Best Eco-Friendly Products to Help Kick Single-Use Plastic

Single-use plastics are primarily made from fossil fuels and are designed to be disposed of right after the initial use. Commonly used for packaging and service ware, such as bottles, food wrappers, straws, and bags/baggies, single-use plastics accounts for 150 million tons of manufactured plastic each year. However, with all the new eco-friendly products on the market today, there’s no excuse for not starting to make a change for the better.

The best way to get started is by investing in quality, reusable products built to last. Sure, recycling the single-use plastic you do use is good, but be greater by avoiding it altogether. Kick single-use plastic out of your life, for good!

Best Eco-Friendly Products to Help Kick Single-Use Plastic

Stasher Bag

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Get rid of single-use plastic bags and storage containers with these amazingly durable, silicone food storage bags. Stasher Bags are made of food-safe platinum silicone which is not only healthier for human use than plastic products, but non-toxic, and endlessly reusable. They can be thrown in the dishwasher, frozen, boiled, microwaved, sous vided, and even used in the oven. Start changing over to more eco-friendly products with their Starter Kit bundle in clear, or a variety of fun colors.

Tree Tribe Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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A generic, every day, reusable water bottle keeps tons of plastic out of the landfill. But even better? How about a water bottle that’s plastic-free (just stainless, bamboo, and a little silicone gasket), is indestructible, has a lifetime warranty, is leak-proof and sweat-proof with both hot and cold beverages, AND gets a tree planted with every purchase? We’d say that’s WAY better.

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Bees Wrap

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Replace your plastic wrap and all its flexible uses with this plastic-free and reusable collection of eco-friendly products. Bees Wrap food wrap made from organic cotton infused with sustainably harvested beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. It’s washable, reusable, and compostable making it a great versatile and durable solution for sustainable food storage.

Modfamily Silicone Lids

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We’ve got even more eco-friendly products to kick the plastic cling wrap. These Modfamily silicone lids not only reduce the amount of waste but help reduce the amount of time spent looking endlessly in the cabinet for those darn matching plastic lids. The variety in sizes means you’ll have a lid for any size bowl.

Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

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There are so many single-use plastic straw replacements on the market. There’s glass, silicone, bamboo, paper – but we love the stainless versions. They’re super durable, plastic-free, dishwasher safe, easy to clean, and just look great. Most sets come with multiple straws, cleaning brushes, and a pouch, but you can’t be the price of this Yihong set.

Baggu Reusable Bags

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Anytime you take your own grocery bags to the store, you’re reducing waste. Especially ones you already own. But if you don’t currently have any reuseable bags, buying a bag that’s had a previous life is a great place to start. Baggu not only creates new reusable bags from nylon (which is more eco-friendly than cotton bags) in fun colors and patterns, but bags from upcycled sails too.

Simply Ecology Produce Bags

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Skip the thin plastic produce bags that always break, and get some reuseable, produce eco-friendly products like these mesh bags. Made from muslin fabric, you can also use them to store produce in the fridge, leave them on the counter, or hang them up for 360-degree ventilation.

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Doggy Do Good Pet Waste Bags

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Fido needs to do his part to help save the environment too. That’s why Doggy Do Good stepped up and created 100% Biodegradable Pet Waste Bags that are vegetable-based and break down in just 90 days. They also donate a percentage of the proceeds to animal rescue. Another win-win.

OrganiCup Menstrual Cup

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Keep thousands of feminine hygiene from going into the trash by making the change to a reusable, safe menstrual cup. One Organicup lasts for 2 years – that’s an average of 528 pads/tampons that aren’t used, and money saved.

Hay! Stirrers

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Believe it or not, coffee or cocktail stirrers are one of the worst single-use plastic offenders. So Hay! developed eco-friendly products that provide the same functions we’re used to, but better!

Bamboodlers Cutlery

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Why use something only once that’ll last a lifetime? Well, sometime’s single-use is just so handy. Keep some biodegradable cutlery on hand for those practical moments, and get rid of the guilt.

