20 Amazon Gifts For Mom: She Is Always On The Nice List

Mom does it every year. Photos, cards, meals, shopping, wrapping, decorating, and a million other holiday tasks. She knows she’s loved and appreciated, but nothing quite says it like Amazon gifts for Mom this holiday. Head on over to Amazon, fill up your shopping cart, wait (im)patiently for the delivery truck, and break open the boxes to see all the fun and exciting products Mom will love. Be sure to put them in pretty wrapping paper because she deserves it along with these fantastic Amazon gifts for Mom.

20 Amazon Gifts for Mom


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Of course, the holiday season will mean buying gifts, decorating, eating, and attending parties, but it’s also a very busy time for travel. Traveling during the holiday season can be very irritating and stressful as an adult. Now imagine being an infant, toddler, or little kiddo along for the ride. Chicco has exactly what you need. The Chicco Fit4 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat will give your little one a safe, comfortable, stylish, and relaxing ride no matter what stage of life they are in, making this one of the top Amazon gifts for Mom this holiday.

The Chicco Fit4 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat will do just what the name suggests. This car seat will be an all-in-one for your growing infant, toddler, and beyond. It will begin as an infant rear-facing car seat before transitioning to a rear-facing toddler seat. The transformation is extremely quick and easy. As your little one continues to grow, the Chicco Fit4 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat will grow with them and simply flip to a forward-facing preschool-aged car seat before finally moving into a forward-facing big kid booster. Chicco’s Fit4 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat can ease the burden of shopping for multiple car seats to meet the needs of growing children. Amazon gifts for Mom should check all the boxes and the Chicco Fit4 does just that!

Chicco’s Fit4 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat was designed with comfort, durability, and safety in mind. While traveling for the holidays your kids must be comfortable. A comfortable kid on long car rides makes for a happy traveler. If you have ever taken a trip with a baby, kids, or both, you will understand how essential comfort is for them. The Chicco Fit4 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat features soft and breathable fabric for baby, a cushion designed for your toddler, and a dual-density cushion for the preschooler. Chicco added multiple recline settings designed for parents to find that sweet spot for their individual kids too. Chicco focused on proper posture for your kids at all stages of the car seat to assure a cozy ride whether it’s a quick grocery store run or a trip to Disney.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-2020 Holiday- Amazon Gifts For Mom

When buying a car seat that is designed as an all-in-one, durability is a must. Think about it: Babies will have leaky diapers, toddlers and preschoolers are often sticky, and big kids can be messy. The Chicco Fit4 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat is made for newborn babies to kids 10 years of age or 100 pounds. Don’t sweat the small stuff. This car seat features fabric that is wipeable for all kinds of messes (and we know there will be a lot). Even big messes can be taken care of easily by removing the fabric from the Chicco Fit4 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat and tossed in the washing machine. Yes, please! That’s one of the Amazon gifts for Mom that we can get down with.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-2020 Holiday- Amazon Gifts For Mom

The most important part of traveling is safety. The Chicco Fit4 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat reclines, allowing your car seat to reach the best fit for your vehicle. Chicco’s Fit4 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat is steel-reinforced and has a 2 layer shell and EPS foam that is used to aid the head, neck, and body in side-impact accidents. Installing a seat properly is another way Chicco promotes safety with their products. The seat is easily installed and is complete with SuperCinch latch buckles. After all, we know our job as parents are to love and protect our kids which is exactly what Chicco thinks about when designing their car seats. Holiday traveling has never been so comfortable and safe thanks to Chicco’s Fit4 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat.

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We all love to hold onto our precious little kiddos, but over time our backs just can’t keep up with the demand of our tiny humans with all the up, down, and “hold me, Mommy”. They are only this small once and you hate to turn down that opportunity to pick up and love on your sweet child. The Chicco SideKick Hip Seat Baby Carrier is a lifesaver and is one of the Amazon gifts for Mom that you can’t pass up. Your back won’t be able to thank you enough.

