The Ultimate Guide Of 24 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

Surprise the sweetest woman on the planet with jaw-dropping gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day. Whether you are looking for sentimental keepsakes that will be passed down through generations, fitness gear to take her workouts to the next level, or kitchen gear to keep her perfecting her chef skills, this guide has everything from luxury skincare gadgets to at home office furniture that will help your mom up her game, and keep her home and professional life in perfect order. Your mom (or wife) will be jumping for joy when she opens her Mother’s Day gifts this year.

The Best Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

Audio-Technica Podcast Mic and Arm

Audio-Technica is a renowned leader in audio innovation, providing high-quality sound solutions for both professional and personal use. Known for its precision engineering, the brand offers a wide range of audio products, including microphones and headphones that deliver exceptional sound quality and reliability.

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What We Love

AT2020USB-X Microphone

  • High-Quality Audio: Delivers studio-quality articulation and intelligibility, perfect for podcasting, home studio recording, field recording, and voiceover use.
  • Plug-and-Play: Easy USB connection for both Mac and Windows computers, no drivers required, making it accessible for all users.
  • Mix Control: Allows you to blend your microphone signal and pre-recorded audio, perfect for live performances or multi-tasking during recordings.
The Ultimate Guide Of 24 Gifts For Moms This Mother'S Day 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

AT8700 Boom Arm

  • 360-degree Rotation: This feature allows for flexible positioning of the microphone, enabling users to adjust it to their preferred angle easily.
  • Adjustable C-clamp: The boom arm comes with a sturdy C-clamp that can be adjusted to securely attach to various desk thicknesses, providing stability during use.
  • Integrated Cable Management: It includes a built-in cable management system to help keep your workspace organized and free from tangled cables, ensuring a neat and professional setup.

For Mother’s Day, gifting an Audio-Technica microphone from their high-quality lineup can be a wonderful surprise for moms who have a passion for creating, whether they’re recording podcasts or singing. Both the AT2020USB-X and the AT8700 provide professional-level audio quality that can help her projects shine, packaged in user-friendly designs. This gift not only supports her hobbies or professional endeavors but also shows thoughtful consideration for her interests, making it an ideal choice to enhance her multimedia experiences.

AT2020USB-XP Microphone | AT8700 Boom Arm
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The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

Is Mom’s old desk starting to feel a bit too cramped or worse… outdated!? Or maybe you’ve been noticing that she’s struggling to find a comfortable position when working from home? The Pro Plus Standing Desks (E7) could be the perfect gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day!

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

Made with automotive-grade carbon steel, this desk is incredibly sturdy and wobble-free – meaning Mom can work in comfort without worrying about her devices toppling over because the toddler thinks it’s a new indoor monkey bar desk. And with its smooth height adjustment, it’s easy to find the perfect position for Mom’s needs.

If you’re looking to get the highest brownie points among your siblings, this is certainly the gift that Mom will (un-admittedly of course) see as her ultimate favorite! It’s the kind of gift that makes the busy WFH Mom’s life a lot easier and aesthetically pleasing while she’s in her work zone.

Now, whether your Mom is a petite little thing or a beautiful towering goddess you get to call your own, this desk is height-adjustable to easily accommodate everyone in the family, from 4’2″ to 6’4″. It’s also strong enough to hold up to two adults, making it perfect for dual monitors or extra devices. With its sleek design and versatile functionality, the Pro Plus Standing Desks (E7) make great gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day, especially for busy Moms.

Give her the gift of productivity, because, flowers are nice… but, use them more as an accent piece with this versatile workstation of a desk in Mom’s home office!

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

We know how frustrating it is to have all those cords tangled below your desk. Mom will love the convenience of the embedded cable tray underneath the desktop. It hides all of the cables from the workstation, providing a visually appealing and organized workspace.

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

The Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7) Standing Desk lets Mom work in style and comfort. Its sleek LCD keypad has powerful yet practical functionalities like 4-height presets and a child-lock button. The embedded USB charging port makes it more convenient for her to charge her devices with needed additional power strips. Be at peace knowing that, all of the desktops are made with harm-free materials with choices of 100% natural bamboo, solid woods, to E0-Graded chipboards to match Mom’s office decor.

We all know that feeling- when we’ve been sitting at our desks for hours on end and our bodies are just begging for a break. But does your busy Momma have the time to go to the gym, or even take a walk around the block? That’s where the Under Desk Bike V9U comes in! This nifty little device lets Mom get in a workout right at her desk, so she can stay productive and healthy at the same time. Wait until you see Mom’s face!

This is not just any old exercise bike, these premium-built qualities, cushioning, and design make this seat the most comfortable on the market. Plus, Mom can adjust it to her exact needs with its height-adjustable seat. So if you’re looking for a thoughtful way to help Mom balance her work and workout routine, these bikes are the ultimate gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day.

