6 Things to Do in Kissimmee For an Epic Family Adventure

When you think about planning a vacation to Florida, so many fantastic places come to mind. While you could spend many a vacation day exploring every inch of the great Sunshine State, you really need to check out all of the incredible things to do in Kissimmee!

For a family-friendly getaway in Florida, Kissimmee just can’t be beat. It is on the doorstep of Central Florida’s world-famous attractions – just minutes away, really – but has a wonderful charm and a BIG personality all of its own. So, are you ready to Experience Kissimmee?

You’ll Never Run Out of Things to do in Kissimmee

6 Things To Do In Kissimmee For An Epic Family Adventure

There are tons of awesome things to do in Kissimmee! For instance, you can:

  • Stay in a gorgeous vacation rental property, and make yourself right at home.
  • Take an adventurous airboat ride, go on a drive-thru safari tour, and get up close and personal with alligators and sloths.
  • Have a fun-filled day riding rollercoasters, racing go-karts, playing arcade games, and enjoying cotton candy at a family amusement park.
  • Enjoy water parks year-round – plummet down twisting and turning water slides, catch some waves, or relax in tranquil pools.
  • Discover a thrilling medieval dinner show, complete with magnificent horses, brave knights, and spectacular showmanship.
  • Get in touch with nature and kayak through the peaceful headwaters of the Florida Everglades.

Think you’ll find enough things to do in Kissimmee? We do! And if the above wasn’t convincing enough, Kissimmee has an average temperature of 72° Fahrenheit, plus proximity to airports, beaches, shopping, restaurants, and more. Go ahead, start dreaming about that next family vacation today!

Jeeves Florida Rentals: A Perfect Vacation Home Base

6 Things To Do In Kissimmee For An Epic Family Adventure

Ok, first things first. Where are you going to sleep? With more than 70,000 possible places to stay in Kissimmee, the options are practically endless. But have you considered foregoing the typical hotel or resort experience and renting a luxury vacation home? We’ll give you a few compelling reasons why you should. When you want to enjoy an amazing luxury home rental experience near lots of things to do in Kissimmee, there’s no better place than Jeeves Florida Rentals.

Sprawling Space

6 Things To Do In Kissimmee For An Epic Family Adventure

Family vacation or not, sometimes it’s nice for everyone to have their own personal retreat. Mom can enjoy a hot cup of coffee on the patio as the sun rises. Dad can take as long in the bathroom as he wants. The kids have a place to get some energy out – away from the family members planning things to do in Kissimmee tomorrow. (It’s also easy to split up siblings when there’s been a little too much togetherness!) Grandparents will feel a part of the action, yet have their own space when they crave peace and quiet.

6 Things To Do In Kissimmee For An Epic Family Adventure

When you book with Jeeves Florida Rentals, you get more space than you ever thought possible! This collection of luxury condos, villas, pool homes, and mansions, ranges from single rooms all the way up to 12 bedrooms, perfect for multiple families and large groups of friends with many children vacationing together.

All the Comforts of Home, and Then Some

We’re not sure about you, but our everyday home doesn’t include a standalone movie theater or dedicated game room. But it sure is nice to have on vacation – especially when you need some downtime from your busy list of things to do in Kissimmee.

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Looking for beautiful decor and luxury furnishings for the grown-ups and fully decked out, themed bedrooms for the kids? Jeeves Florida Rentals has that, too. A backyard oasis and private pool with a hot tub and sun shelf for lounging? Yes, please! Amazing amenities, dedicated personal space, and plenty of beds, bathrooms, and closet space to go around. What more could you need? 

Privacy and Convenience 

6 Things To Do In Kissimmee For An Epic Family Adventure

One of the other great things about a Jeeves Florida Rentals vacation home is you’ll not only enjoy fantastic luxuries, but you’ll have them all to yourself. That’s right, no parking a mile away from your room or dealing with crowds in the lobby at check-in. No need to wake up ridiculously early to claim a pool lounger before they’re all taken, either. And bonus, the pool and kitchen are open 24 hours a day! 

Money-saving Meals

Finally, let’s talk about mealtime. While dining out at restaurants is one of our favorite things to do in Kissimmee, eating out for every meal has the potential to make or break a vacation budget. Not with Jeeves Florida Rentals

When you have access to a huge gourmet kitchen with many of the comforts of home, you can make a quick grocery trip on the way in or even have groceries ordered and waiting for you. You’ll have everything you need right at home. Large families will benefit from not having to dine out for three meals (and numerous snacks!) per family member each day. Plus, you may be tired from enjoying all of those fun things to do in Kissimmee! Keep it simple with cereal or sandwiches, or whip up a gourmet meal, if that’s more your style. The point is, vacation meals can be completely customized to your family’s needs. So perfect, right?

Jeeves Florida Rentals | Facebook | Instagram

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Non-stop Family Fun in Kissimmee

Now that we’ve got the essentials covered, let’s get into some things to do in Kissimmee that the kids will enjoy!