The SideKick Hip Seat Baby Carrier made by Chicco is meant for babies four months of age to 33 pounds. Chicco’s design provides a more natural sitting position for the child while improving the posture of the carrying adult. It can be worn in front or on the hip and features a non-slip surface seat to keep baby securely in place. The Chicco SideKick Hip Seat Baby Carrier is easy to clean, compact, and perfect for on the go. Don’t let aches and pains in your back keep your baby out of your arms. Simply put on the SideKick Hip Seat Baby Carrier and snuggle that baby close.

Fit4 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat | SideKick Hip Seat Baby Carrier
Chicco | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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Make a splash this holiday season with Hunter! Rain, Rain, don’t go away because we want to wear our Hunter boots all day. Hunter boots are high quality, comfortable iconic footwear made to carry you through the rain clouds and into sunnier horizons. Not only are Hunter boots one of our favorites, but mom is bound to love them too. When looking at Amazon gifts for Mom be sure to add these to the cart.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-2020 Holiday- Amazon Gifts For Mom

Little ones are not meant to stand on the sidelines and observe the rain, they are made to play. Let them enjoy the rain with the Original Kids Gloss Rain Boot by Hunter. These boots are highly resistant to water, so bring on the splashing. Plus, the custom polyester lining is made to prevent abrasions. This mini version of the iconic adult version is fun, bright-colored, and fit perfectly in a stocking.

One of our favorite styles is the new and improved Women’s Original Chelsea Boots. Here you will find all-day comfort in a lower bootie. Each pair is handcrafted from natural rubber and vulcanized for superior protection. The new all-day comfort fit is a wider ankle circumference and has an increased curve in the Achilles heel area to keep you comfy on your travels. They also slip on and off easily due to elastic slide gussets and nylon pull tabs.

The Women’s Original Short Rain Boots are great for winter. We love the shorter version for ease of getting around and they make great Amazon gifts for Mom. Take these beauties on a stroll from the backyard to the downtown city streets. This is a rainy day necessity that anyone would love to unwrap on Christmas morning.

Original Kids Gloss Rain Boot | Chelsea Boot | Women’s Original Short Rain Boots
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LILLEbaby designed and created the Serenity Airflow to be comfortable for both parent and baby. The soft mesh material allows for breathable comfort while allowing mom and dad to snuggle and carry their babes. The LILLEbaby Serenity Airflow comes in several color options to best fit your style. After all, you still need to look fabulous. Three different seat settings (narrow, medium, and wide) and multiple carrying capabilities (front fetal, front inward facing, front-outward facing, hip, and back) are available with the Serenity Airflow depending on your baby’s age.

The best feature of the Serenity Airflow is the adjustable straps and lumbar support. Carrying babies can be exhausting and uncomfortable. Great news! It doesn’t have to be with the LILLEbaby Serenity Airflow. Don’t think twice about scooping up that little one and bonding with them. Indeed, they don’t stay little for long, so let LILLEbaby help you soak up every happy second.

Parents have things. Lots and lots of things that they need all the time. The Serenity Airflow by LILLEbaby has convenient pockets for parents to stash their necessities so they can have their hands free. A LILLEbaby Serenity Airflow baby carrier is a gift that gives for years as it’s durable, stylish, and grows with your little bundle. This carrier should be at the top of your list of Amazon gifts for Mom this holiday season.

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The LILLElight is an excellent option for the on the go mom. Designed by LILLEbaby to be the easy grab and go option in baby carriers for all the nonstop, can’t stop, won’t stop mamas. The LILLElight accomplishes this while maintaining a clean, modern design that can be dressed up when you need it to be. Comprised of organic cotton and natural hemp blended fibers LILLElight gives you and baby the coziest carrier experience. Not only will you look like you have everything handled: You will!

With little ones around it seems that you have a million things to do and not much to accomplish them. The last thing you need is to spend time trouble-shooting or lugging things around. The LILLElight is super lightweight, flexible, and easily stored in a purse or handbag for whenever you need it. Not only that but putting the LILLElight on is simple and takes no time at all. Simply tie around your waist and adjust the straps to your comfort.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-2020 Holiday- Amazon Gifts For Mom

LILLEbaby designed the LILLElight to be enjoyed by parents and babies of different shapes and sizes. This is the perfect option for infants and toddlers ranging from 7-36 pounds and fits parents sizes XXS-XL. So this holiday season why not spoil you and baby with a LILLElight under the tree? Don’t forget to get your shopping done and snag this carrier as one of the many Amazon gifts for Mom she will love this year.