For those rooms where Mom needs to be near the kids outside of her home office area, consider gifting her the Home office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation V9 that keeps Mom near AND still working productively.

With the under desk bike, Mom can get some much-needed movement in, even while she’s working! This whisper-quiet bike has eight resistance levels, so you can pedal at your own pace. The LCD display lets Mom track her progress, so she can see just how far she’s come since she’s received this amazing Mother’s Day gift.

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

So go ahead and give her health a boost with the under desk bike that compliments wonderfully with the Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7). Mom (and her body) will thank you for it!

Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7) | Under Desk Bike V9U
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Lettuce Grow

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

Moms always know best, and when it comes to food, and that old adage is especially true with so many additives in modern food. Homegrown fruits and veggies just taste better than their supermarket counterparts, and they’re more nutritious, too. Plus, Mom will save money in the long run by being able to grow her own food at home – saving on having to take trips to the store. And there’s nothing like the satisfaction of watching Mom’s “hard” work pay off as she harvests her very own homegrown tomatoes or up to 200 other wonderful foods. These make for very unique gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day.

The Farmstand is the perfect way to show your Mother how much you care when searching for gifts for moms this Mother’s Day. With over 200 varieties of pre-sprouted seedlings to choose from, she can grow everything from her favorite leafy greens to herbs, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, and so much more! The self-watering and self-fertilizing design makes it easy to care for your plants, so she can focus on enjoying her harvest – no bent over, scuffed knees necessary!

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

The Farmstand is an easy way to grow your own food at home anytime, anywhere, and all year-round. You can choose to have Mom garden the easy way outdoors or indoors with the glow lighting system.

It’s finally getting warm outside and we can’t wait! There is nothing better than a nice, relaxing meal on the patio with friends or loved ones. To celebrate this change in season from winter to spring there’s one thing that always comes up: an outdoor dinner party (because who doesn’t love being outside?) – but how do you make sure everything looks gorgeous while also keeping things healthy? Start Mom off with Lettuce Grow’s Best of Spring Bundle for your Farmstead and serve up the best veggies in the whole neighborhood! This is easily one of the best gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day.

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

Give your Mother the gift of fresh, home-grown food whenever she wants! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start planting with your Mom with the indoor (or outdoor) options with Lettuce grow!

The Farmstead 24 with Glow Rings | Best of Spring Bundle
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The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

When the pandemic first started, many of us took work home until further notice. We converted spare bedrooms into offices and made do with what we had available. While our new work environment came with a few perks (comfy clothes all day and the flexibility to enjoy our families a little more often), it also took its toll on our bodies. As such, this Mother’s Day, upgrade Mom’s workspace with an X-Chair X2 Sport Management Chair.

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

No matter where you work, ergonomics matter, but we find that most people don’t realize the negative impact of sitting improperly in a chair for hours on end. Among other things, you can develop back pain, neck problems, carpal tunnel, and a slew of other body issues due to improper posture while working. In order to help prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders in the workplace (home or conventional office) OSHA recommends fitting the job to the person.

While this can mean a number of things, it includes having a proper ergonomic office chair and workspace. Having the right chair will not only alleviate back issues while you work, but it can also increase your productivity. X-Chair’s DVL Support adjusts itself to your body every time you move so that you’ll stay comfortable all day without ever making an adjustment to your chair.

With proper lumbar support (optional headrest) and high-quality materials, this ergonomic chair offers long-term support for your body. This translates into less fidgeting, better circulation, and blood flow to help create a better work environment for more productive working hours.

Just make sure that you start with the proper fit before “going to work.” Adjust X-Chair’s backrest height with the dial on the right side of the chair to adjust your back so that you’re fully supported, from your lumbar curve to your neck. This will ensure you get maximum support where you need it most.

X-Chair’s floating recline technology also helps your body stay in motion throughout the day. Just flip the switch on the right side to allow your chair to recline as you stretch your back. This improves circulation, concentration, and energy levels so you can be more productive. These chairs make very thoughtful gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day.

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

Much like every other part of your body, no one keeps their arms in the same position all day either. X2 is designed to move with you. You can easily adjust the armrest height, depth, width, and angle as you move throughout the day.

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

Even if she doesn’t have the home office of her dreams YET, she can still have the office chair that her body needs. No more working from the bed, uncomfortable chairs, or your couch. The X2 will enable her to work better, longer, more productive hours, and be more relaxed at the end of the day so she can truly enjoy her family. The X-Chair X2 Sport Management Chair is the ultimate Mother’s Day solution to her work-from-home needs. Between the dynamic variable lumbar support and ergonomic features, her body will thank you!

