14 Excellent Summer Travel Items for Families On Vacation

School’s out for summer! As Alice Cooper’s famous lyrics ring out, parents and children rejoice after this difficult and uncertain school year we all found ourselves wading through these past 10 months. While some of us may be planning for summer camps or staycations, many families are on the road again, headed to visit family and friends, beaches, national parks, and all of those awesome travel destinations we have so missed! No matter where you are headed or the age of your kiddos it is likely that some new summer gear is in order.

From car seats to headphones, travel bags to beach tents, we’ve got what you need to make your summer travel the absolute best yet! Kick back, relax, do a bit of shopping (or panic last minute and order everything you need ASAP), and plan to enjoy your time outdoors and on the go this year, as we learned last year how much we missed the opportunity to travel when it was gone.


14 Excellent Summer Travel Items For Families On Vacation

Get ready to travel like never before; NOMATIC has taken both everyday and travel gear to the next level with its wide array of backpacks, travel bags, and luggage designed to simply do more. If you are planning to venture out into the world this summer, or even simply seeking the best bag for your daily commute, NOMATIC is your one-stop-shop for the most efficient, user-friendly gear to keep you organized and on the go all year long. Whether you prefer a backpack, duffel, or are searching for the perfect summer travel suitcase, check-in, or carry-on, NOMATIC has the travel gear you need, large and small. With superior construction and impeccable attention to detail, all of NOMATIC‘s gear, from luggage to packing cubes, camera cases to tech organizers has you prepared for any adventure you choose to embark upon this season!

NOMATIC‘s Backpack is perfect for travel and everyday use. Featuring a lightweight construction, full opening interior, sunglasses case, and padded laptop compartment, this go-to bag will take you to work or school, from planes to trains, hassle-free. Crafted of durable, water-resistant material and slim, but expandable, with over 20+ awesome features, this uber functional backpack has a sleek design, a comfortable, adjustable carry, and all the storage capacity you need for everyday use and summer travel.

If you are looking for something larger, or simply always have your camera in tow, the McKinnon Camera Backpack is another great selection for summer travel. Large and in charge, this backpack gets you and all of your gear where you need to go. Both a travel bag and camera case in one, you can easily pack clothing, camera gear, a laptop, a tablet, plus all of your essentials in this bag. Multiple compartments keep your keys, wallet, glasses, and more organized and in reach, while the padded camera and laptop compartments keep your tech safe. Further, while this versatile bag is big in size, the lightweight, water-resistant exterior keeps it easy to carry and comfortable to wear for long trips or excursions.

If a duffel (that can also be carried as a backpack) is more your style, the Nomatic 40L Travel Bag is the way to go. Carry-on approved, this travel bag is made for short trips, especially summer travel, with multiple compartments for shoes, clothes, and tech gear. With over 20 features, storage for your travel necessities, and even a custom laundry bag to keep your dirty clothes separate, Nomatic has thought of all those long weekends and quick work trips with the 40L Travel Bag. The added versatility of being able to carry this bag as either a duffle or a backpack, without changing or even adjusting any straps, makes this bag an easy, no-nonsense choice for those avid travelers or professionals on the go.

Finally, for those longer vacations, or if you simply prefer to check your luggage and go, NOMATIC‘s luggage line, including their Check-In and Carry On Classic features everything you want in a suitcase and more. Crafted of durable polycarbonate, this hard-sided luggage is lightweight and virtually indestructible. With its innovative interior magnetic compression system and exterior expansion option, you can pack everything you need and more in this luggage. Interior mesh panels allow you to compress and keep organized, while an extra-large interior mesh zipper compartment lets you separate your shoes and toiletries from your clothes. Multiple smaller mesh pockets allow you to organize your travel essentials. Finally, the exterior locking YKK zippers and silent wheels allow for both added security and a smooth ride during your summer travel.

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14 Excellent Summer Travel Items For Families On Vacation

NOMATIC wants you to explore the world, traveling confidently knowing your travel gear is working for you! Ensuring you and your possessions get to your destination safely, securely, and in the most organized, efficient way possible is their goal, with the added bonus of keeping you comfortable when on the move. Having set out to design the most functional gear ever, NOMATIC‘s versatile backpacks, luggage, and travel bags all feature innovative designs and solid, lightweight construction to keep you going and your gear safe wherever your summer travel may take you now and for many years to come. Happy travels!