Serenity Airflow | LILLElight
LILLEbaby | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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Trophy Skin

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After the year we’ve had its time to discover our best skin. Trophy Skin is known for providing some of the best skincare products with their professional-grade skin therapy from the comfort of your home with its innovative tools. The MiniMD is a handheld microdermabrasion system that gives you younger, smoother skin. The small but powerful device buffs away dead skin and lightens age spots to reveal a more radiant complexion.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-2020 Holiday- Amazon Gifts For Mom

By dedicating only 5 minutes a few times a week, you will begin to see the transformation your skin has been craving. This tool can also be used to help smooth and soften hands and feet! In addition to improving texture and skin tone, the MiniMD will also improve:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Age and liver spots
  • Acne scars
  • Dull, uneven skin ton and texture
  • Rough skin
  • Large pores
Daily-mom-parent-portal-2020 Holiday- Amazon Gifts For Mom

The BrightenMD is a multi-function eye, face, and neck tool that gives you a quick refresh any time you need a relaxing treatment. Designed to be completely portable, the small and slim size allows you to carry this device with you in your bag. These Amazon gifts for Mom can have you looking your greatest even on the go.

Stop your old way of applying creams and serums with your hands and allow the BrightenMD to not only give you an even application but also stimulate cell regrowth and renewal with the ultrasonic waves and red light therapy. The 90-degree rotating head also gives you more range of motion to effectively use on every surface of your face and neck.

MiniMD | BrightenMD
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A lot of time is being spent at home. Whether you are teleworking, virtually learning, or just scraping by to get through the holiday season, treat yourself, errr we mean a loved one, with a couple of Capresso’s innovative small kitchen appliances. The H2O Select is a fast electric kettle that is programmed to extract the best flavor by using the correct water temperature for tea steeping. Choose from 110°F to 212°F to brew the best tasting herbals, oolongs, black, green, and a variety of teas to satisfy your preferences. This is one of the Amazon gifts for Mom that she will not be returning. We promise!

Since it’s twice as fast heating up water than a stovetop, when guests arrive, you’ll be ready. Whether you need the ideal temperature for specialty teas or prepared water for your French pressed coffee, the H2O Select is perfect. Believe it or not, it also heats water for baking, like preparing yeast and re-hydrating dried fruits and vegetables.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-2020 Holiday- Amazon Gifts For Mom

Take a moment and completely indulge your sweet tooth, latte cravings, or cappuccino moment. The Froth Select is an automatic frother with built-in hot chocolate functions to accommodate chocolate morsels and chunks to create a delectable, frothy hot cocoa beverage. With all this built-in versatility to add to your drinking pleasures, how is this not one of the perfect Amazon gifts for Mom this holiday season?!

Take a chance on the two frothing disks and a heating disk to select a variety of milk textures from flats to winter night comfort cocoas. It’s certainly a treat to make your own custom recipes. Don’t stop at the matcha latte’s and hot apple ciders, you’ve got tastebuds to put to work!

H2O Select | Froth Select
Capresso | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

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Know someone that has been extra good this year? Stumped on what amazing Amazon gifts for Mom you need to buy? Koolaburra has the perfect gift this holiday season! Watch someone’s eyes light up when they unwrap their gorgeous Women’s Madeley Boots. Don’t feel the least bit guilty for gifting these beauties to yourself. You will look fabulous at family get-togethers, holiday work parties, and other holiday festivities. Not only can you dress them up for special occasions but they are built for comfort and durability for everyday wear. The Women’s Madeley Boots are made with a soft suede outside and a pillow-soft Ortholite foam insole which assures ache-free feet. Anyone and everyone will be able to walk a mile in these shoes.

There is no reason to pack multiple pairs of shoes for holiday travels when you have the Women’s Madeley Boots. Pair these gems with pants, leggings, or skirts for a sophisticated, yet breezy look. The Women’s Madeley Boots by Koolaburra are easy on and easy off with a full-length zipper. A decorative buckle and strap give this boot a little extra pizzazz. The 2-inch heel height gives this boot the fashionable appeal you desire and the functionality that you need. Working, walking, shopping, dancing, and more: This boot does it all.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-2020 Holiday- Amazon Gifts For Mom

The holiday season is the time to give in to your kids begging and pleading for the cutest Koolaburra boots. The Kids Victoria Tall Boot can be dressed up with skirts and dresses with stockings during the winter months, as well as, leggings and jeans. No more early morning disagreements about what to wear to school. The Kids Victoria Tall Boot is available in many stunning colors to match everything in your kid’s closet.