Fun Spot America-Kissimmee

6 Things To Do In Kissimmee For An Epic Family Adventure

A fantastic way to kick off your vacation is Fun Spot America-Kissimmee. As you walk through the doors of the arcade and catch a glimpse of this brightly colored, exciting destination, you’ll know you’re in for a high-flying, spinning, super-sliding kind of day!

6 Things To Do In Kissimmee For An Epic Family Adventure

With more than 20 rides to choose from, you’ll find something for every member of your family. For dad, there are the multi-level go-kart tracks, Chaos and Vortex. For mom, there’s the music-filled, spinning Hurricane. And fan favorites with the kids are the thrilling Screaming Eagles, Yo-Yo, and Head Rush 360 rides. (If you’re feeling extra adventurous, we double-dog dare you to try the SkyCoaster!) 

It is so great watching the kids’ faces just light up with all the possibilities of things to do in Kissimmee that Fun Spot has to offer. Go-karts, roller coasters, thrill rides, kiddie rides, and an arcade – what more could you ask for?

6 Things To Do In Kissimmee For An Epic Family Adventure

Classic amusement park treats like funnel cakes, caramel apples, and cotton candy will make everyone’s day a little sweeter. And don’t forget to hit the bonus Fun Spot rides right next door, over in Old Town Kissimmee, before you wrap up your amazing, “find-your-fun”-filled day.

Fun Spot America-Kissimmee | Facebook | Instagram

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Island H2O Live! Water Park

6 Things To Do In Kissimmee For An Epic Family Adventure

When you’re ready to trade those tennis shoes for flip-flops, head to Island H2O Live! Water Park. Upon arrival, you’ll receive wristbands to help personalize and enhance your experience. Download the H2O Water Park app, rent a locker, and customize your waterslide tunes, earn rewards for completing activities, and snap selfies and videos throughout the day. 

Depending on the level of thrill-seeking you desire, head over to your choice of more than 20 fast-paced, super-fun slides and attractions. There are individual tubes, double tubes, racers, and family tubes for all sorts of amazing experiences.

Zip from one tube to the next at Reload Rapids, enjoying its tight corners, high-banking turns, and surprises. Don’t miss Hashtag Heights, a high-flying family boomerang slide that includes a drop steep enough to make you feel weightless. Challenge a friend or family member as you race down waterslides head-to-head at Reply Racers. Trust us, after just one of these slides, it will be smiles for miles!

If mom could use a well-earned break, send her over to the Private Domain, an adults-only pool conveniently located next to the Tag Shack bar. (Win-win!) Don’t forget to take a family trip or two around Chat Creek, the not-so-lazy river, during your visit. It’s a refreshing diversion from all of the adrenaline pumping waterslide action!

Be sure to stop and catch some waves at the Live! Lagoon, a giant wave-action pool right in the middle of the park. Watch as the on-screen countdown clock ticks down until the fun really begins! If tumbling through the simulated surf is too intense for little ones, definitely check out youth slides in Candy Stripe Cove and the Pelican’s Paradise splash park. They won’t ever want to leave Island H2O Live! Water Park!

Island H2O Live! Water Park | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

6 Things To Do In Kissimmee For An Epic Family Adventure

For a unique dining option that is sure to mesmerize the kids, check out Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. The moment you pull up to this stunning castle and enter its doors, you know you’re in for a treat. Definitely arrive early and spend some time exploring the castle and its grounds. There are family photos, gift shopping, and libations to be enjoyed!

6 Things To Do In Kissimmee For An Epic Family Adventure

When showtime nears, good noble, you’ll head inside to the large climate-controlled arena seating. Your knight in shining armor awaits! You’ll be seated in a section that matches your knight’s color, and this is who you’ll cheer for as the tests of will, strength, and bravery begin. Lots of space between parties allows for extra elbow room and rigorous cheering, so get to it! After all, only one knight can be the Queen’s Champion. Will it be yours?

6 Things To Do In Kissimmee For An Epic Family Adventure

As you witness amazing feats, magnificent horses, and displays of chivalry, showmanship, and artistry, you’ll dine on a four-course feast that includes garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, oven-roasted chicken, herb-basted potato, sweet buttered corn, and dessert of the castle. Oh, and did we mention, you’ll eat with your hands? That’s right, there were no utensils back in the eleventh century, and there aren’t any at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament either!

6 Things To Do In Kissimmee For An Epic Family Adventure

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament is truly in a class all its own when it comes to finding entertaining things to do in Kissimmee while you dine. Where else can you take in a two-hour medieval jousting tournament, watching six competing knights ride horses and use real weapons? Snag some tickets today and watch as medieval Spain comes to life right before your eyes.

6 Things To Do In Kissimmee For An Epic Family Adventure

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Embrace Florida’s Natural Beauty

When you want to balance all of the excitement of the previous destinations with a little more relaxation, nature, and exploration, there are things to do in Kissimmee for that, too. 