Backpack | McKinnon Camera Backpack | 40L Travel Bag | Collapsible Backpack | Check-In | Carry On Classic
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14 Excellent Summer Travel Items For Families On Vacation

Parents everywhere will rejoice when they meet the WayB Pico! Never before has there been a travel car seat as portable, durable, versatile, and safe as the WayB Pico. Forget trekking through airports to gate check a big, bulky, heavy car seat, no longer debate whether or not to trust that rental car company’s car seat at your destination, and best of all Uber around town with your kids in a safe and simple way. WayB has reinvented the travel car seat making it lightweight, foldable, and easy to transport in a backpack! No matter where you are headed for your summer travel this year, if you are traveling with kids, the WayB Pico is a must.

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Built strong to protect your most precious cargo, the WayB Pico weighs in at only 8 pounds. Designed for safety and meeting all federal safety standards for cars and airplanes, the Pico is portable for everyday use. No longer do parents have to decide whether to skip the car seat when traveling, with the Pico you can literally just fold and go. Crafted of aerospace-grade aluminum with a high back, 5 point harness, and cool mesh lining, the Pico is ideal for forward-facing riders ages 2+ weighing up to 50 pounds. Small enough to fit in the overhead bin on an airplane, parents can choose whether to fold and store or have their child fly in the safest seat on the plane!

For the ultimate portability, the Pico fits perfectly into the Deluxe Pico Travel Bag. Literally a backpack for your car seat, the travel bag features a lid style opening 3 external pockets, a luggage sleeve, and a top carry handle, and adjustable shoulder straps. With a water-resistant, wipe-clean exterior, the Deluxe Pico Travel Bag makes it easy to take your Pico on the go by plane, train, or automobile! Whether you are searching for a portable car seat for your summer travel with the kids, or even searching for the perfect solution around the city, the Pico by WayB is the car seat solution we’ve all been waiting for!

Pico | Deluxe Pico Travel Bag
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14 Excellent Summer Travel Items For Families On Vacation

Families everywhere should know Veer! A favorite here at Daily Mom, the Veer Cruiser is a staple in our everyday travel, and this summer Veer has added their all-new Family Basecamp just in time for summer travel! From home to away, vacation is a state of mind, and with Veer anything is possible.

Whether you are heading to the beach, the park, or even the soccer fields, the Family Basecamp is literally a pop-in-place open-air tent shelter big enough for the kids and adults to enjoy their day! Picnics in the park or sand play at the seashore has never been as simple to manage as it is with the Family Basecamp. Comfortably fitting two adults, kids, lawn chairs, and toys, the Family Basecamp is the perfect perfect spot for napping at the beach or simply seeking shade during a long day outdoors.

This outdoor tent literally pops into place, includes 3 sides with mesh windows for airflow, easy to insert anchors for stability and wind tethers, clips to Veer’s Sand Mat for a durable, no-hassle, grit-free bottom, and then collapses in on itself, fitting right back into its included carry bag which can be hooked right onto the side of your Veer Cruiser for transport.

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Pick up the Veer Tote while you are at it to haul all of your goods this summer. Perfect for everything from buckets and shovels to fruits and veggies from the Farmer’s Market, the Veer Tote fits perfectly in one of the cruiser seats or even in the attachable foldable rear storage basket. Made of durable, waterproof, washable TPC coated fabric, this sturdy bag stands on its own, features hefty padded handles, includes an interior clasp for closure, and a water-resistant interior pocket for your essentials. Fit up to three Veer Totes in your cruiser for a day of play, having everything you need right at your fingertips.

14 Excellent Summer Travel Items For Families On Vacation

Veer believes families should get out and explore together so this summer head outside! Whether it is around the neighborhood or around the world, Veer’s products, from their cruiser to their basecamps, make it easy and enjoyable to get out and go, kids included!

Family Basecamp with Sand Mat | Veer Tote
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14 Excellent Summer Travel Items For Families On Vacation

Protect little ears during your travels this summer with BuddyPhones® Play+ wireless headphones for kids. These safe, wireless headphones are made just for little ears, featuring 3 SafeAudio™ levels to choose from while not allowing children to listen too loudly or damage their hearing. These Bluetooth headphones can be used wireless or wired for no interruptions if the battery runs low, a 20 hours battery life, built-in microphones, answer/playback button, BuddyLink technology for sharing, an adjustable headband, and a foldable design.