X2 Sport Management Chair
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The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

If you are looking to splurge for Mother’s Day and show her how much she’s appreciated, WalkingPad should be on your radar. Whether she’s a fitness junkie or doesn’t get much time for workouts, this one-of-a-kind treadmill will cater to every type of need or schedule. The R2 Foldable Walking & Running Treadmill is unlike any treadmill you have ever seen.

With a unique, foldable design, this treadmill is compact, space-saving, and can be stored in an upright position, drastically reducing the amount of space required of traditional treadmills. Maximizing space is a huge selling point when choosing a home treadmill. If you live in a small apartment or just enjoy less clutter in your home, with the folding feature of the R2 you can neatly store this treadmill in a corner or even under a couch.

Inclement weather? Hate the gym? The WalkingPad allows you to enjoy the benefits of walking or running without having to leave your home. These treadmills are very convenient gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day. You can even multitask while using this treadmill. The phone/tablet holder allows you to catch up on your favorite shows while getting a run in. This setup is also extremely ideal while using a standing desk. If you work from home or in an office, the WalkingPad R2 can give you a workout while completing your tasks. When you’re done, simply fold the R2 and store it under your desk.

Features of the R2 Foldable Walking & Running Treadmill include a digital monitor that displays your time, speed, steps, and calories burned, an integrated luxury frame with black spray paint that enhances the beauty and durability of the treadmill and intelligent speed control that senses your steps when in the walking mode. The height of the handrail is adjustable to set to your holding comfort and the four-layer professional track uses shock absorption and noise reduction for a more comfortable landing and excellent foot feeling.

Use code DAILYMOM FOR $150 off your WalkingPad order!

R2 Foldable Walking & Running Treadmill
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Mad Tree Woodcrafts & Engraving

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

Mad Tree Woodcrafts & Engraving is your one-stop shop for sentimental, thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts that will become family heirlooms to be handed down from generation to generation. Their handcrafted keepsake memory boxes are gorgeous gifts that will bring a tear to her eye and a smile to her heart this holiday and forever. Graceful and elegant, these classic wooden boxes are meticulously designed to withstand the test of time. Forever in your heart, mothers everywhere will store their most precious memories safely within the confines of these beautiful wooden boxes.

Crafted of solid hardwoods, Mad Tree Woodcrafts & Engraving designs handcrafted, perfectly proportioned keepsake memory boxes that are made using one single piece of wood for a consistent grain. Coated in a clear top coat only to show off the exquisite colors of the wood utilized, Mad Tree Woodcrafts & Engraving ensures the wood of your keepsake box is protected while also highlighting the natural appearance and grain of the wood.

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

With personalization options such as engraving, an added lock and key, and removable trays, Mad Tree Woodcrafts & Engraving crafts each piece to your liking, making their keepsake memory boxes truly a one-of-a-kind gift. From Mother’s Day to Father’s Day, graduations, weddings, and baby showers, the boxes from Mad Tree Woodcrafts & Engraving are ideal for storing photos, baby footprints, wedding keepsakes, and all of those most important memories that become family heirlooms to be passed down through generations. Timeless and classic, these wooden boxes, available in a wide variety of sizes to meet your needs, make the perfect gift now and for many years to come.

Medium Keepsake Memory Box | Extra Large Keepsake Memory Box
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The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and it is time to go shopping to pick out the perfect gift for the woman in your life, whether it is your mother, sister, or wife. Nebulyft has decided to change the game in the world of skincare with their R1 Multipolar RF Anti-Aging Device. This device delivers radiofrequency energy with sub-millimeter precision, on the surface as well as deep into the bottommost layers of your skin. These radio frequencies work to generate your natural electromagnetic fields which tighten your skin while stimulating collagen production.

This may sound fantastical and you may begin to worry this is a time-consuming process for your already-too-busy-Mom, but the R1 Multipolar RF Anti-Aging Device wishes to make her look younger, not have her feel ages older by standing in front of a mirror for over 20 minutes! This miracle treatment can be completed in as little as 10 minutes – a seamless blend into Mom’s morning or nighttime routine. All she needs is the soothing organic gel to get started to erase those “Mom” years away! These make great gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day.

The precise temperature control reduces smile lines, and crow’s feet while lessening necklines and stretch marks. Along with reducing unwanted stretch marks, this device comes with a soothing organic gel that shrinks pore size and acne. The single touch LED control button makes it easy to switch your R1 Multipolar RF Anti-Aging Device on and off whereas the Nebulyft app gives you complete control and access to tutorials and a whole community of other Moms like your special lady! 

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

The R1 Multipolar RF Anti-Aging Device works on all skin types and various facial areas so Mom can cover it all with one amazing, miracle device so she can look as young as she feels!