Kids want fun shoes and parents shop for comfort. With the Kids Victoria Tall Boot, everyone wins. There are three precious bows on the side of each boot that are swoon-worthy. Not only will they look fancy but they will stay warm in these Koolaburra boots. Your little one will adore the comfy faux fur and sheepskin of the Kids Victoria Tall Boot.

Kids Victoria Tall Boot | Women’s Madeley Boot
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For that friend who’s all things Martha Stewart, give her the Creative Station by Xyron. While she may have a healthy stockpile of crafting supplies, she’ll be thrilled to trade them all in for effortless applications of edge-to-edge adhesive. Xyron’s Creative Station works like magic without needing electricity or warm-up time, often required with other machines.

The Creative Station accepts both 9″ and 5″ cartridges to help minimize waste and maximize the flexibility of all your craft projects. It comes pre-loaded with one 25 foot by 9-inch permanent adhesive cartridge, and also accepts laminate and magnet refills (sold separately – both of which we recommend that you buy in addition to the machine itself so she has plenty of refills). Great for arts and crafts, the Creative Station can help you make wedding invitations, handmade cards, educational flashcards, stickers, labels, and so much more.

While we’re talking about gift-giving, if you’re looking for a gift to yourself, check out this Limited-Edition Holiday Gift Wrap Bundle from Xyron that will be perfect for gift wrapping over the holidays or anytime. The Xyron Mega Runner lets you wrap packages beautifully, without the messy tape. It’s so easy, your kids can even help! The kids will also love helping you make your own labels for any occasion with the Xyron 3” Disposable Sticker Makers that can turn nearly anything into a sticker. So fun!

Daily-mom-parent-portal-2020 Holiday- Amazon Gifts For Mom

Or, if you’d rather, get them their own sticker maker and let them go wild. There are so many uses for the sticker maker by Xyron: The possibilities are endless. These make for great stocking stuffers too! So when you are online shopping this holiday season put these fun and creative Xyron products at the top of the list of Amazon gifts for Mom.

Creative Station | 9″ Refill Cartridge | 5″ Laminate Refill | Holiday Gift Wrap Bundle | Mega Runner | Sticker Maker
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This year has had a very heavy focus on cleaning and disinfecting and many have been making it a top priority to keep their house germ-free and thus their families protected. Bissell, a leader in floor care has made this task easy with their large line of vacuums, mops, steam cleaners, and cleaning supplies. The PowerFresh Slim Steam Cleaner is a 3-in-1 mop, steam cleaner, and portable, handheld steamer that is bound to be one of the best Amazon gifts for Mom this season. With the PowerFresh Slim Steam, you no longer have to rely on harsh chemicals and cleaning solutions to ensure that you are properly sanitizing. This steamer can effectively eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria from top to bottom in your house.

Safe to use on all hard floors and surfaces, this steam cleaner will replace both your traditional mop and your sponge and spray for that matter as the handheld portion is ideal for kitchen counters, bathroom sinks, stoves, microwaves, kids toys, and even upholstery. With the seven included tools and accessories like the grout tool and flat scraper, this innovative mop can handle house cleaning in hard to reach places including sliding door tracks, grout, ceiling fans, and inside refrigerators. And it won’t stop there; if you have a wrinkled shirt, the PowerFresh Slim will take care of that too with the clothing steamer attachment.  The PowerFresh Slim includes a wall mount for easy access and storage. So while you are scrolling through products, be sure to add this to your Amazon gifts for Mom checklist.

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PowerFresh Slim 3-in-1 Steam Cleaner
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Moroccan Gold Series

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Whether you’re dropping your kids at school or meeting friends on Rodeo Drive, you want to walk out of the house looking glamorous. The right hair care products can help everyone look like a movie star. We all want to wake up with gorgeous hair that feels and looks like you just came from the salon. To reach this goal, you have to treat your hair with only the best hair care products.