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14 Excellent Summer Travel Items For Families On Vacation

Whether you are traveling by plane, train, or automobile, this summer let your kids listen with no interruptions, and let’s be honest let’s help parents travel without listening to Baby Shark on repeat, with BuddyPhones. Use them away or at home because they are also perfect for gaming and educational purposes thanks to StudyMode® which helps isolate voices from other sounds, producing crisper, clearer vocals for studying or watching lessons. Kids can even customize their BuddyPhones® Play+ with 6 colors and interchangeable stickers available.

BuddyPhones® Play+
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14 Excellent Summer Travel Items For Families On Vacation

Backpacks are a requirement for summer travel with kids and this summer TWELVElittle on-the-go collection has everything you need to get you out the door and on the go with or without the kids. Crafted of water-resistant material and accented with gold and leather trim, the On the Go Backpack, available in a variety of colors and patterns, has thirteen total pockets for all your storage needs! A fully padded, separate zippered laptop compartment lets mom work on the go, and the travel-friendly back sleeve allows the backpack to slip over luggage handles; alternatively, there are attached d rings for easy attachment with stroller straps. 

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This summer don’t let all of your family’s gear weigh you down, with the stylish and versatile on-the-go backpack from TWELVElittle you will be on the move in no time! This classic, high-quality backpack, that’s doesn’t even look like a diaper bag, will last for many years to come, never going out of style and perfect for all seasons.

On the Go Backpack 3.0 – Black/Tan
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14 Excellent Summer Travel Items For Families On Vacation

Nothing says summer travel like packing it all up into a great backpack and heading out into the great outdoors! From the coast to the mountains, nature is calling and it is time to get up and go. The ideal summer travel gear is oftentimes nothing more than an epic backpack, a few changes of clothes, and a camera to document all of your adventures, and with Db packing light has never been easier. Whether you are searching for a duffel, lightweight luggage, or of course that perfect backpack, Db’s award-winning travel gear is the way to go this gorgeous summer season.

The Backpack Pro from Db is here for everything from your daily ventures around town to literally traveling around the world. With amazing features such as a fully opening main compartment, topper zipper pocket for your wallet, keys and phone, interior mesh pockets, side straps for added security, detachable chest and hip belts, a padded laptop compartment, and CIA Camera Case compatibility, this carry-on approved backpack is your go-to for all your gear. The rib cage construction makes this backpack both durable and versatile with its lightweight yet solid design. This summer whether you are searching for the one-size-fits-all bag you can use for both work or school and travel, or just seeking a backpack that can handle all your gear while you travel, Db’s Backpack Pro will get you and your gear where you need to go, safe and sound all season!

The Backpack Pro | The CIA Camera Insert
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14 Excellent Summer Travel Items For Families On Vacation

Summer travel with your family can be met with moments of messes, especially when you are having fun. In an effort to reduce waste and product consumption, LastObject has created a line of reusable, eco-friendly products to eliminate single-use waste. Each of these products is sustainable and comes in extremely handy when out and about. Not only does it let you decrease the number of items you need to pack, but you are doing your part to secure a significant impact on the environment during your summer travel.

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The Beauty Kit Large is a bundle that provides alternatives to single-use items you may commonly need while traveling. This kit includes a reusable cotton q-tip that can replace 1,000 cotton swabs, a tissue pack with 6 reusable tissues that can be washed and used up to 3,100 times, a reusable cotton round holder with 7 cotton rounds that eliminate 1,750 rounds, and a laundry bag. The LastTissue Family Pack is perfect for small or large families. Each person can have their one or you can keep a pack in various places such as a bag, the car, or the hotel for your summer travel.

Beauty Kit L | LastTissue Family Pack
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Cambridge Audio

14 Excellent Summer Travel Items For Families On Vacation

The sounds of summer consist of wildlife, laughter, and perhaps even the crashing waves on the sand. What if the sounds of summer were customizable and made just for you? Thanks to the new Melomania 1+, this is changing the way we enjoy summer!

