10 Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

Traveling is food for the soul. Whether you frequently travel for work or for pleasure, any seasoned wanderlust knows that the unexpected can happen at any point during your trip. Weather delays, unexpected illnesses, an event that causes you to need to cancel or postpone your trip- all these things can cause your travel plans to be thrown to the wayside at the very last second. The problem, however, is that a change of plans can be extremely costly to a traveler. But travel insurance helps to cover those costs of unexpected changes. And just like other insurances- like that for your house or your car- there are companies out there that offer different levels of insurance for your traveling needs.

10 Reasons You Should Buy Travel Insurance

10 Reasons To Buy Travel Insurance 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

There are several different types of travel insurance available to occasional and frequent travelers. The most common one is flight insurance, often offered by airlines in case you have to change your flight last minute. However, for frequent travelers this can be costly because it is paid for on a per flight basis. Travel insurance is much like car insurance- it is paid for via your premium to cover any unexpected travel “accidents” (missed flights, last minute changes in travel plans, etc). Here are 10 reasons you should consider buy travel insurance: 

1. It Protects You From Unexpected Travel Changes

Someone gets sick, and you have to cancel your travel plans. There is an unexpected accident and you can’t go on your trip. You have to reschedule travel because of work or family needs. You need to get home sooner than you planned because your wife is in labor seven weeks early. Whatever circumstance that may cause you have to have to cancel or reschedule a planned trip, travel insurance will cover you.

2. It is Cheaper

Many travelers think that they don’t need travel insurance. They see it as an extra cost that isn’t necessary, especially when travel in and of itself is already costly. But imagine needing to cancel your trip or that you need emergency medical attention while you’re in a foreign country- without travel insurance, situations like this might cost you thousands. A simple premium with travel insurance is must cheaper.

10 Reasons To Buy Travel Insurance 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

3. It Can Cover Lost Items

Lost your luggage on the way and need to purchase new clothes and necessities? Lost your passport and need to expedite a new one to you? Travel insurance can help to cover this issues.

4. It is Good for Your Health

Getting sick isn’t limited to when you’re home and near your doctor. Although it can ruin your trip, getting sick while traveling isn’t uncommon. If you need to seek medical attention while traveling, travel insurance can help to buffer the cost of this.

5. It Covers You When You’re Overseas

Traveling overseas can cause a whole new set of rules for travelers. It is much harder for your health insurance to cover medical costs when traveling overseas. Language barriers and unknown locations can be nerve-wracking when you have an emergency. Issues with car rentals, hotels, or other transportation and stay issues can be handled by your travel insurance company as well.

6. It Protects You From Weather Delays

Your flight is cancelled because of an impending snow storm. You’re in a foreign country and you can’t get home for days because of a volcanic eruption. Travel insurance will help to cover your extended stay and your flight changes in case of water.

7. It Covers Missed Connections

Maybe your first plane had mechanical issues, causing you to miss your connection. Now you have to stay overnight in a local hotel to catch the next flight the following day. Travel insurance can help to cover your hotel and your flight change so you don’t have to pay astronomical fees.

8. It Helps You If You Need Medical Evacuation

No one wants a medical emergency, especially when they are traveling to a foreign country. But illness and accidents aren’t limited to when you’re home. Sometimes medical evacuations are necessary and travel insurance can help you to afford getting home quickly and safe.

9. It Can Help You in an Emergency

Let’s say your train from one remote location to another is cancelled. You need help securing an alternative but you don’t speak the language. Or you have lost your passport and need a new one immediately. Or you get sick while traveling. All these things can be helped by use of travel insurance while you’re gone.

10. It Protects Against Canceled Plans from Travel Restrictions, Terrorist Attacks, or Natural Disasters

Many of us plan our travel for months in advance. We can never suspect something like a travel restriction put in place by the government, a terrorist attack that limits travel to the area, or a natural disaster like a hurricane or flood devastating an area will happen in the time before we leave. But it does happen, and travel insurance can help to offset the cost of these cancellations even if your trip is months away.

The Travel Plan That is Best for You

If you travel often, you may want to consider purchasing an all encompassing travel insurance plan like ones offered by Allianz Travel Insurance. The plans by Allianz Insurance don’t just cover one flight here and there. They can cover all your traveling needs no matter if you are traveling overseas, traveling with kids, or you have unforeseen emergency needs due to change in travel plans before or during your trip.

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Below are some of the travel plans available by Allianz Travel Insurance that can protect you when you travel:

  • Single Trip Plans If you are planning one large family vacation, travelers insurance for this one single trip may be a great place to start. There are several different plans available based on your needs.
  • Travelers Protection Plan This is an affordable plan that allows you to extend your travel insurance benefits during your travel if needed.
  • Annual/Multitrip Plans For the business traveler, adventure traveler, or wanderlust, annual and multi trip plans can help keep you protected for every trip you take. There are several options available based on your needs.

Whether you are heading on a long-planned vacation, you travel for business, or you are just an adventure traveler, travel insurance can help to protect you, your family, and your travel plans if anything is to go array. You will be protected in case of any changes in your plans even if you have no control over those changes. Travel insurance gives travelers the peace of mind that they are protected during unexpected events which makes planning your trip as well as going on your trip much more fun without the worry and stress of possible accidents.

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