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bioGO Reusable Biodegradable Travel Mug

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Even our beloved “paper” cups from our local coffee house are lined with plastic. That’s a lot of waste. Using a reusable travel mug is a great solution. Even better? A travel mug that decomposes at the end of its life!


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News flash – Two billion cotton swabs are thrown away each day in the United States alone. Stop the waste with LastSwab which is made up of a compact nylon core and flexible, soft medical silicone on each end. Keep ears and the earth clean.

Ethique Beauty Bars

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When getting clean, give up the plastic bottles and go to eco-friendly products for the bath – beauty bars. Ethique’s hair, body and face products are not only bottle free, but each bar is about the same amount of uses as 3 bottles.

Hippo Sak Trashbags

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Although the best option is to use the least amount of single-use product as possible, and recycle what you can, it’s very hard to get rid of trash all together. But why add more plastic to an already not-great scenario? Get some Biodegradable Trash-bags to help reduce waste when… well… getting rid of waste.

Repurpose Compostables Party Cups

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Using less CO2 to produce, and made from plants (biodegradable!), Repurpose Compostables brand party cups make NON-PLASTIC single use products you can feel good about.

Smart Sheep Dryer Balls

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Get rid of the dryer sheets and chemical fabric softener, and pick up these 100% wool dryer balls from Smart Sheep. They’re better for your skin, your dryer, and your dry time, AND they keep polyester dryer sheets out of the landfill.

LaBoos Natural Bamboo Toothbrushes

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If you follow ADA recommendations of replacing your toothbrush every 3 months, that’s 300 toothbrushes in a lifetime for just one person. Save the waste, and get some of these fun colored bamboo toothbrushes from LaBoos. You’re gonna buy toothbrushes anyway – at least when they’re eco-friendly products you know they aren’t sitting in a landfill long after you’re gone.

Simply Gum

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It’s hard to believe, but chewing gum is made with plastic. So if you’re a regular chewer, not only are you putting tons of packaging waste into the landfill, but the gum your actually chewing won’t decompose. Switch over to Simply Gum. It’s better for the planet, AND for you.

Greenzla Makeup Remover Pads

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Unless it’s marked as such, makeup remover pads usually contain some sort of plastic. Every day that’s waste going to the landfill. Greenzla has created reusable but long-lasting biodegradable makeup remover pads, as well as other eco-friendly products. 20 remover pads come in a set and includes a washable laundry bag.

Feather Double-Edge Razor

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Ditch the disposable razors and get one that will last the rest of your life. The Feather Double-Edge Razor is a stainless steel, top of the range safety razor. It comes with a heafy price-tag, but will pay itself off after ditching the disposables. And the blades? They’re recyclable.

Green Estate Steel Bento Box Lunch Kit

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Ultimately bringing lunch to work is always better for the environment. Do it stylishly with this eco-friendly products lunch kit. The cutlery, straw, leak proof sauce container, and bento box are all included.

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Foaming Handsoap Refills

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Ironic, when at the store it seems that you have to buy a new bottle every time you need more soap. But not anymore! Just drop one of these tablets into a foaming soap bottle that you already have, add some water, and you’re ready to go. It’s one of the simplest eco-friendly products to switch out.

Greener Chef Glass Bamboo Food Storage

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When in need of storing food, like leftovers from a restaurant, or prefer a more sturdy eco-friendly products as food containers (no one likes a squished sandwich!), this glass and bamboo pair is perfect. Simple, easy to clean, and it keeps the earth happy.

Urbansential Cellulose Sponges

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Swedish dishcloths last longer than an average kitchen dishcloth. They’re totally soft, non-abrasive, and get the work done. They’re not only a great alternative to disposable cleaning wipes and paper towels, but these from Urbansential are gorgeous kitchen accessories you won’t want to put away.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to reduce single-use plastic use – buying in bulk, locally, etc. But the best way to start making a difference is by just beginning to make a change. Pick one way to start, and keep adding more changes. Soon, it’ll be a mindset – taking a personal reusable container to a restaurant for leftovers, or bringing a stainless steel water bottle everywhere – and it won’t take another thought.

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Best Eco-Friendly Products To Help Kick Single-Use Plastic



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