Eloping in the Desert: Why It Is Cooler Than You Think

Eloping can be romantic, spontaneous, or even completely planned out and is the best option for a lot of couples.  Whether you shy away from the spotlight, don’t have the funds, or just want to be married without all the fuss, eloping is your answer, and a desert elopement might be the best choice for you.  A desert elopement takes a little planning to make sure you are set up for success, but the outcome will be well worth the pictures and memories you will have forever.

Why Eloping in the Desert Could Be For You

Eloping In The Desert: Why It Is Cooler Than You Think

There are two ways to look at eloping – either running off to vegas or the courthouse, surrounded by others but essentially alone.  Or you can create a private and picturesque elopement.  This is why eloping in the desert can be the perfect answer to your elopement dreams.  Some want a big flashy wedding and others want that perfect moment of them and their beloved with maybe a witness or two, with the picture-perfect backdrop of the desert behind them.  

The desert provides the perfect neutral backdrop for eloping.  Plus the lack of humidity that you would find at a beach or in the mountains will only help you have the perfect wedding hair you have dreamed about.  The desert backdrop is the perfect eloping location for couples who crave solitude and find beauty in the dry desert whereas others may find it boring or dreadful. 

Most couples who elope do so because they would rather get married alone, just the two of them instead in front of a big crowd of people.  Maybe you are just shy enough that you don’t want that kind of attention drawn to yourself, or maybe you just wish to say your vows in front of just a small handful of people who you hold dear in your heart.  The ones that will appreciate your vows as much as you.  Eloping in the desert can provide the perfect backdrop for those couples.  

The ones who are a bit of a homebody, care more about their surroundings than their possessions, the ones who would rather spend a quiet night in than a night out at a crowded restaurant.  If you appreciate the beauty of solitude, the still quietness of the night, and the wonder of mother nature, a desert elopement might just be the way to go for you.  

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Things To Think About When Planning A Desert Elopement

Eloping In The Desert: Why It Is Cooler Than You Think

Obviously, the time of year is one of the most important things when planning on eloping in the desert.  That does not mean that summer is out of the picture, it just means that you have to plan accordingly.  When planning your desert elopement check the almanac for seasonal weather that you should be aware of and have a plan if any inclement weather impends on your special day.  If you plan a summer or even spring desert elopement plan for morning or evening, fall is the most forgiving season for the desert and winter can be quite stunning as well.

Pick the time of day that will be best for not only yourself but your guests, your itinerary, and your photographs.  Photographs at the height of the day without any shade can be problematic and if you plan on trashing your dress afterward as a photo op make sure your guests have something to do, ideally in a climate control setting.  Make sure your photographer knows how to shoot pictures in the desert, and look at their catalog to confirm that you like their work and is the style you are looking for.  When it is all said and done your memories and pictures will be the only thing you have left, so chose wisely!

Since you are eloping in the desert you can forgo any traditional wedding outfits and traditions if you want.  Cowboy boots, flowy sundresses, converse tennis shoes, and jeans with your favorite tee on your groom, or maybe the wedding dress of your dreams is what you want.  Either way, eloping in the desert means few rules to live by Don’t be afraid of adding a touch of color as well.  A bright pop of color or even a deep burgundy can go a long way against the desert backdrop.

Use the desert to your advantage, you will need little props and decor if done right, a blanket can be the perfect spot to sit for pictures to really take in the whole backdrop.  If you plan to take those dramatic pictures, make sure someone else knows where you are, you don’t want to put yourself in a precarious situation where no one knows where you are.  Cell phones might not always work, make sure you have food, and water, and your car has a full tank.  

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How to Plan a Desert Elopement 

Eloping In The Desert: Why It Is Cooler Than You Think

Eloping doesn’t mean you have a lack of traditional wedding items from a stark white wedding dress, a bouquet of your favorite flowers, and a tux for your groom.  You can still wear the wedding dress of your dreams, have your groom dress up or down as much as he likes, have a bouquet, the first dance and a night you will never forget.  You must first pick a location and a day.  The time of year will greatly depend on the location you choose along with the time of day.  You can do a desert elopement in summer, as long as you are cautious of the weather and plan safely and accordingly.

Knowing that the weather can be an unknown factor when eloping in the desert, so use that to your advantage.  Monsoon season, snow, and wind storms may just end up providing you with some of the coolest photo backdrops that you would ever imagine. Plan for the unexpected and be willing to roll with any unseen changes in your plans.  Remember the day you get married is just one day out of a lifetime with the love of your life.

Make sure you check out local permits needed for photography, hiking, camping, and anything else you plan on doing. If you and your betrothed are really into the nature thing, you might look into camping or if that’s not your speed look into getting a house rental that is just a little off the grid where you can see amazing stars,  check out the dark sky map for the best spots.

When looking for that perfect eloping location, look for the hidden pockets and gems in the desert that will take your elopement from bleh to AHmazing.  Find a spot that speaks to you and has everything you are looking for.  Just make sure it is not too remote and that won’t have something you really desire and have dreamed of for your special day.  Lastly, don’t forget to make it official!  Get your marriage license and make sure you have someone to marry you.  

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A desert elopement is definitely not for all, but for those that relish viewing the desert as a diverse, and potentially colorful landscape that puts you in the middle of its world, this is for you.  Plan your intimate, traditional elopement or micro wedding with the desert playing into every detail big and small.  Your adventurous self won’t be sorry that you did so.

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Eloping In The Desert: Why It Is Cooler Than You Think

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