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We hear it all the time, “Breast is best.” But no matter how you feed your little one chances are that at some point they will need to use a bottle. nanobébé bottles are made to simulate the closeness and feel of mom’s breast, giving baby immediate comfort and soothing when they eat. They are even shaped like a mother’s breast so as the baby gets a little older and starts to be able to move their hands with more coordination they will feel like they are being snuggled by mom. nanobébé bottles are by far the best bottles for breastfeeding.

best bottles for breastfeeding

Some of the features of nanobébé bottles are:

  • An easy transition from breast to bottle back to the breast.
  • Help to preserve the nutrients in breastmilk (if used to feed your little one) because it creates a thinner layer of breastmilk throughout the bottle, allowing it to heat and cool faster:
    • Your milk can be heated more evenly preserving its nutritional value.
    • Your milk cools 2x faster, preventing bacteria from growing.
  • The bottle is shaped just like mom’s breast, making a baby’s natural instincts to eat kick in.
  • The best part? Mom can get a much-needed break by allowing another caregiver to take care of her little one without fear that he or she won’t be able to eat.

best bottles for breastfeeding

To learn more about nanobébé bottles, check them out below:

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