Best Baby Movement Monitor Comparison

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New parents naturally have a constant concern about their sleeping infant. Always worrying about whether they’re breathing, there is this anxiety that won’t go away causing them to constantly have the urge to go and check on them. This can cause a lot of stress and even lack of sleep during the night. Of course, there are baby video monitors and audio monitors on the market, but those don’t always offer the peace of mind parents need as they don’t clearly show whether the baby has abdominal movement or not. There are now baby movement monitors on the market which keep track of the baby’s abdominal movement and this may be of benefit to those anxious parents.

About Levana

The brand Levana was born because of new monitoring ideas, technology, and the determination of like-minded people to keep their babies safe. Levana develops reliable baby system solutions so there is less worry for parents. Their mission is to bring parents the peace of mind they need during this overwhelming, yet beautiful time in their lives.

Levana has created the Oma Sense baby ‘abdominal movement monitor which is for infants 0-6 months old. It monitors their abdominal movements to make sure everything is okay while the baby is asleep.

Levana Oma Sense Features

  • WakeUp™ TechnologyOma Sense monitors the baby’s abdominal movements. If no movement has been detected for 15 seconds, it initiates fluctuating vibrations, LED lights, and audible alerts to stimulate the baby and encourage the return of movement. If no movement has been re-established after 5 seconds from the first alert, an emergency sound alarm and LED light is initiated to alert the parent that attention is needed.
  • Safe for Baby – Parents do not need to worry about any wireless frequencies or Bluetooth signals.
  • Designed for Baby’s Comfort – The Oma Sense is made with medical-grade materials and requires zero skin contact making it more comfortable and less irritating to the baby’s delicate skin.
  • Simple and Secure – Simple in its design, it features a patented one-handed clip for simple attaching, adjusting and removing.
  • Cordless and Portable – Being run off of batteries, this movement monitor is portable making it easy to take anywhere as well as safe for bassinets and playpens. It also doesn’t need any extra tools or devices.
  • Reassurance Indicator – With a blue LED indicator that flashes every 30 seconds, parents can be assured that the Oma Sense is silently monitoring the baby’s movements so they don’t have to.

Levana Oma Sense Compared To Other Brand Baby Movement Monitors

Levana Oma Sense vs. Snuza Hero Baby Movement Monitor

The Snuza Hero Baby movement monitor is very similar to the Levana Oma Sense. It is a clip-on and battery-powered as opposed to having to be charged as well as doesn’t use apps or additional cords. It uses vibrations to stimulate the baby and sets off an alarm if no movement is re-established just like the Oma Sense.

The Snuza Baby Hero uses a silicone tip which can be a hygiene concern while the Levana Oma Sense uses hospital grade materials that can be cleaned easily with a wipe. The Snuza has a flimsy clip that can easily come off the baby’s diaper causing a false alarm as well as requiring skin contact which parents have said in reviews that it caused irritation to the skin of their baby. The Levana Oma Sense uses a patented one-handed clip operation with gripped material that keeps it snug to the baby and does not require skin contact.

Levana Oma Sense vs. Owlet Smart Sock

The Owlet Smart Sock baby movement monitor is very different from the Levana Oma Sense. It is also recommended more for parents whose baby has a medical issue because this monitor tracks heart rate as well as oxygen levels. The Owlet also has an app that collects and saves all data of the baby, unlike the Levana Oma Sense.

The Owlet Smart Sock sets off an alert if the baby’s abdominal movements aren’t as expected and if the baby’s vitals have changed, but there have been reports of false alarms. This is because the sock can easily slide off, especially if the baby is very active. Also, parents do not get notifications about their baby if their phone dies. The Owlet sock also needs to be put directly on the baby’s foot under clothing which may be irritating to some. It is unfortunately not battery powered and needs to be charged.

The Owlet is also a bit more complicated than the Levana Oma Sense, so for those who aren’t as tech-savvy, this may not be the best choice. It is also more expensive for new parents who may not need all of the information it is designed to monitor and collect. The Owlet goes for $300 while Oma Sense is only $120.

Levana Oma Sense vs. AngelCare Mattress Pad

The AngelCare Mattress pad is an under-the-mattress sensor for baby breathing monitoring. It alerts the parents if there is no breathing from the baby, but it does cause false alarms. This is because oftentimes, the pad gets moved when the baby moves. Also, if the parent lifts their baby out of the crib and forgets to turn off the pad, it triggers the alarm. Placement of the pad can also be hard since the baby moves around as they sleep. This causes the baby’s breathing to not be monitored correctly. The Levana Oma Sense does not have these issues as it is an easy clip-on sensor.

Best Baby Movement Monitor Comparison

The Levana Oma Sense movement monitor is a great option for parents needing peace of mind when it comes to their baby. SIDS is a scary occurrence and the Levana Oma Sense can help ease the parent’s anxiety about it. New parents have enough stress to deal with when bringing home baby, let the Levana Oma Sense movement monitor help relieve some of those concerns and make for a more peaceful night’s sleep. Purchase the Levana Oma Sense with a $20 off discount code – just use ‘DAILYMOM20’ at checkout. And during the month of September for Baby Safety Month, get it for $99. That’s $40 off!

For $20 off the Levana Oma Sense Baby abdominal movement monitor, use code ‘DAILYMOM20’ on their site HERE. But during the month of September for Baby Safety Month, get $40 off making the Levana Oma Sense only $99!

Levana Oma Sense
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Best Baby Movement Monitor Comparison



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As parents we know you have enough stress to deal with when bringing home baby, let the Levana Oma Sense movement monitor help relieve some of those concerns and make for a more peaceful night's sleep for the whole family.Best Baby Movement Monitor Comparison