The Importance of Creating a Homework Space with Joss and Main

It’s just around that time of year again. School buses will soon be showing up to cart your precious cargo away for yet another year of learning. While so much learning and development happens in school, during the days it is equally as important to remember, especially as your children get older the importance of the individual learning they are responsible for at home. From take-home tests and worksheets to reading assignments and research papers, children from a young age often come home with plenty to do. This school season consider the benefits of creating a small and special workspace just for them! It is just one of many ways to help them thrive.



The Importance Of Creating A Homework Space With Joss And Main 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

As a parent, have you ever sat down at a cluttered kitchen table with paperwork to fill out, e-mails to check or a weekly planner that needs tending only to be distracted by the mess on the table, the loudness of the TV in the next room or just the general chaos of everyday living space? If you answered yes, we can commiserate. If you answered no, well we would like to take a vacation at your house. The truth is that your children’s homework needs their undivided attention and often that can be hard to achieve in the midst of everything going on in your house. Making them a designated and organized area for school assignments will not only provide them a comfortable and pleasant area to do their homework but it will give them a place free of distractions.

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. A private area to focus can result in increased success in school.
  2. Creating a spot that your child will use everyday can help them to establish a routine for completing school assignments.
  3. A designated space (along with a designated time) for completing homework will help them get into good study habits.
  4. An organized workspace will help them study free from distraction.
  5. A specifically designed homework area will help kids get and keep themselves better organized without the need to constantly clear away other paraphernalia.

When designing this space be sure that they have enough space to spread out. Nowadays, school work often includes the use of books, worksheets and even computers just for small assignments. One of the keys to organization is keeping the desk or tabletop clear to allow for a neat and clutter free work area, which will allow them to be more efficient.

If you don’t have a full extra room to dedicate to a homework space, don’t worry! Kids certainly don’t need a whole room. A corner in their bedroom, in an already established office, basement, old playroom or just an unused nook with a small desk will work perfectly! Even the smallest of spaces can become cozy little corners for them to work in.

The Importance Of Creating A Homework Space With Joss And Main 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The Importance Of Creating A Homework Space With Joss And Main 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Joss and Main

If you are setting out to create the perfect work space as summer is drawing to a close, Joss and Main has you covered for all of your workspace needs. Their wide selection of desks have something for everyone’s needs and within all different budgets!

Joss & Main is where beautiful style converges with irresistible savings. They offer everything from furniture and bedding to lighting, decor and so much more. They are a fantastic one stop shop to find the looks you have been craving (or pinning) for less!

The Lucida Writing Desk is a gorgeous piece of furniture with ample surface space, making it a great contender for the perfect homework space. Its rustic look will not only prove to be a great space to work but it will also be the perfect compliment to many different styles of decor. Whether you have a teenager who is looking to pen their first novel or a techie pre-teen who will cover the surface in cords, laptops and phones, this desk is a great option.

The Importance Of Creating A Homework Space With Joss And Main 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

No matter what your taste, style or budget, Joss and Main has the perfect desk for the upcoming school year! They are running a fantastic Back to School sale until September 6th so now is the perfect time to get the perfect homework space set up!

The Importance Of Creating A Homework Space With Joss And Main 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The Importance Of Creating A Homework Space With Joss And Main 6 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Keep the desktop clean!

As we mentioned earlier, a clean desktop is essential for helping kids to focus on the homework or studying task ahead. Keep the desktop stocked with only the necessities. Be sure to keep a pen holder handy that is stocked with pens, pencils and highlighters and keep some blank notepads close at hand. A small desk lamp as well as a pencil sharpener and a charging station are also great additions. For organizational purposes consider picking up a desk or letter organizer.

The Importance Of Creating A Homework Space With Joss And Main 7 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

This back to school season Joss and Main is the perfect one stop shop for your kid’s study space! In addition to a wide selection of desks they also have a large assortment of padded chairs, adorable table lamps and room dividers that are ideal for separating a small space. Don’t forget to grab a charging station, since nowadays homework often requires laptops and mobile devices. If you have a child going into college you will also find a great selection of necessities on the Joss and Main site.

School will be here before you know it! Ensure that your kids are set up for this new school year with the perfect desk from Joss and Main! They have a great sale running until September 6th. Don’t miss out!


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