Wild Florida 

6 Things To Do In Kissimmee For An Epic Family Adventure

While it requires a slight drive out of the main area of Kissimmee, it’s absolutely worth it and when you arrive at Wild Florida, you will soon see why. This, friends, is old Florida – before development, away from it all, and where wild animals still roam in their natural habitats. Wild Florida has packaged this and created an experience in a way that’s understated, authentic, natural, and just awesome.

There are four main areas of Wild Florida: airboat rides, the gator park, animal encounters, and the safari park. When you’re seeking adventurous things to do in Kissimmee, you’ll want to check out all of them.

6 Things To Do In Kissimmee For An Epic Family Adventure

Start your day by booking an airboat ride. We recommend getting there for the very first one, as alligators may be more active. Board your airboat with your trusty captain, put on the provided ear protection, and venture through the Headwaters of Florida Everglades. You’ll glide across wetlands and winding narrow pathways in search of true Wild Florida residents. Grab your camera and search for gators, pass by lazily grazing cows, and watch as native birds soar by.

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Next, head on over to explore all that the animal park has to offer. Wild Florida aims to build a connection between people and animals, and one of the best ways to do this during your time in Kissimmee is to book an interactive program, like sloth feeding. You’ll enter the sloth habitat and watch as a sloth is served his or her breakfast or lunch. Corn and carrots, anyone? These two-toed creatures are sweet, snuggly soft, and super-chill. We couldn’t help but chuckle as they “raced” out of their hideout to get their food – but literally looked as if they were moving in slow motion!

Once you’ve hung around for a while with the sloths, check out the rest of these Kissimmee area park residents. Pass peacocks as they freely roam around the park, witness a gator feeding as they compete for pieces of chicken stretched across the water on a pulley system, share your ice cream cone with some farm critters at the petting zoo, and much more!

6 Things To Do In Kissimmee For An Epic Family Adventure
6 Things To Do In Kissimmee For An Epic Family Adventure

Before you head out, hit the Wild Florida Drive-Thru Safari Park just down the road. You’ll remain in your vehicle the entire time as you drive around a two-mile, gravel path that spans 85 acres. Drive slowly. You don’t want to miss anything! There are ostriches, emu, zebra, giraffes, antelope, and loads of other native and exotic animals to see – more than 100 of them in total.

6 Things To Do In Kissimmee For An Epic Family Adventure
6 Things To Do In Kissimmee For An Epic Family Adventure

Between sly gators, snuggly sloths, and a huge park full of many other unique creatures, Wild Florida has just what you need if you’re looking for things to do in Kissimmee that will captivate the animal lovers in your family!

Wild Florida | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

The Paddling Center at Shingle Creek

6 Things To Do In Kissimmee For An Epic Family Adventure

When exploring things to do in Kissimmee, it’s nice to take a break from regular vacation activities sometimes. Definitely make some time to peel away and see some of the hidden, unspoiled beauty of the area firsthand. Your opportunity to do this lies, unsuspectingly, in the middle of the city.

The Paddling Center at Shingle Creek offers a nature-filled getaway without having to stray very far from the main road. Once you’re here, you’ll be greeted by local guides who obviously love the area and want to share it with you. Paddle alone or with a partner down a winding stretch of river that is actually the beginning of the Florida Everglades.

While padding, keep your eyes open for all the wildlife this beautiful area has to offer. Look up and you’re likely to see an osprey (especially if your guide uses the birdcall that he’s been perfecting for years). Look down and see through to the bottom of the river, where the freshwater fish are plentiful. You’ll spot all kinds, from Minnows to Gar. Even just looking at the shore, you’ll likely see some of the local reptiles, like snakes, turtles – and yes, maybe even gators. (Don’t worry, the noise and commotion of the kayaks and canoes tend to keep them away.)

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Make sure you save some energy for the big race at the end. It’s just for bragging rights but is a fun activity if you’re up for it. When you return to land, meet Mags, the rescue snake, and hear the story of how the team at The Paddling Center at Shingle Creek has saved his life.

Quiet, fresh air, and a little exercise (but not too much) – what else could you ask for in a vacation day activity? When seeking things to do in Kissimmee that are off the beaten path and offer quality time in the great outdoors, stop by The Paddling Center at Shingle Creek.

6 Things To Do In Kissimmee For An Epic Family Adventure

The Paddling Center at Shingle Creek | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Now that you’ve gotten a preview of all of the amazing things to do in Kissimmee, aren’t you ready to check it out for yourself? If so, your next stop needs to be Experience Kissimmee. From finding the perfect vacation rental and planning a fun-filled day at an amusement or water park, to getting in touch with your medieval, natural, or wild side, Experience Kissimmee has everything you need to give your family an epic vacation they’ll always remember.

6 Things To Do In Kissimmee For An Epic Family Adventure

Experience Kissimmee | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

If the kids are sad to leave all of the fun things to do in Kissimmee behind, these 15 Fun Road Trip Games To Keep You And The Kids Laughing should help!

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6 Things To Do In Kissimmee For An Epic Family Adventure



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