Cambridge Audio has expanded on their already successful wireless in-ear headphones with the new Melomania 1+. These headphones are state-of-the-art. Accompanied with a mobile app that can equalize your sound experience to your preference, this slim charging case can comfortably fit into your gym bag, beach tote, or even your pockets during date night. The battery lasts a shocking 40+ hours and boasts over 9 continuous hours of playtime.

Each pair comes with a custom-fit earpiece which enhances noise cancellation and keeps background noise at bay. These headphones are the ultimate listening experience and deserve a spot in everyone’s summer travel plans this year!

Melomania 1+
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Frost Buddy

14 Excellent Summer Travel Items For Families On Vacation

Keeping your adult beverages ice cold is an absolute must this summer season. Frost Buddy creates insulated koozies in trendy patterns and colors that will fit a variety of drink sizes. Whether you are hitting the beach, boating, camping, or just enjoying a drink at home, you can’t go without your Universal Buddy 2.0. This koozie is truly universal as it will fit 12 oz. cans, slim cans, 16 oz. cans, and bottles. These koozies will keep your drink cold for hours and the double-walled vacuum seal will prevent condensation. The rubber bottom will keep your drink from slipping and spilling and each koozie is cup-holder compatible. Consider tossing one (or more) in your summer travel bag.

Upgrade your old coffee mug with a Mug Buddy. This cup will keep drinks hot for up to 6 hours and cold for up to 12 hours with the double-walled stainless steel material. The easy-grip handle and leak-proof lid make this cup travel-friendly for any of your on-the-go activities. This mug will hold 24 ounces and is available in two designs. If you are hitting the open road for your summer travel plan, this mug is a must.

Don’t forget about keeping your four-legged friends hydrated and happy this summer. Treat them to a new pet bowl that will keep their water fresh and clean. The Buddy Bowl is a non-slip, heavy-duty bowl that is not only premium quality but will also look nice in your home. This stainless steel bowl will not deteriorate or rust over time and is also odor-proof. The Buddy Bowl is available in peach, black, and aqua.

Universal Buddy 2.0 | Universal Buddy | Mug Buddy | Buddy Bowl
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14 Excellent Summer Travel Items For Families On Vacation

Summer travel can be hot and it is important to stay well hydrated by drinking lots of water. Takeya creates insulated, stainless steel drinkware that will keep your beverages cold for up to 24 hours. In addition to keeping your drinks fresh and cold, you are doing your part to protect the environment by using a reusable cup that is made from recyclable materials and free from toxic plastics.

The Actives Straw Tumbler is a complete on-the-go tumbler. Unlike traditional tumblers that usually leak, this cup comes with an innovative folding straw lid that securely screws on for an airtight seal making it completely leakproof when closed. The slim body is cup holder friendly and the wide mouth makes for easy cleaning. If a water bottle is more your style the Actives with Straw Lid is a conveniently sized water bottle perfect for workouts or outdoor adventures. The special Spout Lid allows for controlled, one-handed drinking and the removable protective bumper on the bottom provides added durability.

Don’t forget to stock your kids with new Takeya cups as well. The Actives Kids with Straw Lid have all the same features as the adult-sized bottles but are available in smaller, more kid-friendly sizes. Choose between the 14 oz. or 16 oz. bottles in multiple color options that will be perfect additions to backpacks and lunchboxes. The wide loop handles make for easy carrying and attaching to a bag letting these bottles be a part of their daily activities. Always remember to pack your water bottles for your summer travel because even when you fly having a refillable water bottle is ideal.

Actives Straw Tumbler | Actives with Straw Lid | Actives Kids with Straw Lid
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Honeydew Sleep Company

14 Excellent Summer Travel Items For Families On Vacation

Travel pillows are a must no matter where you are going this season. Nothing kills your vaca vibe like a stiff neck, and whether you are traveling by plane, train, or automobile, a comfy, cozy travel pillow will make your trip all the better! Honeydew Sleep Company knows this and their fabulous travel pillow will not only be your best friend in transit but will be your savior at your destination as well. Small enough to transport, but plush enough to use at your hotel or Airbnb, Honeydew’s scrumptious travel pillow will keep your head, neck, back, and shoulders in tip-top shape for your trip. Since these travel pillows will be fought over (trust us, they will be) by everyone in your travel party, opt for the two-pack from the beginning and save yourself the hassle!

