Creating Your Perfect Summer House: This Season’s Best in Decor & More

Decorating your home for summer or your summer house itself can be so fun and seasonally inspired! Pack away the flannel prints and plaids, store your sherpa blankets and heavy wool rugs, and make way for lighter, brighter, airier home decor this summer season. Whether you chose to go full patriotic with reds, whites, and blues, prefer the neutral whites, greys, and tans, or love the bright hues of the tropical corals, yellows, and greens, there is something for every home in this guide.

From your mountain cabin to your ocean villa, from sea to shining sea, let your style and personality shine through this season with any of these great home textile and decor items you are sure to love!

Grandin Road

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Summer is here and we all know what that means! Backyard barbecues, outdoor movie nights, and roasted marshmallows over the fire pit at your summer house. But what happens if some of your favorite decorations didn’t survive winter? Lucky for you, Grandin Road has everything you need. Their trendy and unique collection of indoor-outdoor home décor is unlike anything you’ll find at your local stores. And because we love all things 4th of July, over half of our Grandin Road favorites sing, “Let Freedom Ring!”

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Give your entryway or front porch a pop of color and pride when you decorate it with this Patriotic Star Flag. This 3-dimensional decoration is adorned with the stars and stripes of the American flag. It comes with a durable resin coating which makes the colors pop and adds extra strength to this festive decoration, making it harder to crack. It’s also weighted so you won’t have to worry about a summer wind knocking it over.

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If you love the Patriotic Star Flag, you’ll also want to add the Patriotic Border Star to your shopping cart. It doesn’t have the stars and stripes as its predecessor but it’s decorated in red, white, and blue stripes. It’s the perfect companion piece to the Patriotic Star Flag because it will balance out how your porch is decorated while giving your friends another accent piece to envy. It’s also weighted and therefore not something the neighborhood cat will knock over.

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When it comes to decorations, why should a porch or backyard patio get all the love? They shouldn’t! Grandin Road understands that sometimes garden beds and planters want to look just as peppy. That’s why they offer these fun Firework Stakes to help give your greenery a pop of patriotic color. The Firework Stakes come as a set of six in different colors and patterns. Secure them to your favorite bush or planter using their two-pronged metal stake and enjoy the view!

When it comes to summer festivities, don’t forget to add a few bursts of patriotism to your living room. Why not start with the Star Print Hook Pillow. It’s hand-hooked. What does that mean? Its resilient design might just withstand either a pillow fight or a game of, “The Floor is Lava.” The pillow is blue with white stars and red tassels on each corner. It’s the perfect piece to add 4th of July flair to your favorite sofa or chair in your summer house.

The Patriotic Bunting Hook Pillow is exquisite and hand-hooked from 100% wool. Its round shape and vibrant colors make it the perfect sister piece for the Star Print Hook Pillow. The polyfill insert is included with the purchase, making it fast and easy for you to zip the pillow cover-up and place it on your favorite piece of furniture.

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Pair these pillows in your living room with the Patriotic Fireworks Hooked Door Mat. It’s not hand-hooked but it is handmade using durable polypropylene. This means it’s weather-resistant. It’s also easy to clean – just in case it’s visited by a pair of muddy feet. All you have to do is use a damp cloth to clean it. While this can be used both indoors and outdoors, we love placing it inside our entryway/living room area in our summer house.

When placing accent pieces on your furniture, don’t forget the lounge chairs on your patio. We love the Patriotic Paisley Reversible Pillow. Why? So many reasons! First, this pillow is rated for indoor/outdoor use. The red, white, and blue paisley color is perfect for holidays like Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, Flag Day, and more. The paisley print is on both sides of the pillow and is UV-resistant which means the sunrays won’t be able to fade it.

Your patio décor at your summer house won’t be complete without the Americana Reversible Table Runner. Why? We’re so glad you asked! Use the Patriotic Paisley Reversible Pillow on your outdoor chairs and add a matching touch to your patio table with the Americana Reversible Table Runner. Picnics on the patio will have new meaning when you enhance your serene, outdoor space with these two accessories. The Americana Reversible Table Runner is paisley on one side and blue with white stars on the other. Turn the volume on your backyard get-togethers up or down by flipping the table runner over.

