty of onboard activities to keep you busy on your Mediterranean cruise.

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Celestyal Cruises also offers premium amenities, such as the Monte Carlo Casino, complete with blackjack and roulette tables, a variety of slot machines, and a Poker Room. Guests can also take advantage of the shopping center, the spa, the theatre, and the nightclub.

Onshore Excursions

Celestyal Cruises offer an array of exciting on-shore activities for passengers to explore in the Mediterranean. On the Greek Isles and in Turkey, passengers can visit ancient ruins, archaeological sites, and sample local cuisine. Cruisers can also wander through local markets for souvenirs, or take a day trip to visit a nearby city. During their time on-shore passengers will be able to take in the unique culture of the Mediterranean and make memories to last a lifetime.

At each city that the ships make port in Celestyal Cruises offers a variety of different excursion options. Whether you are looking for a full-day excursion or just a half-day excursion that will allow you to explore the region on your own, Celstyal Cruises has something for everyone and something to fit every budget.

Each onshore excursion offers cruise guests the opportunity to explore the cities, take in the historic monuments and sites of ancient times, and enjoy the culture and food of the region. Guests will enjoy the expertise of a certified guide that will help them partake in and enjoy authentic experiences of each region.

Some of the onshore excursions you can take part in depending on your itinerary are:

  • Athens city tour and Acropolis visit
  • Santorini Volcano and hot springs excursion
  • Mykonos island tour and beach visit
  • Crete Island tour and Heraklion City visit
  • Rhodes medieval city and Palace of the Grand Master visit
  • Ephesus Ancient City and Terrace Houses visit
  • Istanbul city tour and Hagia Sophia visit
  • Patmos island tour and Monastery of Saint John visit
  • Delos island tour and ancient city visit
  • Samos island tour and Pythagoreion visit
  • Chios island tour and medieval villages visit
  • Lemnos island tour and fortress visit
  • Volos city tour and Meteora Monasteries visit
  • Thessaloniki city tour and White Tower visit
  • Kavala city tour and Philippi ancient city visit
  • Dikili town and Pergamon ancient city visit
  • Canakkale city tour and Troy ancient city visit
  • Bodrum city tour and Castle of St. Peter visit
  • Marmaris city tour and Dalyan mud baths visit
  • Fethiye city tour and Oludeniz beach visit
  • Kusadasi city tour and Ephesus ancient city visit
  • Piraeus port city tour and Athens Olympic Stadium visit
  • Hydra Island tour and Port City visit
  • Sporades Islands tour and Skiathos Island visit
  • Cyclades Islands tour and Paros Island visit
  • Saronic Islands tour and Aegina Island visit
  • Dodecanese Islands tour and Kos Island visit
  • Eastern Aegean Islands tour and Chios Island visit
  • Cappadocia tour and hot air balloon ride
  • Gallipoli tour and ANZAC cove visit.

Please keep in mind that the availability of excursions may vary depending on the itinerary and season, and they might not be available all the time.

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Celestyal Cruises are the Perfect Way to See Greece and the Mediterranean

As you begin to plan your dream Greek vacation, Celestyal Cruises has everything you need to see and experience Greece in a well-planned, affordable, and authentic way. With a variety of destinations and itineraries to choose from combined with customizable onshore excursions, you will easily be able to create a custom trip that will allow you to experience everything Greece has to offer and so much more. Let us know what you thought about this Celestyal cruise review on social media.

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Celestyal Cruises
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