The luxurious Black Truffle Shampoo by Moroccan Gold Series is designed to rejuvenate and restore your hair to a lustrous shine. The shampoo is “cruelty-free” with no harm to animals in its production. It works great with all hair types including dry, color-treated, and damaged hair. It’s enriched with premium quality natural ingredients, including glycerin, keratin, olive oil, and wheat germ oil. The formula also contains rare black truffle extract that is harvested in the Perigord region of France. The gentle, deep cleansing shampoo balances the scalp’s pH level and thoroughly cleanses hair while infusing the strands with black truffle extract.

The Truffle Leave-In Mask is another product that gives your hair the ultimate shine and nourishment that unruly hair needs. The leave-in hair mask and hair detangler spray nourish dry, damaged hair. This cruelty-free spray uses natural and active ingredients such as truffle extract, glycerin, shea butter, keratin, and linseed oil. This lightweight spray protects your hair from sun, climate, environmental damage, and adds an aromatic burst of moisture.

The Black Truffle Mask is another hair mask but this one is a deep conditioning formula that contains Truffle Microcapsules which contain vitamin A, D, E, and omega 3 and 6. These vitamins will penetrate the hair fibers and will promote healthy hair growth. This luxurious hair mask has a winning combination of natural and active ingredients, including shea butter, glycerin, keratin, linseed oil, and plant sterols that infuse hair to seal in moisture in each strand. This hair mask is great for dry, damaged, and color-treated hair. In just 3 minutes the Truffle Mask leaves your hair feeling soft and healthier than ever!

If you have damaged hair with split ends, then try using the lightweight Black Truffle Serum which is a miracle cure in a bottle! This fragrant hair oil is enriched with proteins and amino acids which adds a glamorous shine. This anti-frizz serum quickly absorbs in all hair types leaving your hair smooth and silky. The black color serum quickly becomes clear once applied to your hair and in seconds controls frizz so you can look your best at all times!

With a wonderful collection of hair care products, the Moroccan Gold Series lets your natural beauty shine through with its high-quality ingredients. Prepare to wow your friends and family with your lustrous, gorgeous hair after using these wonderful serums, shampoos, and masks. Your hair will never be dull again!   

Black Truffle Shampoo | Truffle Leave-In Mask | Black Truffle Mask | Black Truffle Serum
Moroccan Gold Series | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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X Amazon Gifts For Mom: She Is Always On The Nice List

2020 has been met with some rather unpleasant circumstances. Even so, it doesn’t mean you can’t look good and feel exceptionally sexy while wearing a face mask. Pandemic or not, this Christmas get rid of the cotton and stuff your loved one’s stocking with plush 100% Plush Silk Face Masks. These are conveniently washable and reusable. Made from 100% Mulberry silk, this mask is double layered with an extra filter pocket if you choose to use it for an extra layer of protection.

Cilque has brought us silky-pleasure and soft-protection during COVID-19. So, no matter how 2020 started, end it the way you choose and wear your masks beautifully!

Plush Silk Face Mask
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Daily-mom-parent-portal-2020 Holiday- Amazon Gifts For Mom

Do you like to use a sound machine but your significant other finds it annoying? If so, try SleepPhones for a better night’s rest. These headphones in a headband are specifically designed with sleeping and rest in mind. SleepPhones unique design allows you to listen to soft music or crashing waves without disturbing your partner. They are so plush, you will not even notice you are wearing them. Give the gift of better sleep this holiday season by adding SleepPhones to your shopping list for Amazon gifts for Mom. Better yet, treat yourself.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-2020 Holiday- Amazon Gifts For Mom

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20 Amazon Gifts For Mom: She Is Always On The Nice List

If there is one thing we have all learned this year it is the importance of good health, cleanliness, and fully sanitized health and beauty products. This holiday season we have the perfect gift for the tech-loving diva on your shopping list with the Brushean Bundle: Brushean Sanitizer and Brush Set. This makeup brush sanitizer cleans and disinfects your brushes with UV-C light and Ozone technology killing up to 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses. Simple to use with the touch of a button you can lift up the lid and insert your makeup brushes for a quick 5-minute cleaning. Further, with a rechargeable battery, one charge can last up to 50 cleaning cycles making it a quick and easy solution to your makeup brush woes. While the cleaner fits any makeup brushes up to 7 inches long, we love the bundle which includes 5 Brushean soft and smooth synthetic brushes for a perfect application every time. Gift the lady in your life a clean and healthy solution to her makeup routine this holiday season with Brushean.