With the Patriotic Fireworks Hooked Door Mat sitting on the floor of your entryway, all you need is a fun, holiday-themed mat for your porch. Get the Patriotic Paisley Coir Door Mat. It’s a Grandin Road exclusive for a reason. First, this doormat is made from coconut fibers. That means it’s natural and long-lasting. Second, the joyful design on this doormat is perfect all summer long, which means you won’t have to switch out your doormats for Memorial Day, 4th of July, or Labor Day. It will also scrub off dirt from shoes and it will resist fading over time.

A topiary fit for a genie! That’s what you’ll get when you buy the Patriotic Harlow Topiary. Genie not included! This elegant piece works as a stand-alone or inside a planter. The top section separates from the two bottom sections, allowing you to fill the hollow inside with sand to weigh it down. The Patriotic Harlow Topiary stands three feet tall and will command the attention of everyone passing through the neighborhood. The mail carrier will never have another excuse to pass your house by again when you place the Patriotic Harlow Topiary on your front porch.

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Would you love more plants inside of your home? Do you lack a green thumb? Do you have a natural talent for killing houseplants? If so, Grandin Road has just the product for you! This Rubber Plant is perfect for plant-challenged people. First of all, it’s rubber so you can’t overwater it, underwater it, give it too much sunlight, or not enough sunlight. What could be better than that? In addition to the fact that it’s a faux plant, it’s been expertly designed with lush leaves of varying colors to make it look authentic. Your guests will fight the urge to touch it to see if it’s real every time they come over. A black pot and faux dirt are included with the purchase.

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If you don’t like the black pot your Rubber Plant came in, get a set of these amazing Jambi Baskets! Three baskets are included in each set. You won’t have to worry if these handwoven baskets will look good in your home because their neutral colors make them perfect for any home interior. If you don’t have any rubber plants you want to place inside of these baskets, don’t worry! Each one of these baskets is perfect for holding throw blankets, pillows, toys, and more.

Whether you’re on a mission to freshen up your 4th of July décor or need some fun pieces for your living room, Grandin Road has something for every porch, patio, or great room. Celebrate your style this summer with one of these fantastic and cheery selections. Add our favorites to your shopping cart now!

Patriotic Star Flag | Patriotic Border Star | Firework Stakes | Star Hook Pillow | Patriotic Bunting Hook Pillow | Patriotic Paisley Reversible Pillow | Americana Reversible Table Runner | Patriotic Fireworks Hooked Door Mat | Patriotic Paisley Coir Door Mat | Patriotic Harlow Topiary | Jambi Baskets | Rubber Plant
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Who remembers those 7-11’s with the best frozen snack machines, ever? Mom and dad probably do, but your kids, maybe not so much. However, you don’t have to go on any road trips or spend any of your precious gas obtaining those iconic frozen delights! ICEE is bringing the authentic pasttimes your tastebuds will remember straight to your summer house this summer and it’s insanely delicious!

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Which of the kids prefer milkshakes over slushies? You should check out this ICEE’s milkshake maker. It has a unique vintage design. It will make all your childhood memories come rushing back, so embrace the nostalgia and watch as your kids create mouth-watering memories of their own. Also, it includes a mixing cup made of high-quality steel to last through the use and yummy abuse it will endure!

Aside from that, you can use this traditional milkshake maker to combine ingredients or a milk frother to make your coffee or hot chocolate creamy and silky. See parents, there’s a little something in it for you too!

With precision mixing, the at-home ICEE machines create the real thing – giving your family a taste of summer in the coolest (and icy) way. The best part is, that the older kids can do it all themselves, giving you a break from purchasing endless quarts of ice cream!

Get those kids cooking something cool and refreshing every day this summer!

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This Home Soft-serve Ice Cream Maker will make your life so much easier, mom and dad. The compact body of this ice cream maker ensures stability and prevents it from falling. Thanks to its slim design, it takes up little space and looks elegant wherever it is placed. Moreover, if you’re planning a fun ice cream treat party for your kids, we recommend freezing the batter ahead of time. Plus, you don’t have to keep checking to see if the ice cream is ready in this maker; simply turn it on and go about your business; the ice cream can take 20-45 minutes to be ready and served.