R1 Multipolar RF Anti-Aging Device
nebulyft | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Franki Ray

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

Let Mom boss up this Mother’s Day with the most impressive bag she has ever seen. This Salacious Sasha Weekender bag screams luxury with its full-grain vegetable-tanned leather exterior. The gorgeous artisan-crafted leather is durable and designed to age gracefully, just like the lucky Mom in your life who gets to enjoy this bag. It features double handles, gold-tone hardware, and a detachable shoulder strap. Plus, the convenient luggage sleeve on the back converts to an extra pocket with the pull of a zipper.

If blue is not Mom’s color, try the Santa Fe Stacy that features green accents or the Mucha Muchacha with pink accents. Each version has a different custom-printed interior because life is too short to be serious and boring. The sophisticated exteriors and vivacious interiors of Franki Ray’s bags make the perfect gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day and for the rebel-hearted Mom who deserves to be treated like a queen.

The Salacious Sasha Weekender’s custom-designed microsuede lining is not only soft but also adds a surprising touch of flare, letting Mom show off her playful side. The inside is super roomy with one interior zippered pocket and an exterior pocket with a magnetic closure. It is the perfect bag for everything from an overnight stay to a weekend getaway. Once you spoil Mom with this bag, she will never be able to live without it. She will be so obsessed with her Franki Ray Weekender that you are going to have to plan a trip so she can take this magnificent bag for a spin.

Salacious Sasha Weekender
Franki Ray | Instagram

Aria Lattner

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

Spring swiftly draws near bringing in warmth, new blooms, and freedom from the chilly bite of winter, but most importantly…it also brings attention to the amazing women in your life: Mother’s Day. It is never too early to begin shopping for the mother in your life who has been the support and backbone you have needed; whether in your life or the life of someone you love. Aria Lattner can be your one-stop-shop this Mother’s Day with unique pieces of jewelry as unique as the special mom in your life. 

Aria Lattner’s taken your typical jewelry pieces and added a stunning twist to them, unlike your typical style, especially with the Star Dust Set. This beautiful set has a necklace, bracelet, and earrings all made with natural white solar quartz stone. These jewelry pieces are bold, bright, and impressive, perfect for the woman who likes to compliment her own natural beauty. Now, go ahead and complete this set with the Star Dust Ring, which will round out her set perfectly. Nothing says “I love you,” like well-planned and thought-out gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day that suit the Mother you cherish.

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

If the Mother in your life prefers a subtle approach to her jewelry, the stunning Persephone Necklace is the way to go. This delicate yet dynamic necklace is interlaced with raw freshwater pearl in a 24k gold plated design. Nothing quite makes a statement as bold as a necklace named after a greek goddess. 

Big and bold is always the way to go when it comes to signature rings. Whether you are shopping for your mom, your sister, or your wife, you cannot go wrong with the Gemma Ring. This stunning ring can be set with seven different dynamic geode stones, from Milky Way to Galaxy.

If big and bold does not suit the woman to who you intend to gift a ring, the adjustable Sofia Ring is smaller but just as stunning. The open, twisted look flows perfectly with the soft triangular shapes of your stone of choice, Abalone, Tiger’s eye, or Labradorite.

For the woman who loves her earrings, the Samantha Studs Set consists of two sets of gold and turquoise stud earrings. One pair is oval and the other is square giving her options and different dynamics. If she prefers the length and dangle of earrings, the Samantha Dangle Earrings are a well-proportioned 2 inches. These beautiful silver or copper-infused turquoise stones are set in sterling silver backs and loops for a lovely look. 

Bracelets are a staple that brings together the perfect outfit so gift the Mother in your life with a stunning bracelet that will make her outfits pop. The Kyanite Bar Bangle is an 18k gold-plated brass bangle with natural kyanite stone with a beautiful copper wiring design. This bracelet bends to fit to her desire. These jewelry pieces all make fabulous, luxurious gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day.

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

For another big and bold jewelry piece option, the Medusa Cuff Bracelet is a fantastic addition to that special someone’s collection. This 18k gold-plated brass cuff is adjustable to fit any wrist or forearm and is set with two stunning raw freshwater pearls. However you choose to love on your mama this Mother’s Day, Aria Lattner gives those unique one-of-a-kind moms the one-of-a-kind jewelry piece that is just right for her!

Kyanite Bar Bangle | Medusa Cuff Bracelet | Samantha Dangle Earrings | Samantha Studs Set | Sofia Ring | Gemma Ring | Persephone Necklace | Star Dust Set | Star Dust Ring
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About Vintage

There is nothing quite like the classic, modest look of a vintage watch to adorn the wrist of the mother in your life. This Mother’s day is one that you can be fully prepared for when it comes to timeless pieces with AboutVintage. The elegant 1969 Petite Rose Gold/Blue Sunray is crafted in the style of the ages and embraces a wonderful time in history in the watch industry, the first quartz watch. This wonderful advancement in the watch industry revolutionized horologic history with its remarkable accuracy.