Brushean Makeup Brush UV Sanitizer | Brushean Makeup Brush Set
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hubble connected

Kristin’s Holiday No Photos

From the hubby to your brother in law, no matter who you are shopping for this season a pair of Motorola’s Tech3 Smart True Wireless Headphones is a must. Simple and easy to use, from the workout guru to the commuter, these comfortable, versatile headphones are the way to go. Featuring a water-resistant exterior to withstand even the sweatiest workouts, a comfy design with 3 different size earbud tips, up to 7 hours of battery life with an included charging case, and the ability to wear truly wireless, looped together, or even plugged into your device, there is nothing these headphones can’t handle. With the corresponding app, there is even a “find my headphones” feature. Further, you can even go truly hands-free with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity allowing you to control your listening experience with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

Motorola’s Tech3 Smart True Wireless Headphones
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Daily-mom-parent-portal-2020 Holiday- Amazon Gifts For Mom

If you’re a mom, then you already know the struggle of having to lug around the kids along with their million different snacks and drinks they like. Gifts for moms should be as easy as pressing the add to cart button for your Amazon gifts for Mom list, and luckily for you with Drinkmate that’s possible. The instaFizz Bundle is an on the go sparkling water and soda maker bottle. Simply pop in your ingredients and you can carbonate whenever you feel like it! No more kids complaining that their special drink has gone flat.

The instaFizz Bundle holds up to 21 oz and is a super simple twist to fizz: Simply pop in the CO2 charger and twist! The bottle comes with insulating sleeves that keep your drink colder longer and easier for your little ones to grab ahold of. The best part is you’re fully in control of what goes into their drink and they may not even realize that it’s a healthier version of the drink they love! Adding in berries, herbs, and lemon slices are great ways to spice up your sparkling water and the instaFizz Bundle makes it easier than ever to do that on the go.

Daily-mom-parent-portal-2020 Holiday- Amazon Gifts For Mom

instaFizz Bundle
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Daily-mom-parent-portal-2020 Holiday- Amazon Gifts For Mom

Anyone that enjoys practicing skincare or doing their makeup needs a great mirror. The Nala is an LED lighted vanity mirror that features a 360-degree rotation to accommodate any angle. With the new Tru-Glow lighting system this mirror provides three different lighting schemes including soft warm, neutral white, and neutral daylight to simulate day, evening, and home. This amazing technology by Fancii lets you prepare your makeup look and application in advance by knowing how you will look in that specific lighting. 

Daily-mom-parent-portal-2020 Holiday- Amazon Gifts For Mom

Nala is a completely wireless mirror with a rechargeable battery and an easy assembly, creating portability and allowing you to take this mirror with you when you travel. Each Nala comes with a dual magnification mini mirror that attaches to the bigger portion showing 10 times more than what you would normally see. Any mom would be pleasantly surprised to get one of these under the tree this year. Be sure to include this mirror on your list of Amazon gifts for Mom this holiday season.

Nala LED Makeup Mirror
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Daily-mom-parent-portal-2020 Holiday- Amazon Gifts For Mom

Do you have a new mama on your holiday shopping list? Is that mama trendy, stylish, and sore from holding her babe? Maybe you are looking for a solution to your back troubles. Look no further than the Tushbaby Carrier-Leopard. Tushbaby presents a lightweight and perfectly designed carrier that helps alleviate and redistribute the weight of your baby, taking the pressure off your back, arms, and hips. A Tushbaby carrier is good for newborns to 3-year-olds or weight of up to 45 pounds. For the first six months, you and your baby can use the Tushbaby to help support your breastfeeding journey.