What’s more, if you are unsure about which flavor syrup to purchase, you can simply purchase the one sold separately by ICEE. So, use this ice cream maker to cater to your ice cream cravings whenever you want and stay cool in hot weather at your summer house.

Nothing beats a cool glass of pure slushie refreshment in the sizzling hot sun. This amazing slushie maker allows you to do so without leaving your house. Making slushies has never been easier; simply combine water, ice, and your favorite flavor syrup and this slushie maker will prepare it within minutes. On top of that, it is user-friendly, even your kids can use this without any hassle.

In addition to that, your children can take this to their summer house or camp and have fun making a slushie side business, making them super young entrepreneurs.

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What more could a kid want this summer… besides more pool time that is?!

Home Slushie Maker | Home Old-Fashioned Milkshake Maker | Home Soft-Serve Ice Cream Maker
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Give your backyard patio a versatile upgrade when you add the BREEO Smokeless Firepit to your fabulous outdoor collection! The BREEO Smokeless Firepit is designed with a double-wall interior that creates its own oxygen flow so that it will burn its own smoke before it’s released into the air. Never again will you suffer from burning eyes or choke on a plume of smoke when the wind changes direction. Did we mention versatility? We did! The BREEO X-Series Smokeless Firepit can become your next grilling station with the purchase of additional accessories.

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The best part about the BREEO Smokeless Firepit is that you can use it all year long. It’s great for winter days. Give your kids a hot chocolate break around the BREEO Smokeless Firepit after they’ve spent the day conquering snow forts.

Made in the USA, the BREEO Smokeless Firepit is built to last a lifetime. This piece of luxury will outlast your patio furniture. While it is available in stainless steel, we love the corten steel because, over time, it develops a rustic patina finish. What are you waiting for? Add the BREEO Smokeless Firepit to your shopping cart today!

BREEO Smokeless Fire Pit
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Your kids have made their own versions of slides on the stairs many times so why not give them something slightly more stable and safe? The Original Stairslide is an easy-to-assemble, long-lasting way for your kids to burn some much-needed energy. Each StairSlide covers three steps and The Original Stairslide comes in a variety of options to allow you to choose how many pieces you need for your home. You can choose one Stairslide or up to 10. The fun durable and impact-resistant StairSlides are easy to stack, store and clean thanks to the ABS, high-quality plastic.

The Original StairSlide can support up to 175 pounds per slide and is scratch resistant. The non-slip grip bottoms work on hard or soft surfaces, perfect for carpet, wood, or marble stairs so it’s perfect for anyone’s summer house. No matter what the weather is like outside, your child can wear themselves out on a slide.

The Original StairSlide
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Road trips offer amazing family experiences! New sights to see. New stories to tell. Strange, unpleasant smells coming from the backseat. Weird odors in the hotel room. If this sounds like something you’ve experienced, we have what you need to fill your holiday with pleasant, aromatic memories.

Before you leave, make sure you pack the nUVo™ Travel Air Purifier. This filter-free purifier is designed to eliminate molds, bacteria, and a multitude of viruses from the air you breathe. The best part is, that its compact design makes it the ideal travel accessory for long car rides. You’ll never endure long hours in a car with smelly feet and bad breath again! Just place the nUVo™ Travel Air Purifier inside one of your vehicle’s cupholders and set off on your vacation. 

The nUVo™ Travel Air Purifier also works in larger spaces, purifying the air up to 100 square feet. Place it on the nightstand between the beds in your hotel room. Your whole family will sleep easier, breathing in much cleaner air. The nUVo™ Travel Air Purifier has a rechargeable battery that lasts four hours. Our favorite feature is its filter-free design. No more trying to remember when you last cleaned the filter or wondering when it needs replacing. What are you waiting for? Get the nUVo™ Travel Air Purifier today and breathe easier on your next vacation!

nUVo™ Travel Air Purifier
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The Curtain Lights by Twinkly are a fun and unique summer house item that can transform an area with customizable light decor. This set of white and multicolor lights is wi-fi and Bluetooth enabled allowing you to make light shows or designs remotely from the Twinkly app. You can change every detail of your light-curtain display with just a touch and choose from a collection of premade effects, or design your own to personalize each light bulb’s properties.