With an included carry case and a custom-fitting silver lining pillowcase, the Scrumptious Travel Pillow will be your go-to grab from now on. Filled with  100% CertiPUR-US certified copper-infused foam, the Scrumptious Travel Pillow will never get flat spots or sections with less fill because its unique design keeps it from bunching or losing height. Finally, and probably best of all, is that you can unzip the Scrumptious Travel Pillow and adjust the amount of foam inside to get it just how you like it (although we loved it fully filled, as it comes). Sleep is the key to your best vacation experience so make sure you start off right, from travel to your accommodations, with the Scrumptious Travel Pillow from Honeydew Sleep Company.

Scrumptious Travel Pillow
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14 Excellent Summer Travel Items For Families On Vacation

Whether you have plans to go on a tropical vacation or enjoy a staycation in your backyard oasis, Pool Candy has everything you’ll need to make your summer travel plans than ever. Their assortment of pool and yard items can transform your pool in a flash, and this year, sipping on our own private island sounds like a dream. Enjoy your tropical getaway with the Poolcandy Giant Tropical Inflatable Fruit Island Pool Float. This float is 72″ wide, so there’s room for you and a friend to enjoy soaking up rays. This float is made from PVC, so it will stay cool in the sun. Comfortable and durable, you’ll dream the day away on your own tropical paradise.

Adding some playful character to your water adventures this season makes summer travel all the more magical. Get creative with the ride-on super noodles from Poolcandy! For the girl in your life who loves to play mermaids, give her the gear she needs with the Mermaid Collection Super Noodle. Blue, purple, and pink colors create an almost iridescent appearance but the star of this show is the giant fin. Everyone will want to take a turn playing mermaids when this comes out at the party.

There won’t be any dino-snores at your party once you bring this one out. If there’s someone in your party who is a dinosaur lover, then he will need Inflatable T-Rex Ride-On Noodle to take charge of the pool party while staying comfortably upright. Suitable for children and adults alike, the fun won’t stop when you come riding in on this inflatable. Relax and kick back and let your dino do all the work.

With Poolcandy, summer fun just got better!

PoolCandy Inflatable T-Rex Ride-On Noodle | Mermaid Collection Super Noodle | Poolcandy Giant Tropical Inflatable Fruit Island Pool Float 72″, 2 Person Size
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14 Excellent Summer Travel Items For Families On Vacation

When planning out your summer travel, fun is at the top of everyone’s mind. However, safety and security should be a concern as well. Protecting your valuables when traveling or enjoying summer travel is a top priority for families and with the Ally Lockable Storage Box you can relax knowing your property is secure. This simple yet innovative item utilizes a personalized combination code to store, organize, and hide anything you don’t potentially want to be stolen.

The Lockable Storage Box has a spacious interior with a removable tray to keep your contents organized. Items like keys, money, phones and other small electronics, jewelry, and important documents are perfect examples of valuables that you would want to keep in your Ally box. Made with food-grade materials, this container can also keep foods and medications in quality condition with the air-tight seal to lock in scent and freshness. This box is available in cream, navy, and berry.

Lockable Storage Box
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14 Excellent Summer Travel Items For Families On Vacation

People everywhere have become highly aware of our environment and how it can foster or hinder our health. Alloi has taken the worry out of our everyday objects by creating an antimicrobial Copper AirPods Pro Case and Copper Case for the things we touch dozens of times per day: our iPhones and our AirPods. These copper cases begin killing germs on contact, and the military-grade materials protect your items from drops. These cases work double-time! These cases are so soft and smooth, yet they have a “grippy” feel and firm buttons, so there is no chance these will slip out of your hands. Even so, they are lighter than other popular cell phone cases and boast an elegant patina over time.

During your summer travel, trust Alloi to keep your gear safe and keep you healthy.

Copper AirPods Pro Case | Copper Case-iPhone
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This year shopping for summer travel and vacation gear that can last you well into the fall too is exciting and fun! After being stuck indoors for the past year, getting out into the great outdoors, communing with nature, or even with your neighbor makes for a fabulous change of scenery. Stop staring out the window yearning for the days to come, rather grab a backpack, travel bag, tent, or more and get out of the house this summer to adventure and explore all the world around you has to offer. Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination so enjoy the travel, love the trip, and live to make memories you will cherish many years from now. Happy and safe summer travels!

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14 Excellent Summer Travel Items For Families On Vacation



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