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Great news! The Tushbaby Carrier comes in many fashionable colors, fabrics, and patterns to match your personality. An added feature that sets Tushbaby apart is the handy storage built right in. The Tushbaby hip seat can carry your phone, keys, bottle, and diaper changing essentials so it’s as functional as it is fashionable. This makes for easy access to your phone for all the adorable selfies. Surprise mom this holiday with a chic and useful gift. This is one of the Amazon gifts for Mom you do not want to pass up!

Tushbaby Carrier- Leopard
Tushbaby | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Uber Appliance

Daily-mom-parent-portal-2020 Holiday- Amazon Gifts For Mom

Long nights await moms, especially those who are pumping. Midnight feedings can be exhausting when you’re having to calm the baby, run to the kitchen, warm up a bottle, and feed your little one. Now you can relax and do everything right from the nursery with the Uber Chill 6-Can Personal Mini Fridge. Simply store the bottles in your room or the nursery so you won’t have to walk all around the house trying to find bottle parts at two in the morning. Not only will this fridge save you time and sanity, but the super retro design that is available in 6 colors goes with any room design!

Daily-mom-parent-portal-2020 Holiday- Amazon Gifts For Mom

Car rides and road trips to see family members around the holidays can be exhausting, especially if you’re a new mom! Diaper bags typically have insulation, but what if your drive is a few hours? The Uber Chill 6-Can Personal Mini Fridge has you covered, as it can plug directly into 12V car cigarette lighters! Being at ease knowing your breastmilk won’t get too warm is an overwhelmingly exciting thing for new moms!

This fridge can hold up to six 12-oz cans or four 500-mL bottles, leaving plenty of room for your milk and maybe a few snacks! When your baby is past the bottle stage, simply keep this fridge in your room to keep all your face masks and self-care items nice and cool. Any mom would be ecstatic for this to be one of their Amazon gifts for Mom this holiday.

Uber Chill 6-Can Personal Mini Fridge
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Daily-mom-parent-portal-2020 Holiday- Amazon Gifts For Mom

It’s time to throw out those old, worn-out slippers and give Mom a new pair of luxurious slippers to keep her feet warm, cozy, and comfortable. For an on-trend look, the Cindy Furry Slide Slippers are soft, plush slides in a fun leopard print with a furry lining and footbed. For another slide option, the New Castle Shearling Cross Band Slide Slippers feature a two-toned cross band made from Australian sheepskin. The shearling lining provides moisture-wicking and temperature control to keep your feet warm without sweating. Both slides utilize a durable rubber sole allowing for wearing both inside and outside. Bring the luxury of the spa home to mom this holiday season by including Dearfoams on your list of Amazon gifts for Mom. Let’s be honest, she deserves a spa day, every day.

Cindy Furry Slide Slipper | New Castle Shearling Cross Band Slide Slippers
Dearfoams | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Sterling Forever

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This gorgeous necklace makes for one of the best Amazon gifts for Mom this holiday for your sweetheart, sister, or best girlfriend. A single heart makes this stationed Side Heart Pendant Necklace unique! It’s ideal for layering but can shine just as bright all on its own. You can even match this treasure with anything in your closet since it is available in gold and silver tones. There is no reason to not indulge yourself with this gift this year!

Side Heart Pendant Necklace
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Daily-mom-parent-portal-2020 Holiday- Amazon Gifts For Mom

Avana is known for their sleek and sustainable water bottles. The Ashbury is a particular favorite of ours for gifting this year. Flexible carry loop with triple insulation. The Ashbury has premium FreeSip® Technology, so you can sip your cold beverage through a straw or drink your hot coffee sans-straw. Your cold drinks will stay cold for up to 24 hours, and your hot beverages will stay hot for 12 hours. Not to be outdone by the fine quality of their product, Avana offers a lifetime warranty for their product should it ever require a fix. This season, cover all your beverage bases with Ashbury and gift this as one of your many Amazon gifts for Mom.

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She won’t ask for much this holiday season but she deserves all the things. Be sure to snag a couple of these Amazon gifts for Mom to put under the tree for Christmas morning. Not only will she be pleasantly surprised, but she will remember this all year long. And don’t forget, when Mom is happy, everybody’s happy.


Now that you have mom taken care of this holiday season with these Amazon gifts for Mom, don’t forget everything else! Here are 6 Easy Ways To Handle Holiday Stress Like A Boss since the list is neverending.

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