Multiple light strands are able to be connected and synced together for an even more extensive light display. The Curtain Lights are perfect when decorating for Christmas but also make for amazing event props, summer house decor, or extra lighting options in dark spaces. Each set of curtain lights is 5×7 feet, easy to install, and also can be synced with music.

Curtain Lights
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From baskets and planters to handbags, jewelry, and tableware, each LIKHÂ product is a celebration of the people, craft, and materials native to the over 100 artisans located in 10 regions across the islands, and works to empower the communities who bring them to life. The Seagrass Woven Basket Set is a collection of three different-sized straw baskets with sky blue handles.

For storage solutions, added decor, or plant holders, a set of beautifully crafted natural seagrass baskets is perfect for any modern home. These baskets can be used to store everyday objects or your favorite houseplants. Each all-around handwoven basket is stylish and functional, adding a natural vibe to just about any room. Each piece is carefully handcrafted by artisans in the Philippines and made sustainably with seagrass. Every purchase goes towards empowering LIKHÂ’s artisan communities.

Seagrass Woven Basket Set
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When it’s time to pump up the tunes at the patio, garden, or pool, Victrola is your perfect musical accessory. In addition to nostalgic and modern (not to mention gorgeous!) record players, they also offer these Wireless Waterproof Rechargeable Bluetooth® Outdoor Rock Speakers, which are perfect for jamming out in the great outdoors at your summer house.

This portable pair of speakers will connect easily to your favorite source and last up to 14 hours per charge so you can keep rocking in your summer house. Place them in separate locations for a more spread-out sound experience or together for maximum impact. They’ll keep the party rocking (literally!) all summer long. So what are you waiting for? Get outside and enjoy the sounds and sunshine along with Victrola! 

Wireless Waterproof Rechargeable Bluetooth® Outdoor Rock Speakers
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Eddie Bauer

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Children grow up so fast, and before you know it, it’s time to switch out their favorite winter blankie for something that will give them a cool and cozy night’s sleep in a style that is perfect for your summer house decor. The new children’s line of bedding from Eddie Bauer offers just that: timeless pieces that offer comfort and style while making room for your child’s imagination to flourish.

The Percale sheet collection from Eddie Bauer offers a variety of patterns from which your little one can choose, whether he likes the landscapes, mammals, fish, or even sporting equipment. There’s truly a pattern for everyone that is reminiscent of the goodness of a summer’s day.

The Animal Tracks Sheet Set is available in sheet sizes from Twin and Twin XL to King-sized, so everyone in the home can experience these 100% cotton, oh-so-soft sheets. Machine-washable and including everything you need to head to sleepy town, these sheets are the perfect option for your little outdoor lover.

Need a sheet set that can go the extra mile? Eddie Bauer’s stain-resistant bedding is perfect for little ones who need a little extra support. This bedding is soft and cool against the skin, machine-washable, and stain-resistant making it every parent’s dream for their children’s bedding. Thanks to the 100% polyester microfiber construction, this set gets softer and softer with each use. Little sleepers will drift off and feel like they’re sleeping on a cloud!

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The summer sun may be relentless, but everyone likes to snuggle at bedtime. The Kids Adventure Mountain Quilt Set with Shams puts the finishing touch on any bedroom. With a solid, misty-grey color and lined with navy blue, it’s hard to miss these mountain peak stitches which adorn this classic quilt. This quilt is comprised of 100% microfiber construction, so it feels extra soft and is built to last. In the mood for a change? Simply reverse the quilt and enjoy a display of deep navy blue instead.

This summer, take your little ones’ bedroom summer house decor out of winter without the drama or combining different brands to achieve what you need. Eddie Bauer’s children’s bedding offers everything parents want and children need to rest up and prepare for the next day’s adventure.