This revolutionary piece has a beautiful sapphire crystal dome that is scratch-free and has a rose-gold coated stainless steel strap. The 1969 Petite Rose Gold/Blue Sunray comes in a custom wood box with an engraved logo.

If the mother in your life has been asking and hinting at a brand new watch, she’s going to swoon over the 1969 Petite Gold/White watch. This stunning piece has a gold-coated stainless steel strap, a sapphire crystal dome to protect from any scratches, and a pearl white dial with gold dots and hands. There is nothing quite like the simplicity and beauty of this gold and pearl white piece crafted in a timelessly stunning design. Each watch comes with a free second strap and is water-resistant. Mom’s new 1969 Petite Gold/White watch is safe even when you get caught in the rain. These glorious timepieces are fabulous gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day.

For those gold-crown moms out there, obviously, you need to find her something to match this Mother’s Day. Her perfect match comes in the 1969 Gold/Gold Sunray – based on the 1969 design of some of the first quartz watches. These watches are crafted with extreme care to provide water-resistant, scratch-free works of art and time-keeping. Each watch ships free and comes with a free strap in a custom wooded box. This 1969 Gold/Gold Sunray watch is coated with high precision gold and the dial is individually numbered for easy, yet charming timekeeping.

About Vintage is running the perfect sale for gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day – all of About Vintage’s watches are 20-25% off, including the 1969 Petite collection!

1969 Petite Gold/White | 1969 Gold/Gold Sunray | 1969 Petite Rose Gold/Blue Sunray
About Vintage | Facebook | Instagram

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The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

The toilet has been called The Throne time and time again so it is time to make it the Queen’s Throne, this Mother’s Day. The SmartBidet SB-3000 is a fully-customizable model that has all the features a woman can imagine, and so much more – especially for post-partum mommas. From a heated seat to a posterior wash and gentle feminine wash, this SmartBidet SB-3000 is a woman’s newest best friend! It comes with a full-size remote control with a comfortable grip and screen for user-friendly access to “The Queen’s Throne” amenities. .

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

The SmartBidet SB-3000 has various wash modes to allow for different cleansings. The feminine wash is a gentle, wider wash whereas the posterior wash is for your rear when the area is sensitive or… just because it feels really refreshing! The gentleness of the feminine wash is especially helpful after vaginal birth. When your most intimate area is tender and sore from bringing a child into this world, your bathroom trips do not have to be awkward and uncomfortable (or involve a squeegee bottle).

The gentle wash will do all the cleansing you need and thereafter, the air drier will remove the need for toilet paper – Mom will have a complete contactless experience when she needs it the most while feeling clean and well-cared for.

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

This luxury SmartBidet SB-3000 can even assist with constipation, which is pretty common after birth (or anytime food just isn’t moving along as it should). Mom can ease even the most annoying post-birth stresses with the Spiral Stream, which is the most concentrated wash designed to help give her the relief and elimination she desires. The patented nozzle system is made of stainless steel and self cleans before and after each wash. Don’t worry, the water from the nozzle is always warm so the stark shock of cold water is far from your future visits to the Queen’s Throne. After Mom’s wash, the warm air drier is adjustable up to 5 levels for Mom’s ultimate comfort, leaving her feeling like… a queen. 

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

What about Mom’s late-night bathroom trips? Whether it’s the pregnancy causing more bathroom night excursions or simply Mom is getting enough water, those nighttime, half-asleep toilet trips no longer involve cold, unpleasant shocks (or placing your hands under your thighs) with the SmartBidet SB-3000. The seat is warmed up and primed, waiting for Mom and she’ll also have the side panel backlit with LED for easy use during the night. This is easily one of the most considerate gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day.

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

Mom will love that the bidet has a soft close so those “accidental”, the seat was left up, are now a thing of the past. Always have warm water for Mom’s washes and a warm seat for her comfort, no matter the time of year, with the SmartBidet SB-3000. An added bonus, the built-in automatic deodorizer can be on or off to Mom’s liking (and save her nose the displeasure) and will automatically start once skin touches the skin sensor located on the seat of the bidet. 

So Dads and partners, easily mount the remote on the magnetic remote mount for Mom’s convenience and ease as well as the installation of Mom’s new bathroom buddy. The easy-to-use remote chirps when buttons are pressed and counts down your chosen functions.

SmartBidet SB-3000
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The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

Food waste is gross and somewhat wasteful. If Mom has been thinking about or talking about composting but doesn’t know where to get started without digging up a spot in the yard. Thankfully, there is a way Mom can use all those kitchen scraps AND get her composting desires met.