Animal Tracks Sheet Set | Kids Adventure Mountain Quilt Set with Shams | Spring Water Tie Dye Sheet Set
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This summer swing the day away with a handcrafted Mexican Ivory hammock swing from Novica. Woven by hand from the softest 100% cotton, this swing is perfect for creating your outdoor oasis. In a neutral ivory color, mounted on a rod of sturdy pinewood, this swing is easy to hang using the included S hooks. Add it to your front porch or back patio so you can enjoy this summer outdoors, swaying in the breeze with a cool drink and a good book. While you might not have the opportunity to head to the ocean this summer, this hammock swing will certainly have you feeling like you’re on vacation.

Mexican Ivory Hammock Swing
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This summer have a box of decor goodies delivered straight to your door with Decocrated. Do you struggle with picking out the best decor for the season? Do you wander aimlessly unsure of what to mix and match? Do you simply not have the time to shop but love to update your home decor seasonally? With the Decocrated subscription box you will receive a curated box of season decor delivered straight to your door with styling tips and tricks included. Easy to sign up, and of course so simple to love, Decocrated will send you a seasonal box 4 times a year with up to 8 decor items and styling tips on how to mix and match with items you may already have. Additionally, with a Decocrated membership, you will receive exclusive access to their member’s only holiday add-on boxes throughout the year.

This summer lighten and brighten your summer house style with a subscription to Decocrated and their fun, easy-to-style decor items that will bring the vibes of the season to your vacation home!

Summer Subscription Box
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Micro Cotton

What summer house is complete without crisp, clean linens and fresh white towels? This season whether you are planning to host friends and family near the sea, or head to your cabin in the hills, Micro Cotton has the best in towels and linens, perfect for keeping everyone comfy and cozy no matter the weather.

This season Micro Cotton’s Bath Towels are a must for updating any bathroom space. From the master to the guest bath, give every guest the plush cotton feel of fresh towels every time they come out of the shower or bath. Offering the softness and super absorbency you seek, the bath towels, hand towels, and wash clothes from Micro Cotton start out soft and only get better with age. Available in a variety of neutral and summer shades, the bath towels from Micro Cotton provide a luxury, spa-like experience night after night.

Noble Excellence Micro Cotton Bath Towels | Hotel Collection Micro Cotton Bath Towels
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Holiday Haul Box


Wouldn’t it be nice to decorate your home for the holidays at the snap of a finger? That’s pretty much what happens when you order a Holiday Haul Box! 

This delightful summer kit is bursting with festive Fourth of July decor. It contains a red, white, and blue table runner, adorable star-shaped pillow, beaded wall hanger, tea towel, metal sign, and more. With spirited phrases such as “Party Like It’s 1776,” Freedom, and Happy Fourth of July, you’ll be in the Independence Day spirit before you know it. So focus on the food, fireworks and fun, and leave the decorating to Holiday Haul Box this year.

Pro Tip: Halloween will be here before you know it – get your first “scare box” lined up for delivery now!

Holiday Haul Box
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LAFCO New York

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Welcome to the jungle! This summer enjoys the seasonal scents of coconut water, mango lily, and mango wood as you drift off into dreamland as the glorious scents of the season surround you. With a 50-hour burn time, these beautiful soy wax candles come in a handblown vessel perfect for using later as a vase or other decor. Sustainable, long-lasting, and providing a clean burn, the candles from LAFCO are the best for adding to your summer house decor, from the living room to the bedroom providing deep scents and concentrated, essential oil-based fragrance.

Jungle Bloom Candle
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Opal Road

Afterglow Vignette 1

This summer Opal Road’s candle collection adds the perfect pop of color to your home along with their glorious seasonal scents. Combining scents of fruits and florals, Opal Road’s Candle Collection is crafted of 100% coconut apricot wax with cotton wicks. Hand-poured into reusable glass containers and scented with essential oils, these candles have a burn time of up to 65 hours.

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Bring your summer house decor to life with Aerangis candles. With lead-free cotton wicks and a naturally derived plant-based wax blend, each candle uses all-natural, non-toxic ingredients for a clean burn. In addition, each of Aerangis’ premium candles is scented by world-renowned perfumers to ensure a pleasing aroma that will captivate your senses.

The luxurious Discovery Journey Gift Set includes a wick trimmer, candle care card, scent story card, and three mini candles named Secret Garden,  Aging Spirits, and The Beginning. Each candle is packaged in a lovely box made of recyclable materials and comes in a reusable jar.

Liven up your summer house and let the Aerangis candle collections fill your home with fresh, aromatic scents to invigorate your senses.

Discovery Journey Gift Set
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On those long summer days when your party takes you from noon to night, let MPOWERD light the way! Leave the Luci Solar String Lights to enjoy some fun in the sun alongside you all day as they soak in a solar charge. That’s right, no batteries are needed!

After the last drop of sunset fades away, these lights are ready to party and liven up your summer house decor! Twenty warm white LEDs emit 100 lumens of power and are even dimmable to low, medium, and bright settings. The 18-foot cord wraps conveniently into its included carrying case, so you never need to worry about untangling strands of lights before use. Each charge lasts a full 20 hours too, so there’s plenty of fun left to be had no matter what time it is!

Wherever your adventures take you this summer, make sure you have MPOWERD on hand to brighten your evening.

Luci Solar String Lights
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Get the most out of your summertime slumber with sheets that keep you cool while you rest. Pizuna Royale 1,000 Thread Count Sheet Sets are your new best friend this summer. With Pizuna’s breathable, smooth, soft, and durable cotton sheets, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud! The oversized dimensions of these sheets offer a no-budge fit on your mattress, and the lightweight pillowcases gently cover your pillow to provide you with the softest setting ever for your heat. These sheets are the perfect addition to your summer house decor!

These luxurious sheets are available in a variety of colors and are completely machine-washable. Not only are these sheets extra comfortable and affordable, but they also meet high safety standards that will keep your family healthy, providing you a peaceful sleep and peace of mind! This summer, get the sleep you deserve with Pizuna.

Pizuna Royale 1000 Thread Count Cotton Sheet Set
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Eve Home

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Good lighting can completely transform your environment, mood, and overall vibe. For beautiful ambient lighting in any color and for any space you want, let us introduce you to the Eve Flare by Even Home. Controlled via your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Siri, on-board button, or HomeKit, this light can be constantly evolving.

Enjoy summer house gatherings by setting the perfect outdoor atmosphere in your garden or on the balcony with this innovative wireless light. The Eve Flare is water-resistant so no worrying about humidity or dampness affecting it and will stay illuminated for up to 6 hours.

Use the carry-and-hang handle to transport this light easily to your summer house terrace, living room, bedroom, kid’s room, bathroom, kitchen, or on your table in your office. The Eve Flare can also come in very handy by providing lighting in the event of a power outage. You can even control the Flare when you are not at home so you can have your lights on with your preferred colors and brightness awaiting you for your return.

Eve Flare
Eve Home | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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Nite Ize

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The Spokelit Wheel Light Disc-O Select™ will light up the night on your bike rides. The easy-to-attach, durable bike light lets you choose one of six colors or color-changing modes as you cruise on your bike at night. The spoke lights make your bike easier to be seen by cars and other cyclists at night. Of course, the Spokelit Wheel Lights look awesome and make your evening exercise routine seem like an event rather than just a workout.

The Taglit Rechargeable Magnetic LED Marker is now rechargeable and brighter than ever. This little magnetic clip easily attaches to shirts, backpacks, hats, and more. The portable, bright LED glow light keeps you safe by making it easier to be seen by others at night. Wear the Taglit Rechargeable Magnetic LED Marker when night hiking or walking the dog. They come in red or neon yellow.

The Gearline Organization System organizes your summer house items. You can hang Gearline anywhere. And, it can be used to hang anything. GearLine is a 4-foot web line with bright plastic S-Biners attached to multiple bar-tacked loops. You can hang grill tools, camping gear, gardening tools, and more. The ends of GearLine have a 12-inch adjustable Gear Tie so it can attach almost anywhere.

Spokelit® LED Wheel Light | TagLit Rechargeable Magnetic LED Marker Safety Light | GearLine Hanging Organization System
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Benji Sleep

We all want to sleep peacefully during hot summer house nights, but it’s not always easy when you feel overheated. So how do you solve this common problem? The solution is the softest bedsheet on the market from Benji Sleep. The wrinkle-free, ultra-soft 1500 thread count sheets are antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and designed to wick away sweat and cool your body for a restful night’s sleep.