Pela’s Lomi makes garbage optional and composting possible. Pile all of those food scraps, coffee grounds, and even your old Pela case into your new Lomi to be magically transformed into nutrient-dense dirt that can be used in your garden or indoor plants and greens. This sleek composter speeds up nature’s natural processes while eliminating the need for all that excess waste and garbage bags. 

Lomi transforms waste into dirt through heat, abrasions, and oxygen. The fragmented waste provides more surface area for microbes, which accelerates the composting process – right on Mom’s countertop!

For the most environmentally friendly gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day, check out the innovative and kitchen-scrap game-changing Lomi composter. It’s incredibly easy to use, runs quietly, and breaks down food in as little as 4 hours while neutralizing odors. Doing your part in caring for the environment is now easier than ever and super easy on Mom’s new composting habits! 

Pela | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Viridian Bay

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

It’s no secret that spending time outdoors can improve your mental health. Research has shown that spending time in a garden can reduce stress levels and improve depression. But did you know there are ways you can accent your outdoor space to increase your mental health? If you’re looking for ways to add serenity to your garden or patio, look no further than Viridian Bay.

Studies have shown that blue is a calming color that in some cases can reduce depression and anxiety. It’s also an attractive color. If you’re looking around your patio, trying to find ways to add a pop of color, get the Blue Trafitto Garden Seat. Consider it a two-in-one deal. You’re getting a beautiful, ceramic indoor/outdoor garden seat that also has the healing power of blue painted on it. And if it’s not suitable for a garden seat, you can use it as a small patio table. Or even a conversation piece. Buy a bunch to give out as gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day.

If you need a planter, add the Calico Urn to your shopping cart! This gorgeous ceramic piece is painted yellow and blue. But what if you need more blue for the garden or patio? No problem! The Calico Urn isn’t just a beautiful, handmade piece. It has a drainage hole so you can plant your favorite blue flowers, like Hyanciths or Hydrangeas inside of it.

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

Increase the healing power of your serene space by adding one of these two beautiful pieces by Viridian Bay to it. The next time you’re outdoors, sit down on the Blue Trafitto Garden Seat, soak up some much-needed Vitamin D, and enjoy watching your flowers grow inside the Calico Urn. All your garden gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day can be found here!

Blue Trafitto Garden Seat | Calico Urn
Viridian Bay | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Lo & Sons

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

Mothers carry the world on their shoulders. Help to lighten their load in style with Lo & Sons. Whether she could use an upgrade with her handbag or needs a new wallet to store her necessary information and cards, Lo & Sons provides expertly crafted accessories that will last a lifetime. Their accessories also make great gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day!

The Small Wallet offers a minimalist take on a traditional need. You’d never suspect that this wallet has so much room to offer, but it’s a pleasant surprise to see how much storage it has. Crafted with Saffiano leather, this textured piece has been treated to be scratch and weather-resistant so it will maintain its gorgeous appearance for years and years.

If Mom needs an upgraded purse, then The Pearl is the perfect choice. What stands out most about this bag is the design of the pocket space. Moms need organization, and the layout of these pockets was created to provide optimal storage and organization for people on the go. Whether she needs a shoulder bag, cross-body bag, or handbag, the convertible strap can easily accommodate her needs. This purse will keep its appearance for years to come thanks to the quality construction.

For quality accessories that last, Lat & Lo makes shopping easy with so many great gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day.

The Pearl | The Small Wallet
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The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

If Mom is anything like us, she has years of photos and videos stored on her computer that document all of life’s finest memories. While you may have convinced her to back up these files to the “cloud” or an external storage solution, she still loves having everything right at her fingertips. Rather than get her a new computer with a 4 TB hard drive that is not only hard to find but incredibly expensive, get her the OWC Envoy Pro Fx this Mother’s Day.

The Envoy Pro FX portable SSD provides out-of-this-world performance and is the first of its kind universal Thunderbolt drive to work via USB-C and USB-A. Plug it into yesterday’s and today’s Thunderbolt and USB equipped (even Thunderbolt 4 and USB4) Macs, PCs, iPad Pros, Chromebooks, and Surface devices. Perfect for audio, video, photography, graphics, gaming, and general data storage/backup use, the Envoy Pro FX literally works on any device, so Mom can take her precious memories (or work) anywhere. These are great, functional gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day.

Furthermore, no matter how hard she is on her gear, she’ll never destroy the OWC Envoy Pro FX. This 240 GB to 2TB SSD is waterproof and offers military-level drop toughness (meaning it can survive multiple 4-foot drops on all faces, edges, and corners). Plus the USB-C accessory supports Thunderbolt 3 so data transfers are super fast. In fact, it supports the maximum performance capability of any Thunderbolt and USB interface – up to 2800MB/s.