This sheet set complies with Oeko-Tex standards, ensuring that no harmful chemicals were used in its production. This super-soft sheet set includes one fitted sheet with 16” deep pockets, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases. Rest assured that you will have the best sleep of your life with Benji Sleep’s luxury bed sheets.

daily mom parent portal summer house

Sheet Set
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Broken Top Brands

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Summer is finally here, so it’s time to head to the beach and relax on the sand or go for a calming swim to cool you down. On the days you cannot go to the beach, bring the beach to you with the luxurious Coastal Candle Gift Set by Broken Top Brands. These fantastic floral candles offer three different coastal scents: Lavender Mint, Coastal Rainfall, and Sea Salt.

Each scent will captivate your senses and transport you to the gulf coast, where you will smell the warm salt air. The candles are made of 100% U.S grown soybean wax, and the glass & lids are also made in the U.S. Infused with essential & fragrance oils, this candle set will have you melting in your chair. Make sure you light up your summer house this year with the extravagant aromatic candles from Broken Top. 

Coastal Candle Gift Set
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Summer is in full swing, which means it’s time to throw the summer house party of a lifetime! First, everyone knows that a great party always has delicious food. The Nonstick Silicone Baking Mat and Mandoline Slicer by Hubee are the perfect kitchen gadgets made from environmentally responsible materials to take your party to a whole new level. 

The Nonstick Silicone Baking Mat is the perfect mat for rolling out pie dough. This antimicrobial mat is made with food-grade silicone and is oven safe up to 446°F. The 19 x 30-inch mat includes engraved measurements, perfect for baking. The silicone makes it easy for your mat to stay put on your countertop. If you need to make fresh fries or need uniformly sliced vegetables, then the Mandoline Slicer is the perfect tool.

This easy to use slices has a compartment that acts as storage as well as a strainer. It has four different blades to slice potatoes, carrots, beets, zucchini, cucumber, and more. In addition, this non-stick slicer contains a food holder which securely grips the vegetable you slice to protect your fingers. 

So this summer, show off your culinary skills to all your friends and family with thoughtfully designed products from HuBee.

Nonstick Silicone Baking Mat With Strap And Measurements| Mandoline Slicer With Container And Colander
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Spending time outdoors during the summer can come with a price – mosquitos. To combat those pesky insects, you need the Mosquito Trap from Inzecto. This innovative device attracts female mosquitos to lay their eggs and then kills 100% of the larvae. The INZECTO Mosquito Trap provides 3 months of mosquito control using a micro-dose of insecticides embedded into the interior of the trap.

Mosquitoes are highly attracted to the trap due to its color, shape, and scent to lay their eggs. So you can have your outdoor summer house parties without annoying mosquitoes. Simply activated by water, the trap provides the perfect stagnant water and environment to attract the mosquito, leaving you to enjoy the outdoors, bug-free.

Mosquito Trap
Inzecto | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

The Comfy

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After a fun day in the sun, soak up some snuggles with The Comfy Original Jr. This wearable blanket is a perfectly fun-sized version of the world’s first wearable blanket, The Comfy Original®. From breezy evenings on the beach to movies on the couch, the Comfy Jr. is the best accessory for summer activities like sleepovers, long trips in the car, and simply lounging around. While the Comfy Jr. is perfect for the children in the house ten years old and younger, the entire family can enjoy this oh-so-soft blanket that will soon become a household favorite.

The Comfy Original Jr.
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Happy hour never looked and felt so good. This reusable tumbler can hold two standard pours, and its insulated stainless steel structure keeps your choice of beverage at the perfect temperature. The small textured design fits comfortably in your hand for a no-slip grip. Enjoy your summer sipping on the go in style this year with the Hydro Flask 10 OZ Wine Tumbler.

Hydro Flask 10 OZ Wine Tumbler
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Transforming your summer house into a welcoming place shouldn’t be time-consuming and expensive. With simple summer house decor ideas, you can take any space and transform it into an area where you can relax or entertain family and friends. Updating your summer house decor with that extra touch has never been easier!

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