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

The OWC Envoy Pro FX is also incredibly portable at only 4.5 inches by 2.75 inches and weighing in at just over half a pound. While you can certainly get smaller SSDs with the same capacity, we find that the Envoy Pro FX is much more rugged because of its size. The exterior is all dark-gray aluminum with silent cooling. Fanless, heat-dissipating aluminum housing allows for distraction-free operation. Non-skid rubber feet on the bottom keep the device in place.

While it may not be as sentimental as most “Mother’s Day” picks, we believe these make great gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day as Mom will immediately appreciate the value of the OWC Envoy Pro FX when she realizes that her memories are safe and secure.

Envoy Pro FX
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The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

If mom is known for spending lots of time behind her computer, make her tasks go a little more smoothly (so she has plenty of time to kick back and relax later!) with VisionTek.

The VisionTek VT7100 Triple Display 4K Docking Station with 100W Power Delivery is sure to give Mom’s productivity a boost. Effortlessly switch between computers, take gaming to the next level, view work from multiple monitors, and connect other devices, with less wire mess, hassle, and frustration.

The VT7100 allows you to move between tasks on Windows, Mac, or Chrome devices with ease. Want to connect a second monitor? Great! Want to add a third? No problem! Laptop charging is an added bonus as well. Best of all, the design of the device itself is sleek and streamlined, so it will fit in and fade into the background nearly anywhere. These are great tech gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day. So get Mom’s tech in check with VisionTek!

VT7100 Triple Display 4K USB-C Docking Station with 100W Power Delivery
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The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

Does Mom love to cook? So give her what every great cook needs – the perfect set of knives that make the perfect gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day! Material has just the cutlery she needs for both functionality and beauty. That’s right, these knives don’t just work well, but they’re pretty to look at, too!

The Knives + Stand set contains an essential trio of knives for Mom. Use the 8″ Knife for slicing large or tough cuts of meat. Use the Serrated 6″ Knife for bread, bagels, tomatoes, and more. The Almost 4″ Knife is a paring knife that will help you work quickly to chop small objects. Choose from three gorgeous colors, Cool Neutral, Blue Grey, or Almost Black to match your serving ware or kitchen decor.

When you’ve got knives this beautiful though, you don’t want to just hide them in a drawer. Put them on display with the Stand knife block. Available in your choice of White Ash or Walnut, knives are magnetically attached for an effortlessly clean look.

A great complement to the knife block set is the Table Knives. The whole family will enjoy carving up Mom’s latest specialty meal with these with this stainless steel, matte finish everyday cutlery. They even come with their own maple holder, which can be used on the countertop or in a drawer. Make her day with chef gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day from Material!

The Knives + Stand | The Table Knives
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The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

Sometimes as a Mom, we don’t actually want to look like a Mom – at least not the tired-looking Mom skin that shows Moms never get any sleep; that kind of Mom “look”! Toning your skin, and caring for your face can be as easy and cute as using the Bear Facial Toning Device for just 3 minutes a day. This cute and simple-to-use device is FDA-approved for facial toning; a Mom’s dream device! The advanced microcurrents can visibly contour small areas of the face and reduce the appearance of fine lines while helping to firm and tighten the skin on the face for a softer, younger look. These make great gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day, and pssst… we Moms want this!!

With the accompanying app, pair the device to control your newfound best anti-aging friend, the Bear Facial Toning Device. All Mom has to do is apply the Serum or your own conductive primer to easily glide the device over the skin for optimal results. Imagine that, all Mom has to do is glide the Bear across her skin and watch as her skin tightens over time as she uses it…just 3 minutes a day!

The Bear Facial Toning Devices are the perfect gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day, and a great add-on to Mom’s daily routine. It comes in a gorgeous mint or Fuschia color.  

Bear Facial Toning Device
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The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

With the summer upon us, we know beach days, pool parties, and summer vacations will be in full swing. If you want to surprise a special someone with amazing and thoughtful gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day, a brand new beach chair is just the thing. Sunflow has created the best seat on the beach and with a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, you can customize your beach style to fit your personality.

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

The Sunflow Chair is a compact, comfortable, easy-to-carry, and expertly engineered chair designed for lounging, napping, and reading through its 4 available reclined positions. Made with an ultra-strong aluminum frame, this chair is rust-resistant and will withstand many years of beach days in the salt air. These chairs are great gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day. This chair is easy to open and easy to close and allows your hands to remain free to carry other beach items with its detachable and adjustable backpack straps.

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

The Beach Bundle is a full beach solution that includes extras that enhance your Sunflow experience. The adjustable sunshade provides coverage from above and protects you from 98% of the sun’s rays. When not in use, the shade folds flat and tucks behind the chair.

Staying hydrated while outside is important so this chair wouldn’t be complete without a drink holder. The drink holder adjusts to almost any drink size and collapses when not in use. The dry bag is a zippered pocket attached to the side of the chair and keeps your valuables dry, safe, and sand-free. These bundles are ideal gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day! Each bundle also comes with a free towel, that attaches to your chair so it won’t fall down or fly away.

The Beach Bundle
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The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

For the Mom who loves to spend her time in the kitchen, a high-quality, heirloom-worthy piece is worth its weight in gold. Smithey offers pieces that will last a lifetime, and then some, as perfect additions to every kitchen of any Mama.

This Mother’s Day, the 5.5 Quart Dutch Oven is destined to be the envy of the family heirlooms. The signature Smithey’s polished interior surface is naturally non-stick and easy to clean. Cast iron is known for its sturdy and reliable heat distribution, and this is no different. This heat performance of this cast iron finish will never crack or chip, on the contrary; It will only get better with time.

Fried chicken on a Sunday afternoon will come out extra crispy while served alongside bread that was baked in this dutch oven. Roasts, slow-cooked recipes, and even soups will be cooked evenly and served in style in this vintage American Dutch oven design and Mom will love her kitchen creations more and more every time she uses it.

This piece is not only going to become the most functional tool in her kitchen, but it will certainly be the conversation starter, the centerpiece of any room, and the catalyst for warm family dinners around her table. Be sure to add this amazing cookware to your list of gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day and give her the gift of classic style and high-performance in the kitchen with Smithey.

5.5 QT Dutch Oven
Smithey | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

StrongBoard Balance

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

Working out from home is about as exciting as doing the laundry, but if there was a way Mom could mix it up and reignite her core (especially after pregnancy), then this gift will be priceless! Re-ignite her love of self-care and working out with the StrongBoard Balance Board when you are choosing the best gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day! This balance board is more than your typical piece for a core workout – and Mom will love that!

Not only will Mom partake in a safe and effective full-body workout board, but she will also receive free access to the Exercise Library with hundreds of workouts for different muscle groups. Performing basic exercises on the StrongBoard Balance Board engages more muscles than working out on the floor alone.

The StrongBoard Balance Board is a fun, mindful way for a Mom to regain her core strength AND exercise her whole body while still being perfect for those Moms just getting into working out and for those who have been doing it for a long time. As a comprehensive and functional tool for Mom, this is one of those gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day that keeps (mom) getting better and better (and stronger) the more Mom uses it!

It is durable, versatile, customizable, and does so much more for Mom’s core (and body) than some of the most popular gym equipment.

StrongBoard Balance Board 
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The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is right around the corner which means it is time to get the Mother in your life a gift she will love and appreciate. If you know of a special woman who needs to update her printer to make working from home, homeschooling, or life in general easier, Epson’s EcoTank ET-2850 is a wireless, all-in-one, cartridge-free printer that will meet all her needs!

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

This cartridge-free printer uses high-capacity, easily refillable ink tanks so Mom can save a lot on replacement ink. This family-friendly printer has a high-resolution scanner, outstanding print quality, and a convenient color display for ease of use for everyone, even those who aren’t quite “tech-savvy”. 

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

Speed is important and so is quality and the EcoTank ET-2850 has both in spades. Easily connect this printer with your computer, laptop, or your mobile device and begin printing every document, coloring page, or homework assignment you need. These printers are great gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day and also for the whole family! The EcoTank ET-2850 helps the whole family save up to 90% with replacement ink bottles rather than the classic ink cartridges. Save money while still having a high-quality printer that Mom can rely on for her family this Mother’s Day! 

EcoTank ET-2850 
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August Home

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

Moms have their arms full most of the time. Coming home shouldn’t be a chore! Wouldn’t it be great if someone could get the door opened for her without having to search through her bag for her key? Help Mom get into the house faster, key-free and happier, with August Home.

Thanks to the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, she can unlock her front door using her digital assistant, her phone, or even her Apple Watch. With the DoorSense™ sensor, the door will unlock when she gets close to the door, and automatically lock after 30 seconds of idle time. Even if there are guests coming and going, with August Home, she can remotely unlock or lock the door, grant access by sharing keys, and see who is coming and going. These smart locks make fantastic gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day! Installation is so easy, it takes only a matter of minutes before Mom has the peace of mind that she did, in fact, lock the door.

The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, make Mom’s life easier with August Home.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock
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Your Mom has been there through your baby years and your awkward teenager years. It’s time to show her how much she means to you with the ultimate gifts for Moms this Mother’s Day. You won’t hear, “you shouldn’t have, honey. I would have been happy with a card and a hug”. Instead, you will have your Mom jumping out of her seat and unboxing her gifts. We guarantee it!

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The Ultimate Guide Of 22 Gifts For Moms This Mother’s Day



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